Obama Helping Out A Charity In His Father’s Birth Land

Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, visited Kenya which is the home country of his father. The visit was intended to have low media coverage compared to his previous visits when he was still the senator and the head of the country. Philanthropist like Denis O’Brien were happy to hear that he went there not just for a leisure visit but to promote the launching of a sports and training facility. The facility was made possible through Auma Obama, his half sister who is also the founder of a charity organization.

According to the Twitter updated posted by Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, he was able to take a photo with the previous President of the U.S. who is sporting a no-tie ensemble. The meeting happened in Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya. The caption expresses his happiness in welcoming Mr. Obama once again.

Another update was posted on Twitter but it came from the official account of the president which says that Mr. Kenyatta along with his deputy were able to had a good discussion with Mr. Obama together with his half sister, Auma.

Dr. Auma Obama’s Nairobi-based charity foundation is called Sauti Kuu. Though she was born and raised in Kenya, she went to live in Germany as well as the United Kingdom. In the UK, she was able to work at another charitable institution known as CARE International. Her role in CARE is all about encouraging girls to love sports in order for them to reach the social empowerment they deserve.

Her charity foundation Sauti Kuu is now serving children as well as young individuals who majority of the time came from rural communities and slums in the urban areas. The recently launched sports and training facility is located in Alego which is also the same place where the Obama family was originally from.

It was remembered by Denis O’Brien that it was not the first visit of the former president to Kenya because he was also there in 2006 when he was working as a senator of the U.S. and he came back while serving as president in 2015. Majority of the Africans are very proud of what he have achieved in the land where they never thought it was possible.


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