New Packaging Engineers Are Impressed With Connected Machines

It is expected that in the years to come, people will be seeing more of the machines that are using remote access and connected packaging technology. This is because of the next generation packaging engineers that are involved in the food and beverage industry prefer to use IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things. IIoT and other technologies of the same type are being patronized by young packaging engineers because it helps in improving the production and the automation.

The Packaging Digest has recently conducted a study and they published the result on a report entitled Food & Beverage Packaging: 2016 Community Report. The study was held last spring and the respondents were asked to answer several questions regarding packaging issues, the challenges face in terms of packaging and the opportunities brought about by packaging. One of the questions is focused on technologies that are utilized to make the production more efficient and to improve automation. The question is about the technologies that the respondent’s company is utilizing on packaging lines of the manufacturing plants in order to make production more efficient or to improve the current automation system and the technologies they are planning to employ in the coming two more years.

In both cases, the top on the list includes fully automated equipment as the technology they are currently utilizing and the ones they plan to use after two years. The result comes as no surprise. Looking at another perspective, the age of the respondent and the rank of the technologies, a great difference may be noted.

In the case of packaging engineers that are 45 years old and younger, the Internet of Things is ranked at the bottom for the “currently using” and it became the top three in the “planning to use after two years”. Is the result a product of the fact that they are sure that their company will soon be utilizing the connected packaging type of machines or they are confident that they will be able to change the mind of the decision makers to invest in this kind of technology due to the various benefits it presents? Whatever the case is, if you are looking for high quality packaging options then is the answer.


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