MHS Homes Boiler Breakdown Left A Family Freezing For 10 Days

A mother along with her three children are living in a rented home owned by MHS Homes had to endure the shivering cold after the property’s boiler system broke down amidst the temperature dropping below zero. It took over a week before the faulty boiler was able to resume operation. Neighboring residents with boiler issues should find this boiler servicing company before their system breaks down in the middle of the cold season.

The rented home of the family is located in Walderslade. According to the mother, Rebecca James, she had no choice but to boil water for them to use and to find alternative heat sources such as fan heaters but this caused her bill to increase by over £80 after 10 days of continuous use.

During that time, her youngest child named Lennie who is just three years old was suffering from chicken pox. She had to make sure she was fully clothed and wrapped in a sleeping bag in order to stay warm.

Rebecca is only one of the MHS tenants and she admitted that in order to pay for the alternative heating she had to borrow money through a loan.

According to MHS Homes’ landlord, there were a few issues they had to face during the repair of the boiler system. It needed three new parts in order to resume operation but one of the parts was not available locally. Therefore, they had to order and wait for delivery which is the reason why the boiler was only fixed 10 days later.

Rebecca recounted how engineers from a local contractor visited her house located in Churchill Avenue a few times. They were tasked to repair her boiler system but every time they were unsuccessful because they had the wrong part with them.

The entire ordeal was a struggle for Rebecca who is living with her two other children, aged 11 and nine. She is also living with her partner, Jamie Smith, and they had to endure the freezing temperature for more than a week. This was a lesson for her and other tenants to find this kind of boiler service companies who are experts in the field to avoid future inconveniences.


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