Long Island Aiming For Uniform Signage Met With Opposition

It was April of 2015 after Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Island who proposed that the signs all over the city should be changed, when the installation of the new signs began. There are many signs in Brisbane but the city has no intention as of now to change these. In the case of Long Island, the change was approved in order to make the signs consistent. These signs are the very same seen in neighbourhoods, parking and beach access.

The 2016 City Council reported that the project is expected to be done by 2017 but the year has passed and still only a limited number of signage has been installed. There are ongoing installations in the parking areas of Alamitos Beach.

There are still discussions ongoing in prominent neighbourhoods as reviews are conducted between business groups and the neighbourhoods. The decision has gathered both positive and negative reactions.

In the most recent meeting of Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission, commissioners gave their opinion regarding the designs. There are those who are not convinced with the design’s feedback coming only from a very limited number of recipients. There are also concerns about the absence of character in the latest signs.

According to the commission’s vice chairman, Matthew Peterson, they expect that there will be some controversies as the new signs are rolled out. He also said they were surprised because they received 750 responses during the survey.

The existing sign at the gateway of Belmont Shore has been installed many decades ago and it has been there as far as the residents can remember. What is left of the wooden sign since its companion has been blown away by strong wind is seen to reflect the vibe of the beach. The problem with the remaining wood is that it is already filled with termites thus replacement is necessary.

The new signage of the entire city is minimalistic and follows a patriotic set of colours. The city may have to deal with these new signs but the signs in Brisbane are expected to remain the same for the meantime.


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