Instead Of Makeup, People Are Treating Rosacea With Horse Medicine

Disfigurements and discoloration of the skin including tattoos can be corrected and covered through dermacolor, a camouflage cream. The makeup is suitable for the face and neck to hide the imperfections of the skin. However, it important to properly match the product with the skin colour to create a natural appearance.

Some people have been diagnosed with rosacea, a mysterious skin disease that has no known cause or cure. Symptoms include facial redness, painful bumps or thickened skin. People who are suffering from the skin disease are frustrated and very likely to experiment with different inexpensive medications. Makeup is one of the solutions to conceal the condition but others have opted for a veterinary medicine that is used to treat horses.

Dermatologists are alarmed with the growing popularity of the inexpensive horse medicine. People cannot be blamed because healthcare is becoming very expensive. The medication is known as horse paste which contains ivermectin, an anti-parasitic compound. It contains the same active ingredient as Soolantra which is approved by the FDA as a topical gel to treat rosacea.

Without healthcare insurance, Soolantra costs several hundred dollars. Patients are also required to take other medications like oral antibiotic doxycycline before insurance covers Soolantra. In contrast, horse paste can be purchased through Amazon for $4 without the need for prescription.

While horse paste is certainly a cheaper alternative, dermatologist are warning patients that the exact concentration of ivermectin has not been tested on humans. It is a different formulation and concentration that may eventually cause future resistance to the drug. Since the veterinary medicine has not been tested on humans, dermatologists are worried that it might cause allergies and irritation when applied to human skin. At least 45 million people all over the world suffer from rosacea and yet a cure has not been discovered.

Skin conditions like rosacea can be concealed through dermacolor that is specially designed for human skin. The makeup is applied on the top layer of the skin to visually correct the skin condition. It can last for a day or two but sometimes touch-up will be required for people with an active lifestyle and prefer to stay outdoors.


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