How To Stretch Your Dollars When Visiting Thailand

Travellers from all walks of life go to Thailand to spend a holiday because the country is budget friendly. Sometimes, visitors are surprised at the rates charged by 4 star hotel in Bangkok compared to other international destinations. Travellers certainly get the most value for their dollars when they travel to Thailand.

Meanwhile, there are ways to save further in Thailand without compromising on the level of enjoyment. Foreign exchange is one of the things that a traveller has to plan for head of the journey but if you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport without a single baht on your pockets, you have no choice but exchange some of your dollars to buy your train tickets or pay the taxi to the hotel. However, avoid the foreign exchange counters at the airport as much possible because there are better deals from Thai banks at the malls.

Because many tourists fear pickpockets, they leave the passport at the hotel. In Thailand, carrying the passport with you is very beneficial. Tourists that can show their passports are eligible for a tax refund if they spend more than 2,000 baht on their purchases. Shopping centres offer instant discounts, gift vouchers and free Wi-Fi access when tourists show their passports.

Buying a local SIM is one of the necessary expenses. The local SIM which costs about 299 baht is loaded with unlimited Wi-Fi access and limited SMS and calls for 8 days. You can stay connected to your family and friends through Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger as well as Instagram and Facebook Live.

In some countries, the credit card is very handy for travellers. However, in Thailand, you are required to pay in cash when shopping and dining. Make sure that you have more than enough baht when you visit Chatuchak Weekend Market or the Platinum Fashion Mall. Some stores my accept credit cards but with 3% to 7% surcharge.

A delightful experience awaits you at 4 star hotel in Bangkok that is tastefully designed and furnished. You can easily indulge your passion for shopping because the hotel is conveniently located near shopping malls and the city’s commercial district. The whole city is just a short trip away.


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