How To Put Up A Junk Hauling Business

When done under the right management, putting up a junk hauling company is a great idea for generating great profits. However, although it does not need a high amount of investment, it requires you to build strong credibility to run it successfully. You have to maintain a steady work schedule and be able to gather more clients to uplift your brand. To get it started, here is a basic guide that you may consider.

  • First, you should study the market of junk hauling. Do your research and assess the competing companies in your area, from the major players to the smallest businesses. Also, you have to be clear with which market you want to deal with. Do you want a residential? Commerical? Or both? Once you come up with a final decision, assess your competitors. You will need to research about them – prices, services, even their advertising techniques. The industry of junk hauling Orange County will always have a dominant player, but do not let it lose your motivation to continue. Take it as a challenge to work on your success. The things you learn will help you in operating the business.
  • Next, you have to choose between franchising and having your own company. With franchising, everything is already given – business models, ads, branding, etc. You will also be assisted with the needed trucks. An existing truck is already complete with branding. However, franchising can be expensive. You will have to prepare for the franchise fee and when you have started the business, you might be asked to share your profit with your parent company.
  • Third, write a business plan where you will properly describe your junk hauling Orange County business. It should include your objectives. Also, you need to explain what kind of market you are running. Create a market research that covers your pricing and marketing strategy.
  • Lastly, prepare your funds. To put up a junk hauling Orange County company, the cost for truck and other working capital should be covered in your startup funding. You may loan from a bank, credit union or from people who trust you.


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