How Someone Can Facilitate Processing Of TheThailand BOI

I was only 22 years old when my former business partner chose Thailand to do business. Thailand was our target especially that he had done his internship here. The main reason why we chose Thailand is having lower expenses and the flexibility for the web-based business. Things seemed very cheap and for most of our customers, it didn’t really matter if we were doing business in Thailand or Germany. My business partner knew whom to contact in Bangkok, with his brief experience here. However, he was uncertain if they were people to trust and possible to ask. However, we found someone who helped us with the Thailand BOI as it was needed to do business here.

We needed to be diligent especially that we needed to comply with some government laws and regulations in Thailand. Questions like will we see our business with foreign investors succeed? Are Thais happy to associate themselves with expatriates? Is the infrastructure from the local labour market to the global internet connections useful to that certain degree we demand? Are the costs really much lower as to those offered in Germany?

The truth is all these questions seemed difficult to answer especially that we needed help for some information. What we did have were impressions gathered from people we knew past and present, the interactions regarding the Thailand BOI, and other than that we knew nothing.

However, looking back, we knew we were on the right approach. The decisions in life and business did make us come up with relevant figures. So, we look at these figures to perform a sanity check and see our assumptions way off. So, we resorted to a business service provider in Bangkok to help us with our needs. It ensured us that we were starting our business, just as planned and as successfully.

Thankfully, the help from a professional really did great wonders. We went through the process, the Thailand BOI, and other relevant paperwork needed to start a simple online business in Thailand. They really did a great help to us and we felt we can simply live and do business in Thailand; however, with some limitations. But it’s a fulfilment as we were able to establish a business that can possibly generate income.


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