How Should Parents Explain To Their Child About The Need For Mouth Expander?

The main reason why a child may need a mouth expander is the mouth is too small to accommodate the growth of permanent teeth. Orthodontists usually prescribe the expander before the child reaches the age of puberty when the bones are still growing. The expander is typically worn for a few months to give the jaw an opportunity to expand and for new bone to grow in the gap created by the expanders.

Todd and Julie Chrisley struggled with the question “is honesty the better policy” in last Tuesday’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best. They were arguing on whether or not to tell the truth to their 13-year old son Grayson about his coming orthodontic treatment. Since the teenager has inherited his father’s trademark anxiousness, the parents were wary about telling him that braces will include the mouth expander because of his very small mouth.

Todd and Julie decided that is better if their son learns the truth at the orthodontist’s office but daughter Savannah said that the parent’s dishonesty is out of line. Savannah told the Julie and Todd that they have to prepare their son mentally so that he won’t be worrying over nothing. When they broke the news to Grayson, he was freaked out but was able to manage his anxiety and fears.

Grayson finding out everything about the orthodontic treatment while sitting down the chair was perfect because there was no time to overanalyze the situation. He can’t search the internet for answers because the treatment is happening now.

Except for Grayson’s sore mouth, things were going on fine until Savannah spilled the beans that everyone knew about the expander except for the patient himself. Julie explained that it was not their intention to lie and the reason why they did not tell him beforehand about the mouth expander is they did not want him to worry.

There is nothing to be afraid of with mouth expander because it not painful. Whatever discomfort felt after turning the screw will only be short-lived. Initially, eating and speaking may be difficult because of the tongue’s proximity to the expander but the child will soon get used to the appliance inside the mouth.


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