Homeowners Paying Inspectors With No Proper Qualifications

Houng Lau, an acupuncturist, was searching for a new house. She said that her budget is around $3 million and when a real estate agent offered to sell her already existing reports regarding Sydney pest control and building inspection, she rejected. The real estate agent was selling readymade reports for two properties.

She said that her reason for turning down is because the agents already commissioned reports made her feel that she could ask no more questions after because she don’t have an idea who made the report in the first place. She also said that a readymade report entails that you miss out on the chance of going with the building inspector as they conduct the inspection wherein they can show you the property and all the defects that come with it.

Lau decided to hire her own professional building consultant and at the end of the day, she was glad that she made such a decision. According to the inspector, the rear extension of one of the homes she is looking into has already subsided.

When Lau decided to confront the real estate agent regarding that fact, he was disappointed because she raised the concern regarding the fact that it has subsided. The agent clarified that their report of building inspection contains no such detail and they are denying the fact. This is when Lau decided not to make a bid on the house being sold for $3.5 million.

She bought another property with the full knowledge that there are repairs needed when it comes to the wiring and plumbing and that she had to renovate as well. The total costs would be around $300,000.

It is recommended by the president of the Australian Society of Building Consultants that homeowners who are planning to buy a new property should hire building inspectors that are experience and with legal qualifications. The same goes when hiring someone to do Sydney pest control in the property you are eyeing. Pre-purchased reports are only worth it if the one who did it is an expert in the field, otherwise it would be a waste of a lot of money.


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