Health And Safety Issue Is Not A Joke

After a number of disasters, Steven Poole has been quick to point out that deregulation is a very dangerous decision. There have been a number of people that said they think it’s a joke when someone talks about health and safety. It is common to see eye rolling and the jokes “elf and safety” following the conversation. This is the reason why authorities in the government as well as private sector are able to do shortcuts and not worry about getting caught. They believed that extra rules are not going to be received warmly by the public. This same issue is happening in other parts of the world thus after several incidents, there is now an importance given to health and safety audit in New Zealand.

According to Chris Bazlinton from Farnham, Essex, people should view health and safety in a new perspective and take it as a serious issue. Jokes about the matter equal to other offending jokes involving disability, sexuality and racism.

Jim Hooker of Chichester, West Sussex also has something to say about the matter of the deregulation ttacked by Steven Poole in his article. He said that there is an important matter not included in the articles and that is the de facto deregulation that was conducted by the extreme cuts created by the government from the spending of local authorities. These cuts forced councils to make an inevitable decision and that is to lessen the resources provided required for statutory duties. These cuts are not making a lot of noise and not even calling for regulation enforcement. The government is proactive when it comes to deregulation thus it would be naïve to assume that they are not aware of the matter.

Enid Gauldie from Invergowrie, Perthshire wrote about the attempts of the government to regulate buildings as far back as 1840. During this time, they put importance on the aspect of health and safety to ensure that builders will not abuse their authority and make it so that people will be living in smaller quarters and crammed into spaces. The tower fire is now a wake up call that a regulation is required and it has affirmed the belief of New Zealand that they are doing the right thing by pushing through with the health and safety audit in New Zealand.


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