Google’s Big Mobile Web Design And Search Engine Change

Have you ever experienced viewing a web design on your mobile where you are presented with the website layout which was supposed to be from the browser? Did you have to use the power of zoom and scrolling sideways just to get a clear view of the contents? Or have you encountered a site which won’t let you view the entire page all in all? This type of website are simply annoying when you are using your mobile and nowadays, the mobile has been mostly our companion even when we walk out our house. Google have now spelled ‘game over’ to those type of websites when viewed using mobile gadgets.

For companies that seriously need attention in the internet, better get a company to do a job well done for you like the SEO and Web Design Company of Oliver Wood. Google has finally made its move and delivered a new algorithm to their search engine that would ease the experience of users using their mobile device. Those with appropriate mobile web design will be given the reward of getting up the ladder of searches and those which aren’t optimized for mobile will be kicked down the rankings.

If you know that your company’s site is not optimized with its mobile web design, then it would only mean that your presence would drastically get weaker in the upcoming days. This is why it’s extremely suggested for you to have the help of effective web design and SEO companies like from the Australian company of Oliver Wood. This change was already announced by Google Last February, 2015, and it has finally brought down the hammer on April.

The Google Site that could let you enter the URLs to check if they are clear from the algorithm change, was tested before the application of the algorithm to the site. Some sites have passed with flying colors while others failed drastically.

Though this spells demise to those which are not optimized, we could hope that great changes would definitely follow – more sites would definitely be enhanced to catch up to these changes and mobile users would have easier time checking out websites using their device.


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