Four Must-See Attractions In The Silom District For Tourists Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is the bustling tourist city and the financial capital of Thailand. There are a number of business districts in Bangkok that are home to the corporate offices and commercial establishments.Silom is one such business district in the city. The area has a number of high-rise buildings that are home to the most well-known corporate offices. The bustling streets of Silom turn into lively street markets by night.

Silom is the preferred destination to stay, for many of the business travellers and tourists visiting Bangkok. The design hotel in Silom offers the perfect stay options along with the modern amenities to satisfy the requirements of the modern travellers.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in and around Silom are

  1. Lumpini Park

The most famous attraction in Silom is the Lumpini Park. The park is spread over 142 acres and is a green oasis in the maddening concrete jungle.The park has a gym, artificial lake and sports facilities. The lake also has boating facilities. The park is located on Rama IV road and is close to the Sathorn and Silom MRT stations. Tourists to the city can stay at the design hotel in Silom and enjoy a stroll to the park.

  1. Lalai Sap Market

Lalai Sap market is the well-known market for the locals. The market is a mix of shop houses and boutique stalls that sell interesting stufflike sweets, snacks, fashion accessories and toys.The market is located near Sathorn and Silom and can be visited to get a taste of local life and food.

  1. Snake farm

A must visit place for the reptile lovers. The farm has a collection of snakes from Cobras, Russell vipers to banded Kraits and Malayan Pit Vipers. The farm milks the snake’s venom to develop anti-venom. Visitors can get useful information and watch the entertaining shows held at the farm. Tourists can stay at the design hotel in Silom at visit this farm to educate themselves about the different species of snakes and their conservation attempts.

  1. Sky bar at Lebua State Tower

This is a must-see attraction for all the tourists flocking the city. The sky bar features in the list of top 10 rooftop bars in the world. The views of the city from the rooftop are simply breath taking and the sumptuous mix of cocktails is hard to beat.

There are many art galleries, shopping malls and street shopping markets in the Silom area. Tourists to Bangkok can make the most of their holiday and create beautiful memories by staying at the design hotel in Silom that offers the best amenities with a touch of Thai hospitality.


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