First Supermarket For Molonglo Likely To Open By January After Delays

It makes sense to undertake shop fitouts in Canberra when the space needs to be furnished and organized for both the customers and the staff. Space will be maximized while improving its visual appeal. However, a fitout may not proceed according to plans when necessary approvals are not received on time.

Stephen Byron, the managing director of Capital Estate Developments and developer of Denman Prospect said in 2016 that a supermarket will open at the local shops by late 2017. It was supposed to be the first one for Molonglo. The shops at Denman Prospect were being fast tracked in response to the delays that have affected the construction of Coombs shopping centre. However, it was past the deadline and the shops have not been completed.

Based on the latest announcement, The Farm at the Denman Prospect will open in 2019 following the collaboration with Steve Smith that owns Yass Supa IGA. Nick McDonald Crowley, director of Denman Prospect said that although the deadline was amended, they were still on target for the centre to open in 2018 and the supermarket in early 2019. It is expected that the entire centre will be fully occupied by May 2019.

According to Mr. Crowley, some details of the shop fitout were causing the delay. The rooftop garden on the medical centre is supposed to be the largest green roof in Canberra. They have to plant more than 60,000 plants and shrubs. They want the shops to open earlier because they understand that the residents need it.

The Farm at Denman Prospect will be the largest retail space at the Denman Village Shops. There will be 8 specialty shops, a medical centre, a childcare centre, a gym and a café. Fitouts in some of the shops have started and glazing is currently going in the outer facades.

When shop fitouts in Canberra are undertaken, the objective is more than just visual aesthetics; space must be organized to maximize mobility and accessibility for customers. It is important to create the right look which will complement the nearby environment. Functionality must be appropriate to the size of the usable space.


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