Energy Storage Can Improve Access To Electricity In Asia

Access to electricity is increasing in the Asian region. A recent article published by the Secretary General of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), Marcus Wiemann, pointed out that the energy storage is steadily increasing in accessibility throughout the continent of Asia. The article discusses the topic on energy storage and how it has become a hot topic among discussions between electricians and different professionals. It also highlights how energy storage affects the efficiency in producing and distributing electrical power as well as the reliability and the competitiveness of the prices of different electrical services in Asia. The article also tackled the topic on achieving deeper integration of alternating sources of renewable energy.

The co-authors of Wiemann in the published article are Paul Bertheu, Massimo Bergadano, and Reiner Lemoine Institute. The authors stressed that while batteries are not likely to provide access to electrical power; these items play a crucial role in attaining universal access to pure and clean, reliable and inexpensive electrical services. One of the important points made by the authors in the article is that the grid back up type of batteries can greatly help people living in rural and far flung communities that remain under-electrified because of the poor quality of grids. Whenever blackouts occur, the batteries can use the power from the grid or from a renewable or oil-powered generator in order to recharge.

The authors emphasized that the main solution to answer the problem on accessing clean electricity is through off grid solutions. The Energy Access Practitioner Network has estimated that 40 percent of generation required in order to have a universal access to electricity by the year 2030 will have to be off-grid. The battery market has a very large potential market particularly in developing as well as emerging countries.

In off grid systems, oil-powered generators are being popularly used. However, this source of energy is expensive and has very high cost for operation. If the equipment has no proper fueling then its function will be undermined. Factoring this in, the article suggests that the use of batteries in off grid systems is a better option in increasing efficiency and reliability when it comes to supply of electricity.


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