Court Orders Woman To Pay Fine For Cutting Down Neighbour’s Trees

One might be tempted to call someone to cut the neighbour’s trees when they are not doing anything to remedy the situation you have already called their attention with. There is a golden rule to live by though according to tree lopping in Morningside which is to think if there is proper permission to cut down the said trees.

This is what a north shore woman has overlooked when the court mandated that she should pay $83,000 as fine because she chose to chop down the trees of her neighbour. Not just a single tree but two of them since she is always complaining that the leaves of the trees are getting into their swimming pool.

Yueling Liu, a homeowner from Hunters Hill, said that there is also another woman in question and they are both ordered to pay the fine which is $150,000. This is the amount penalized to those found to be involved in illegal lopping of trees or clearing them without proper permission. The local council was in favour of the decision saying that it will become a lesson to others to not do the same.

According to Ms. Liu, she hired a contractor in order to cut down two cheese trees of native variety. It was done without the approval from the council. The Land and Environment Court believe that she should pay the fine amounting to $48,000 and the $35,000 for the council costs.

Council workers were summoned to the house of Ms. Liu and this is when they witness the chainsaws doing its job. When they found the tree stumps, it was near the property of Ms. Liu but it was technically located at the side of the neighbour’s property.

Ms. Liu said that she had the trees removed because the leaves are littering down to her swimming pool and also because it is contacting with electricity every time there are storms. The court though ruled against Ms. Liu because she followed through with the cutting down of the cheese trees despite knowing that proper consent is needed before any action can be undertaken. This serves as a reminder to customers of tree lopping in Morningside to always follow the rules.


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