Cleaners Discovers Mummified Body In Hoarder’s Home

Working for one of the many commercial cleaning companies in Sydney means that one will have to get used to dirty and grime, but some houses can still shake even the hardiest cleaners to their core.

Such is the case with a home located in Greenwich Road, occupied by the deceased Bruce Roberts, who was discovered in 2017 inside his home in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, dead. Outside his home, old tyres sat dilapidated atop piles of wood and pieces of cardboard. Cleaners from one of the commercial cleaning companies in Sydney were brought in to clean up the house, which was in far worse condition inside.

The crews were clearing the garbage from the house recently, when they uncovered a mummified body inside the house. It was not clear how long that body had been sitting in the house, but the police said that it had been there for quite some time now. The police also said that it was unclear whether or not Roberts had any involvement in the person’s death, which they treated as suspicious.

The police responded to the discover on Tuesday, May 29, and immediately opened an investigation on the mummified body to discover who the person was and how they died. According to a police statement released two days after the discover, May 31, the occupant of the house died sometime in 2017 and the owners organised for cleaners to come into the property to handle cleaning early in June 2018.

Police reported that the postmortem examination of the mummified body revealed that the person was a man in his 30s or 40s, and had sustained numerous injuries prior to his death, though a definitive cause of death has yet to be identified.

Acting Superintendent Simon Jones says that the discovery was a mystery, and very unusual. She reports that the police is working on the connection between Roberts and the mummified person were connected to each other, though the former is not currently a suspect.

Neighbours of Roberts describe him as a recluse, a hoarder, and some even say that he came across as childlike. Neighbours say that Roberts would rarely talk to others, just muttering ‘Hello’ on rare occasions. Robert and Gayle Meagher, whose parents owned the house Roberts stayed in, express sadness at the death, wondering if they could’ve done something, though the conditions of the house, they admit, would’ve hampered them all the same.


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