China Faces Controversy Over Cremation Ashes Transformed Into Jewelleries

In Zhejiang province located in China, there is a funeral service provider that is now facing heated controversies after it has declared to citizens that they now have the option to make their loved ones remains as a jewellery of their choice.

According to a statement from a funeral worker in Zhejiang called Chen, the ashes can be melted through the use of ultra-hot temperature. This process will turn the ashes into tiny beads that are crystallized. Because of the various microelements that are embedded in a human’s ashes, the beads will have different colours once it undergoes the process. This is why it is a very good material to be used in making keepsake jewellery. He also added that their company currently has a free trial for the new service but it will only be given to five residents that love locally.

In several years, China has seen the boom of the trend wherein human ashes after cremation are used to make jewellery. Chen said that there is already a company in Shanghai that was able to create jewellery from ashes for more than 200 customers. The family members of the deceased requested that the remaining ashes should be turned into beads. Currently, there are 21 families coming from different provinces in China that have acquired the services in order to have a keepsake of their love ones who passed away. Chen also indicated that the service will also save land since traditional burying requires it and it is also lesser in cost compared to arranging a funeral ceremony.

Thought this new innovation was welcomed by many citizens, not all are impressed by the idea because of the belief in the culture that traditional burial customs should be followed and respected. This has been a trending topic after the hashtag “TurnedYourLovedOnesIntoNecklaces” has gathered more than 310,000 page views in the local platform Sina Weibo. Majority of the comments are against the said practice.

One netizen said that the practice goes against the burial tradition of Chinese people while there are those that believe that it is the answer to the very costly price of land in China nowadays. In other parts of the world, this new practice is widely known thus cremation jewellery in Perth can be provided as an option when inquiring in funeral homes.


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