CEO Shares Why Booking A Flight And A Hotel At The Same Time Is A Bad Idea

Whenever one goes into a vacation, most people already have that plan set in mind. In fact, a lot of people already brainstorm on the date, the place, the food, the budget, and the tourist spots to visit even months before the vacation. Undeniably, this would be a very good idea in order to avoid the rush and in order for the flow of your vacation to be as smooth as it could possibly be. Sometimes people even tend to research about the place in order to not find themselves in trouble when it comes to certain laws and customs.

However, as much as people like to avail amazing vacation bundles which offer booking for a flight and a 5 Star hotel in Yangon or wherever you want to spend the vacation, CEO of Hotel Tonight Sam Shank would like to suggest that availing travel bundles, which book for your flight and accommodation at the same time, may not actually be the best option you have.

Inverse Trends

People have grown accustomed to the thought that you need to book your flight early in order to grab an airplane seat for a significant lower price. Therefore, people tend to book their flights weeks or even months before their departure date. And this is actually true. In fact, statistics has it that the closer you book to your actual departure day, the more the ticket price doubles.

Nevertheless, according to Sam Shank, that trend does not apply when it comes to hotel bookings. In fact, it is the other way around. The more you delay your booking, the more the prices drop. In fact, prices drop roughly ten percent compared to the day before. Therefore, it would be highly advantageous to do last-minute hotel bookings instead.

No Worries in Going “Hotel-Less”

According to Shank, one need not worry that he would spend the night on the street for not being able to book a hotel as according to their stats, a hotel would only be two-thirds full every time, unless a gathering is being held.

Therefore, if you plan to book a 5 Star hotel in Yangon or anywhere else, then delaying your booking would be the best choice.


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