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Bangkok Welcomes New Observation Deck

There are many buildings in Thailand including family hotels in Bangkok which cements the city’s reputation as a budding metropolitan. There are tall buildings everywhere in the capital that developers are aiming to beat the tallest ones in order to create a new milestone. For MahaNakhon, the completion of the observation deck by the developer Buro Ole Scheerenmeans they have bagged the title of the second tallest building in the entire kingdom.

MahaNakhom, a local name pertaining to great metropolis, is composed of 77 storeys. It takes a pixilated form and the design has cuboid cutaways which continue upward in order to complete its facades.

According to Ole Scheeren who is Buro Ole Scheeren’s principal, the main idea for the construction of the skyscraper is to embody the city life in Bangkok and showcase it in the form of a tower which exudes a dramatic effect with a movement that spirals.

The building of MahaNakhon, with a final height of 314 meters, took home the title of the tallest building in Thailand when it was first launched in 2015. A residential tower with height higher than one meter was then constructed which snatched the title away from the skyscraper.

At the top of the building is an observation deck with glass floors. This gives the viewers a chance to see the entire city of Bangkok in 360 views.

Scheeren said that the observation deck at the very top of the building was intended to be used by the public so that human activity is not only at the ground floor but at the entire length of the skyscraper from bottom up to the top.

At the beginning of the project, it was intended to be an integral part of the city as well as the public and the creation of the observation deck was a testament to that proclamation.

The observation deck called Skytray can be visited by guests at family hotels in Bangkok which gives them direct view of the ground which is over 300 meters from the top. The entire glass platform’s dimension is 4.5 meters by 17.5 meters.


Detroit Residents Attempted To Break World Record In December 2017

In December last year, Detroiters tried to break the record for the biggest number of people to wear the worst Christmas they could find.

Beating the World Record

One Saturday night last year at Detroit, residents got together wearing their worst xmas sweater to beat the existing Guinness World Record. hosted the party.

The Team to Beat

In December 2015, 3,473 people at the University of Kansas set the world record for the most number of people gathered together wearing holiday sweaters. Spectators wore their festive sweaters at Allen Field house to watch the basketball game between Kansas and Montana’s men’s teams. Each participant was given an official participation ticket at the entrance to help in counting the people joining to set the record.

They beat the previous record set by Lough borough University in the United Kingdom with 1,175 attendees in December 2014.

Ben Mauk, a participant at the event, said that they wanted to be part of an original idea, and that most stores have already sold out their holiday sweaters that they had to make their own one week prior to the event.

How did it happen?

The participants formed a line spanning a few blocks and were allowed to join if their xmas sweater was ugly or festive enough for the event. Each group of 50 was guided through an official turnstile to help with the counting.

Kaitlin Vesper from New York acted as the representative of Guinness and served as the official judge for the event. It has been her job at Guinness to travel to different locations and confirm attempts at setting world records.

The Result

Unfortunately, the Detroit residents came up short with only about 1,500 people showing up at the event. They were not able to beat the world record, but it still turned out to be a great party for everyone.

After being counted, the participants were guided into a huge heated lodge with refreshments and music for everyone. There were speeches and chants, as well as cheers, jugglers, cocktails, and bouncing beach balls.

Ruben Ortega, a Detroit resident who joined the event, shared his experience. He said it was a festive event, and it has something you have never seen before, and might never see again.


Edmonton Construction Continues Amidst Cold Climate

With recent conditions in Edmonton dropping into the freezing end once end, local businesses, like Capital Plumbing & Heating, have been finding ways to adapt and work around, if not with the cold Edmonton winter. The Edmonton construction industry, which is known being ill-fit with the cold climate, has been innovating ways to work amidst freezing temperatures.

The cold winter temperatures have forced Edmontonians to adapt their work methods, with the city in the midst of Downtown Edmonton’s historic construction boom. As a result, the city and the industry are finding better ways to work in spite of the tough climate.

The conditions of Edmonton’s harsh winter climes have led to the delay of several large projects in recent history. Temperatures fell to such low levels that projects such as the replacement of the bridge over Great Road, and the Walterdale replacement have to be delayed.

However, this winter sees a change, with the local city government working with the industry’s experts like contractors, planners and the like, in order to plan for the difficult conditions of outdoor work, and in coming up with the proper “cold construction” strategies and methodologies. These changes will both keep workers safe, and ensure minimal delays and on-time projects.

Jesse Banford, Director of Facility Infrastructure for Edmonton, has affirmed this, stating that, despite the cold snap affecting Edmonton, several undergoing projects proceed in the city with little-to-no delays. Banford states that, in Edmonton, construction will continue regardless of season, and that people will see cranes operating all year round.

Jack Ashton, one of the program managers of the Downtown Edmonton arena project, detailed how construction sites deal with the cold weather. He points out that sites now have tarps to allow for masonry work to continue. He adds that even though winter isn’t really suited for masonry work, it does mean that moisture isn’t an issue, seeing as snow can simply be brushed off ongoing work.

Ashton points out how the construction industry is working and innovating to fight the cold, like prefabricated components which can be installed indoors, avoiding the cold, etc., etc.

Local Edmonton business like Capital Plumbing & Heating, continue to work through the sudden cold weather.


Bathroom The Most Important Part Of The House Yet It Is Being Neglected

When buying a house, we look down every minor detail. We make sure to check all the rooms including the master bedroom, the other bedrooms, the dining room, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Why do we always think of the bathroom last? Is it because this is the room that we spend the least amount of our time at home?

When we think of home, we usually remember the last meal with the family in the dining room, the fun activities with friends in the living room and the late-night chit chat with siblings or with the spouse in the bedroom. But do you not remember the last time you broke down and cried alone in the bathroom, the warm and relaxing bath after a long and tiring day. Yes, those are just a few instances where we spend quality time inside our most neglected room in the house.

Now, that the bathroom has caught our attention, let us now talk about how important it really is to us. When we wake up every day, the bathroom is the very first room we go to, to wash our face of our sleepiness and before we go to bed this is the last room we visit to freshen up to get a good night sleep. So why not give it a new look it deserves. We are lucky that in this day and age there are a lot of DIY (do it yourself) projects posted in the internet to help us fix and beautify our bathrooms. We can use this tips if we are on a tight budget or use it for a temporary change. Many of these websites offer us tips that work with materials that you may find handy at home. But if you have the time and luxury to spend, why not splurge and make your bathroom a place of solitude and serenity. Also investing in your bathroom will seriously increase the value of your home. There are a lot of bathroom fixtures available for you to choose from. From tubs, sinks, mirror, bathroom storage, side boards, dressers, laundry bins and more. Visit the website here:


The Safety Rules In The Boiler Room

The boiler operator is the go-to person when it comes to boiler equipment installation, maintenance and safety. He is also tasked in developing safety habits in order to prevent personal injury to other people as well as damage to equipments. There are typically different safety rules and would depend on the type as well as size of the facility or plant. Here are some of the basic safety rules in the boiler room.

  • Workers should wear approved shoes and clothing when inside the plant at all times.
  • Workers should wear gloves when cleaning fuel burner tips or handling hot lines.
  • One should also wear appropriate eye protective gears when in designated areas. When inspecting furnace fire, make use of hand shields.
  • Wear respirators and goggles when cleaning the fire side of the equipment, chimney or breeching.
  • Wear a hard hat when you are working since there will be a possibility that you will acquire head injury.
  • Do not use hands when attempting to sop moving equipments.
  • Store the oily rags or waste inside approved containers in order to prevent fires which are usually caused by spontaneous combustion.
  • Only use safety cans which are approved to store flammable liquids.
  • Check all of the fire safety devices on a regular basis in order to be sure that it is in proper working condition.
  • Check your fire extinguishers periodically and ensure that they are properly charged and are in the correct location.
  • Do not use substitutes for ladders or any unsafe ladders.
  • You should never use ladders as make-shift bridges.
  • Do not leave loose tools on top of boilers, scaffolds or on ladders,
  • Do not attempt to carry tools inside your back pockets.
  • Do not throw a tool to anyone and use the proper tool that should be intended for the job.
  • Do not ever use defective tools.

These safety precautions have to be heeded by establishments with boilers in order to avoid accidents from happening. Likewise if your company will need boiler repairs services, you can seek the help of professionals in your place.


Here’s What You Need To Know Before Starting A Restaurant Business

A lot of people have greatly invested on starting restaurant businesses because they acknowledge the benefits thereof. Restaurants are probably the ideal business to start because not only will you be the boss of your own business, you’d also be surrounded by food. Who wouldn’t want that? Also, in terms of longevity, restaurants are known to survive even when the economy is bad because there will always be a high demand for food and people would always want to go out and treat themselves.
But being a restaurant owner is not all about cashing in the profits and being a good boss. One would also have to be dedicated to his restaurant because you don’t get successful overnight. A high demand does not always mean success; you would have to work hard for it. So if you are thinking about starting your own restaurant business, here’s what you need to know.

  • Not everyone is going to make the cut. So you love food, you love to entertain and you love bossing people around, but are those the qualities that make a person qualified to own a restaurant? No, restaurant owners have to be willing to work long hours even without a paycheck. They would need to buy their own health insurance and must be a responsible person. So if you are not this type of person, better stick to your regular job.
  • It is all about the location. The location is a crucial part of the restaurant because they play a rather large role in deciding whether your restaurant would become successful or not. It is strategically preferable if you open your restaurant where your target audience will be.
  • Restaurants don’t come cheap. Whether you are buying an existing one, or starting from scratch, the costs of opening a restaurant business is quite a lot.
  • Having a clear concept goes a long way. It doesn’t matter if you want to build one of the best Indian restaurants in Perth, what matters is that you have a clear concept in mind. This would guide you all throughout the construction and planning of your soon-to-be restaurant.