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Aggressive Parents As The Biggest Challenge For High School Sports

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the perfect time of the year to spend time with the family, wear Ugly Christmas Sweater and eat tons of food. Even athletes don the beautiful ugly sweaters for Christmas and share the photos with social media. The sweaters are easy enough to find because they are being sold by both online and offline retailers.

Meanwhile, Iowa High School Athletic Association said that the biggest challenge to high school sports is adult fans and aggressive parents. IHSAA Executive Director Tom Keating and Karissa Niehoff, executive director of National Federation of State High School Associations have expressed the inappropriateness of adult behavior during sports events. Unbecoming behavior of adults has reached epidemic proportions across the country and is hurting high school sports.

A recent national survey interviewed more than 2,000 high school athletic directors to find out what is the most challenging thing about their jobs. The survey results revealed that 62.3% find it difficult to deal with aggressive parents and adult fans. Even high school referees and umpires agree.

According to IHSAA, at least 60% of the new officials during the 2016-17 season quit the following year and one of the major reasons was unruly parents. IHSAA further revealed that unruly parents were the reason for the record-low number of umpires and referees for baseball, football, track and field and wrestling. If no one wants to officiate games, there will be no games.

IHSAA wants to avoid incidents like the one that happened back in May where the referee ejected the whole Marshalltown fan base during a sub-state game against Southeast Polk. The referee made a call and the fans became upset. Coaching and officiating must not be done on the sidelines. Parents do not have to jump in and do the job of the referee. They have to be responsible and supportive parents.

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Seven Interesting Facts About AFL

Football is one of the most exciting sports in Australia. The game is popularly called as soccer, footy or Aussie rules. The country has its own league of football matches called the Australian Football League or AFL.

The game is so popular that fans are always on lookout for AFL shop online to shop for their favourite teams’ merchandise.  Here are some interesting facts about the favourite sport of Australians.

  1. Football developed in Australia and now it is played by people in eighty countries. The game is influenced by many local sports. The AFL is influenced by soccer, rugby and Mangrook, a traditional game of the Aboriginals.
  2. The AFL players are not allowed to throw the ball. They can only kick the ball or hand-ball it to their team members.
  3. The AFL team that scores the least points and figures at the last spot of the ladder, wins an imaginary award known as the wooden spoon award. The team which has received the highest wooden spoon awards is St. Kilda. The team received twenty seven of these awards. The two teams which did not receive this award till now are Port Adelaide and Adelaide.
  4. The ANZAC day matches are the most awaited AFL matches in Australia. Fans shop for their favourite teams merchandise with AFL shop online and offline and flock to the stadiums to view the match. The match is viewed live by an average of 80,000 viewers while millions of Australians watch it on their TV screens.
  5. Australia has a multi-cultural population. AFL supports player from different cultural backgrounds. Nine percent of the total players of AFL come from the indigenous Australian community and fourteen percent players are from different cultural backgrounds.
  6. Initially there was no set playing time for AFL matches. The team which scored two goals first was declared as the winner of a match. Most of the matches stopped mid-way due to quarrels between the players or the due to damage footie. Now the game has a pre-set match time of eighty minutes which is divided into four quarters.
  7. The highest winning score was 177 points, scored by Carlton in 1972 and the lowest winning score was 13 points scored by Richmond in 1927.

Now you know some of the interesting trivia about AFL. Grab your favourite merchandise from AFL shop online and play an interesting AFL quiz with your friends.


NRL Season Full Of Upsets

The current season of the NRL has been proceeding along quite nicely, with some good news from both the men’s league and the women’s league. New official products from the NRL have also become available, including the highly anticipated ISC Marvel Heroes jersey range, which could be bought from the NRL merchandise online shop following their debut during the 4th and 5th round. Barring the occasional news of suspension, the season has been solid.

Unless you are a punter, in which case, it’s been an absolute nightmare.

This year’s a horror on the punt, and it doesn’t try to be subtle, with the 2017 NRL regular season set to be the third season in four years wherein more than 1/3rd of the matches end in upsets. Meanwhile, club performance have also been as unpredictable; out of the 144 matches played during the 2017 season so far, 47 of them, approximately 32.6%, have been won by the underdog., one of Australia’s largest sports betting sites, have released their data regarding the 2017 season’s results, and it shows why punters have been finding this season as unfavourable, with favourites losing matches with stunning regularity. Most notably, both Canberra Raiders and Penrith Panthers have lost six matches playing as the favourite.

For those brave and/or loyal punters that took a shot on the underdogs like the St. George Illawara Dragons, however, the season has been laughingly favourable, with these teams winning matches against favourites quite often. Of note are the Manly Sea Eagles, the St. George Illawara Dragons, and the Gold Coast Titans, who have all managed to win five matches as the underdog.

The year’s most unpredictable club however, is shaping up to be defending champion Cronulla Sharks, who have played in 10 upsets. Five of these matches they won as underdogs, but the other five were lost as favourites.

The data from TAB shows which teams are the safest to punt on, with the Newcastle Knights, the Brisbane Broncos and the Melbourne Storm all being involved in only 3 upset matches.

This season’s still has a bit to go for both punters and NRL merchandise online shop browsers, with quite a few matches to go before it matches 2015’s number of upsets, with 38% (77 matches) of the season’s 201 matches being upsets. That being said,2017 has already passed 2016 in terms of number of upsets, with the latter year having recorded 29% of its matches as upsets across its duration.


How Adidas Uses Athletic Teams For Its Promotions

Adidas is the official outfitter of the Grand Valley State athletics. This means an exclusive relationship wherein other brands cannot be associated by with GVSU Lakers. The athletic department of GVSU being a direct school spends a specific amount each year but receives promotional merchandise from Adidas with 50% off the price of apparel, 45% off footwear and incentive-based performance bonuses the GVSU athletic teams.

The GVSU Lakers has partnered with Adidas since 2004 but only as a direct school since 2012. There are 3 major distinctions in the college athletic apparel deals: licensed schools, direct schools and team schools. Licensed schools like major universities in Michigan, Oregon and Texas receive large amounts of money for the Adidas brand to be associated with the university. Direct schools have to pay a specific amount yearly in exchange for benefits and perks. The third tier is team school like GVSU until 2012. Team schools have to get their apparel from retailers not directly from Adidas.

The Grand Valley State athletic department has renewed its contract with Adidas until March 31, 2024 for consistency across all the GVSU teams. Fans who have attended football games last fall has certainly noticed the slick new uniforms of GVSU teams which they will be wearing for the next 3 or 4 years. Adidas uniforms have a shelf life of 3 years before they are replaced.

GVSU has creative input on the uniform designs with the coaches of each team working with the athletic department to ensure eye-catching uniform combinations. From the standpoint of marketing, when the uniforms are at the forefront, they become promotional merchandise.

The primary vision of GVSU athletic team is to outfit the teams with a uniform possible across all sports from jersey fonts to color for equality. The partnership with Adidas has allowed the vision to come true. Not only does Adidas provide greater consistencyacross the entire athletic department; the company has provided quality products to compete in, train in like a football-student athlete. If a GVSU athlete wears a non-Adidas item during a sports event, there could be serious consequences. However, safeguards are in place and this situation is unlikely to happen.


Australia’s Sailing Event Caught Global Attention

Last month, before the year 2015 ends is the most awaited race in Australia starting from Sydney and coming to a halt in Hobart. Before the event proper, the competitors that are joining as well as the yachts to be used need to travel in order to reach Sydney. That task itself is a challenge for many of the competitors. The event which is known widely in Australia as The Rolex Sydney Hobart Race is now a global phenomenon as it reaches other nations as well.

There are 109 competitors listed in last year’s event and 28 of which are not from Australia but from neighboring countries. The number increased by four compared to the last record. According to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s commodore, John Cameron, the official organizer of the race which is held every year, he has been telling the people involved in the club that the event is not just exclusive in between Sydney and Hobart which is the route but it has also reached an international level.

The annual race starts at the Sydney Harbor which is located across the Bass Strait and it ends in the island of Tasmania which is found in Hobart. Cameron also added that yachting is now making a comeback and it has gathered interests from different parts of the globe. He also noted that the event shows that there are many competitors that are willing to give their time as well as the much needed effort into journeying together with their boats just to join the event which is held in Australia.

There are two boats included in the event which came from the farthest place but were also recorded to be among the fastest, namely Rambler 88 and Comanche. The boats were able to travel to Australia through a container ship coming from the United States. There are also two remarkable boats that traveled to Australia coming from another country with the help of their wind power alone, the ShuguangHaiyang and the Ark323 which are both from mainland China. For those interested in sailing, charter one of our boats through


How You Can Care For Your Cricket Bats

If you have already bought from Meuleman’s best cricket bat sale online, then you would definitely know why it is important to care for your bats. If you truly are a cricketer, then you should always remember to value your equipment. Buying equipment is not enough; you would need to take care of it so that it doesn’t get damaged or worse.

When caring for your cricket bat, you should remember that since it is made out of wood, it has a tendency to dry out. Drying out can weaken your bat and in order to avoid that problem, then you should constantly apply oil on it. When it dries out, the next thing would happen is that it could crack but applying oil can prevent this.

After you have first purchased a bath, make sure to sand it lightly with 150 grit sandpaper in order to remove the polish. Afterwards, it needs to be oiled with cricket bat oil or linseed oil.


Knocking in your cricket bat means that the fibers of the willow need to be compressed and knit together. This is important so that the bat is able to withstand the impact of the cricket ball. You use a mallet for this.

Knocking-in is done by lightly tapping the bat with the specialized bat mallet. The speed of the tapping would have to increase gradually as you tap. Make sure to avoid the handle, the back and the splice. This needs to be done at least every 3 to 4 weeks.

A successful knock-in means the edges are a bit rounded and more compact.

Bats should be constantly maintained meaning they should be oiled and knocked-in regularly. Once you see a small tear or crack, this may just be natural wear and if it is oiled regularly, it may not develop into a major problem for you.
Avoid exposing the bat to extreme temperatures. Also know that over-oiling the bat can have negative effects on it and never let it get damp.

Another thing, don’t try to use cheap balls because they can damage the cricket bath.