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MOH Asking Public Regarding Decision About High-Sugar Drinks

Students are subjected to the temptation of sugary drinks wherever they go from their school, Chinese tuition agency and any other learning institution. According to the Ministry of Health or MOH, they are mulling about making Singapore the very first country in the planet to ban high sugar content drinks. This is another way for the government to reduce the high sugar intake of every resident in the country since it is the leading reason why people suffer diabetes and obesity.

Now the public opinion is needed by the MOH as well as the Health Promotion Board whether they should ban the sales of drinks with high sugar content such as soda beverages, 3-in-1-mixes and fruit juices, cordials and yogurt drinks.

The main focus is geared towards these drinks because an average person in the country consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar and half of this amount is coming from high-sugar content drinks. One in every four brand of sugar-sweetened drinks has 5.5 teaspoons of sugar and some are even worse than that.

The MOH is currently fishing for public feedback regarding four topics – the first is that they will prohibit the sales of high-sugar drinks, high sugary drinks will have single or tiered tax, labeling for sugar content should be placed on the front as mandate and there should be no advertisements of any form regardless of platforms when it comes to high-sugary drinks.

As of writing, there is already a ban in place by Singapore which means school canteens should not sell high-sugar beverages. A voluntary suggestion made by the organization is to use the Healthier Choice Symbol in order to determine which drinks are actually healthy.

In a recent statement coming from MOH, when a person consumers 250 ml of sugar loaded drinks they raise their chances of acquiring diabetes higher by 18 to 26 per cent. WHO backed that in order for the human to survive it is not necessary to consume sugar at all. Experts are supporting the ban from schools, Chinese tuition agencies and learning institutions.


When To Ask For The Services Of A Chiropractor In Western Sydney

Chiropractic is mainly used as an alternative way of relieving pain for muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. It is often used in combination with traditional treatment. If using chiropractic treatment is not appropriate, or if your state of health needs to be co-managed with other health practitioners, the chiropractor will refer the patient to the right health provider.

You can ask for the services of a chiropractor in Western Sydney who will help you if your muscles and joints are aching that is already distressing your daily activities and preventing you from being active and energetic. Muscle and joint pains are usually caused by work, sports injuries, accidents, household chores, and common stress in daily life.

People usually consult a chiropractor in Western Sydney to get help with their neck pain, headache, back pain, whiplash, overused injuries, sprains and strains from the daily chores and activities, arthritis, sports and work-related injuries, and the restricted movement in the shoulders, back, limbs, or neck.

During your visit to your chiropractor for a chiropractic examination, the chiropractor will conduct the following:

  • A comprehensive medical history
  • Inspect visually your spinal curves and other noticeable health indicators
  • Check your vital signs such as your pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, and respiration rate
  • Use hands to feel your muscles, spines, and other tissues
  • Conduct neurological and orthopaedic examinations
  • Suggest for other diagnostic examinations such as x-ray and MRI

After getting done with all the examinations, your chiropractor will provide you with a diagnosis which gives all the possible causes of your condition which is called a differential diagnosis. After which, the chiropractor will give you a working diagnosis that indicates the cause of your complaint. You will get an explanation of the diagnosis that includes the natural history, the options of treatment, and the benefits and dangers related to the treatments.

Chiropractic treatment is a good alternative to solve the muscle and joint pains that you are experiencing. However, it may not be applicable to all people for some conditional reasons, thus care and caution must also be applied before getting into the chiropractic method of treatment.



Hotels In China Apologise Following Video Scandal

Most hotels across the world, like family hotels in Bangkok, adhere to strict standards, and any news about properties not adhering to these standards tend to stain the hotels’ reputation.

Such was the case with some Chinese hotels, run by several major international hotel chains, who recently came under fire following a viral video that showed the hotels’ unhygienic practices, like housekeeping staff using the same sponges on cups and sinks, and wiping bathroom surfaces with the guest towels, among others.

The hotels have since released apologetic statements towards their customers following the video going viral on Weibo, a popular Chinese social networking site, which claimed to show hidden-camera footage of cleaning staff from major hotels in the country, like Shangri-La Asia and Hilton Worldwide Holdings. The video already has at least 29 million views, alongside tens of thousands of shares and comments.

An activist blogger, sporting the pseudonym “Huazong” was responsible for the video going online, and claims that the problem has been around for a while now, and is distressingly common, saying he spent 2,000 nights at 147 hotels across a six-year timespan.

There’s also video from state broadcaster CCTV airing video of uniformed inspectors at an unnamed property showing their identification and holding up a drinking glass to the light in order to inspect it.

According to Shaun Rein, founder of China Market Research Group in Shanghai, hidden-camera videos of hotel staff behaving badly at Chinese luxury hotels surface almost regularly, due to the working conditions, which are unlike those in family hotels in Bangkok and other properties. He says that worker shortages are common, and pay is low, which means that hotel employees don’t really have much of an incentive to act properly, as they can simply quit and find employment elsewhere.

Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, operated by Marriott International, posted an apology on Weibo recently, stating that they will look into the matter and take the appropriate action. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel also issued a similar apology, stating that it would be reinforcing room-check rules and working with the government to deal with the issue.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a statement on the matter, saying that cultural and tourism authorities should look into the matter and pay close attention to the service quality of the tourism industry in the country.


Court Inquiry On The Gig Economy Might Lead To Meal Delivery Going Away

Aussies have a love affair with takeaway, with many couriers in Melbourne and across the country making a living delivering food for the meal delivery platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo.

There’s a problem, though, as these companies are under pressure regarding how they treat their delivery workers following a decision made by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that deemed that a sacked Foodora worker was an employee, and not a contractor.

On November 16, 2018, the FWC ruled that a Foodora worker who spoke out on the pay and the working conditions the company’s couriers operate in, was unfairly dismissed by the food company. The worker is set to receive $15,559 in compensation in 21 days following the proceedings.

Foodora, owned by the UK-based Delivery Hero, shifted into voluntary administration for its AU operations back in August, but the decision by the FWC could have affects reaching out to the other delivery platforms operating down under.

By treating their couriers in Melbourne and across the country as contractors, companies like UberEats and Deliveroo avoid paying a range of benefits to them, which include, among other things, leave benefits.

In the case about the delivery worker, he only received $14/hour plus $5 for every completed delivery, back in 2016.  These conditions only worsened in 2018, prior to Foodora’s eventual shutdown in Australia.

The popularity of meal delivery platforms led to their rapid growth across Australia, but the law is catching up with the industry, and now many are wondering how the business model will move forward, especially if a broader precedent emerges.

According to Managing Director Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law, if riders being treated as employees becomes the norm, these delivery platforms will find it harder to operate. She says that the decision made by the FWC doesn’t mean the industry’s doomed, but it does make it clear that AU regulation is catching up with the gig economy.

Koelmeyer warned against assuming that everyone working in the gig economy is an employee, but stated that UberEats and Deliveroo will be looking at their operations in order to make sure that they aren’t crossing any lines; they operate via a platform, but when the riders sport their logos and give them other tasks, then they are, in fact, a part of the organisation.

The FWC has made several rulings in the past stating that riders are independent contractors, not employees, but Koelmeyer states that an overall precedent has yet to be set on the matter.

Deliveroo made no comment on the matter, but UberEats released a statement a few days after the FWC ruling saying that they are committed to building a long-term and sustainable business in the AU and are continuing their investment in their relationships with their delivery partners.



London Reigns Supreme When It Comes To Artificial Intelligence

Technology is constantly evolving and almost everybody is getting a taste of its benefits. For example, if you have those old VHS tapes, it is probably the right time to convert VHS to DVD Melbourne to rescue and preserve the memories that were saved in them. Most people assume that the memories are safe in their VHS tapes but they forgot that VHS players are already obsolete. The tapes can also deteriorate over the years.

For the past 15 years or so, Silicon Valley has always been considered as the centre of technology. However, in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) it seems that London is gaining early supremacy. Right now, there are multiple start-ups in London that includes DeepMind, a Google-owned company that is the creator of champion Go software.

The next generation of technology is expected to be less of entrepreneurship but more on data science. Although artificial intelligence is still in the early stages, it would be difficult to avoid the technology. Those of you who are watching Netflix know that recommendations are coming from smart software. Artificial intelligence will have a stronger impact in the future because gadgets and machines will communicate in behalf of people. Background research on artificial intelligence is now taking place in London.

Most of the start-ups in London are relatively unknown but their work is critical because they might be able to solve the world’s multi-million dollar problems. DeepMind is probably the most influential start-up today when it comes to artificial intelligence. Aside from defeating the best human Go player in the world, DeepMind has developed an eye scanner that can spot early signs of blindness. It has managed to build a neural network that can mimic short-term memory. If you are using Google products, you are already experiencing some of the benefits of London-based researches on artificial intelligence.

Anywhere there is a combination of moisture and heat, moulds will appear. Before the VHS tapes are damaged by mould growth, make the effort to convert VHS to DVD Melbourne so that the memories saved will not be destroyed. Broken tapes can also be restored to avoid lost memories during the transfer process.


Financial Hardships And Wellness

If you’re a simple and organized person, you’ll likely get a job fast and open a bank account so easily. If you have all these, you can financially decide for yourself and probably grow as a person. You just need to apply the financial basics of earning money, so you can become wealthy one day. However, when you’re not careful with your finances, you experience financial hardships.Here are financial basics you should know when handling your funds:

  • Work with a Budget

Once you take hold of your earnings, ensure that you know where it will go. If you make a budget, you allot the money to certain expenses and you must monitor where it was spent.

  • Paying Your Taxes

It is important to understand on how taxes work for you. Know the basics so you can save your money on the long term despite paying some taxes to the government. You will also know the documents and receipts that help you minimize your taxes.

  • Have an Emergency Fund

You need to secure your life and your family by preparing some emergency funds to spend. Many times, the unexpected financial losses can happen, and you need resources to spend for emergencies. You must have adequate funds to secure you financially, before anything can happen.

  • Having Depreciating Assets

You need to know that not everything you buy is considered an investment. Take for instance, buying a new car, where the value of the vehicle will depreciate over time. So, have the best price just in case you’re selling it once again. Sell a depreciated vehicle if you have used it for some years.

  • Housing and Mortgage

You need to know how housing and mortgages work. You need to understand how new mortgages work, especially that there are lots of mortgages available for borrowers. You must know that not only housing prices are up and that you’ll need a mortgage debt which you can pay regularly and affordably.

  • Credit Cards

According to Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis, credit cards can be useful or a liability depending on how you use it. If you know how they work, it will be to your advantage. Never rush to buy things which you cannot afford to pay monthly. It will only leave you indebted with high interest rates.