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Factors To Consider In Choosing Good Bangkok International Schools

There are many factors to consider in choosing the right school for your children. With the wide range of choices of schools today, selecting a good school can be a challenging thing. It needs good research and information from trusted sources to be able to decide which school is the best for your child.

International schools were long before set up to cater to business people and missionaries’ children who were always moving in different countries of the world to work. As a result, these people need Bangkok international schools for the education of their children. The IB or International Baccalaureate program was formed to be the framework to be followed by international schools.

Here are some factors to consider in choosing the right international school:

  1. School’s accreditation

Select a school that is accredited by respectable accreditation organizations. The curriculum of an accredited school is matched and articulated to certain standards that make it internationally acceptable to all students.

  1. Membership with reputable school organizations

In any country, an international school must be a member of a reputable organization for international schools.

  1. Turn-over of faculties

Although Bangkok international schools have transient students by design as well as teachers because of the fact that they also want to see the world, an international school with low turn-over means the school is treating its employees well which is a good indication of a reputable international school.

  1. School website

A good international school must have a website of its own that is updated at all times. The site should have resources of parents and students and values good interaction and communication with its stakeholders.

  1. Culture of the school

A good school must also have good values and culture without discrimination in race and religion which are common with foreign students.

  1. Concern for other languages

A good school must value other languages aside from the English language which is the medium of instruction.

  1. Access to technology

A school with access to technology means it is updated with the latest and modern means of communication which is an important thing.

  1. Library and other modern equipment

A library is not just a storage of books. It is a place where librarians serve as educators to students in enhancing their research skills.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. It all depends on the students and parents which one suits their requirements and satisfies their standards.



Why Driving Conditions Must Be Considered When Buying New Tyres

If you are planning to buy tyres in Brisbane, there are many options to choose from for cars, vans, 4X4’s and light trucks. However, make sure to shop sensibly because you do not have to pay a fortune to purchase the high quality brands. It all comes down to the quality of the tyre and the service that you will receive.

Do you remember the marketing slogan used by Michelin and Pirelli? The slogan says that the tyres are the only part of the car that touches the road. This means that you can economize on other parts of the car but not the tyres. This is particularly true for those who live in countries with varying weather conditions.

It makes sense to ensure that the tyres are suitable to weather conditions. In Canada, people use tyres that are suitable for summer and winter tyres when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature when the rubber compound of the tyres starts to get stiffer and loses the ability to conform to irregularities in road surfaces. If the temperature is above 7 degrees Celsius, the summer tyres can still be used.

According to advertisements, there are all-season tyres that eliminate the need to change tyres twice a year. However, according to experts, all-season tyres are like no-season tyres meaning they are not applicable for both summer and winter. All season tyres take 2 or 3 car lengths longer to stop than winter tyres under controlled testing conditions. During summer, the all-season tyres take longer to stop than summer tyres.

To be on the safe side, it is suggested to change tyres twice a year. It can be a bit of a bother but it is better to have good grip all year round. Meanwhile, make sure that there is better tread life when buying winter or summer tyres.

While Brisbane has high quality roads like other major cities, it is sometimes necessary to change the tyres when you are planning to drive on the uneven trail. There are tyres in Brisbane that are perfect for challenging drives like off-roading or adventure trips. The world’s best brands are available at discounted prices.


Various Products For Sydney Roof And Building Supplies

A house or business establishment won’t be complete with buying the right Sydney roof and building supplies for the construction. These materials are necessary from the planning stage to the foundation and the construction of the structure.

The most typical building materials to use are cement and plywood. Cement is created from fine grey powder usually combined with sand and water to form concrete. On the other hand, plywood is a layered board produced by gluing and compacting layers of thin wood together. The layers are attached at right angles towards the next layer. Besides these two, there are other products that fall into this industrial product category.

Tiles and Bricks

Tiles are important coverings for the floors, walls and roofs. It’s a thin piece of curved or flat material glazed and baked to perfection. It is created from clay or other materials to come up with a preferred result. Whereas, bricks are rectangular blocks of clay baked until hard. It’s always used for walls of some homes and other huge permanent structures.

Paint and Surface Coatings

These forms of Sydney roof and building supplies are often considered the finishing touches of many structures. It can be applied to the roof, the walls, floors, windows and doors. Paint are those coloured liquids applied to the surface to suit decorative or protective purposes. Just like facial makeup, it will make the building or home more appealing to its owners and passers-by.

The paint and surface coating can be classified into high-temperature coating and semi-gloss latex coating. They can be applied using a spray or paint brush. Anti-mildew coatings are also preferred for home improvements and business constructions.

Other Construction and Building Materials

These are products depending on a specific purpose they provide. These can be building supplies, construction equipment and machinery, and decorations for constructions. Other Sydney roof and building supplies include hardware accessories, ceiling and floor items, wall coverings, heat-barrier materials, bathroom sanitary equipment materials, and toilet partitions and accessories.

For more complex jobs, these will need machinery and equipment like concrete equipment, stone crushing machinery and boring machines to use. For decorative purposes, people can look into window and door panels, kitchen and lighting systems, furniture slides, and automatic blinds and doors.




Important Signs To Notice That Need Emergency Plumbers In Brisbane

There are many home improvement tasks that pile up in your to-do lists that have been there for weeks. They include cleaning gutters, leaking faucets, and fixing the garage, among others. There are times even that emergency arises which requires immediate action by professional plumbers.

Most often, when issues occur, there are visible signs that can be seen that need the services of emergency plumbers in Brisbane toaddress the problem.

The following are some signs to watch that require you to get the services of qualified plumbers:

  • Standing Water – when there is an overflow of water in your home, this calls for an emergency. Sudden leaks could mean broken pipes that need immediate repair or replacement. Close the water valve and clean the area while waiting for the plumbers to avoid further damage.
  • Frozen Pipes – sometimes our homes are left with no one when we go out on a vacation leaving also the pipes unused. Unused pipes may become frozen and burst which cause the water to flood your house. When this happens, your pipes need costly repairs. This situation needs emergency plumbers in Brisbane to resolve the issue. These plumbers will ensure to find the causes of the leakages. The pipes then must be replaced to safely restore the supply of water in your home.
  • The foul smell of sewage – when you smell a terrible odour of your sewage system, this could mean an emergency even if nothing is seen that seems wrong. It is still best to call an emergency plumbing service to inspect the situation. They can evaluate the plumbing system and ensure that everything is safe to use. Having an unchecked issue of sewage can mean costly damage on property and pose risks to the health of your family.

Being aware of the important signs of plumbing problems is crucial for every homeowner. This can help much to avoid costly repairs and replacement of expensive materials in your plumbing system. It is always important to be proactive when it comes to the safety and security of your family. Taking things lightly might lead to more serious issues in the future.


Team Building Using A Deck Of Cards

There are team building companies that make the extra effort to make the event worthwhile for participants. Team building can be a half day event in the workplace or a weekend event in a natural setting. Activities can be customized so that it will match with the company’s budget as well as its objective.

The importance of teamwork cannot be overemphasized in any business culture. According to the results of a research that was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, employees who connect and collaborate with their colleagues demonstrate higher intrinsic motivation. In simple words, they find more enjoyment in their positions which enhances their productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

When staffs function as a unified and cohesive team, stronger performance markers are achieved than staffs that prefer to work independently. An environment of cooperation and collaboration can be achieved by a small business through card games. Games using cards can reinforce teamwork among employees in a manner that is stimulating and accessible.

An example of a card game is Texas Hold ‘Em that can teach members of a team the importance of collaboration. The card game which is a variation of the classic poker requires the players to create their own strategies and at the same time decipher the strategy of the competitor. The staff will require negotiation, critical thinking, decisive action, troubleshooting and keen awareness. All of these competencies are considered as company assets.

House of Cards is a card game that requires careful and tactical precision. This will harness creativity, boost interdependence and reinforce the idea that there is strength in numbers. Team members are given a certain amount of time to be able to build a freestanding tower of cards. The cards can be stacked in any manner of configuration. Scissors can be used to trim the cards or shape them to be more workable.

There is not dearth for team building companies in Sydney that can provide your staff with fun activities to enhance their work performance. You have a choice whether the activities will be held in the workplace, event venue or a natural setting where employees will have more freedom.


Thousands To Tourists Expected In Thailand To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebrations will be held in Bangkok as well as other popular tourist destinations in Thailand. If you are planning to attend, now is the right time to book your accommodations at the family resort in Phuket before it runs out of rooms. Events are planned in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket with cultural performances from China and Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is joining hands with China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Embassy to organize the most festive Chinese New Year’s eve celebrations in Bangkok for this year. According to Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of TAT, this year’s celebration will be unique because it comes after Thailand welcomed 10 million Chinese tourists for 2018.

TAT expects that more than 330,000 Chinese tourists will be welcomed between February 4 and 10. This will represent more than 30% of the overall total of 1.03 million foreign arrivals over the Chinese New Year in Thailand. The TAT governor also expects the Chinese tourists to spend more than 10 billion baht or $314 million during the 7-day period. It is also estimated that the total revenue from international visitors will reach 24 billion baht.

Chinese New Year celebrations will be held in other destinations that young Chinese tourists frequent. Aside from the events being planned at Bangkok’s famous shopping mall, Siam Square, there will be celebrations at Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Aside from cultural presentations participated in by both Chinese and Thai performers, there will be demonstrations of various Chinese art forms that include paper cutting and calligraphy. There will also be fairs selling different goods and foods. Festivities will also be organized in large Thai-Chinese communities at locations that have long-standing traditions of holding Chinese New Year activities in the country.

At the beautiful family resort in Phuket, there is no dearth of activities that will entertain both adults and kids. You can explore around, go to the beaches or engage in a shopping spree. You can also satisfy your cravings for mouth-watering Thai cuisine from the various beachfront restaurants while you are waiting for the Chinese New year celebrations to begin.