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Three Popular Street Shopping Markets In Sukhumvit

Bangkok is popular for its thriving nightlife, delicious street food and interesting shopping. Scores of tourists visit the city from all over the world to enjoy the much hyped nightlife and shop in the world famous malls and street shopping centres.

Sukhumvit is the major business district in Bangkok. The locality is popular among the tourists and locals alike. Sukhumvit has a range of shopping attractions ranging from high-end malls that house luxury retail brands to interesting and lively street shopping markets that sell clothes, accessories and electronics at dirt cheap prices. Tourists can stay at the new hotel in Sukhumvit that offers luxurious accommodation options and enjoy the shopping at Sukhumvit.

If you are searching for interesting street shopping destinations in Bangkok, here are a few of them.

Chatuchak weekend Market

The Chatuchak market spreads over an area of thirty five acres and is one of the largest street shopping markets in the world. The market has around eight thousand stalls and is brimming with locals and tourists. The market is the best place to buy Thai handicrafts and other souvenirs. It is also one of the most popular places to enjoy the delectable street food of the city. The market is located near the Mo chit station of the Skytrain. Tourists staying at the new hotel in Sukhumvit close to the Nana station can take a train to Mo Chit and visit the market.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market

If you are looking to buy some vintage products, this is the right place to visit. Collectors can buy some high quality antique and vintage pieces of art, cars, watches, cameras, etc. The food stalls that line the streets are the best places to sample the local street food like Satay, coconut ice cream and crispy pancakes.

Pan Tip Plaza

If you are a tech geek and are searching for perfect place to buy some electronics then Pan Tip Plaza is the right place to visit. The plaza has a number of shops that deal in electronics and computers. Buyers have a wide variety to choose from and can get quality branded products at bargain prices. Tourists staying at new hotel in Sukhumvit can take a train to Chitlom station and get to the market by hiring a cab from the station.


Detroit Residents Attempted To Break World Record In December 2017

In December last year, Detroiters tried to break the record for the biggest number of people to wear the worst Christmas they could find.

Beating the World Record

One Saturday night last year at Detroit, residents got together wearing their worst xmas sweater to beat the existing Guinness World Record. hosted the party.

The Team to Beat

In December 2015, 3,473 people at the University of Kansas set the world record for the most number of people gathered together wearing holiday sweaters. Spectators wore their festive sweaters at Allen Field house to watch the basketball game between Kansas and Montana’s men’s teams. Each participant was given an official participation ticket at the entrance to help in counting the people joining to set the record.

They beat the previous record set by Lough borough University in the United Kingdom with 1,175 attendees in December 2014.

Ben Mauk, a participant at the event, said that they wanted to be part of an original idea, and that most stores have already sold out their holiday sweaters that they had to make their own one week prior to the event.

How did it happen?

The participants formed a line spanning a few blocks and were allowed to join if their xmas sweater was ugly or festive enough for the event. Each group of 50 was guided through an official turnstile to help with the counting.

Kaitlin Vesper from New York acted as the representative of Guinness and served as the official judge for the event. It has been her job at Guinness to travel to different locations and confirm attempts at setting world records.

The Result

Unfortunately, the Detroit residents came up short with only about 1,500 people showing up at the event. They were not able to beat the world record, but it still turned out to be a great party for everyone.

After being counted, the participants were guided into a huge heated lodge with refreshments and music for everyone. There were speeches and chants, as well as cheers, jugglers, cocktails, and bouncing beach balls.

Ruben Ortega, a Detroit resident who joined the event, shared his experience. He said it was a festive event, and it has something you have never seen before, and might never see again.


Visit Nottingham For These Christmas Events

If you get tired of lounging around the house with your Christmas onesies, you can visit Nottingham and check out the most awaited events for this year’s holiday season. Top of the list is the pantomime show at the Theatre Royal featuring Peter Pan. The lead roles of this family show is Joe Pasquale who is the winner of I’m a Celebrity and John Challis from Horses legend. The pantomime show is scheduled for December 8. This is not the first time that leads of the show will be coming to Nottingham since they have separate shows held there before.

For Mariah Carey fans, it will be a joyous Christmas indeed because the singer will be visiting Nottingham for a show. The international superstar made an announcement regarding her Yuletide show. The songbird supreme will have two other shows within the United Kingdom. The Nottingham show will be held in the Motor point Area on the 9th of December. This is part of the 48-year-old singer’s tour called European All I Want For Christmas Is You.

The Royal Concert Hall of Nottingham will be the venue for the Love Actually show. It is time to bring out the tissues because the show will feature a full live orchestra. The movie was a hit when it was released in 2003. Fifteen years later, this is now considered to be a modern classic and it will be shown once more in big cinema screen. The orchestra will play the evocative score by Craig Armstrong.

For the whole family is a musical show called Elf: The Musical Christmas Spectacular which is going to be held in Motorpoint Arena. Once more the audience will see the giant flying sleigh along with an indoor snow blizzard. The show got its inspiration from the blockbuster movie in Hollywood with Will Ferrell as the leading role. The musical show will stay in Nottingham for three days from December 28 until December 30.

Lastly, time to take off the Christmas onesies and visit the Christmas fair in HolmePierrepont. The artisan fair will open on November 15 at 9:30 in the morning and will last until 4 in the afternoon. Preview on November 14 will be able for those who can book early.


The Changing Design Trend In Fast Food Chains

Ask someone who is in the food industry like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan and he will tell you that there are many factors to consider when setting up a restaurant including menu and design. Restaurants that have been established for a long time will eventually be popular to diners regardless of their theme or architecture. Majority of the popular restaurants have the same design wherever in the world its branches may be.

Looking at the new branches of popular fast food chains, many are turning away from what customers have known as the architectural stamp. Many are hiring design firms in order for their restaurants to undergo rebranding which in turn impacts their image as a whole. The result is that the new braches under the same popular fast food chains are seen to have individual characters, understated as well as embodies a specific design.

Consumers might view this tactic as effective because they are tempted to revisit the brand despite being familiar with it before. In the brand’s point of view, it is their means of evolving in order to cater to the changing tastes of the consumers but the core product remains to be the same.The bottom line is that these fast food chains are starting to resemble high-end food establishments but still caters to the masses.

According to restaurant designers, there are two things that should be factored in for a restaurant’s design no matter the cuisine it serves. Number one is to look at the design’s concept and number two is the function and operation of the restaurant. In order to show the identity of the brand, everything must be considered from the interior up to the façade. A successful design is one that reflects the brand everywhere including the smallest details.

In terms of fast food restaurants, quick service is priority therefore the design must follow a certain science to make sure the operations are not affected. Unlike restaurants developed by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, fast food chains are well-lighted and employ vibrant colors such as orange, yellow and red because these are known to influence the mood as well as appetite of the consumers.


Rapid Growth In CEE Creating Greater Demand For Warehouse Space

Logistics is one of the major enablers of trade and commerce growth in many economies. Tecdis Network – European Specialist Logistics together with the combined resources of its partners provide clients with successful solutions for technical distributions. They got their clients covered from laws and customs to local markets.

In terms of logistics sector, the CEE region is rapidly becoming a hub for industrial demand. The percentage of real estate investors that are targeting European logistics has more than doubled from 27% in 2012 to 59% in 2016. Eurostat predicts an increase of 36% across the European Union by 2050 with the CEE region experiencing the largest growth with Poland at 54% and the Czech Republic at 46% well above the average.

According to Robert Dobrzycki, CEO of Panatonni Europe, the CEE region occupies an extremely good position in Europe for the growing sectors of e-commerce and production. Meanwhile, Martin Polic, managing director and regional head of CEE region at Prologis, told Emerging Europe that investment volume at central and Eastern Europe logistics and real estate reached a record level of about €13 billion in 2017. This drove developments in the CEE and the rapid growth of e-commerce that also created greater demand for warehouse space.

The logistics sector in Eastern Europe is fairly young. Full outsourcing of logistics services which was already common in the western markets since the early 2000’s is just starting to appear in the CEE. One example is Poland that has 13.4 million square meters of modern warehouses today. This is 22% more than in 2016.

Another significant driver of growth is the relatively cheap labourcosts and warehouse space in the CEE. It has started to attract companies like Amazon Slovakia and Alibaba Poland. Based on estimates, labour cost per hour in 2017 for the EU-28 was €26. In Denmark, it was €42while in France it was €36 and Germany €35.

A wide range of technical logistics is being offered by Tecdis Network – European Specialist Logistics to a variety of sectors that require the company’s special knowledge and expertise. Tecdis works in close conjunction with the right technological partners in the field to provide the European market with technical logistics.


NZ Construction Expected To Slow Down

More construction is good for a lot of businesses, from developers, designers and furniture companies like Systems Commercial Furniture, developments are always worth keeping an eye out for. New Zealand’s seen a recent inflation in construction, one that’s expected to slow down in the coming years thanks to escalating costs cutting down demand, as stated by an industry report.

The city of Auckland felt the cost inflation the most, seeing an 8% inflation in 2017, which is expected to go down to 6% by 2018’s end, 3.5% by 2019, and 3% in 2021, according to data from Rider Levett Bucknall’s recent Oceania Report of tender prices.

Christchurch, meanwhile, is coming off of the 2015 post-earthquake peak of 6% growth in tender prices, with increases expected to be maintained in 2018, at 3% matching 2017, and is expected to shrink to 2% by 2019. Meanwhile, Wellington tender costs are expected to go up by 6% in 2018, from 2017’s 5.3%, before slowing down to 4% by 2019, and 3% by 2021.

Construction costs across the NZ has been going up at faster rates than the country’s inflation of 1.1%, underpinned by the country’s highest tourism and migration levels in recent years. However, RLB has some bad news for companies in the NZ like Systems Commercial Furniture, as they are expecting that demand will go down in the future, thanks to labour shortages and escalating costs.

RLB’s Oceania Chair, Ewen McDonald, says that across the NZ, escalation forecasts for the year of 2018 remain high, with all regions in the country expecting tender price indices to go up higher than the current consumers price index. McDonald says that, moving forward, it’s expected that the escalation will slow down across the country.

Auckland and Wellington’s escalation is expected to drop by half come 2021, down to 3%, whilst Christchurch’s escalation is expected to remain stable at 2% from 2019 onwards.

The report added that, building cost escalation is continuing to outdo inflation levels by a notable margin. Subcontract resources are being stretched thing across the NZ, and the country is seeing significant increases in pricing in various industries, not due to market inflation, but due to an absence of competitive tension.