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Features Of A Good School Website

The world has gone online. More people do their shopping and business transactions online. There are online jobs that stay-at-home moms or dads appreciate. Most people do their research and inquiries online. It is more convenient to go online to check things first than go to the actual place or shop. Business owners spend time and money to come up with a website that is appealing, informative, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eyes.

An international school with a website like should be able to give the basic information that the parents and students need to know about the school. People who are making inquiries online may establish their first contact with the school through the school’s website. In effect, the school’s website reflects the image that the school may leave in the mind of the people who inquired online. That’s why every international school should be able to present a website that can leave a good image in the people’s mind.

Features that May Help Attract Parents and Students Alike

  1. Aesthetically Appealing Website

The overall look of the website is the first thing that visitors notice. The layout, fonts, images, and colours that should be used in the school’s website must blend well. They should go together to create the kind of image or impression that the school wanted to leave in the mind of a visitor of their website. The international school may hire a professional web designer to help them with their website design.

  1. Relevant and High-Quality Content

The visitors to any website expect to read relevant and high-quality content. Visitors of an international school website expect to read something about the school and the awards or recognition that it received or that of its students. The website must also contain the contact details of the school, events calendar, news, curriculum, learning resources, school value, and other important matters.

  1. Easy Navigation

A simple website that is easy to navigate is much better than the one that’s so sophisticated to operate. It is okay to build a sophisticated-looking website as long as it does not affect the overall user experience. The visitors may no longer bother exploring the school website when navigating it is already giving them a headache.

  1. Responsive

People on the go often use their mobile devices to surf the net and visit different websites. The school’s website should be responsive, which means that their website should be able to adjust to the screen size of the device that the visitor is using. It should remain user-friendly.

International school websites, like, must make sure that their site is always up and working all the time.


Honda Supersport Bikes For The One-Make Championship

The lineup of Honda supersport bikes was designed to push the limits of speed and performance while providing the rider with total confidence and control. Honda, the Japanese motorcycle maker introduced NSF250R Cup in India so that aspiring racers can battle it out for the one-make championship.

It was called NSF250R Cup because the motorcycle that will be used is an 84-kilo, 48PS making Moto3 –spec bike called the NSF250R. The supersport bike was developed in 2011 by Honda’s racing division, Honda Racing Corporation. Many Moto3 races were won by Honda using the same bike including the constructor’s title in 2015. The 2014 and 2015 Moto3 world championships were won by popular motorcycle racers Alex Marquez and Danny Kent using the NSF250R.

Currently, Honda has offered the pro stock 165cc bikes for the one-make championship in India. Compared to the pro stock 165 cc bikes, NSF250R is a small bike. It is even smaller than stock Honda CBR250R that was introduced to India as a supersport bike. The compactness of the bike is due to the brand new single-cylinder engine that is banked towards the rear at 15-degree angle.

The NSF250R has a 249.3cc, liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, high rev band of 13000rpm while making a 48.3Ps of maximum power and 28Nm of peak torque. In comparison, stock CBR250R only makes 26.5PS and 22.8 Nm. More astonishing is its kerb weight which is just 84 kilos which gives the motorcycle a power-to-weight ratio of 575PS per tonne.

NSF250R is loaded with premium tech that includes a special 7000 series pressed aluminum frame, adjustable clip-on and rear seats, steering damper and fully adjustable USD’s in front and pro link mono-shock at the back. Disc brake in front is 296mm and 186mm disc at the back.  There is no ABS because it is strictly a race bike.

A fantastic range of Honda supersport bikes are available at the Leicester and Petersbrough area in the United Kingdom. Both new and loyal customers can expect unbeatable service. Along with the supersport bikes is the parts and accessories department to add a personal touch to the bike and make it unique from other bikes.


Google Conducts Study On Remote Teams

The difficulties of remote teams is different from corporate team building in Sydney or in any business where the employees spend time around each other. Google is well aware of these issues, due to having nearly 100,000 workers across 150 cities in over 50 countries across five continents.

To see what makes for a good remote team, the company’s Google’s People Innovation Lab (PiLab), spent two years studying more than 5,000 employees, measuring their well-being, performance, and communication,  among other things, and found out how to keep remote teams working well, regardless of how distant they were from each other.

Google People Innovation Lab Manager Veronica Gilrane says that PiLab found minimal differences in the effective, performance ratings, and promotions for people working in remote teams, where work requires having to collaborate with colleagues located in other countries in the world, compared to Googlers who spend their time working with people in the same office space. They add that well-being standards were also uniform across the board, saying that people who worked virtually managed to find ways to maintain a good balance between work and life, by prioritizing important things like getting proper sleep and exercise, same as non-distributed team members.

This is good news, due to the fact that remote work has the possibility of lower costs compared to normal business operations, while also improving the happiness of employees.

Gilrane, however, noted that making a remote team work isn’t easy. They add that many who were interviewed as part of the study says that remote work made it harder to establish connections with colleagues, due to, among other things, needing to schedule across different time zones. For people working together in the same space, corporate team building in Sydney or anywhere else makes cohesion come easier.

Google says that traditional management principles still apply for remote teams, with some necessary alterations to account for the unique conditions of the virtual workplace.

Google recommends three particular things for ensuring that remote teams work well:

  • Knowing your colleagues. Google says that employee value superiors and colleagues that care about them outside of professional settings, so Google recommends allotting time at the start of meeting for personal conversations, like things that happened over the weekends, to establish rapport.
  • Set clear boundaries. Norms set how teams work together, but the virtual workspace means that clearer guidelines are a necessity. Clearly communicate how communication and messaging will work, how meetings should proceed, and what schedules are.
  • Forge connections. Building connections takes time and effort, even more so for remote teams where colleagues are hundreds of thousands of miles away. In such an environment, extra effort needed to connect on a personal level is a must, like, simple things; asking about their weekend, and the lik.


Townsville Cameraman Paul Lyons Receives Awards For Rescuing Historical Films

Companies like Waster Opportunities know that, sometimes, people throw away things that they later regret, which is why things like heirlooms and old films show up in the trash.

Paul Lyons, a cameraman in Townsville, Queensland, was aware of this fact, and has been working to keep decades of North Queensland media history from the trash, even employing spies to do so. In recognition of his efforts, the State Library of Queensland has awarded him with the John Oxley Library Award.

Lyons was working as a videotape operator for the QTV television station in 1992 when he ran into the station’s archives of film and tape. His appreciation for the old content started there, where he’d watch the history on them after his work.

As the station and its management changed, the archives were no longer valued, with old footage either being overwritten or outright disposed of. In response, Lyons would hide whatever tapes he could in the quiet corners of the building in an effort to preserve them, even going after skip bins and companies like Waster Opportunities to salvage archives, or even fooling the station with empty boxes, just to preserve media history.

Said archive had more than 5,000 video tapes, amounting to at least 250,000 ft (76,000m) of 16mm, containing thousands of hours of historical footage, including the city’s first television broadcast back in 1962, Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1970, and even the damage done by Cyclone Althea back in 1971.

Mr. Lyons was once threatened with trespassing, but assistance from Jack Gleeson, considered the father of North Queensland TV, secured the archive, as well as giving Lyons a space to store them for 15 years, at the Queen’s Hotel building.

Mr. Lyons then got in touch with Annette Burns from the Townsville City Libraries, which resulted in the archive being signed over to the library’s Local History Collection, where it will be digitised and the material will be publicized via a special portal.

In recognition of his service, Mr. Lyons was awarded the John Oxley Library Award, presented by the State Library of Queensland, which is given to people who have provided excellent service to the state’s history or heritage.

The library’s Gavin Bannerman stated that Mr. Lyons stood out due to his perseverance, and advocacy regarding the historical importance of the archive.


How To Look For Customized Sticker Printing In NZ And Other Countries

Making sticker is very easy to do. With the help of video tutorials that are available on the internet, one can easily create one. Even a kid who does not know how printing works can learn to do it. While this has become very easy, the complexity of the design still varies from a person’s inclination towards the arts. There are people who are really not good into it, no matter how they study doing it.  In New Zealand, there are sticker stores that can help you customize your preferred design.

There are online stores that offer customized sticker printing in NZ. They will help you save time from researching different techniques and methods to do it. You don’t need to learn the software that is proficient in making it. No need to submit drafts that will also squeeze your creativity. All you need to do is to tell them what you want, what you are looking forward to the finished product. Just words, no drawings, and sketches. They then will let you choose from the drafts that they think suits your taste.

The prices differ from one provider to another. You must understand that they are not using the same methods and their expertise differ. The design is the main factor and what matters most. The more complex it is the higher the price for it. Definitely, a single letter sticker is cheaper than a company logo. This is because the maker will consume time to make this possible. The materials also matter. There are plenty of kinds of paper to choose from. There are simple ones, shiny and glittery, scented, waterproof, and so on.

Ordering a product is very convenient these days. Just need to search for keywords like customized sticker printing in NZ, and it will show you lists of merchants that offer the services. You also have the option if you want to visit their physical stores or do the transaction completely online. If you choose the latter then you just need to wait for the product to be delivered on your doorstep. Less hassle and fewer worries.


The Insurer Side Of Rebuilding Sydney And Beyond

In December 20, 2018, a hailstorm struck Sydney and left in its wake the pressure to rebuild. The home is a primary necessity for living, and when disaster hits and the very infrastructure and buildings that took the brunt of damage are residential areas, there is cause for declaring crisis.


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology claims the hailstorm last year had been one of the worst seen in two decades, as the hailstones fell with diameter size ranging from five to eight centimetres. This rendered cars to dent, windshields to break, and found many houses with collapsed roofs over different rooms.


Insurance companies with which the affected residents demand service have proclaimed the progression of tending to the damages caused by the hailstorm, as Sydney roof and building supplies would need to be provided for re-establishing infrastructure. However, the local government officials have pointed out the inadequate amenities delivered to the clients. Repairs have been declared slow.


Campbell Fuller of ICA refutes these claims by saying Sydney roof and building supplies, repair personnel, and available builders are being gathered by the insurance companies as they work with property and homeowners for compromise on the damages.


Compensations have reached over $125 million, as the 2018 hailstorm was second only to the one that occurred in 1999, which harboured an estimated $1.7 billion in losses. In today’s dollars, it would be around $5.6 billion.


Australia is no stranger to the rain of hailstones, but the consecutive calamities that led to millions upon millions of insurance losses and claims have led the industry to declare multiple insurance catastrophes in 2018 alone.


The bushfires during March of 2018 in Victoria and NSW accrued $82.5 million in insured losses. Immediately after, Cyclone Marcus received $62 million worth of claims, and $16.8 million of those for the reparations in Queensland due to flooding. In the month of May, floods and storms added $99.6 million to the equation.


Insurance companies will only declare catastrophes when the encumbered losses have reached the tens of millions in dollars, and as the above calamities show, it is no mystery why so many catastrophes have been declared and why dollars and services are being allotted cautiously.