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Sustainable Fuel Could Come From Azolla Next

Climate change is everywhere. Every nation is thinking of ways to reduce our fuel consumption while others focus on finding other sources of biofuel before our main source runs out. This is when expert trader and entrepreneur, Leonardo Gonzales Dellan, comes in with another prospect – Azolla could become the next source of biofuel if the possibilities are explored.

According to the popular trader and banker which is a native of Latin America, there is a need to study more and develop a new type of feedstock known as Azollla. This could become a source of biofuel and it could be cultivated and grown in Latin America. He expressed his belief that the Azolla plant has the potential to become a big investment for Latin America and it will also present the region the chance to have a say in developing sources of sustainable biofuels.

Furthermore, the competition remains for emerging markets that could provide sources of biofuels and it is an essential move for Latin America to be a part of the competition. According to researchers, the possibility is huge for the so-called green gold mine. Aside from being a source of biofuel, studies have shown that Azolla plant can be utilized as a green manure that can be used in rice fields, the plants can also be used as a feed supplement for a number of marine and aquatic creatures and it could also sustain terrestrial animals. There are a number of applications with the plant including water purifier, medicine, used to control weeds, fight mosquitoes, biofertilizer and even as human food.

The plant is aquatic in nature and its natural environment is similar to wastewater. It is utilized as feedstock in order to harvest bioethanol. When cultivated in contaminated body of water, a substantial amount of biomass can be created and the growth of the plant will greatly improve the water’s quality by eliminating the chemicals. According to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, Latin America should capitalize and invest in Azolla as a major crop in order to dominate the biofuel market which is one step towards a more sustainable future.


Orchard Installs Electric Fence To Deter Apple-Stealing Bears

In Australia, electric fence wire is generally used to keep animals inside an enclosure.  The electric fence for horses allows the animals to run around and be healthy and strong. The horses are given the opportunity to perform their natural behaviour at the same time that they are being protected from attacks by wild animals. At some point during their captivity, it is very likely that the horses have experienced an unpleasant shock and remembered to avoid the electric fence.

An electric jolt from an electric fence is better than shooting apple-stealing bears with a gun. At Noble Orchards on Pentz Road Paradise, an 8-foot tall electric fence was installed to prevent bears from eating the crop and damaging trees. Last year, Noble Orchards suffered damages that amounted to $2.3 million in lost production and replacement costs due to 832 trees that were destroyed and damaged.

The orchard got the idea of constructing an electric fence from the Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council and USDA Wildlife Services. Defenders of Wildlife has a program wherein electric fences are provided with some of the costs reimbursed. According to the organization, the program was 98% effective.

On the other hand, the fire that has been burning in Yolo and Napa counties for two weeks was caused by an improperly installed electric fence for livestock. Fire officials shared that the ignition source of the County fire that destroyed Capay Valley and Lake Berryessa areas was a spark from an electric fence.

Anthony Edward Darosahas not been formally charged with anything but he was issued a misdemeanour for burning the property of another person. Fire officials have warned people working or living in fire prone areas that a wild fire can easily be ignited by a hot muffler left on dry grass, a loose chain on a towed trailer, an ember from a campfire or an arcing power line.

The best solution to keep animals and intruders away from the livestock and crops is electric fence wire with energizers that can generate 10,000V. There are 3 kinds of energizers to choose from: mains electric powered energizer, 12V DC battery powered energizer and solar powered energizer.


Homesellers Adding Security Systems To Their Properties To Add Value

With the advancements in technology, the home security system of the modern day homeowner is now more advanced than ever, and its trusted by many across the world. This means that they’re in demand, and home sellers, particularly in Australia’s Queensland, are taking note of the fact, installing security systems in their properties to drive up their real estate value.

Guard dogs, and any other old-fashioned home security system have been slowly replaced with high-tech systems, like smartphones, remote connectivity, and CCTV systems. Regardless of which one any homeowner preferred, there is simply no possible excuse for carelessness with regards to home safety.

But research data from Nest, an Australian home device company, reveals that one in every three Queenslanders have been victimized by a burglar, yet 40% of people admit they leave their spare keys outside, and 33% even admit that they leave doors and windows outright unlocked.

Even with 62% of Queenslanders worrying about their home security, only 24% have taken precautions like installing a home security system in their homes. Director of Product Marketing Maxime Veron, Nest, says that this is because that home security solution have, in the past, been problematic to have around, with unattractive hardware, false alarms, or the trouble of having to activate them whenever they leave the house.

With the advancements in home security, however, people have been changing their tune, with more and more installing home security solution in their homes, and even the real estate market have taken notice.

Real estate agents have noticed a new trend, with buyers and sellers embracing home security systems. Harcourts Coorparoo’s Patrick Ivey says that buyers and homeowners now consider it mandatory to have a home security system in their properties, particularly the more high-end homes.

Home sellers are also spending the additional money for security measures, ensuring additional profit for the peace of mind of any buyer.

Beth Leach, owner of the eponymous Beth Leach New Farm real estate agency, says that her clients now expect a keypad security system at the bare minimum, while Crimsafe and plantation shutters are taking the place of window bars, which provide the same security with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Scott Wilson, of iSelect, says that rising crime rates have lead to homeowners embracing home security systems to avoid break-ins, no longer content with simple insurance.