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The Difference Of Thai Hotel Ratings

Thailand remains as one of the top-tourist destinations in Asia because of its scenery. As such, the country’s tourism industry is booming as more tourists visit the country. Studies show that hotel demands are increasing by 10% each year. From budget hostels in Bangkok, to fancy 4- star hotels in Phuket and 5-star hotels in Pattaya, Thailand has numerous places to stay in.

However, hotels have star ratings wherein more stars mean better service. But, what’s the difference?

One- star: The Necessities

Also known as hostels, these are usually the wallet-friendly types with only a bed and bathroom. They lack their own restaurants, but there are stores or food markets nearby. Hostels are usually situated in convenient locations, like the airport or near public transportation. An example of budget-friendly hostels is the Twins Hostel in Bangkok.

Two-stars: Extra Oomph

Like hostels, two-star hotels also feature a simple bed and bathroom. However, they also have a TV, phone, and WiFi. They also have a restaurant and provide room service. Pattara Place in Chiang Mai is a 2-star hotel with comfortable rooms and great service.

Three-stars: Getting There

These hotels are usually where comfort comes in as three-star hotels have large rooms with cable and flat-screen TVs. They also provide amenities and services like a gym/fitness centre, a pool, restaurant, room and laundry service, WiFi, valet parking, conference rooms, etc. An example is the Boutique City Hotel in Pattaya, which offers style and comfort.

Four-stars: Fancy

These hotels offer comfort with its quality of service, stylish rooms, and bathrooms filled with bath products. They offer the same amenities and services with the bonus of fine dining, more pools, bell hops, salons and spas, suite rooms, concierge services and etc. The Novotel Phuket Vintage is a luxurious 4-star hotel in Phuket with an array of services and amenities.

Five-stars: Ultimate Luxury

Five-star hotels are pictures of comfort and glamour with extravagant rooms and impeccable service. Sometimes, these hotels provide them with personal butlers and chauffeurs. They offer the usual services and amenities but with an upgrade. They have gourmet restaurants, tennis courts and golf courses, entertainment shows, high-speed WiFi and internet, speedy room and laundry services and etc.

Six Sense Resort is an opulent 5-star hotel located in the beautiful island of Ya Noi. Be it a gaudy 4-star hotel in Phuket or an affordable hostel in Bangkok, Thailand welcomes its tourists warmly and with hospitality.



Chinese Tourists In Phuket Choose Other Options For Golden Week

It seems that the recent incident with the sunken boat in the island has led to Chinese tourists avoiding the Phuket boat charter and the country itself for their trips. This is according to Vichi Prakobkosol, President of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (Atta), who expects that this shift in demand would lead to the Kingdom losing about B2.1b in revenue from China, calculated from average spending of B6,000/head/day or B42,000 for a week-long trip.

Atta warned that the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand would drop by at least 10% during the Chinese National Holiday or Golden Week, which starts at October 1 annually then runs until October 7.

The Phuket boat charter tragedy that struck the island in July, which was then followed by dengue fever epidemic in Thailand as well as an incident of an airport official at the Don Mueang airport attacking a Chinese tourist in early September have damaged the country’s reputation as a tourism destination.

He says that the boat accident in Phuket is most likely the major factor in the reduction in Chinese tourists, which was followed by a number of tour cancellations while airline and charter operations in China have omitted Thailand from their seasonal trip schedules.

Mr. Vichit has said that Chinese tourists are option for other destinations like Japan and South Korea in the three months following the incident, which prompted the Chinese government to issue travel advisories on Thailand, as well as asking their travellers to avoid Phuket and other islands in the Kingdom.

This is problematic as the Golden Week is the key point of the year where Chinese tourists visit Thailand in droves. Chaiya Rapuepon, President of Andaman Tourism Business Association, implored the government to improve the safety and security in the islands and across the country in order to restore the confidence of travellers from China. He says that, if tourists see clear preventive and security plans, they will likely return to the country in the remaining months of the year.

Current expectations forecast that 7 million Chinese tourists will head for the Golden Week period, which is up from 6 million in the same time in the same time in 2017. China Tourism Academy meanwhile, reported that 71.3mn Chinese made overseas trips during the first half of 2018 which is a 15% from the prior year.



Divers Helped Save Thailand’s Dying Coral Reefs

Thailand is known for its beautiful coral reefs that many are coming to visit just to visit its diving spots. In fact, many are enrolling in dive instructor course in Thailand because of many certified instructors in the country and the courses are much affordable compared to anywhere else. One of the islands in Thailand with the best underwater scenery is Koh Ha. At 10 every morning, boats arrive in the island carrying snorkelers as well as divers. They are there to see the remaining coral reefs which are located 22 miles from Phi Phi islands in the south-eastern area.

Aside from the tourists arriving to marvel at the beautiful corals, many are also there in an attempt to save the remaining ones. It is no secret that many of the coral reefs all over the planet are already in danger of destruction. In a report from the United Nations Environment Programme, the longest coral bleaching in the world happened from 2014 until 2017 because of the continuous warming of the water.

In fact, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is the biggest reef system in the planethas already lost around 30 per cent of its total coral reefs. In a paper that was published in 2011 by the World Resources Institute together with UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and Nature Conservancy, it is feared that over 90 per cent of the total corals in the planet will be gone by 2050.

This year is dubbed as the International Year of the Reef to increase the awareness of the public regarding the seriousness of the issue. There are efforts being done by conservationists and scientists to save the coral reefs but the process is quite slow and hard.

Divers are now volunteering in Thailand in order to save the corals. Those who are wishing to be a part of the rescue team should enrol in a dive instructor course in Thailand in order to be a part of the gardening project. This is done by growing them in nurseries before they are planted back into the reefs.


Three Popular Street Shopping Markets In Sukhumvit

Bangkok is popular for its thriving nightlife, delicious street food and interesting shopping. Scores of tourists visit the city from all over the world to enjoy the much hyped nightlife and shop in the world famous malls and street shopping centres.

Sukhumvit is the major business district in Bangkok. The locality is popular among the tourists and locals alike. Sukhumvit has a range of shopping attractions ranging from high-end malls that house luxury retail brands to interesting and lively street shopping markets that sell clothes, accessories and electronics at dirt cheap prices. Tourists can stay at the new hotel in Sukhumvit that offers luxurious accommodation options and enjoy the shopping at Sukhumvit.

If you are searching for interesting street shopping destinations in Bangkok, here are a few of them.

Chatuchak weekend Market

The Chatuchak market spreads over an area of thirty five acres and is one of the largest street shopping markets in the world. The market has around eight thousand stalls and is brimming with locals and tourists. The market is the best place to buy Thai handicrafts and other souvenirs. It is also one of the most popular places to enjoy the delectable street food of the city. The market is located near the Mo chit station of the Skytrain. Tourists staying at the new hotel in Sukhumvit close to the Nana station can take a train to Mo Chit and visit the market.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market

If you are looking to buy some vintage products, this is the right place to visit. Collectors can buy some high quality antique and vintage pieces of art, cars, watches, cameras, etc. The food stalls that line the streets are the best places to sample the local street food like Satay, coconut ice cream and crispy pancakes.

Pan Tip Plaza

If you are a tech geek and are searching for perfect place to buy some electronics then Pan Tip Plaza is the right place to visit. The plaza has a number of shops that deal in electronics and computers. Buyers have a wide variety to choose from and can get quality branded products at bargain prices. Tourists staying at new hotel in Sukhumvit can take a train to Chitlom station and get to the market by hiring a cab from the station.


Chelsea And Matt Share How They Celebrated Their Luxurious Byron Bay Wedding

Chelsea and Matt exchanged their wedding vows in a luxurious Byron Bay wedding at The Orchard Estate.

The Planning

The couple envisioned a luxurious, yet laid-back atmosphere for their special day. They wanted to take their guests on a journey, so they used different spaces in the venue with different decor, music, florals, and drinks. The event was organized by The Event Lounge, and was documented by Lucas + Co. The ceremony was provided by Nicole Juliet Ceremonies, and was catered by Joechef Catering. The newly wed enlisted Xcel Hire for marquee hire in Sydney, and Hampton Event Hire, The Palace & Co, and CL Weddings & Events took care of the decor.

The Food

Matt, a fan of fresh produce and amazing food, thought that food and drink was important in the wedding. As the guests arrived, they were offered San Pelligrino or fresh coconut water with the couple’s names etched on the coconuts, courtesy of Kayter&Co.

Under the marquee hire in Sydney, sit down dinner offered home made butter, beef and fish dishes, and freshly baked breads served on each table.

The post-ceremony involved a cocktail bar with several food stations with matching food and drinks, all taken care of by JoeChef.

The Dress

Chelsea took her time looking for samples online, so she’ll have an idea of how she’ll want her gown to look like. She has been following some custom designers, and decided to go to Sydney and have a gown made by Leah da Gloria. Immediately after seeing Chelsea’s samples, she started sketching a design and Chelsea only needed to return for two more fittings to make sure her dress is perfect. She paired it with gold Gucci shoes and a simple pair Chanel pearl earrings.

For the reception, she changed to an Alex Perry party dress and wore crystal Christian Louboutin heels.

The Entertainment

Since the couple wanted a different feel for every part of their wedding, they had an acoustic guitarist at the arrival, and lounge bar music while everyone was sipping on their cocktails. A pianist on the grand piano serenaded the guests and the newly wed during their dinner, and a DJ for the music on the dance floor.

The Bride’s Tip

Chelsea recommended hiring a wedding planner. They know so many details about a wedding that an ordinary person may not be aware of. Their original choice of venue shut down a few months before the wedding, but Chelsea said do not worry about small details. In the end, everything worked out for the best.


Increased Demand For Cave Diving After The Thailand Rescue

If you are planning to visit Thailand, why not try Similan Liveaboard for a new experience? It is a great a way to celebrate with a group of friends who share the same passion for diving. On the other hand, you can also experience the rare adventure with strangers who can teach you to dive. You can get creative with the dive itinerary beyond the “4 dives a day.”

At Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, summer is slow season for scuba diving however, after the successful cave rescue of 12 boys and their coach in a flooded Thailand cave, diving was suddenly trusted into the limelight. The dangerous rescue efforts of the Thai Navy Seal Team and volunteer foreign cave divers captured the world’s attention and highlighted the importance of cave diving skills.

According to Douglas Georgens, the owner of the mine, he received lots of calls a week after the cave rescue. People were asking about diving and diving certification. Most of them were interested to visit Northern Thailand. The way that the rescue turned out was indeed a miracle but had it turned bad, Georgens is not sure if people will still show the same interest.

Bonne Terre is a former lead mine that is 500 meters below the surface. Groundwater used to be pumped out when the mine was still working. Today, 3 of the mine’s 5 levels are submerged in water. Divers with the open water certification can explore the 50 trails on the largest manmade underground caverns in the world. After the Thailand cave rescue, Georgens expects that more divers will come to the caves.

Increased demand for cavern and cave diving has also been reported by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Global PADI Cavern Diver certifications have also increased by 150% over this month last year.

Aspiring cave divers can start by joining Similan Liveaboard in Thailand where they have the opportunity to learn through highly experienced PADI diving instructors and dive masters. It will take years of diving experience in open water before you will obtain the skills for cave diving. For divers who do not want to venture down that path, they can still enjoy themselves in liveaboard trips.