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Longer Leasehold Terms To Encourage Foreign Property Investors

Tourism is one of the main contributors to the economy of Thailand; however, when foreigners want to buy land in the kingdom, they are challenged with strict property ownership caps. Now the Finance Minster is thinking whether it is possible to allow non-Thais to acquire land through generous leasehold terms.

Many foreigners become interested to buy real estate in Thailand after experiencing life in the tropical paradise of Asia. Generally, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand because it is prohibited by the laws. While there are options available for foreigners, the process is somewhat complicated.

Bangkok Post quoted Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong when he said that if leasing laws were amended to support leasehold, foreign buyers will be able to lease real estate in Thailand for long term, like 50 years and then sell the rights afterwards. Current leasehold terms stand at 30 years with option for renewal when the term ends. If the terms are extended, it will provide the tenants a sense of ownership.

Because of the slow-performing economy of Thailand, the government is trying to explore all avenues for growth including allowing leasehold to increase global demand for Thai real estate. If the structure of the property market is changed, foreigners will be encouraged to lease land on a long term basis.

Last year, the GDP of Thailand was estimated at 3.5. The property sector is always the first to show signs when the economy is going to hit a slump. When the economy improves, it is also the property market that shows the first signs of life. This is the reason why the Thai government is keen on the real estate sector.

On the other hand, the finance minister also revealed that there are plans to impose a windfall tax on properties that are close to mass transit lines and other state projects.

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University Of Indianapolis Holds Pathways To Prosperity Event

In today’s age, a college diploma is now more important than ever. However, there has always been that problematic fact that the transition from the schoolroom to the workroom has a tendency to prove problematic for some students. The change of demands in today’s businesses towards the ‘soft’ skills like problem-solving, time management strategies expertise, and the like, the modern business environ requires new solutions.

To that end, the University of Indianapolis held an event, lengthily titled as: Pathways to Prosperity: Rethinking the Translation from Education to Career, which aims to look into what new approaches universities can use to prepare their students for their careers.

Co-hosted by the university, the Strada Education Network, and author Jeffrey J. Selingo, the event brings together experts from the fields of education, business, and law from across the region with the aim of exploring how educational institutions can help students by equipping them with the skills necessary for success.

Author of ‘There is Life After College’, and ‘College (Un)bound’, Jeffrey J. Selingo, offered his own perspective on the work market today, likening it to preschool, in the sense that the skills learned in preschool are valued; abstract skills such as curiosity, intuition, sharing and cooperation, and the like. He states that the modern workplace differentiates itself from the olden days by virtue of its recognition of these softer skills. The problem, he says, lies in higher education’s more rigid procedures, with its task-based syllabi.

The University of Indianapolis had already taken such into consideration, setting up the coLAB, a cooperative venture with partner Strada Education Network, designed to match full-time students with paying jobs related to their degree of choice, and allowing them to develop the crucial soft skills of the modern business environment.

Selingo reiterates the importance of softer skills, stating the companies’ demand for knowledge in matters related to negotiation, time management strategies, and the like. He adds that the educational system should also allow the students to discover for themselves their passions, which he expresses as a good way to segway college students into finding fulfilling careers.

He states that students need more than diplomas, referring to them as mere pieces of paper.


Gold Coast Cleaning Businessman Saves Company

In October 2015, Mike Dowling, a big Australian businessman specializing in the cleaning industry, acquired James’ Home Services, a franchise op. Problem with the acquisition was that it was on the slide down into collapsing, at least it was until Mr. Dowling got his hands on it.

The Gold Coast businessman managed to turn the collapsing franchise around by introducing a low-entry option. This led to an increase in franchisees by about 45% and, as a result, the operation is now ready to move into the field as a commercial cleaner in Gold Coast.

Mr. Dowling has stated that the franchise had a lot of issues when he acquired it. He elaborates, stating that the franchise was built on a stable and reliable business model, and that the issue was the actual implementation: franchisees weren’t really getting that much work, nor were they being advertised, etc. He states his belief that, had he and his team intervened, the franchise would’ve likely collapsed.

Since his acquisition of the new franchise, he has moved its base of operations to Gold Coast, in addition to and expanded the franchise to have a team of 147 franchisees, 5 of them regional, 47 of them individual. The somewhat fortunate problem that has arisen is that the demand for the new commercial cleaner in Gold Coast is that the franchise, in its current state, is unable to fulfil the demand, with about half of inquiries left unfulfilled.

Mr. Dowling has stated that this is where the low-entry model comes in; so people can take part in the franchise’s operation and contribute, which will help ensure the satisfaction of the franchisees, as well as providing a platform for success for those that enter the franchise. Mr. Dowling has stated that this is his end goal: to create a business wherein the people part of it can actually achieve something without additional trouble.

Mr. Dowling has also expressed plans for expanding into Tasmania and Southern Australia within the next 2 years, and adds that he wants to formally establish the commercial branch of the franchise, which he hopes will be accomplished by October. He adds that that will allow the franchise to deal with larger clients such as hotels, schools, and hospitals.

He has also stated his intentions to expand the franchise globally, marking England as his primary target.


Cummings Art Gallery: Story Telling

Starting the 5th of April until the 4th of May, a senior thesis art exhibit will be showcased at the Cummings Art Gallery entitled Story Telling. The exhibit will be featuring the artworks of different senior artists including Shannon Abernathy, Eva Kocieniewski, Jeff Annunziata, Rachel Mergenthaler, Kelly Fergus and Sabiha Mahmud Sumi.

There was a reception held on the weekend before the exhibit officially started and it was only for two hours, from 2 until 4 in the afternoon. The artists were there and the reception was free for the public.

Kocieniewski has a major in Art Therapy with a minor in Psychology. She jokingly shared the reason why all of her artworks have very short names such as Folklore and Overgrown. According to her, she is really terrible when it comes to naming her paintings.

The pieces she created are categorized as mixed media and she made use of various materials like caulking gun, acrylics, collage, India ink, pressed flowers and metallic inks. She revealed that the exhibit presented a challenge to her since she is familiar working with projects on a smaller scale only and the type of materials she used are very limited.

Kocieniewski decided to go beyond her comfort zone for this particular project due to the desire to present a new challenge.

The main inspiration of the entire series is nature. Kocieniewski shared how her main inspiration has always been the nature around her and her previous works are proof to that seeing they all have theme related to nature. She is mesmerized by the contrast of nature and what connects the beautiful from the grotesque.

While nature is her main inspiration, she does not have a specific theme for her pieces. She said that any type of theme and story will only restrict her ability to portray something thus she works while exploring and experimenting at the same time in order to create her own themes in the process.

Another artist joining the exhibit is Mahmud who has a major in Graphic Design. He shared that his series is called I am a Woman and it consists of eight large canvas prints from the digital archive. The aim of his series is to tell a story about the roles woman play and the way society looks at them while they liberate themselves and present to the world the new identity of women.


Flexible Work Stations In United States Provided By LiquidSpace

We are in an era where finding a decent space to be used as an office headquarters that comes with adaptable conditions is not easy. LiquidSpace is a recent start-up company that provided a solution to this dilemma. Furthermore, it is taking a few more steps by creating a specific solution called altSpace where companies will be given the capacity to out an office space fast and with option for flexibility. The aim of the program is to meet the needs of a specific company.

AltSpace specializes in reinventing the designs of office spaces and how these are set-up then eventually occupied. When acquiring the service, the tenants could hire a space as long as they have a team of between 10 and 200 staff members. They choose the location based on a list provided by altSpace. After which, they have to choose among the three adaptable designs made exclusively by altSpace. They have to book the package after making the final decisions. AltSpace will then be the one handling everything from purchasing the office furniture to delivering and assembling them on the location. This means that a company will be able to relocate in just a few days without doing all the hard work.

The terms of the company is based on a no lease, no hassle condition wherein companies will only need to pay month after month depending on how long they are planning to stay. The program has already been launched by the company in selected U.S. cities including New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Dallas.

According to the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, the company recognizes that there are start-up companies like them that do not have the time and resources to invest in an expensive office fitouts or they don’t have the capital to pay for long term leases. This does not mean that they do not desire a work environment with cool and trendy design while having the option to move any time they are able to afford to.

Office fitouts are becoming a trend and this is why many office fitouts in Canberra are available for new and growing companies.


How Trump Has Increased Trade Talks In South America

Ever since the U.S. President Donald Trump took office, South America’s efforts has since received fresh air via his nationalist policies to open up its markets to the world, according to Brazil’s foreign minister, Aloysio Nunes. The Mercosur which consists of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela have planned to launch trade talks with countries such as Canada, India, and possibly South Korea and Japan in the next 18 months. All this while improving in its own excessive bureaucracy.

Nunes had also stated that he expected the European Union and Mercosur to finally come to an agreement, after almost two decades of discussions which begun since 1999. There were also talks about making effort to cut legal framework obstacles and eliminate exemptions to its common external tariffs with the Europeans, this being said in Nunes’ first interview since he took office on March 7, with a foreign media outlet. He also mentioned that these obstacles needed to be removed and things need to be done so that the Mercosur can function as a common market among other things. With the new administration in the US setting trade deals on one side, the members of Mercosur have aligned themselves closer to each other, giving opportunities for both economic and political partnerships to take place.

Aside from this, Trump’s policies may have driven the European Union and China closer through trade. The search for new trade agreements has grown in South America after more liberal governments took over in two of its largest economies, namely Brazil and Argentina. All this while protectionism increased in other parts of the western world.

Meanwhile, while there have been improvements in trade deals, Nunes has waved off suggestions that the fallout from Brazil’s legendary corruption scandal was putting an unfavourable dent to its image in the region. A task force made of prosecutors from 11 countries have been called to investigate bribes paid by the Brazilian firm Odebrecht S.A.

But Nunes, a former freedom fighter, acknowledged that the country’s worst recession on record had slowed down the progress of its ambitions abroad. He added that from an economic point of view, any country which has seen its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shrink by almost 8 percent in two years is a country that is likely to be influenced rather than be an influencer. However, Brazil is definitely on the road to recovery and international trade has been the main contributor in its return to growth.

On other news, Brazil and other countries of South America are more than open to visitors in attempts to increase its tourism. A visit through a South America Tour is probably a best gauge on how the country is doing on the tourist front.


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