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Where To Buy Engagement Rings In Melbourne

Generally, engagement rings in Melbourne do not come cheap especially if they gemstones or precious stones on it. However, there are ways for you to lower your expenses or at least ensure that you are getting the right pair of rings to avoid wasting your time and money on repairs and returns. Engagement rings can be bought from various sources and some of these sources include the following:

Local jewellery store

One of the best sources of engagement rings is your local jewellery stores. The good thing about buying from offline stores is that you can actually fit the ring right then and there and you can easily ask for suggestions and ideas from the jeweller himself. You can also immediately request for adjustments if the ring happens to be smaller or bigger than your size. Also, offline shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne is ideal for last minute buying or when you need to purchase a set of rings right away. You no longer have to wait for days to get the rings since you can take them with you when you leave the shop.

Look for auctions

For a cheaper and more affordable option, check from pawnshops and jewellery stores for auctioned items. Auctioned engagement rings can be pre-loved or they are subject for clearance which is why they are set for auction. The good thing about buying from auctions is that you can definitely save money from it. You just have to ensure that you are buying a good deal. Have a jeweller check the item for validation and further checking of its quality.

Online shops

Online shops are also excellent sources of engagement rings in Melbourne. Buying online is convenient and you can visit as many online shops in less time compared to driving down to offline jewellery stores. Just make sure that you know how to measure the size of your finger for accuracy. Look for deals such as free delivery and even discount items to lower the costs. Search ahead to get the perfect pair for you and your partner.


First 4 Months Of 2017, Thai Tourism Gets Billions: Good For A Concept Hotel In Sukhumvit

Tourism is one the major industries in any given nation that has a big impact on the well-being of a nation’s economy. Aside from the fact that an active tourism industry gives more employment opportunities to the locals residing in the area near tourist destinations, the money that tourists are paying for whatever they are buying for or whatever services they are availing from a specific tourist will go to the funds of the national government which can be used to improve these tourist spots for them to continue attract more and more vacationists and sight-hungry people.  Thailand, for one, has been in a current surge in terms of having a booming tourism industry as of late. In fact, verified figures released by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has shown that during the first 4 months of 2017, 12 million visitors, 7.5 million of that number are citizens from East Asian nations, have already visited the kingdom while spending around 620 billion Baht. That number is 4.7% higher than what the kingdom’s tourism industry was able to generate which amounted to 220 billion Baht during the same period in 2016. Part of that generated number came from vacationists who spent a good number of nights at a concept hotel in Sukhumvit which offers a wide variety of facilities for clients which include a rooftop swimming pool, a fitness centre for those who want to stay in shape, and function rooms for events.

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand officials, one of the main reasons for the surge of number of tourist arrivals plus luxurious spending of tourists themselves is that Thailand is able to offer new experiences that are unique no matter how frequent you visit the kingdom and that these paying tourists are slowing recognizing the obvious fact that Thailand can indeed offer luxurious experiences in terms of accommodations from a concept hotel in Sukhumvit which can also offer travel and tour assistance to its guests, authentic taste of Thai cuisine and, various leisure opportunities which are considered among the world’s bests in terms of international ratings.


Exeter Named By Sunday Times As One Of The Best Places To Live In Britain

Local residents, as well as businesses in an area, tend to celebrate any accolades given to their region or city. Not unreasonably so, as the quality of living in an area tend to be determined by their efforts. Exeter locals, such as APH Heating LTD Exeter, may have something new to celebrate, as the Sunday Times has just released a list of the 20 best places in Britain to live in, and the city’s in the list.

Dubbed by the newspaper as ‘a glorious gateway to the west’, the Devon county’s capital city made the list this year, alongside regulars in the annual survey’s lineup. The rankings are made by the Times on an annual basis, using statistics as foundation. Data such as education and crime levels are measured up with the country’s average, and the results are used as to decide which cities make the list.

According to the Times, the city is positioned perfectly, located near two national parks, and not too far off from the coasts, whilst remaining fairly accessible to the country. The newspaper admits that accessing the city might be problematic, especially through the roads, as the M5 tends to be fairly traffic-congested in the summer times, but that the railway is available, and that the city is still a very desirable place to live in, regardless.

The report also points out the fact that Exeter is happens to be the UK’s single fastest growing city, due to the increasing number of part-time commuters moving to the city, who operate in their Exeter homes because of the city’s exceptional broadband services.

The Times’ report hands out an example in Exeter’s St Leonard’s district, which it describes as being the most desirable area in the already desirable city, with the cost to match; even the more modest homes can set someone back by around £ 600,000.

Local businesses, such as APH Heating LTD Exeter, will no doubt find the news to be very appealing.

The full list is as follows.

  1. Amersham, Buckinghamshire
  2. Bath
  3. Cambridge
  4. Cheltenham
  5. Chester
  6. Chichester
  7. Cobham, Surrey
  8. Dulwich, London
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Exeter
  11. Falmouth
  12. Harrogate
  13. Highgate, London
  14. Llandaff, Cardiff
  15. Mayfair, London
  16. Oxford
  17. Skipton
  18. Stamford
  19. Winchester
  20. York


Boutique Hotels Offering A Unique Experience To Guests

A record-breaking number of visitors who doesn’t really feel that they are tourists continue to arrive in D.C. To rise to the occasion, new boutique hotels are being built many of which can be found in residential neighbourhoods. They are offering local experiences that are different from the traditional offers to tourists.

According to Bjorn Hanson professor at NYU TischCenter for Hospitality and Tourism, boutique hotels are different from traditional hotels that people are familiar with. Uniformity which used to be the norm in hotels has given way to the surprises and experiences offered by boutique hotels.

Visitors at D.C. no longer flock to museums and monuments, they prefer to eat, live and explore like the residents of Washington. This has resulted into a boom in local restaurants, nightlife and culture. New hotels in D.C. are now into partnerships with wide a range of brands, clothing stores, chefs and artists to boost their advertising campaigns.

Travellers are savvier these days and they do not expect the same experiences when they visit different cities. They look for something unique to the city and want to experience the life of a local. In order to satisfy the desires of their guests, Modus Hotels offer complimentary classes at Georgetown Yoga, MINT and other fitness centres.

Meanwhile, Kimpton’s New Mason & Rook Hotel hosts local movers and shakers. It offers guests the “Made in Mason” happy hour hosted by a rotation of D.C. creatives who speak about fashion, music, food and drink.  At Georgetown, The Graham ensures that there is a steady supply of Baked & Wired Goods on call.

It makes sense for D.C. to host innovative accommodation options because it is a uniquely specialized market. The city has a high concentration of international and well-travelled visitors. These visitors are in a position to make comparisons on the hospitality aspects of hotels because they have gone around.

In Thailand, there is a 5 star boutique hotel in Bangkok where a guest can enjoy the best in luxury and convenience. The boutique hotel is located in Sukhumvit where you will enjoy all that Bangkok offers in terms of dining, nightlife, shopping and entertainment.


Staying At A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Ho Chi Minh City For The Light Festival

For those who are not familiar, Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saigon City to most people, is first and foremost an urbanized city in the southern part of Vietnam. The city is vastly famous because it played a hugely important role during the bloody Vietnam War. Also, the presence of the structures left by the colonization of France such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, has made the city an instant tourist destination for vacationists. Recently, city officials have approved a plan devised by the state’s culture department to hold a light festival that would aim at the purpose to furthermore wow tourists. Tourists who will visit the city at the time of the festival will have the rare chance to see the entire city light up in different colours just by watching at the window of a 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City where they will be staying.

According to city officials especially from the tourism cluster of the government, the approved plan for the Light Festival is to light up famous buildings and streets with different colours. Although there is no agreed timeline yet, tourists can expect vital structures such as the Ben Thanh Market, the Opera House and even the city’s town hall to be included in the list of final venues that will be lighted up for the festival. So if you are planning to see the festival for yourself, make sure to know the exact time and dates of the said festival and do make sure that the hotel you are talking to right now is a certified 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City because not only it will give you a unique vacation experience, you will also get to see the Light Festival at the comfort of your hotel room.

The Light Festival, a common tourism gimmick in other cities such as in Sydney, Australia, aims to lure 6 million foreign arrivals this year which can be very much helpful in boosting the city’s tourism. Aside from the Light Festival which has already been held in Hoi An earlier this year, the city’s tourism officials also plan to open a floating market and launch weekend fireworks display to help luring more tourists into the city.


How Adidas Uses Athletic Teams For Its Promotions

Adidas is the official outfitter of the Grand Valley State athletics. This means an exclusive relationship wherein other brands cannot be associated by with GVSU Lakers. The athletic department of GVSU being a direct school spends a specific amount each year but receives promotional merchandise from Adidas with 50% off the price of apparel, 45% off footwear and incentive-based performance bonuses the GVSU athletic teams.

The GVSU Lakers has partnered with Adidas since 2004 but only as a direct school since 2012. There are 3 major distinctions in the college athletic apparel deals: licensed schools, direct schools and team schools. Licensed schools like major universities in Michigan, Oregon and Texas receive large amounts of money for the Adidas brand to be associated with the university. Direct schools have to pay a specific amount yearly in exchange for benefits and perks. The third tier is team school like GVSU until 2012. Team schools have to get their apparel from retailers not directly from Adidas.

The Grand Valley State athletic department has renewed its contract with Adidas until March 31, 2024 for consistency across all the GVSU teams. Fans who have attended football games last fall has certainly noticed the slick new uniforms of GVSU teams which they will be wearing for the next 3 or 4 years. Adidas uniforms have a shelf life of 3 years before they are replaced.

GVSU has creative input on the uniform designs with the coaches of each team working with the athletic department to ensure eye-catching uniform combinations. From the standpoint of marketing, when the uniforms are at the forefront, they become promotional merchandise.

The primary vision of GVSU athletic team is to outfit the teams with a uniform possible across all sports from jersey fonts to color for equality. The partnership with Adidas has allowed the vision to come true. Not only does Adidas provide greater consistencyacross the entire athletic department; the company has provided quality products to compete in, train in like a football-student athlete. If a GVSU athlete wears a non-Adidas item during a sports event, there could be serious consequences. However, safeguards are in place and this situation is unlikely to happen.


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