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Phuket’s Light-rail Targets To Start Operation By 2023

According to the Regional Bureau of Transportation and Traffic Promotion, OTP, Niran Kaetkeaw, the light-rail system of Phuket is on the right track with regards to progress. Mr. Niran shared that the e-bidding for the light-rail is set to begin in 2019 and the bidding will close the following year. As soon as bidding closes, construction will begin and the light-rail system will be completed in 2022. This is good news for tourists and businesses including Novotel in Phuket which will benefit from the project.

Mr. Niran added that the trial period will last for the first year and by 2023 the light-rail system will be fully available to serve the general public. The legal authority to monitor the project’s progress has been given to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand or MRTA. At the same time, MRTA has been gathering feedback from the public as well as related agencies to help determine the terms necessary for the government tender which is under public and private partnership.

The report will be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport which will help in faster processing of the government tender documents. The first 41.7 kilometres will begin construction during the first six months of 2022 or before 2023 starts. The allotted budget for the first part is 30.154 billion baht.

The whole project will span 58.52 kilometers and the total cost will amount to 39.406 billion baht. The northern part of the route will stick along Thepkrasattri Road. The route was chosen based on the survey that showed that it provides access to a lot of communities located on both sides and it also pass through 40 different schools. The light-rail will be able to service the local residents as well as the students around the area.

Mr. Niran explained that the main goal of the light-rail system is to provide convenience and to decrease the population of private cars. Tourists departing from Phuket International Airport, on the other hand, can ride the light-rail and reach Phuket Town, their accommodations such as Novotel in Phuket or any other parts of the island without the need to hire or rent a private car.



Chinese Tourists In Phuket Choose Other Options For Golden Week

It seems that the recent incident with the sunken boat in the island has led to Chinese tourists avoiding the Phuket boat charter and the country itself for their trips. This is according to Vichi Prakobkosol, President of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (Atta), who expects that this shift in demand would lead to the Kingdom losing about B2.1b in revenue from China, calculated from average spending of B6,000/head/day or B42,000 for a week-long trip.

Atta warned that the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand would drop by at least 10% during the Chinese National Holiday or Golden Week, which starts at October 1 annually then runs until October 7.

The Phuket boat charter tragedy that struck the island in July, which was then followed by dengue fever epidemic in Thailand as well as an incident of an airport official at the Don Mueang airport attacking a Chinese tourist in early September have damaged the country’s reputation as a tourism destination.

He says that the boat accident in Phuket is most likely the major factor in the reduction in Chinese tourists, which was followed by a number of tour cancellations while airline and charter operations in China have omitted Thailand from their seasonal trip schedules.

Mr. Vichit has said that Chinese tourists are option for other destinations like Japan and South Korea in the three months following the incident, which prompted the Chinese government to issue travel advisories on Thailand, as well as asking their travellers to avoid Phuket and other islands in the Kingdom.

This is problematic as the Golden Week is the key point of the year where Chinese tourists visit Thailand in droves. Chaiya Rapuepon, President of Andaman Tourism Business Association, implored the government to improve the safety and security in the islands and across the country in order to restore the confidence of travellers from China. He says that, if tourists see clear preventive and security plans, they will likely return to the country in the remaining months of the year.

Current expectations forecast that 7 million Chinese tourists will head for the Golden Week period, which is up from 6 million in the same time in the same time in 2017. China Tourism Academy meanwhile, reported that 71.3mn Chinese made overseas trips during the first half of 2018 which is a 15% from the prior year.



Plumber Advices On Maintaining Shower

According to an expert plumber in Brisbane, there are measures that homeowners can do in order to make sure that their shower lasts for a long time without having to spend more money in a replacement.

When out shower gets a clog, we tend to turn to chemicals right away to melt whatever is clogging but this should not be. Plumbers have said that these strong chemicals are not advised because it makes things harder for them when they are called to repair when the chemicals did not work.

Pouring chemicals on standing water is not advisable because it damages the surface of the sink or the tub while hazardous materials are forced to come out of the pipes. These chemicals do not only melt the clog but it also damages the bacteria that is helpful in breaking down all organic material. The bottom line is that chemicals are not good for drains.

When choosing a new shower, do not go for design along but take into consideration that it should be easily replaced when a part becomes damaged or needs to be replaced. It is best to go with brands that provide lifetime warranties to their products. The latest technologies are also present in shower products and expert plumbers recommend a pressure valve that comes with temperature balancing. It does not positively impact the life of your shower pipes but it helps in adjusting the shower’s pressure as soon as water is used on the sink or the toilet.

Even if you can hire a plumber in Brisbane, homeowners are advised to learn how to replace their shower head. It can get clogged because of the accumulated calcium which in turn slows down the shower flow. If you don’t want to spend money on a new shower head, you can always clean the old one with vinegar. It is advisable that you should have a contact number at hand in case something goes wrong with the shower or the plumbing. Do not settle with a single company or plumber but save between two and three numbers to have a backup in hand.


How To Choose A Budget Hotel Near Skytrain Station?

If you were to find a nice and accessible accommodation, why not settle for a hotel near Skytrain station. It’s a chance to easily locomote the streets of Bangkok especially the areas of Sukhumvit, Silom and Khao San Roads. Here you’ll also find highly-rated five-star hotels in the city. There’s also exquisite restaurants and trendy bars to visit especially if you prefer a really cool vacation where you meet people of various nationalities.

However, if you’re on a modest budget, the less expensive options are to choose budget hotels. You’ll surely find them around the Khao San Road. There are various cheap accommodations from guesthouses to three-star hotels. Even the amenities in the area are solely catered for those on a budget. There’s also several affordable dining and entertainment options which help you make a relaxing atmosphere.

In Bangkok, you’ll virtually find many budget hotels especially on the more upscale districts. You can also try searching at the YaowaratRoad which is Bangkok’s Chinatown and home to many vendors offering a wide variety of merchandise at affordable prices. If you want to shop in Bangkok for great products, you’ll want to consider staying near Siam Square, and get you in the vicinity of Bangkok’s primary shopping districts.

Or if you want transport accessibility, you can stay in a hotel near Skytrainand go wherever you want to go in Bangkok. Other modes of transport in this city are taxis, tuk-tuks, MRT station, boats and buses. However, the most convenient mode of transportation is those from the BTS station where you are away from traffic jams and will see spectacular tourist sights.

The BTS or MRT stations are the fastest ways to get around the city. They are also friendly for first-time travellers as there are signs written in English to get you to the various places of the city. The trains are fast, clean, air-conditioned and affordable that you’ll get to your desired destination easily. Even if you get lost, you can head back and find your way back to your hotel near Skytrainstation.

To ensure that you are accommodated in the best hotel that fits your budget, you need to check online for options and read first-hand reviews and feedbacks from current and previous clients.


Positive Traits Of Mexican Women That Make Them Desirable

Mexican women are beautiful and warm. The girls from Mexico are petite and have clear flawless skin, which makes them naturally beautiful. They are aware of their unique beauty and are proud of their feminism. These beauties are keen to dress up in colorful and trendy clothes and love to enjoy life.

Men from America and Canada are interested to meet Mexican women through online dating sites. Some even visit the country searching for beautiful Mexican women, who can be their partners for life.

Some of the attractive traits of Mexican women, which makes men eager to meet Mexican women

  • These women are beautiful in their unique way. They are hygienic and know how to take care of their beautiful bodies. Mexican women know how to look their attractive best at all times and they dress to impress their partners.
  • Mexican women are warm and tender. They are sentimental when it comes to relationships. These women have large extended families and have fun time with their families. Mexican women love to cook, eat and celebrate with their families.
  • Mexican women are religious and are highly regarded for their traditional values. They are proud of their culture and respect all other cultures.
  • Mexican women are loyal to their partners. They stand like a rock behind their partners and support them through tough challenges. They pamper and take care of their men and do everything to make their men feel respected. This quality of Mexican women attracts men, who come from all over the world to meet Mexican women and date them.
  • Most of the Mexican women are educated and hold a steady job. They are hardworking and can work efficiently at any role.
  • Mexican women love to take care of their home and raise children with love and care. They can balance work and family efficiently and are family oriented. They are adept at handling the household responsibilities and create a happy atmosphere at home.
  • Mexican women are assertive and are not afraid to express themselves. They are open minded and respect everyone. They are passionate and know how to celebrate life. All these positive traits of Mexican women make them most desirable for men, who come from other countries to meet Mexican women.


Four Must-See Attractions In The Silom District For Tourists Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is the bustling tourist city and the financial capital of Thailand. There are a number of business districts in Bangkok that are home to the corporate offices and commercial establishments.Silom is one such business district in the city. The area has a number of high-rise buildings that are home to the most well-known corporate offices. The bustling streets of Silom turn into lively street markets by night.

Silom is the preferred destination to stay, for many of the business travellers and tourists visiting Bangkok. The design hotel in Silom offers the perfect stay options along with the modern amenities to satisfy the requirements of the modern travellers.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in and around Silom are

  1. Lumpini Park

The most famous attraction in Silom is the Lumpini Park. The park is spread over 142 acres and is a green oasis in the maddening concrete jungle.The park has a gym, artificial lake and sports facilities. The lake also has boating facilities. The park is located on Rama IV road and is close to the Sathorn and Silom MRT stations. Tourists to the city can stay at the design hotel in Silom and enjoy a stroll to the park.

  1. Lalai Sap Market

Lalai Sap market is the well-known market for the locals. The market is a mix of shop houses and boutique stalls that sell interesting stufflike sweets, snacks, fashion accessories and toys.The market is located near Sathorn and Silom and can be visited to get a taste of local life and food.

  1. Snake farm

A must visit place for the reptile lovers. The farm has a collection of snakes from Cobras, Russell vipers to banded Kraits and Malayan Pit Vipers. The farm milks the snake’s venom to develop anti-venom. Visitors can get useful information and watch the entertaining shows held at the farm. Tourists can stay at the design hotel in Silom at visit this farm to educate themselves about the different species of snakes and their conservation attempts.

  1. Sky bar at Lebua State Tower

This is a must-see attraction for all the tourists flocking the city. The sky bar features in the list of top 10 rooftop bars in the world. The views of the city from the rooftop are simply breath taking and the sumptuous mix of cocktails is hard to beat.

There are many art galleries, shopping malls and street shopping markets in the Silom area. Tourists to Bangkok can make the most of their holiday and create beautiful memories by staying at the design hotel in Silom that offers the best amenities with a touch of Thai hospitality.