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The Cost Of Human Hair Used In Wigs And Extensions

It is typical to have hair extensions in Bondi when a woman wants to add instant length and volume. Having the same style throughout the years can be boring that is why many women prefer hair extensions that will create a drastic change in their appearance and personality.

Some women decide to have shorter hair and immediately regret when they see women with beautiful long tresses. A quick solution is hair extension that is available in different lengths and volumes. If you want a different hair colour without the need for dye, hair extensions will add streaks of colour to the otherwise dull hair.

Hair extensions come from natural human hair or synthetic hair; however, human hair is an expensive commodity. In 2016, imported human hair in the US reached almost $700 million. The most popular sources of human hair are Indian women. Hindu pilgrims will travel for days and patiently wait for hours at temples so that their hair can be shaved as part of a sacred ritual called tonsuring.

Human hair is sold by temples for $700 per kilo. The buyers will process the hair before it is sold and shipped all over the world. A temple in Tirumala earns more than $7 million annually from the sale of human hair. However, there are many pit stops before the bundle of hair reaches a salon or a store. The international trade for human hair is unregulated because it is immense.

Piny Benzaken, the creator of hairpieces for celebrities has worked with a Russian supplier that sources hair from Siberia and Ukraine. There is short supply of Eastern European hair because women in the region are not desperate to sell their hair for extra cash. According to Benzaken, whenever a supplier arrives with a suitcase of hair, he buys them all.

Some women who do not have enough time to style their hair every day prefer hair extensions in Bondi so that the hair looks like it has been styled. Wearing hair extensions will also allow the hair some rest from heat and hair care products. Hair extensions can be attached to the hair in various ways which are in vogue today.


Mintlaw Pavilion To Have Better Car Park Soon

The Mintlaw community council is going to have a meeting next week in order to talk about a funding bid to start the construction of the village pavilion’s car park which needs improvement. The funds will cover the materials such as tiles for car park as well as the labor.

The council has already asked the local authority to grant them cash in order to cover the tarring works for the surface of the car park. It is estimated that the work will require about £50,000.

Most of the funding willbe provided by a developer that is currently constructing a project within the village but despite this they are still lacking around £2,938 which is needed for the completion of the project.

An application for funding has already been submitted by the community councilors to the council and the application will be presented to the committee that manages the Buchan area in their next meeting.

Mintlaw Pavilion serves many purposes to the community such as a changing facility for the members of the local sporting clubs and this is also where Oscars which is an after school group is meeting.

According to the report of the director of business services of the council, Ritchie Johnson, the improvement of the car park will be beneficial for the village overall.

He added that community council members are eager to assist the project in order to start construction because they are aware of the benefits the village will reap once the sustainable transport project is completed.

The upgrade will be a good thing both for the locals of Mintlaw and those who are living outside of the village because this is considered as a convenient meeting point for many either theyare going somewhere or they want to use public transport.

The pavilion will also benefit from the upgrade of the car park.

Once it has been surfaced and later on installed with tiles for car park, the number of vehicles parking will increase this car sharing will be encouraged as well as the use of public transportation.The roundabout found in the square will face less traffic when the project is complete.


Looking Back To The History Of Bikini In Honour Of International Bikini Day

July 5 is considered as the International Bikini Day. Every time you order bikini online, does it come to your mind how this beautiful swimwear came to be? It was in 1946 when the first bikini was invented and exactly the same month as now. It appeared during a poolside fashion event that happened in Paris. Louis Reard is the French engineer responsible for the design of the two-piece bathing suit. It was dubbed as the smaller than the smallest swimsuit in the world.

It was during the war that Monsieur Reard took advantage of the fabric rationing that is being implemented by the government of the United States. He decided to take the opportunity by inventing the two-piece bikini. Rationing was since then used as an excuse by various fashion houses in order to justify creating a new design of swimsuit with lesser fabric and reveals more skin. It was in the 1940s when the bikini trend started and the midriff was shown by women for the first time.

The world of swimwear changed because of that fateful day on July 5, 1946. Once the nuclear tests were conducted at the Bikini Atoll, the designs came and then the rest is attributed to history. The only challenge that faced the designer during that time is the fact that he can’t find a model brave enough to use the two-piece swimwear for photo shoot. MichelineBernardini, a nude model, accepted the role instead.

It was July 11, 1946 when she wore the bikini to a press show held in Paris and it was then that she became the first woman to don the bikini.

The bikini was not accepted by everyone because during the first Miss World Contest that was hosted in London, the swimwear was banned. According to the Vatican, it was a sinful piece of clothing and it was consecutively banned in other places such as Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

The popularity of the bikini started to increase considerably in 1953 after it was worn by Brigitte Bardot who is a sex symbol in France. As you decide to order bikini online, thank the women who made this possible.


Where To Buy Engagement Rings In Melbourne

Generally, engagement rings in Melbourne do not come cheap especially if they gemstones or precious stones on it. However, there are ways for you to lower your expenses or at least ensure that you are getting the right pair of rings to avoid wasting your time and money on repairs and returns. Engagement rings can be bought from various sources and some of these sources include the following:

Local jewellery store

One of the best sources of engagement rings is your local jewellery stores. The good thing about buying from offline stores is that you can actually fit the ring right then and there and you can easily ask for suggestions and ideas from the jeweller himself. You can also immediately request for adjustments if the ring happens to be smaller or bigger than your size. Also, offline shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne is ideal for last minute buying or when you need to purchase a set of rings right away. You no longer have to wait for days to get the rings since you can take them with you when you leave the shop.

Look for auctions

For a cheaper and more affordable option, check from pawnshops and jewellery stores for auctioned items. Auctioned engagement rings can be pre-loved or they are subject for clearance which is why they are set for auction. The good thing about buying from auctions is that you can definitely save money from it. You just have to ensure that you are buying a good deal. Have a jeweller check the item for validation and further checking of its quality.

Online shops

Online shops are also excellent sources of engagement rings in Melbourne. Buying online is convenient and you can visit as many online shops in less time compared to driving down to offline jewellery stores. Just make sure that you know how to measure the size of your finger for accuracy. Look for deals such as free delivery and even discount items to lower the costs. Search ahead to get the perfect pair for you and your partner.


First 4 Months Of 2017, Thai Tourism Gets Billions: Good For A Concept Hotel In Sukhumvit

Tourism is one the major industries in any given nation that has a big impact on the well-being of a nation’s economy. Aside from the fact that an active tourism industry gives more employment opportunities to the locals residing in the area near tourist destinations, the money that tourists are paying for whatever they are buying for or whatever services they are availing from a specific tourist will go to the funds of the national government which can be used to improve these tourist spots for them to continue attract more and more vacationists and sight-hungry people.  Thailand, for one, has been in a current surge in terms of having a booming tourism industry as of late. In fact, verified figures released by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand has shown that during the first 4 months of 2017, 12 million visitors, 7.5 million of that number are citizens from East Asian nations, have already visited the kingdom while spending around 620 billion Baht. That number is 4.7% higher than what the kingdom’s tourism industry was able to generate which amounted to 220 billion Baht during the same period in 2016. Part of that generated number came from vacationists who spent a good number of nights at a concept hotel in Sukhumvit which offers a wide variety of facilities for clients which include a rooftop swimming pool, a fitness centre for those who want to stay in shape, and function rooms for events.

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand officials, one of the main reasons for the surge of number of tourist arrivals plus luxurious spending of tourists themselves is that Thailand is able to offer new experiences that are unique no matter how frequent you visit the kingdom and that these paying tourists are slowing recognizing the obvious fact that Thailand can indeed offer luxurious experiences in terms of accommodations from a concept hotel in Sukhumvit which can also offer travel and tour assistance to its guests, authentic taste of Thai cuisine and, various leisure opportunities which are considered among the world’s bests in terms of international ratings.


Exeter Named By Sunday Times As One Of The Best Places To Live In Britain

Local residents, as well as businesses in an area, tend to celebrate any accolades given to their region or city. Not unreasonably so, as the quality of living in an area tend to be determined by their efforts. Exeter locals, such as APH Heating LTD Exeter, may have something new to celebrate, as the Sunday Times has just released a list of the 20 best places in Britain to live in, and the city’s in the list.

Dubbed by the newspaper as ‘a glorious gateway to the west’, the Devon county’s capital city made the list this year, alongside regulars in the annual survey’s lineup. The rankings are made by the Times on an annual basis, using statistics as foundation. Data such as education and crime levels are measured up with the country’s average, and the results are used as to decide which cities make the list.

According to the Times, the city is positioned perfectly, located near two national parks, and not too far off from the coasts, whilst remaining fairly accessible to the country. The newspaper admits that accessing the city might be problematic, especially through the roads, as the M5 tends to be fairly traffic-congested in the summer times, but that the railway is available, and that the city is still a very desirable place to live in, regardless.

The report also points out the fact that Exeter is happens to be the UK’s single fastest growing city, due to the increasing number of part-time commuters moving to the city, who operate in their Exeter homes because of the city’s exceptional broadband services.

The Times’ report hands out an example in Exeter’s St Leonard’s district, which it describes as being the most desirable area in the already desirable city, with the cost to match; even the more modest homes can set someone back by around £ 600,000.

Local businesses, such as APH Heating LTD Exeter, will no doubt find the news to be very appealing.

The full list is as follows.

  1. Amersham, Buckinghamshire
  2. Bath
  3. Cambridge
  4. Cheltenham
  5. Chester
  6. Chichester
  7. Cobham, Surrey
  8. Dulwich, London
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Exeter
  11. Falmouth
  12. Harrogate
  13. Highgate, London
  14. Llandaff, Cardiff
  15. Mayfair, London
  16. Oxford
  17. Skipton
  18. Stamford
  19. Winchester
  20. York


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