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Three Popular Street Shopping Markets In Sukhumvit

Bangkok is popular for its thriving nightlife, delicious street food and interesting shopping. Scores of tourists visit the city from all over the world to enjoy the much hyped nightlife and shop in the world famous malls and street shopping centres.

Sukhumvit is the major business district in Bangkok. The locality is popular among the tourists and locals alike. Sukhumvit has a range of shopping attractions ranging from high-end malls that house luxury retail brands to interesting and lively street shopping markets that sell clothes, accessories and electronics at dirt cheap prices. Tourists can stay at the new hotel in Sukhumvit that offers luxurious accommodation options and enjoy the shopping at Sukhumvit.

If you are searching for interesting street shopping destinations in Bangkok, here are a few of them.

Chatuchak weekend Market

The Chatuchak market spreads over an area of thirty five acres and is one of the largest street shopping markets in the world. The market has around eight thousand stalls and is brimming with locals and tourists. The market is the best place to buy Thai handicrafts and other souvenirs. It is also one of the most popular places to enjoy the delectable street food of the city. The market is located near the Mo chit station of the Skytrain. Tourists staying at the new hotel in Sukhumvit close to the Nana station can take a train to Mo Chit and visit the market.

Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market

If you are looking to buy some vintage products, this is the right place to visit. Collectors can buy some high quality antique and vintage pieces of art, cars, watches, cameras, etc. The food stalls that line the streets are the best places to sample the local street food like Satay, coconut ice cream and crispy pancakes.

Pan Tip Plaza

If you are a tech geek and are searching for perfect place to buy some electronics then Pan Tip Plaza is the right place to visit. The plaza has a number of shops that deal in electronics and computers. Buyers have a wide variety to choose from and can get quality branded products at bargain prices. Tourists staying at new hotel in Sukhumvit can take a train to Chitlom station and get to the market by hiring a cab from the station.


Tips To Enjoy The Nightlife Of Rayong

Rayong is a popular city for enjoying a beach vacation in Thailand. The city is farthest beach destination from Bangkok and does not attract much of the tourist crowds. It is popular destination for the locals, who wish to have weekend fun on the beach.

The local families and students visit Rayong to enjoy the secluded beaches and savour the delicious sea food of the region. The city does not have the nest night life when compared to Bangkok and other tourist destinations in Thailand. However, there are some interesting options for the tourists to enjoy the nightlife. Tourists can visit the upscale rooftop bar in Rayong or go to the affordable pubs of ban Phe to socialize with the locals.

Yomjinda road is the best walking street in Rayong. It is the best place to enjoy the local street food and shop for the handicrafts and other souvenirs. The street transforms into a pulsating night market as the sun sets. It is lined with artists performing dance and music shows and puppet shows. Yomjinda Street is the best place to view the historic architecture and enjoy the local night life. For tourists looking for an upscale experience, the rooftop bar in Rayong located on the top floor of an international hotel is the best place to be. The rooftop bar attracts chic locals and tourists and is the best place to socialize.

Koh Samet is an island popular for its thriving nightlife. The island has a lot of go-go bars, night clubs playing live music and DJs, karaoke bars and pubs. It is the best place to enjoy the dark hours of the day. For tourists, who are on a family vacation, but still wish to explore the nightlife of the city, the rooftop bar in Rayong is the best option. They can stay at the kid friendly hotel in the city and visit the rooftop bar and grill of the hotel to unwind after a hectic day. The bar and grill serves amazing seafood in buffet and ala carte. The rooftop grill and bar is the best place to enjoy the mouth-watering sea food along with taking in the beauty of stunning city skyline and unrestricted views of the beach.


How A Bangkok Function Room Accommodates Small Meetings In Asia

Some years ago, Bollywood hot couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai checked into the DusitThani Bangkok for the awarding of an Indian International Film Academy in one สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ. The hotel then hired top-calibre Indian chefs for the celebrities to suit their gastronomy. Just after midnight, when the secretary declared the stars were ready to eat, they served scrumptious cuisines that can ever be tasted. However, the couple only opted for McDonald’s hamburgers; hence, it was duly arranged.

Whether opting for a typical or unusual meal, the business had to move on with hotel event organisers and meeting planners coming from Bangkok to Bali. Plenty of options were laid on the top of the conference table, as it was a time for hotel managers and event organisers to use their wits and make necessary changes to the meeting plans. Even for a small meeting of 20 to 50 people, hotels needed to accommodate guests in their สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ with the right service.

If one had to choose resort favourites and business hubs in Bangkok, you’ll realise that competition is too stiff. One has to compare the benefits of having corporate meetings in huge cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Macau. The guests may also consider company conferences in Phuket or Bali. And meeting planners need to arrange the events in the best Asian conference hotels for the right price.

Meanwhile, with the rising exhibition and hotel inventory, China is not far behind Hong Kong when it comes to organising conferences in such area. Booming India can also provide a good destination to make the money work in conferences. Air links are improving, and you’ll find hundreds of luxury and boutique hotels springing up in Vietnam. The deal is really competitive; hence, event organisers need to be charmed with such locations.

If you choose a สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ ,you’ll need to find a hotel that is designed with packages and rates depending on the season, requirements and group size. The standard meeting package here include lunch, two tea or coffee breaks, stationery and typical AV equipment. Also remember that the rates exclude service charges and taxes. Meeting package rates are per person per day.


What To Do While In A Beachfront Hotel In Eastbourne

You’ll want to be at a beachfront hotel in Eastbourne to do various outdoor activities from family fun to festivals. This Sussex coast is one of the sunniest places in the UK, where you can have a great day out.

  • You can try the royalty tour to the beautiful South Downs, UK’s newest national park with a chauffeur-driven vintage car.



  • Why not watch a performance at Britain’s busiest bandstand with over a hundred concerts every summer. The performances are held each evening including impressive fireworks.


  • Be amazed at the military fast jets, helicopters, parachutists and incredible displays from the aerobatics teams. This is absolutely free at the International Airshow returns on the 13-15th of August. The show will include the flying Bristol Blenheim bomber and the Red Arrows. There’s also live music where you can watch from the beachfront hotel in Eastbourne for a clearer view.


  • The stunning 1870 seaside landmark has reopened after the devastating fire that ripped its roof at the Victorian Pier. Enjoy the pier with its finest traditional seaside fun.


  • You can also visit the unique military location of the 200-year old Redoubt Fortress where you can join a pirate school. You can climb the rigging and venture into sword fighting under the guidance of a pirate captain. The fortress was once built to defend Napoleon’s forces on the South Coast.


  • Visit the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, the lone five-star luxury hotel along the British coastline. You can have a taste of luxurious food in this fine hotel.


  • Visit the National Trust’s first acquired building in 1896, the 14th century Hall House and the idyllic village of Alfriston. Finish the day with a tour to the state-of-the-art winery, Sussex Sparkling wine.


  • In the Hello Kitty Theme Park, you’ll find a small zoo with hundreds of exotic animals like pandas, penguins, meerkats and monkeys. Kids will explore the Eden’s Eye maze, while enjoying the Thomas the Tank Engine.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to refresh, relax and unwind in your beachfront hotel in Eastbourne.


TAT Reaffirms Thailand’s Position As A Wedding Destination

Mr. TanesPetsuwan, the Deputy Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently unveiled a list of 5D reasons why Thailand is an ideal destination for weddings, romantic getaways and honeymoons. One of the D’s is Dream Hideaways because Thailand has a wide range of desirable places to stay for a couple. A perfect example is wedding hotel in Bangkok with facilities and packages that will suit the needs of different couples.

The other 4 D’s include Destinations Extraordinaire, Diverse Choices, Delectable Tastes and Distinct Hospitality. Thailand became a favourite tourist destination of travellers from all over the world because of the numerous breathtaking locations that are actually a perfect setting for a wedding.

Couples have a range of choices from customized wedding themes like a beach wedding, luxury yacht wedding, Under the Blue Sea wedding and the extravagant Indian-style wedding. There are wedding planners that will provide their assistance to ensure that the couple’s dream wedding comes true.

Aside from Thai cuisine, there are many international dishes thatcan be served by a 5-star hotel and Michelin recommended restaurants. Even the street food in Bangkok is world-renowned. However, the real essence of a Thai romance celebration lies in the heart-warming hospitality of the Thais.

TAT is planning numerous marketing and promotional activities to enforce Thailand’s image as the perfect destination for couples who are planning a wedding, honeymoon or a romantic getaway. The target of TAT includes the pre-wedding wedding where the Chinese emerged as the potential source market. Other short haul markets include India, Hong Kong and Australia while long haul markets cover America and Europe.

By 2018, TAT expects a 5% growth in the wedding and honeymoon segments because of the promotions that Thailand is one of the five top world-class destinations for newly married couples who are on their honeymoon.

A magical wedding day is guaranteed by wedding hotel in Bangkok that understands that couples deserve nothing but the best. There are facilities available for 1,000 guests and valet parking for 200 cars. The spacious surroundings will ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the event.


Three Most Popular Attractions In Phuket That Are Must-Visit

Phuket is the best holiday destination with a number of things to see and do. The mesmerising beach destination is the perfect pick to plan a lazy beach vacation or an adventure-filled vacation. If you are planning a vacation to Thailand and want to include Phuket in your itinerary, here are some of the must-visit attractions in the city.

The first thing most tourists are concerned about is choosing a hotel to stay in Phuket. Phuket attracts huge number of visitors every year and has a varied collection of hotels and resorts to suit the tastes, preferences and budget of every traveller. However, the city is popular for its luxury resorts with private beaches. Most of the tourists prefer to stay in the new luxury resort in Phuket to experience luxury at its best.

Once you have finalized the hotel and travel details, here is a list of some of the must-visit attractions in the city.

PhangNga Bay

If you are a nature lover and dream of visiting the Hongs in Thailand, a visit to the Phang Nga Bay is not to be missed. The enclosed lagoons offer breath-taking views at any time of the day. You can book a guided tour to the PhangNga Bay and enjoy the sights of nature at its best. The travel company will pick you up from the new luxury resort in Phuket and take you to the starting point of the tour.

Old Phuket town

If you want to get to know the history of the city, a visit to the old Phuket town is a must. The streets are full with Sino-Portuguese architecture and display the rich cultural history of the region.  The area is filled with cafes, bakeries and eateries and also has local markets selling cheap wares.

Wat Chalong

It is the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket, built in the 19th century. The temple houses a splinter of bone from Buddha and is decorated beautiful paintings depicting the life of Buddha. The temple is constructed in three floors with each floor housing golden statues of Buddha. The third floor provides good viewing point to visitors to see the entire temple complex and also the Big Buddha.

These are three of the must visit attractions, in Phuket. Book your stay at the new luxury resort in Phuket and visit these places to make your Phuket holiday memorable.