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4 Features Of Chiang Mai Best Restaurant

Thailand is a top destination among tourists who want to experience oriental culture, lively night life, and sophisticated dining experience especiallynature trips. Chiang Mai is among the most popular cities in Thailand due to its scenic mountainous location with ancient temples and historical walls that takes the tourists breaths away.  Aside from its man-made and natural attractions, you can also find Chiang Mai best restaurant in the area with a little research. With its traditional setting and ancient temples, you would be surprised that there are luxurious restaurants that feature international cuisines such as French gourmet dishes. You will know that you are looking at a highly-rated restaurant if it has the following features.

Exceptional location

Oneof the main features of an excellent restaurant is its location. You will find an elegant yet high-end restaurant at the riverbank of Ping River. With its tranquillity and clean air, you would not think that Chiang Mai best restaurant is just minutes away to the city centre. Because the area is located near lush mountains, guests can enjoy fresh and clean air like no other.

Mouth-watering gourmet food selection

Choose a posh restaurant that offers wide selection of gourmet dishes starting from sumptuous French cuisine, Thai dishes and other delectable dishes made from fresh and natural ingredients that would delight health buffs. Check out the restaurant’s website to determine their menu or the food that you can order. It would also be best if the restaurant has a bar that offers cocktails with exquisite wine and imported drinks.

Trendy vibe

Another exciting feature of the best restaurant in Chiang Mai is its contemporary design. You can find a riverside restaurant in Chiang Mai with fibre glass walls that allows you to take in the breath taking scenery in the area. You can have your meal al fresco or in the air-conditioned glass-walled well-lit restaurant.

Comfortable dining experience

One of the guarantees of Chiang Mai best restaurant is pleasing and relaxed dining experience even with elegant dining ware and lavish furnishings. Read customer reviews to help you decide on a restaurant around the area.


Centara Hotels &Resorts Reveals Their 5-Year Plan

The Centara Hotels & Resorts recently made a notable announcement, with their management team welcoming back Markland Blaiklock, a known seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry, as the group’s Deputy CEO, a new position recently created by the group. Centara, known for being one of the biggest hospitality groups in Thailand, with several 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit,  has announced their business plans for the 5 years from 2018-2023.

As mentioned before, Centara is one of Thailand’s largest hotel operating groups, and is moving to increase its international  impact. Centara owns 57 properties, some in operating, some still in development, located in 12 counties across the world, in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, China, and the Caribbean. The company operates a wide range of properties, from 5-star luxury hotels, tropical island resorts, with even a 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, and are known for bringing Thai-style hospitality.

In 2017, Centara announced its new COSI lifestyle brand. And the group plans to continue growing, with a target of doubling revenue within the next five years, with the use of three key strategies. These strategies, which the company revealed, are as follows:

  • The company plans to expands its portfolio, by doubling its properties. Centara plans to do this via investments and management agreements, setting out to acquire properties in locations where the tourism market offers the best opportunities for profit. In terms of location, the primary targets are the Southeast Asian region, the Middle East, and near the Indian Ocaen.
  • The company will also work to find new business opportunities besides its usual hotel and resort properties. These new businesses are related to Centara’s usual fare, such as branded residences, in order to leverage the company’s experience in the hospitality sector.
  • Finally, Centara will work to improve on its core infrastructure, which includes its technology, and reputation, among others. This means that customers can expect improved websites, mobile applications, as well as better loyalty programmes.

Centara’s  CEO, ThirayuthChirativat, says that the company is entering a phase of great growth, and this new, 5-year plan is designed to make sure that the company continues to set the standard in the industry.


Shopping Tips While Booked In Hotel Near Night Market In Ratchada

Bangkok is known for several things. Aside from its breath taking, ancient temples, one of the things that comes to mind when one mentions Bangkok is night market.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the top reasons why tourists book in a hotel near night market in Ratchada; they want to be closer to where they want to go at night. Night market is a unique shopping experience found only in Thailand. What makes it even more interesting is the affordability of the goods. However, for tourists, shopping in a foreign land can be challenging. To make it to shopping markets without being ripped off, take a look at these tips.

Get a currency calculator

First, know the value of your money in terms of baht. You might want to download a currency calculator to get an idea if you are paying fairly for an item or if you are getting an overpriced commodity. You might also want to observe how much the locals are paying for the product that you intend to buy. If the vendor is offering the item to you at a higher price, consider looking for another seller.


The good thing about shopping at night markets is you can haggle for the items found therein compared to buying from huge shopping malls. The items at night markets are also offered at higher price as sellers anticipate that buyers would ask for discount. So always ask for discounts as the items are offered to be bargained.

Be friendly

To get items at a lower price and for you to have more products to take back to the hotel near night market in Ratchada, be friendly and constantly smile to the sellers.

Shop the right way

Even if you are booked in a hotel near night market in Ratchada and you can easily go back to your room for resting, it would still be best if you would wear light clothing because the place can be packed with so many shoppers and there can be no enough ventilation or fresh air in some stalls. It would also pay if you will have drinking water with you.


Michelin International Certification For Thailand Restaurants And Street Food

People from all over the world travel to Thailand to experience the exotic, tropical country with unique temples, sandy, beaches, top Bangkok restaurants and world famous markets. Bangkok is a paradise for those who want to enjoy a different culinary experience. After the launch of Michelin Guide, Thailand hopes to reaffirm the country’s position as a gastronomy destination in Asia.

At present, Thailand is ranked 29th among the certified food vendors of the world. In Asia, Thailand is at 6th place and 2nd only to Singapore in Southeast Asian region. The total tourism income from gastronomy business was predicted to improve from the 20% forecast for 2017 to 25% in 2018. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects to meet the goal of 2.77 trillion Baht in tourism revenue with 20% generated by gastronomy businesses.

TAT is seriously promoting gastronomy tourism including Bangkok’s street food. According to TAT governor, YutthasakSupasorn, local Thai food will be among the core tourism products that will be promoted in the coming years. If TAT succeeds with the objective of gastronomy tourism, Bangkok will be the destination for gastronomy enthusiasts in Asia.

In order to enable Michelin Guide, a global food certification firm to rate food establishments in Thailand from 2018 to 2021, TAT has approved a budget of 144 million Baht. Hopefully, tourism revenue from gastronomy tourism in 2018 will generate 750 billion Baht.

The first Michelin guidebook for Thailand will be launched on December 6 of this year. Mr. Yutthasak expects that the guidebook will strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness once restaurants gain international certification. Aside from top Bangkok restaurants, many street food stores will also be certified by Michelin.

Last June, Bangkok was named by CNN as a top global destination for street food because of the wide variety of street food that is available 24/7. Foreign tourists are the biggest spenders on food that is why TAT wants street food to be internationally certified.

Outstanding, high quality and the tastiest food can be found in top Bangkok restaurants along the Sukhumvit area. Aside from local Thai cuisine, restaurants also serve sophisticated food with international influence. Diversity of menu and location makes Bangkok restaurants the best choice for a delightful experience.


Simple Tips When Ordering Healthy Japanese Dishes

If you are craving for authentic sushi or ramen in Thailand, you must visit the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok where each dish is meticulously prepared to capture authentic Japanese flavours. Japanese cuisine will provide you with the opportunity to taste fresh fish, vegetables and heart-smart fats. There are lots of choices even for those with dietary issues.

If you are not very familiar with Japanese cuisine, there are suggestions for both taste and nutrition. Sushi is one of the most famous of all Japanese food but do you know that there is variation in the ingredients used? You have a choice from diced fish, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, avocado, masago and ponzu sauce. If you prefer raw fish without rice, your best option is sashimi, fresh fish that has been sliced thinly and served with a miniscule amount of soy sauce and wasabi.

If you have no dietary restrictions, do not miss tempura which is made from battered and deep-friend seafood and vegetables. The batter has been made as light as possible with a dipping sauce called tentsuyu. The ingredients can be shrimp or squid with vegetables eggplant or bell pepper. However, if you are rather wary over deep-fried foods, you can order steamed broccoli, steamed spinach or thinly sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar. Frequently, Japanese restaurants will accommodate your no-fried-food request.

For those who are health conscious, a better option to the seaweed salad is bean sprout salad or steamed vegetables. You can request for sauce on the side to control your sodium intake. Instead of sake that is made from fermented rice, you can indulge yourself in green tea that is loaded with anti-oxidants. Calorie-free green tea is the perfect match to a sushi dish. However, it will be difficult to resist a taste of sake, the ancient drink of Japan.

Exceptionally fresh salmon, tuna, squid and other types of seafood are served at best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok for your gustatory delight. The restaurant’s mission is to capture the unique flavours and authentic style of Japanese cooking. Meticulously prepared Japanese dishes are complemented by the interior décor that reminds you of Japanese culture.


3 Enjoyable Things To Do While In Hotels In Yangon Burma

There are several reasons why people travel to Yangon and would naturally book in one of the hotels in Yangon Burma or Myanmar as it is popularly known today. There are those who visit the city for business purposes while there are those who visit Myanmar for leisure. No matter what your purpose may be for visiting Yangon, it would be best to find a hotel where you can be comfortable, secure and at home while enjoying world-class amenities. If you are excited about your trip to Myanmar buy you are wondering what you would do in the area, here are some things that you may want to consider.

Go for arranged tours   

Myanmar is the best country to visit if you want to see golden giant pagodas such as the ShwedagonPaya and the gigantic Golden Buddhist Pagoda along with other majestic ancient temples. You can also discover and shop at their local markets for local and handcrafted products. You can also find cheap apparels in Myanmar. In fact, some popular US and European brands have factories in Myanmar and you can buy the items at factory price. Arrange for a day tour at the hotel’s front desk for convenient shopping and tour around the city.

Taste and experience the local culture

The say you have not really experienced a city if you have not tasted their local cuisine and street foods. One way to observe and experience a city is by walking around the city of Yangon and try their famous shan-style rice or Burmese curry or try their traditional Burmese sweet snacks or their local version of pancake. After feasting on Yangon’s favourite traditional food, get into the fitness centre of one of those hotels in Yangon Burma where you are booked at. You can also enjoy the hotel’s spa for a full body traditional massage.

Enjoy hotel amenities

The good thing about booking in one of luxury hotels in Yangon Burma is that there are so many things you can do at the hotel even without leaving it. You can take pleasure in swimming at the hotel’s expansive swimming pool or you can relax at the hotel’s luxurious restaurant and bar.


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