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What To Do While In A Beachfront Hotel In Eastbourne

You’ll want to be at a beachfront hotel in Eastbourne to do various outdoor activities from family fun to festivals. This Sussex coast is one of the sunniest places in the UK, where you can have a great day out.

  • You can try the royalty tour to the beautiful South Downs, UK’s newest national park with a chauffeur-driven vintage car.



  • Why not watch a performance at Britain’s busiest bandstand with over a hundred concerts every summer. The performances are held each evening including impressive fireworks.


  • Be amazed at the military fast jets, helicopters, parachutists and incredible displays from the aerobatics teams. This is absolutely free at the International Airshow returns on the 13-15th of August. The show will include the flying Bristol Blenheim bomber and the Red Arrows. There’s also live music where you can watch from the beachfront hotel in Eastbourne for a clearer view.


  • The stunning 1870 seaside landmark has reopened after the devastating fire that ripped its roof at the Victorian Pier. Enjoy the pier with its finest traditional seaside fun.


  • You can also visit the unique military location of the 200-year old Redoubt Fortress where you can join a pirate school. You can climb the rigging and venture into sword fighting under the guidance of a pirate captain. The fortress was once built to defend Napoleon’s forces on the South Coast.


  • Visit the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, the lone five-star luxury hotel along the British coastline. You can have a taste of luxurious food in this fine hotel.


  • Visit the National Trust’s first acquired building in 1896, the 14th century Hall House and the idyllic village of Alfriston. Finish the day with a tour to the state-of-the-art winery, Sussex Sparkling wine.


  • In the Hello Kitty Theme Park, you’ll find a small zoo with hundreds of exotic animals like pandas, penguins, meerkats and monkeys. Kids will explore the Eden’s Eye maze, while enjoying the Thomas the Tank Engine.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to refresh, relax and unwind in your beachfront hotel in Eastbourne.


TAT Reaffirms Thailand’s Position As A Wedding Destination

Mr. TanesPetsuwan, the Deputy Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently unveiled a list of 5D reasons why Thailand is an ideal destination for weddings, romantic getaways and honeymoons. One of the D’s is Dream Hideaways because Thailand has a wide range of desirable places to stay for a couple. A perfect example is wedding hotel in Bangkok with facilities and packages that will suit the needs of different couples.

The other 4 D’s include Destinations Extraordinaire, Diverse Choices, Delectable Tastes and Distinct Hospitality. Thailand became a favourite tourist destination of travellers from all over the world because of the numerous breathtaking locations that are actually a perfect setting for a wedding.

Couples have a range of choices from customized wedding themes like a beach wedding, luxury yacht wedding, Under the Blue Sea wedding and the extravagant Indian-style wedding. There are wedding planners that will provide their assistance to ensure that the couple’s dream wedding comes true.

Aside from Thai cuisine, there are many international dishes thatcan be served by a 5-star hotel and Michelin recommended restaurants. Even the street food in Bangkok is world-renowned. However, the real essence of a Thai romance celebration lies in the heart-warming hospitality of the Thais.

TAT is planning numerous marketing and promotional activities to enforce Thailand’s image as the perfect destination for couples who are planning a wedding, honeymoon or a romantic getaway. The target of TAT includes the pre-wedding wedding where the Chinese emerged as the potential source market. Other short haul markets include India, Hong Kong and Australia while long haul markets cover America and Europe.

By 2018, TAT expects a 5% growth in the wedding and honeymoon segments because of the promotions that Thailand is one of the five top world-class destinations for newly married couples who are on their honeymoon.

A magical wedding day is guaranteed by wedding hotel in Bangkok that understands that couples deserve nothing but the best. There are facilities available for 1,000 guests and valet parking for 200 cars. The spacious surroundings will ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the event.


Three Most Popular Attractions In Phuket That Are Must-Visit

Phuket is the best holiday destination with a number of things to see and do. The mesmerising beach destination is the perfect pick to plan a lazy beach vacation or an adventure-filled vacation. If you are planning a vacation to Thailand and want to include Phuket in your itinerary, here are some of the must-visit attractions in the city.

The first thing most tourists are concerned about is choosing a hotel to stay in Phuket. Phuket attracts huge number of visitors every year and has a varied collection of hotels and resorts to suit the tastes, preferences and budget of every traveller. However, the city is popular for its luxury resorts with private beaches. Most of the tourists prefer to stay in the new luxury resort in Phuket to experience luxury at its best.

Once you have finalized the hotel and travel details, here is a list of some of the must-visit attractions in the city.

PhangNga Bay

If you are a nature lover and dream of visiting the Hongs in Thailand, a visit to the Phang Nga Bay is not to be missed. The enclosed lagoons offer breath-taking views at any time of the day. You can book a guided tour to the PhangNga Bay and enjoy the sights of nature at its best. The travel company will pick you up from the new luxury resort in Phuket and take you to the starting point of the tour.

Old Phuket town

If you want to get to know the history of the city, a visit to the old Phuket town is a must. The streets are full with Sino-Portuguese architecture and display the rich cultural history of the region.  The area is filled with cafes, bakeries and eateries and also has local markets selling cheap wares.

Wat Chalong

It is the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket, built in the 19th century. The temple houses a splinter of bone from Buddha and is decorated beautiful paintings depicting the life of Buddha. The temple is constructed in three floors with each floor housing golden statues of Buddha. The third floor provides good viewing point to visitors to see the entire temple complex and also the Big Buddha.

These are three of the must visit attractions, in Phuket. Book your stay at the new luxury resort in Phuket and visit these places to make your Phuket holiday memorable.


How To Choose A Budget Hotel Near Skytrain Station?

If you were to find a nice and accessible accommodation, why not settle for a hotel near Skytrain station. It’s a chance to easily locomote the streets of Bangkok especially the areas of Sukhumvit, Silom and Khao San Roads. Here you’ll also find highly-rated five-star hotels in the city. There’s also exquisite restaurants and trendy bars to visit especially if you prefer a really cool vacation where you meet people of various nationalities.

However, if you’re on a modest budget, the less expensive options are to choose budget hotels. You’ll surely find them around the Khao San Road. There are various cheap accommodations from guesthouses to three-star hotels. Even the amenities in the area are solely catered for those on a budget. There’s also several affordable dining and entertainment options which help you make a relaxing atmosphere.

In Bangkok, you’ll virtually find many budget hotels especially on the more upscale districts. You can also try searching at the YaowaratRoad which is Bangkok’s Chinatown and home to many vendors offering a wide variety of merchandise at affordable prices. If you want to shop in Bangkok for great products, you’ll want to consider staying near Siam Square, and get you in the vicinity of Bangkok’s primary shopping districts.

Or if you want transport accessibility, you can stay in a hotel near Skytrainand go wherever you want to go in Bangkok. Other modes of transport in this city are taxis, tuk-tuks, MRT station, boats and buses. However, the most convenient mode of transportation is those from the BTS station where you are away from traffic jams and will see spectacular tourist sights.

The BTS or MRT stations are the fastest ways to get around the city. They are also friendly for first-time travellers as there are signs written in English to get you to the various places of the city. The trains are fast, clean, air-conditioned and affordable that you’ll get to your desired destination easily. Even if you get lost, you can head back and find your way back to your hotel near Skytrainstation.

To ensure that you are accommodated in the best hotel that fits your budget, you need to check online for options and read first-hand reviews and feedbacks from current and previous clients.


4 Features Of Chiang Mai Best Restaurant

Thailand is a top destination among tourists who want to experience oriental culture, lively night life, and sophisticated dining experience especiallynature trips. Chiang Mai is among the most popular cities in Thailand due to its scenic mountainous location with ancient temples and historical walls that takes the tourists breaths away.  Aside from its man-made and natural attractions, you can also find Chiang Mai best restaurant in the area with a little research. With its traditional setting and ancient temples, you would be surprised that there are luxurious restaurants that feature international cuisines such as French gourmet dishes. You will know that you are looking at a highly-rated restaurant if it has the following features.

Exceptional location

Oneof the main features of an excellent restaurant is its location. You will find an elegant yet high-end restaurant at the riverbank of Ping River. With its tranquillity and clean air, you would not think that Chiang Mai best restaurant is just minutes away to the city centre. Because the area is located near lush mountains, guests can enjoy fresh and clean air like no other.

Mouth-watering gourmet food selection

Choose a posh restaurant that offers wide selection of gourmet dishes starting from sumptuous French cuisine, Thai dishes and other delectable dishes made from fresh and natural ingredients that would delight health buffs. Check out the restaurant’s website to determine their menu or the food that you can order. It would also be best if the restaurant has a bar that offers cocktails with exquisite wine and imported drinks.

Trendy vibe

Another exciting feature of the best restaurant in Chiang Mai is its contemporary design. You can find a riverside restaurant in Chiang Mai with fibre glass walls that allows you to take in the breath taking scenery in the area. You can have your meal al fresco or in the air-conditioned glass-walled well-lit restaurant.

Comfortable dining experience

One of the guarantees of Chiang Mai best restaurant is pleasing and relaxed dining experience even with elegant dining ware and lavish furnishings. Read customer reviews to help you decide on a restaurant around the area.


Centara Hotels &Resorts Reveals Their 5-Year Plan

The Centara Hotels & Resorts recently made a notable announcement, with their management team welcoming back Markland Blaiklock, a known seasoned veteran in the hospitality industry, as the group’s Deputy CEO, a new position recently created by the group. Centara, known for being one of the biggest hospitality groups in Thailand, with several 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit,  has announced their business plans for the 5 years from 2018-2023.

As mentioned before, Centara is one of Thailand’s largest hotel operating groups, and is moving to increase its international  impact. Centara owns 57 properties, some in operating, some still in development, located in 12 counties across the world, in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, China, and the Caribbean. The company operates a wide range of properties, from 5-star luxury hotels, tropical island resorts, with even a 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, and are known for bringing Thai-style hospitality.

In 2017, Centara announced its new COSI lifestyle brand. And the group plans to continue growing, with a target of doubling revenue within the next five years, with the use of three key strategies. These strategies, which the company revealed, are as follows:

  • The company plans to expands its portfolio, by doubling its properties. Centara plans to do this via investments and management agreements, setting out to acquire properties in locations where the tourism market offers the best opportunities for profit. In terms of location, the primary targets are the Southeast Asian region, the Middle East, and near the Indian Ocaen.
  • The company will also work to find new business opportunities besides its usual hotel and resort properties. These new businesses are related to Centara’s usual fare, such as branded residences, in order to leverage the company’s experience in the hospitality sector.
  • Finally, Centara will work to improve on its core infrastructure, which includes its technology, and reputation, among others. This means that customers can expect improved websites, mobile applications, as well as better loyalty programmes.

Centara’s  CEO, ThirayuthChirativat, says that the company is entering a phase of great growth, and this new, 5-year plan is designed to make sure that the company continues to set the standard in the industry.