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Super Local Creates Terrazzo Collection Using Waste Glass

Super Local, a Dutch studio, partnered with the craftspeople from Zanzibari in order to create terrazzo out of waste glass that are formed into objects and furniture for their home collection. Companies such as Economy Glass are glad to hear that discarded glasses are being transformed into something useful.

The project is called Bottle Up and it showcases that the trash in Zanzibar can be transformed into items such as building materials, accessories and furniture instead of just sending them all into the landfill.

Audience at the Dutch Design Week was able to witness the latest collection which is a line of colorful terrazzo made into home items such as a vase, dish, table and bench.

The designers of Super Local, Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel, are the creative minds behind project. It started in 2015 after their visit at the tropical island of Zanzibar which is located in Africa’s eastern coast.

They found out that the large number of waste glass bottle in the island has no recycling program. These are all waste resulting from the increasing tourism in the island. About six shipping containers filled with glass are being transported into the landfill annually.

As a solution, they decided to collaborate with local makers in order to setup the factory of Bottle Up and this is when they started producing items that are made of glass bottles gathered from hotel wastes.

The first collection from Bottle Up was released in 2015 and it was jars and vases made out glass bottles. After that, designers thought of more create ways to incorporate the waste and this is when they created the terrazzo which is made of recycled glass materials.

According to Van Baarsen, it is not an easy task to create beautiful products out of dirty and shattered glasses. This is when the concept of terrazzo was created. It is basically a process involving a mixture of cement and glass shards. Every product in their latest collection makes use of terrazzo.

As a glass company, Economy Glass is proud of the innovation as it puts glasses into new light.


Oak Furniture Land Makers Of Oak Bathroom &Home Furniture Has Advert Banned

A TV promotion for a British furniture company has been prohibited airing due to deceptive claims that it has never used veneer for its oak bathroom & home furniture.

Oak Furniture Land is said to have promised its customers that all cabinets are 100% solid hardwood.

The company claims that it has never used chipboard, plywood and veneer; however, it may have used “oak wrap” for its legs, where defenders say is a type of veneer. The legs are said to be small pieces of oak glued together to form a thin layer of wood.

Information about the strategy was unveiled after seeing several complaints filed to the Advertising Standards Authority about the largest retailer of hardwood furniture deceiving buyers. The ad was featured both on YouTube and TV, where it claimed 100% solid hardwood furniture.

According to ASA after banning the ads: ‘We recognize that the outer layer covered a high quality base material than those found with other veneered furniture, the considered “oak wrap” was really veneer.’ It can be seen how oak bathroom & home furniture are designed.

Oak Furniture Land was prohibited to air the adverts again that it used solid hardwood for the cabinets. It was not rightful for them to claim that there was no veneer included, when in fact, it used the “oak wrap”and other related methods.

Meantime, the firm would like to appeal the ruling to challenge the decision, if required, in the courts.

It persisted that “oak wrap” was an industry-accepted cabinetry techniqueto combine pieces of solid hardwood.

The firm’s leaders said the furniture was toughened by eliminating contracting or expanding and minimizing the possibility of splitting or warping.

Chief operating officer of Oak Furniture Land Terry King said: ‘The management is truly disappointed and dismayed with ASA’s conclusion to challenge concerns about our focus on our advertising campaign.

‘We stand true to our words that we only used 100% solid hardwood in our furniture. You can check some of our oak bathroom & home furniture as evidence.

‘The existing words we’ve used in our adverts were typically and widely utilized all over the retail industry, to assist customers to have a better distinction between solid, no-veneer products, and that furniture created using poor quality materials, which is covered with man-made veneers or thinner woods.


3 Qualities Of A Reputable Mirror Splashback Contractor 

If you want to add a tinge of modernity in your traditional styled or homey kitchen, you can always add a glass element in your area. One of the most popular kitchen designs nowadays is mirror splashback which makes an entire room bigger, with more natural light and stylish. You can find various designs for mirror splashback on the internet or home magazines. You can also find inspiration in contemporary hotels and if you are decided to have mirror splashback installed in your kitchen, the next thing to do is look for a contractor. Keep the following ideas in mind.

Updated design and modern installation techniques

Hire a contractor that can provide professional advice on how to realize an impressive project without going beyond their customer’s budget. The contractor should be knowledgeable of the latest trends and technologies in order to provide innovative projects such as kitchen with mirror splashback using various designs and installation techniques.

Fast and efficient service

You will know that you are looking into a reliable glass installer if they can deliver a project within reasonable time. It is not enough that they can accomplish the project in less time, what is more important is they can finish the project with high quality and optimum efficiency in materials. Another indication of a reliable glass shop is they can provide immediate response to your glass related issues such as glass replacements or repairs.

Skilled glass installers

One of the more important qualifications that you should look for in amirror splashbackinstaller is his skills and craftsmanship. Choose a glass shop with skilled installers that have been in the industry for more than a decade. This way, you can be sure of the installer’s craftsmanship and of the company’s reliability and professionalism. Read customer feedback and testimonials. This information can be found usually at the company’s official website. This will give you an idea on the quality of service and expertise of the installer. Make sure that the glass installer comes with the right license and insurances for better job result and to give you that peace of mind while he is doing the project.


Choosing Tips When Shopping For A Pillow

One of the most important aspects of having a restful sleep is the pillow you use for sleeping. Using the wrong type of pillow can lead to stiff neck, stiff or painful back muscles, poor posture and other health issues. To ensure that you will have the right type of pillow when you shop, take a look at the following considerations.

Consider the pillow filling

There are different types of pillow filling. For an average user or one who doesn’t have any medical issues or special needs, you can use pillows with feather filling or the synthetic type such as foam pillows. Some of the most common pillow fillings are cotton and latex. If you have health issues such as asthma, chronic neck pain or allergies, consider buying dust-proof or the right type of pillow for you.

Choose the right type of pillow

If you have special conditions such as insomnia or other sleeping problems, backbone or neck problems, you would need a special type of pillow such as a memory foam pillow or specialty pillows. Specialty pillows are those that prevent snoring, sleep apnea, supports backbone and neck while there are also those that absorb head heat for a cool feeling. Research on the different types of pillows to determine what suits perfectly for you.

Consider the size

There are different types of pillows. You have the standard size, queen, king and European square. If you do not move much while sleeping, you can go for standard pillows but if you move a lot or if you share pillows with another sleeper, you can go for the bigger size. There are also other pillow designs for you to choose from such as hotdog pillows for your leg resting or hugging.

Look for comfort

If you do not have sleeping or health issues and you can use any other type of pillow in the market, consider one that will give you the most comfort while sleeping. If you are shopping from an offline store, consider trying the pillow to get the feel and comfort of the item.


LED Lights Helped Consumers In Logan To Save Money

Consumers who are paying public utility in Logan were able to save a lot of money because of the decision of the council to replace existing lights with LED lighting. LED lights such as 12v LED strip lighting consumes very little energy compared to other commercial light source.

The city recently made a decision to move ahead and conduct additional investigations regarding the use of LED for all the street lights.

A specific agreement was reached between officers and Energex which will give permission to use LED lights as long as it passes the standards by the Queensland Transport and Main Roads. These lights will be used in main roads where there are current developments as well as on council roads.

Basically, the public street lights that are found in the council roads of Logan City is owned by Energex while the council is paying for the entire lighting network including the maintenance, electricity, operations and capital repayments. Energex appointed Stanwell Energy to be the managing company on their behalf.

According to officers, every LED light that was installed in the new estates like the Yarrabilba has contributed to the savings worth $18 every month or equal to a saving of 60 cents every day. This includes the maintenance and power savings sector.

There were about a thousand LED lights that were used in Yarrabilba. In this case, the energy savings reaches up to 84,000 kilowatt hours annually. This resulted to a large deduction in costs allotted to operations and maintenance when compared to the standard lighting.

In a recent report that was submitted to the council, the savings for each light annually is $215 which means that the development in Yarrabilba, once finally done, has a probability to save about $250,000 due to the LED light installed.

The report also revealed that $6 million is spent annually in the operation and maintenance of the street lighting which was provided by Energex. With the use of LED lights such as 12v LED strip lighting, homeowners and businesses will be able to save a lot.


Apple Not Fined Even After Tax Audit

Nowadays, many firms and clients are availing of tax audit insurance in order to protect themselves in any scenario. In the case of Apple, a multinational company known as one of the big players in the technology industry, it is not necessary as they were able to survive the tax audit that was carried out by the ATO or Australian Tax Office.

According to Tony King, the local managing director of Apple, they have been given the confirmation by ATO that all of their corporate taxes have been updated regularly. He added that they are only working with ATO alone when it comes to their present and future dealings with taxes.

King was able to answer questions during the Senate committee hearing that was conducted in order to investigate regarding the corporate tax avoidance allegations that were hurled at the company. He said that the extensive tax audit investigation that was conducted by the ATO came to a close in May of 2017.

The ATO was focusing on the transfer pricing pattern, a practice that is sometimes employed in order to move the profits offshore to another country wherein the tax rate is much lower, of the Apple Company.

In the case of Apple, there is a tax adjustment worth $58.3 million that was implemented and the company has already paid for it.

King reassured the public that they are updated when it comes to paying their taxes.

King also said that the latest diverted profits tax law in Australia, or what is often referred to as Google tax, does not have an impact on the company whatsoever.

He shared with the committee that the anti-avoidance legislation is only made to investigate companies that keep records and books of their offshore dealings which is not the same with Apple. He further clarified that the operation of the company in Australia is not affected by the diverted profit tax.

All transactions that have been done by Apple are recorded locally in the country.

They have no reason to take on a tax audit insurance as they are confident that their entire records and books have been perused by the ATO and interview have been conducted with the executive teams of the company to further understand the operations of the company in Australia.