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Unraveling The Wrong Assumptions About Addiction

Most people envision a drug addict as dirty, disheveled and homeless; however, the best rehab centers have treated respectable fathers and employees who take a hit before they report to work. Most of the people who are struggling from substance abuse are functioning professionals who do not seek help because they don’t believe that they are addicts.

According to Paul Pellinger, the chief strategy officer of Recovery Unplugged, one of the reasons why people rationalize not getting help is the belief that they are not hooked to the habit. Addicts that live on the streets compose about 3% to 5% of the total number of people who are suffering from substance abuse all over the world. The stereotype on how a drug addict looks like is one of the addiction myths that Recovery Unplugged wants to correct.

Pellinger says that addiction is a degenerative disease that has three states: early, middle and late. Someone with late stage addiction may fit the stereotype but those in the early and middle stages can still function while dealing with the condition. These people assume that because they function, they do not need help with their addiction. They have not yet experienced the consequences of a later stage.

Many people rationalize their addiction and try to justify their behavior by saying “it’s only pot” or “I don’t take prescription pills every day.” These people must be educated on the early stages of addiction because there is still a chance for full recovery.

Addiction does not depend on how little or how much you use and how often you use. What matters is the consequence of use. For example, an individual smokes marijuana daily to be able to work and socialize but he becomes emotionally immature, moody and lacks motivation. This person must be convinced to look at how marijuana is affecting his life.

Many professionals want to maintain their anonymity and privacy when undergoing rehabilitation. These requirements are successfully provided by best rehab centers where treatment is provided in a comfortable, private and luxurious environment. Care for serious addiction is undertaken in a spacious area that has a magnificent view of the waters.


Land Prices In Downtown Bangkok Still On The Rise

The luxury condo boom in Bangkok’s central business district is driving up land prices in the region, resulting in the lowest prices in the Thai capital to hover at around Bt2,600/wa(4 m2), which is at the LumLukKah district. Those prices, it must be noted, are for properties lacking infrastructure. The increase in pricing means that real estate in the city is a prime, and developments alongside a 5 star hotel in Sathorn will be well-funded.

In Bangkok’s Central Business District, land prices are recording at above average numbers, compared to what’s usually seen, and, if things continue as they are, prices are expected to continue growing in the future. The CBD’s average land price rose by 6.4% last year, which is notable, since 2015 managed to clock in the highest land price in the district at a whopping Bt1.91/wa2.

According to the Agency for Real Estate Affairs in Thailand, the following locations were the most expensive for 2016, Siam Square was the most expensive location in Bangkok, with a land price average of Bt2,000,000/wa2, followed by Sukhumvit and Time Square, both at Bt1,950,000. Most of the top 10 in 2016 recorded prices averaging at Bt1M/wa2 or higher, with only Phaya Thai and PhahonYothin not making it.

Land located in the vicinity of the Siam-AsokSkytrain route is growing scarce, and prices are now rising, with offering prices recording at around Bt2M/wa2. The highest recorded offering price as of May this year is Bt2.5M, for real estate located at Phloenchit Road. However, offering prices have remained as is, with no deals for plots pricing over Bt2M/wa2.

Home to the State Tower, the Sathorn district has been attracting tourists for the 5 star hotel in Sathorn experience, and, as of right now, is set to be a hotspot for future developments, especially the area near the Rama IV Road, which currently has two large projects expected to be developed there.

To contrast the rest of the districts in Bangkok, however, the Lam LukKa district wasn’t doing so stellar, with land pricing there having managed clock in the low value of Bt2,600/wa2, on the LiabKhlong 13 Road KM5.


More Flights Opened: More To Enjoy Spa In Patong

Nowadays, everyone can travel to any given country by riding onto a plane. You see, the airline industry has never been this competitive in ages. Airline companies have been able to find more innovative ways to keep afloat in the competition and keep frequent flyers flying through them. For example, some airlines are now offering lower rates for seats in their business and first classes especially for long-haul flights because let’s face it, when you are flying for about 9 hours and you’re only in the economy class, it’s mostly uncomfortable especially with regards to the very limited legroom passengers in the said class are enduring and yet, you are paying thousands of Dollars for a seat. Now, in case you need to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand for your long-delayed vacation trip to the said country, the good news is, there are many airlines, especially the budget-friendly airlines which can take you to one of Asia crown jewels in  terms of tourism success from basically any part of the globe. The not-so-good-news is, you will have to take another domestic flight especially when you want to visit a spa in Patong that can give you and your body the most rejuvenating spa experience you can only get in this beautiful town that is located in the beach island of Phuket.

If in any case that you are someone who is currently residing or working in Beijing, China, and you want to visit a spa in Patong as part of your itinerary, gone are the days when you need to take a connecting flight from Beijing to Bangkok then to Phuket because that’s really stressful to begin with. Just last March of this year, Thai Airways have started its routine flights from Beijing directly to Phuket. According to the officials of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the said new development will now allow more passengers from bigger markets like China to travel directly to Phuket without all of those hassles of having to transfer from one plane to the other. This will also enable passengers to now immediately enjoy the beach and the local #culture of the island once they’ve touched down at Phuket International Airport.


Health And Safety Issue Is Not A Joke

After a number of disasters, Steven Poole has been quick to point out that deregulation is a very dangerous decision. There have been a number of people that said they think it’s a joke when someone talks about health and safety. It is common to see eye rolling and the jokes “elf and safety” following the conversation. This is the reason why authorities in the government as well as private sector are able to do shortcuts and not worry about getting caught. They believed that extra rules are not going to be received warmly by the public. This same issue is happening in other parts of the world thus after several incidents, there is now an importance given to health and safety audit in New Zealand.

According to Chris Bazlinton from Farnham, Essex, people should view health and safety in a new perspective and take it as a serious issue. Jokes about the matter equal to other offending jokes involving disability, sexuality and racism.

Jim Hooker of Chichester, West Sussex also has something to say about the matter of the deregulation ttacked by Steven Poole in his article. He said that there is an important matter not included in the articles and that is the de facto deregulation that was conducted by the extreme cuts created by the government from the spending of local authorities. These cuts forced councils to make an inevitable decision and that is to lessen the resources provided required for statutory duties. These cuts are not making a lot of noise and not even calling for regulation enforcement. The government is proactive when it comes to deregulation thus it would be naïve to assume that they are not aware of the matter.

Enid Gauldie from Invergowrie, Perthshire wrote about the attempts of the government to regulate buildings as far back as 1840. During this time, they put importance on the aspect of health and safety to ensure that builders will not abuse their authority and make it so that people will be living in smaller quarters and crammed into spaces. The tower fire is now a wake up call that a regulation is required and it has affirmed the belief of New Zealand that they are doing the right thing by pushing through with the health and safety audit in New Zealand.


Untreated Eye Problems For Preschoolers In The United States Alarming

According to a recent report, around 175,000 preschoolers in the United States are suffering from common eye problems that go untreated. The number is expected to increase in considerable amount in the following years. This is a wakeup call to parents of preschoolers in Australia to book an eye test in Kirrawee to check their child’s eye status.

The analysis is expecting that the number of untreated cases of eye problems for the very young generation will increase by 26 per cent before the end of 2060.

According to Dr. Rohit Varma, the author of the said study, they have found an alarming proportion of cases that could be easily prevented or corrected and yet these are all left untreated. Varma is also the USC Roski Eye Institute’s director under the University of Southern California located in Los Angeles.

Varma added that this problem should be addressed by increasing the awareness of performing preschool eye exam as well as to increase the number of vision screening among younger kids.

The investigators based their findings on the two studies that were conducted nationally, which addresses the vision problems that kids in the United States are suffering nowadays.

The researchers were able to see that the huge percentage of untreated preschoolers, about 20 per cent, are suffering from blurred vision because of refractive error. This means that the children are either suffering from myopia or near-sightedness or hyperopia or far-sightedness. These two cases happen when the eye’s shape is interfering with the incoming light’s proper bending.

In majority of both cases, prescription glasses will be able to correct the problem. The study authors indicated that this is not the case for majority of the preschoolers who were studied.

The report revealed that a big percentage of preschoolers especially those who belong in minority communities were not able to go for a proper check-up.

Varma said that it is the professional’s recommendation that a child should have a complete eye exam done before they turn three years of age. Book your child an eye test in Kirrawee to prevent eye issues from happening since this problem is already widespread in America and should not happen in Australia as well.


The Safety Rules In The Boiler Room

The boiler operator is the go-to person when it comes to boiler equipment installation, maintenance and safety. He is also tasked in developing safety habits in order to prevent personal injury to other people as well as damage to equipments. There are typically different safety rules and would depend on the type as well as size of the facility or plant. Here are some of the basic safety rules in the boiler room.

  • Workers should wear approved shoes and clothing when inside the plant at all times.
  • Workers should wear gloves when cleaning fuel burner tips or handling hot lines.
  • One should also wear appropriate eye protective gears when in designated areas. When inspecting furnace fire, make use of hand shields.
  • Wear respirators and goggles when cleaning the fire side of the equipment, chimney or breeching.
  • Wear a hard hat when you are working since there will be a possibility that you will acquire head injury.
  • Do not use hands when attempting to sop moving equipments.
  • Store the oily rags or waste inside approved containers in order to prevent fires which are usually caused by spontaneous combustion.
  • Only use safety cans which are approved to store flammable liquids.
  • Check all of the fire safety devices on a regular basis in order to be sure that it is in proper working condition.
  • Check your fire extinguishers periodically and ensure that they are properly charged and are in the correct location.
  • Do not use substitutes for ladders or any unsafe ladders.
  • You should never use ladders as make-shift bridges.
  • Do not leave loose tools on top of boilers, scaffolds or on ladders,
  • Do not attempt to carry tools inside your back pockets.
  • Do not throw a tool to anyone and use the proper tool that should be intended for the job.
  • Do not ever use defective tools.

These safety precautions have to be heeded by establishments with boilers in order to avoid accidents from happening. Likewise if your company will need boiler repairs services, you can seek the help of professionals in your place.


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