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Studies Reveal That Preschool Can Make A Big Difference In A Child’s Development

Some parents are still skeptical on whether preschool offers benefits to their children. Does attending preschool make a difference in developing their children’s minds? After all, the costs of preschool can be pretty expensive and children are still too young to be attending school. However, Anaheim Preschool helps in managing children’s behavior in a classroom setting in preparation for kindergarten.

According to the results of a new study that was released on the journal of Child Development, attending preschool can make a big difference in child development. Children who attend quality preschool display better self regulatory behavior and academic skills than those who have not attended preschool. They learn to love books which help a lot throughout their academic years.

The Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP) is a longitudinal study that tracks 466 low income, racially and ethnically diverse 3 and 4-year old children from preschool to the start of high school. At least half of the participants have attended Head Start programs that provide teachers with professional development and coaching. The programs are focused on positive discipline strategies and provide help in managing stress inside the classroom. The other half has attended traditional Head Start programs.

The research revealed that the training provided to teachers resulted in a more positive classroom environment and led to student’s regulatory behavior and academic skills. However, the results do not predict improvements in executive function for participants who are in high school. Nonetheless, the study highlights that preschools run by trained teachers can produce a lasting impact on students particularly those from disadvantaged or at-backgrounds.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, preschools teach children how to socialize and get along with others. They become part of a play situation, learn new vocabulary while playing and at the same time learn from other kids. They learn pre-math skills like counting, sorting and recognizing patterns.

It is difficult for parents to choose a preschool that will develop the child’s basic skills. Not all preschools are created the same but Anaheim Preschool has trained teachers and the right environment for child development. The preschool’s educational features are designed to prepare children for the formal learning process.


Thailand’s Teachers Included In Asia’s Highest Paid Educators

There is no question that teachers from international school in Chonburi are getting high salaries but when it comes to public schools many are questioning of the financial compensation these everyday heroes are receiving. The good news is that according to the latest survey conducted a consumer research firm, teachers employed in public schools in Thailand are one of the highest paid in all of Asia.

Based on the findings, majority of the countries based the salary of the teachers on the GDP per capita of the country. There are countries though, including Japan, Korea, India and Thailand, that pays their teacher higher than that figure. This means that these professionals are earning higher compared to an average worker in their country. A few countries pay their teachers less than the GDP per capita of their nation such as Singapore, Vietnam and China which means they are earning less compared to an average worker.

Teachers in Korea are one of the highest paid in Asia since they earn about 175 per cent of the GDP per capita of the nation. It is notable that education is considered a craze in the country since the students are expected to study at least 15 hours every day. Studies revealed that a high school teacher in Korea earns around 65 million won every year.

Another country that puts a high value on teachers is India which pays their educators 173 per cent of the nation’s GDP per capita. Their public school teachers are actually earning $8,000 every year. This figure is lower in comparison to other nations but this is already high based on the GDP of India.

According to the study, Thailand took the third spot for the country that pays their teachers the highest. Teachers in public schools in the country are said to be earning around $12,000 every year which is almost165 per cent of its GDP per capita. For the past few years, the national government of Thailand has shown efforts in reforming the education system. This impacts not just public schools but private schools such as international school in Chonburi but there are still a number of challenges the country has to overcome with regards to education.