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5 Awesome Things To Do While On Sail

Have you ever tried to book for a private yacht charter in Phuket? Sure all the things, amenities, and food on board are indeed excellent. However, aside from just sleeping on air conditioned rooms or slacking off the couch, there are actually some things you could do to break the ice and even make your whole ride a fruitful and memorable one.

1 Bring your hobby on board

We all have our own hobbies. Bring a book with you if you love reading or your papers and pens if you love writing. Take your favourite board games, cards, and more so you could hang out with your friends. Being on the yacht or on any other sailboat could be one of the best places to enjoy your hobby and thus don’t ever make the mistake of leaving them behind.

2 Feel the waters

Sometimes just staying on the boat could become a little boring, hence try docking on an island and swim your way through the waters or just jump directly from the boat itself. Not only can you experience the relaxing amenities, but also the refreshing waters.

3 Watch out for the sunsets

Looking through the stretch of the glistening sea while the sun slowly makes its way down the waters is surely a breathtaking sight to behold. Hence, try pausing for a few moments and witness the spectacle of the golden hues dispersing across the horizon.

4 Throw a party

What could be cooler than throwing a party on the middle of the sea? Imagine having a lot of your friends on board and you just spend the night talking with seemingly unlimited drinks and food on the sides. You could grab the karaoke, watch the movie, play games, and a whole lot more. That is simply an event worthy of being looked forward to.

5 Satisfy your hunger with the best

Who would not crave for food? As it is said, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, yet this apparently applies to everyone as well. Try the best delicacies and food of Phuket along with its flavourful drinks.

Indeed, there are a lot of things that you could do on board. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, what matters more is you, along with the best people in your life, would a have a great and memorable time. Hence, tarry no more and book for a private yacht charter in Phuket.


Honda Supersport Bikes For The One-Make Championship

The lineup of Honda supersport bikes was designed to push the limits of speed and performance while providing the rider with total confidence and control. Honda, the Japanese motorcycle maker introduced NSF250R Cup in India so that aspiring racers can battle it out for the one-make championship.

It was called NSF250R Cup because the motorcycle that will be used is an 84-kilo, 48PS making Moto3 –spec bike called the NSF250R. The supersport bike was developed in 2011 by Honda’s racing division, Honda Racing Corporation. Many Moto3 races were won by Honda using the same bike including the constructor’s title in 2015. The 2014 and 2015 Moto3 world championships were won by popular motorcycle racers Alex Marquez and Danny Kent using the NSF250R.

Currently, Honda has offered the pro stock 165cc bikes for the one-make championship in India. Compared to the pro stock 165 cc bikes, NSF250R is a small bike. It is even smaller than stock Honda CBR250R that was introduced to India as a supersport bike. The compactness of the bike is due to the brand new single-cylinder engine that is banked towards the rear at 15-degree angle.

The NSF250R has a 249.3cc, liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, high rev band of 13000rpm while making a 48.3Ps of maximum power and 28Nm of peak torque. In comparison, stock CBR250R only makes 26.5PS and 22.8 Nm. More astonishing is its kerb weight which is just 84 kilos which gives the motorcycle a power-to-weight ratio of 575PS per tonne.

NSF250R is loaded with premium tech that includes a special 7000 series pressed aluminum frame, adjustable clip-on and rear seats, steering damper and fully adjustable USD’s in front and pro link mono-shock at the back. Disc brake in front is 296mm and 186mm disc at the back.  There is no ABS because it is strictly a race bike.

A fantastic range of Honda supersport bikes are available at the Leicester and Petersbrough area in the United Kingdom. Both new and loyal customers can expect unbeatable service. Along with the supersport bikes is the parts and accessories department to add a personal touch to the bike and make it unique from other bikes.


Divers Helped Save Thailand’s Dying Coral Reefs

Thailand is known for its beautiful coral reefs that many are coming to visit just to visit its diving spots. In fact, many are enrolling in dive instructor course in Thailand because of many certified instructors in the country and the courses are much affordable compared to anywhere else. One of the islands in Thailand with the best underwater scenery is Koh Ha. At 10 every morning, boats arrive in the island carrying snorkelers as well as divers. They are there to see the remaining coral reefs which are located 22 miles from Phi Phi islands in the south-eastern area.

Aside from the tourists arriving to marvel at the beautiful corals, many are also there in an attempt to save the remaining ones. It is no secret that many of the coral reefs all over the planet are already in danger of destruction. In a report from the United Nations Environment Programme, the longest coral bleaching in the world happened from 2014 until 2017 because of the continuous warming of the water.

In fact, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is the biggest reef system in the planethas already lost around 30 per cent of its total coral reefs. In a paper that was published in 2011 by the World Resources Institute together with UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and Nature Conservancy, it is feared that over 90 per cent of the total corals in the planet will be gone by 2050.

This year is dubbed as the International Year of the Reef to increase the awareness of the public regarding the seriousness of the issue. There are efforts being done by conservationists and scientists to save the coral reefs but the process is quite slow and hard.

Divers are now volunteering in Thailand in order to save the corals. Those who are wishing to be a part of the rescue team should enrol in a dive instructor course in Thailand in order to be a part of the gardening project. This is done by growing them in nurseries before they are planted back into the reefs.