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Is It Necessary To Hire A Theft Lawyer For Financial Identity Theft

Most of us take identity theft very lightly. We often wonder, whether we need to hire the services of a lawyer for filing identity theft cases. Identity theft can be of several types, some types of identity theft are serious, while others are not.

Financial identity theft is a common problem faced by most people in today’s world, where people are increasingly depending on online transactions and plastic money. Most people think that handling financial theft cases is easy, but it is not the case. You will have to receive a lot of phone calls and put in lot of time and efforts to handle the case by yourself. Hiring the services of a reputed theft lawyer, will help you to overcome this hurdle.

A theft lawyer is well versed with law regarding different types of thefts. He can handle your case and ensure that you get optimum refund for damages incurred. One advantage of hiring an attorney is that, the letter from the attorney will directly reach the legal team of the institution or person, who indulged in financial theft.

The lawyer will have an exact idea what sections and what cases to quote, in order to make an impact on the opposite party. When the legal team sees the letter from a reputed lawyer, they immediately take note of the incident and try to resolve the issue as fast as they can.

However, it is essential to hire a professional theft lawyer, who has experience in solving issues similar to that of yours. An experienced lawyer will know how to deal with different cases of theft. They have systems in place to handle different type of theft cases. You can get contact information of attorneys from the internet or local business directories.

You may feel that it is unnecessary to hire a theft lawyer for financial theft cases. But hiring an attorney has its own set of advantages. It saves a lot of time and effort from your side. You can also make sure that your case if presented convincingly and the legal department of the institution, from where the financial information was stolen takes note of your case.


More People Are Killed In Homicides Than Armed Conflicts

The most common factors that should be considered when choosing a criminal lawyer in Brampton are experience and professionalism. The criminal lawyer must have a track record of successful outcomes like criminal charges being withdrawn, alternative measures programs or acquittal.

According to a study made by the United Nations (UN) on Drugs and Crime, crime kills more people than armed conflicts or terror attacks. More people are killed in homicides all over the world than conflict zones. Rates of women being killed due to domestic violence are on the rise. Organized crime is one of the biggest drivers of homicides all over the world with women often killed by their partners or family members.

In 2017, about 464,000 people were killed in homicides while more than 89,000 were killed in armed conflicts in the same year. 19% of the deaths worldwide were linked to organized crimes. More than 90% of the suspects in homicide cases between 2014 and 2016 were males.  In 2017, 58% of homicide victims were female. Europe has the lowest homicide rate in the world with only 3 killed in 100,000 populations.

Most people feel safe when inside their homes but it is the also the most dangerous place for women. Although women and girls are a small portion of the victims of global homicides, they are often killed by men because of intimate partner violence. Women continue to bear the heaviest burden of life-threatening victimization because of inequality and gender stereotypes.

Asia had the highest number of female homicides due to domestic violence in 2017 with about 20,000 victims. The second highest was Africa with 19,000 women killed. However, this is more likely to their smaller population where women face more risks of becoming victims of domestic violence. In the US, Young men usually become victims of gang-related violence and firearm injuries that cause their death.

One of the first things that a person must do when accused of a crime is to call a criminal lawyer in Brampton to protect himself, his future and reputation. With the knowledge that someone is working on your defense makes the experience less frightening and intimidating.


Compensation Given To Victims Of Crime In Melbourne

The effects of a crime to a person vary in many ways and every person reacts differently to the situation. Initially, a person may feel fearful, shocked, or angry, which are common reactions when one is a victim of a crime.

Crimes are rampant in any place of the world which are influenced by many factors such as drugs, corruption, syndicates, poverty, and even simple disputes. Many victims of crime in Melbourne are compensated if the financial situation of the victim is affected and this assistance comes from the VOCAT or Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal.

Because of your suffering and pain experienced from the crime, you can get paid by VOCAT and help you in the following:

  • Medical expenses and counselling
  • Damage or loss to worn clothing during the incident
  • Expenses for safety
  • Lost earnings
  • Funeral costs

Amount of Assistance

The amount of financial help VOCAT pays to the victims of crime in Melbourne averages $7700, however, this amount can vary depending on the victim’s situation. The ceiling amount depends on the crime’s details and the type of victim which is either primary victim, secondary victim, or related victim.

Compensation from the criminal or offender

If the offender is found culpable of the offense committed, you can also get compensated by them by applying for an order from the court so the offender can:

  1. Compensate the pain, injuries, and suffering you experienced because of the crime.
  2. Pay for any damaged, sold, or lost property.
  3. Return stolen possessions.

Three ways of claiming compensation from the offender

  1. Compensation through criminal court action
  2. Compensation through the civil court case
  3. Compensation through PCQF or Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund

Preparing a compensation claim

  1. The victim must coordinate with the officer who is handling the case before it is elevated to court. Inform the police officer about your intention to claim for compensation from the offender.
  2. Keep all medical receipts to support your claims for suffering, injuries, and pain. A doctor’s medical certification is possibly needed for evidence.
  3. Property damage claims must be supported by quotes on the cost to replace or repair.
  4. For theft, the court may require the guilty to return all the goods or amount stolen. If the items are lost, sold, or destroyed, the court can let the offender pay the value of all the goods stolen from the victim.

It is just fair to compensate victims of crime for the inconvenience caused by the crime which include financial, use of government services for victims, and restitution of loss.