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Make Your Car Powerful Without Changing The Engine

Vehicle customization is not an uncommon thing for experts in AFE because there are car owners who are looking for more when it comes to their vehicles. They might want to add a more improved version of a part or they might want to remove the limitations set based on the components of the ride. All of these are done of course with the assurance that the vehicle will be able to handle the new part just fine. One of the most common desires among car owners is to have a more powerful engine. This can be accomplished without changing the engine itself.

One way is to replace the exhaust of the vehicle in order to improve the way the car breathes. This should be done first before any further modifications are done on the vehicle. The increase in power might not be that noticeable but a slight increase is possible if the replacement is using one of the latest exhaust systems that come with supercharger, turbo-back and header-back. Aside from increasing the power, the decibel level of the car exhaust will also be game changing.

One of the major components of upgrading a vehicle, aside from the exhaust, is the air filter. It can improve the cleanliness level of the air that is being taken in by the vehicle. If the filter is changed to a high performance one, the replacement can be done easily because there is no need to handle bolts or complicated processes. The small boost is enough to lift the power of the car even just a small bit.

If possible with the particular model of vehicle you have, it is recommended to re-gear the transmission. This is to allocate properly the vehicle’s power instead of just forcing it to give more. Lastly, one of the recommendations from the AFE is to replace the cold air intake system. This is very important with vehicles that are running on forced induction because the system makes sure that the highest amount of cold air is being directed to the induction system. When the car has enough cold air, the amount of power is also increased.


Painting Cars Pink To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is known as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The aim of the annual health campaign, organized by big charities that tackle breast cancer, is to raise the awareness of the general public when it comes to the disease. It is also the best way to raise funds that will be utilized for researches that will help find the cause of the disease, what could be done to prevent it, how to diagnose it, find treatment as well as cure for this fatal illness. The campaign also aims to provide information as well as support to those individuals who are suffering from breast cancer.

Majority of the people who support the campaign during the month of October will be wearing Pinktober ribbon pins on their chest area or organize events to raise awareness such as walks, fun run, morning tea and more. There are people in other countries such as Australia that opted for car signage in Sydney as a way of campaigning against the disease. This is what Roy Singh did when he decided to take the initiative to join the month-long campaign.

Roy Singh is currently Hot Springs Hire Services Limited’s operations manager and he decided to paint various parts of his Ford XR6 Turbo with the color pink using signage stickers that help in raising awareness with regards to breast cancer.

His inspiration came from huge corporate organizations and he thought that he should do something as an individual to help raising awareness. He fully acknowledges that there are many people out there that are in need of support when it comes to battling the disease. He finds the act to be a small one but nonetheless it will encourage a lot of people in various ways.

Mr. Singh said that the car signage was his way of encouraging individuals to have themselves tested for breast cancer in order to detect the disease sooner than later. He shared that he decided on the idea after a discussion with his wife. This is the same concept used by car signage in Sydney in order to raise awareness, post one’s brand or to advertise certain things.