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3 Reasons To Purchase Custom Software Development Solutions

There are two basic types of software; the packaged or off-the-shelf and the custom type of software. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, for the custom software development tool, the advantages exceed more than its minimal disadvantages. If you are not yet sure which type of software you are going to purchase, take a look at these reasons.


All businesses are different so they need different approaches and software solutions. They have distinct needs so the one-size-fits-all is not applicable. However, if you want your business to perform just like any ordinary business out there, you can join the bandwagon and purchase packaged software. However, if you want your business to perform and stand out from the rest of your competitors, get that business advantage by having a custom software development tool suited to your business’ particular needs.  A personalized software ensures that it will deliver your daily business processes resulting to an increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.


With a personalized software, you can forget about having five different tools for your business processes because you can have everything that your business needs to function, all in a single tool. This is not only convenient; you also do away with several updates and maintenance of multiple programs. Because you have everything you need to fulfill your business processes in single software, you and your employees get to accomplish more, thereby reducing stress and frustration at work. If your business will shift or evolve, you can easily adapt to it because your software can easily be tweaked and tailored based on your business’ specific needs.

 Cost effective

It is a fact that a custom software development tool is more expensive to create because a technician would really have to start from scratch. However, in the long run, you get to save a lot of money since you no longer have to pay for licenses and registration nor will you be required to purchase apps or upgrades that you may not need anyway. With your very own custom software, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your programs and software.


How To Prevent Excessive Sweating From Becoming An Embarrassing Situation 

Sweating is not a disorder; it is considered normal for most people. Those who sweat excessively are usually suffering from a serious condition called hyperhidrosis. In most cases, the condition can be controlled but a good option to stop worrying about sweat is wearing women’s undershirts made from breathable fabrics that are pleasantly cool and comfortable.

There are other ways to stay sweat-free like minimizing caffeine consumption. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and can activate the sweat glands. The heat level can cause the body to go through turmoil with sweaty palms and underarms. Instead of hot coffee, try the iced version instead.

Sweat can make you smell bad that is why deodorants are very popular. Deodorants can keep you smell-free for hours but it will not control excessive sweating. You will need an antiperspirant to control the sweat glands and prevent sweat from dripping on the clothes.

Breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are suggested for the hot summer months instead of polyester. For closed-toe shoes, it is important to use socks to prevent the feet from smelling. Foot odor can lead to bacteria and the accumulation of fungus. Dark colored clothes or shirts with distracting patterns can hide sweat stains.

A cold shower can stop sweat glands and lower the body temperature. Cold showers are cost effective solutions and known for the many advantages it provides. If the face is sweaty during sudden breakouts, it is good option to splash the face with water. It will also reduce the size of the pores.

You can dress smartly while avoiding sweat stains by using undershirts under the regular clothing. Undershirts provide a crucial layer of protection against sweat stains. Sweat will hit the undershirt first before it hits your outer clothing. It can wick moisture away from the skin to make you feel cooler and more comfortable.

There are women’s undershirts in different nude shades for every skin tone. This ensures that the undershirt is undetectable under the outfit. The soft and breathable fabric of the undershirt is regenerated from ethically sourced eucalyptus trees to keep a woman pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day.



Benefits Of Buying Original Auto Parts

Certainly, there are advantages of buying used or second hand auto parts or OEM.  Second hand items are generally cheaper and you can have them from friends or auto mechanics. However, the benefits of buying original products supersede second hand items due to a number of reasons. Although original items are higher in price, you can be sure about them. Here are some of the benefits of buying original car parts.

Unquestionable Quality

One of the benefits of buying original car parts is its unquestionable quality. With original items, you can be sure that they will not malfunction, so long as they are fitted properly or installed by a qualified mechanic. If you know how to fit them or if they are simple car parts that do not require technical expertise, you no longer have to pay for a qualified technician to do it. Before buying auto parts for replacement, make sure that you have the right model and number. This will save your time and money. Better yet, have your car checked by a licensed mechanic to determine the right car parts for your vehicle.

Warranty and replacements

One of the things that you can have from an original car part is longer warranty and even replacement if you are not satisfied with the product. OEM and surplus items may have warranties but they are definitely shorter and you cannot be sure if you can get replacements. A warranty gives you the assurance that your purchases will be replaced or checked for free while the items are within the warranty period.


If you are buying auto parts for aesthetic purposes or to improve your car’s appearance, it would be best to buy original products as they will definitely make your car stand out. Some of the parts that can be improved for aesthetic purposes are tires or wheels, accessories such as wind breaker, side mirror and many others. Purchase the items from a reliable supplier to ensure quality. You can find suppliers online or you can ask from a trusted mechanic for referrals as they can lead you to cheaper, high quality car parts without the hassle.



Leave Me Not: Dogs

Leaving your dog inside the car is a big mistake — no matter how high or low the temperature is. This headline have been broadcasted worldwide because the furry friends deserve better than being behind for whatever reason that holds the owner’s convenience. While it is relaxing to think that your dog will just be sleeping on the cool and stylish Ford seat covers of your Ford Ranger, that is not the reality because dogs will be fighting for their survival against a possible heat stroke. According to American Veterinary Medical Association, that in every year, heat stroke is the main cause of pets dying inside locked vehicles.

The Danger

Dogs have been enjoying car rides since the car was invented. But it doesn’t mean you have their permission to leave them unattended just so you could get a few minutes of bathroom time which actually takes a lot more than 10 minutes. The insides of the car automatically turns into a heatwave when closed and parked in a hot or a semi-hot weather. Studies show that the temperature from outside the car causes the temperature from inside the car to rise up. For example, in a research from San Francisco State University, when the temperature from the outside is a mild 70 degrees, the temperature will go up to 89 degrees within 10 minutes in a hot car with windows closed. That is how fast the temperature rises and dogs will struggle for survival.

The Laws

28 states from the United States have laws on the prohibition of leaving dogs inside cars on a hot weather. That is a huge improvement compared to the year 2015, where the list falls short to 16 states. However, only 11 states namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Wisconsin , Tennessee, Vermont, and New York that allows civilians to do whatever is possible in order to rescue a struggling dog trapped inside a vehicle. That result to breaking the car window to let the dog out but be cautious; this may not be the case in the United Kingdom.

Tips For The Rescue Chief

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an England based charity driven to protect animals at all costs tells the public that they must follow the their advice to avoid lawsuit charges in the UK. It includes dialing 999 when witnessing a dog inside the car, take photos to prove the situation at hand like of the panting dog sitting on the Ford seat covers or the Ford car itself and remember to narrate everything you did to rescue the dog. This will come in handy to prove your innocence and avoid charges while the dog will show you a wagging tail as a thank you.


The Difference Of Thai Hotel Ratings

Thailand remains as one of the top-tourist destinations in Asia because of its scenery. As such, the country’s tourism industry is booming as more tourists visit the country. Studies show that hotel demands are increasing by 10% each year. From budget hostels in Bangkok, to fancy 4- star hotels in Phuket and 5-star hotels in Pattaya, Thailand has numerous places to stay in.

However, hotels have star ratings wherein more stars mean better service. But, what’s the difference?

One- star: The Necessities

Also known as hostels, these are usually the wallet-friendly types with only a bed and bathroom. They lack their own restaurants, but there are stores or food markets nearby. Hostels are usually situated in convenient locations, like the airport or near public transportation. An example of budget-friendly hostels is the Twins Hostel in Bangkok.

Two-stars: Extra Oomph

Like hostels, two-star hotels also feature a simple bed and bathroom. However, they also have a TV, phone, and WiFi. They also have a restaurant and provide room service. Pattara Place in Chiang Mai is a 2-star hotel with comfortable rooms and great service.

Three-stars: Getting There

These hotels are usually where comfort comes in as three-star hotels have large rooms with cable and flat-screen TVs. They also provide amenities and services like a gym/fitness centre, a pool, restaurant, room and laundry service, WiFi, valet parking, conference rooms, etc. An example is the Boutique City Hotel in Pattaya, which offers style and comfort.

Four-stars: Fancy

These hotels offer comfort with its quality of service, stylish rooms, and bathrooms filled with bath products. They offer the same amenities and services with the bonus of fine dining, more pools, bell hops, salons and spas, suite rooms, concierge services and etc. The Novotel Phuket Vintage is a luxurious 4-star hotel in Phuket with an array of services and amenities.

Five-stars: Ultimate Luxury

Five-star hotels are pictures of comfort and glamour with extravagant rooms and impeccable service. Sometimes, these hotels provide them with personal butlers and chauffeurs. They offer the usual services and amenities but with an upgrade. They have gourmet restaurants, tennis courts and golf courses, entertainment shows, high-speed WiFi and internet, speedy room and laundry services and etc.

Six Sense Resort is an opulent 5-star hotel located in the beautiful island of Ya Noi. Be it a gaudy 4-star hotel in Phuket or an affordable hostel in Bangkok, Thailand welcomes its tourists warmly and with hospitality.



Factors That Determine The Rate of Canadian dollar

The rate of Canadian Dollar was fixed in relation to the rate of US dollar during the period beginning from World War 2 and 1950, and during 1962 to 1970. The Bank of Canada was responsible to maintain the fixed value of Canadian currency by intervening in the market dynamics.

At present, the value of Canadian dollar in relation to any foreign currency is determined by the market forces such as demand and supply. Some factors increase the demand for the CAD while others increase demand for the foreign currencies, this demand /supply scenario puts an upward or downward pressure on the Loonie.

Some factors that play a major role in determining the value of Canadian Dollar, according to the experts at Knightsbridge FX are:

  • Interest Rates

The interest rates in Canada are relatively high, which increase the demand of CAD denominated securities from foreign investors. However, the performance of the Canadian Dollar determines the rate of return for the foreign investors. If the investors have a negative forecast about the value of CAD, they may demand higher interest rates on the CAD denominated securities.

  • Commodity prices

World commodity prices play a major role in determining the value of currencies. Same goes true for the Canadian dollar. The major share of Canada’s exports consists of commodities. So when the commodity prices are higher, the value of Canadian exports goes up, which results in an upward movement in the rate of CAD. In the same manner, when the prices of commodities go down, the value of exports goes down and results in a weaker Canadian dollar.

  • Inflation rate

The rate at which the price levels in a country go up at a given time, is called the inflation rate. Inflation rate plays a major role in determining the value of currency. If the inflation rate in Canada is higher than the Inflation in foreign countries, the purchasing power of CAD will be less when compared to that of foreign currencies, which results in decline in the value of CAD. In the same manner, if the inflation rate is lesser, the value of CAD is higher, which results in upward movement of the loonie.

  • Foreign investment

When foreigners invest in Canada, there is an increase in the demand for the CAD, which will push the value of CAD upwards. In the same way, Canadian investments in foreign countries will cause a downward pressure on the CAD.

These are some of the factors that influence the value of CAD. According to Knightsbridge FX many other factors such as international trade of goods and services, productivity, economic and political conditions also influence the value of CAD.