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Gold Coast Cleaning Businessman Saves Company

In October 2015, Mike Dowling, a big Australian businessman specializing in the cleaning industry, acquired James’ Home Services, a franchise op. Problem with the acquisition was that it was on the slide down into collapsing, at least it was until Mr. Dowling got his hands on it.

The Gold Coast businessman managed to turn the collapsing franchise around by introducing a low-entry option. This led to an increase in franchisees by about 45% and, as a result, the operation is now ready to move into the field as a commercial cleaner in Gold Coast.

Mr. Dowling has stated that the franchise had a lot of issues when he acquired it. He elaborates, stating that the franchise was built on a stable and reliable business model, and that the issue was the actual implementation: franchisees weren’t really getting that much work, nor were they being advertised, etc. He states his belief that, had he and his team intervened, the franchise would’ve likely collapsed.

Since his acquisition of the new franchise, he has moved its base of operations to Gold Coast, in addition to and expanded the franchise to have a team of 147 franchisees, 5 of them regional, 47 of them individual. The somewhat fortunate problem that has arisen is that the demand for the new commercial cleaner in Gold Coast is that the franchise, in its current state, is unable to fulfil the demand, with about half of inquiries left unfulfilled.

Mr. Dowling has stated that this is where the low-entry model comes in; so people can take part in the franchise’s operation and contribute, which will help ensure the satisfaction of the franchisees, as well as providing a platform for success for those that enter the franchise. Mr. Dowling has stated that this is his end goal: to create a business wherein the people part of it can actually achieve something without additional trouble.

Mr. Dowling has also expressed plans for expanding into Tasmania and Southern Australia within the next 2 years, and adds that he wants to formally establish the commercial branch of the franchise, which he hopes will be accomplished by October. He adds that that will allow the franchise to deal with larger clients such as hotels, schools, and hospitals.

He has also stated his intentions to expand the franchise globally, marking England as his primary target.


Flexible Work Stations In United States Provided By LiquidSpace

We are in an era where finding a decent space to be used as an office headquarters that comes with adaptable conditions is not easy. LiquidSpace is a recent start-up company that provided a solution to this dilemma. Furthermore, it is taking a few more steps by creating a specific solution called altSpace where companies will be given the capacity to out an office space fast and with option for flexibility. The aim of the program is to meet the needs of a specific company.

AltSpace specializes in reinventing the designs of office spaces and how these are set-up then eventually occupied. When acquiring the service, the tenants could hire a space as long as they have a team of between 10 and 200 staff members. They choose the location based on a list provided by altSpace. After which, they have to choose among the three adaptable designs made exclusively by altSpace. They have to book the package after making the final decisions. AltSpace will then be the one handling everything from purchasing the office furniture to delivering and assembling them on the location. This means that a company will be able to relocate in just a few days without doing all the hard work.

The terms of the company is based on a no lease, no hassle condition wherein companies will only need to pay month after month depending on how long they are planning to stay. The program has already been launched by the company in selected U.S. cities including New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Dallas.

According to the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, the company recognizes that there are start-up companies like them that do not have the time and resources to invest in an expensive office fitouts or they don’t have the capital to pay for long term leases. This does not mean that they do not desire a work environment with cool and trendy design while having the option to move any time they are able to afford to.

Office fitouts are becoming a trend and this is why many office fitouts in Canberra are available for new and growing companies.


How To Choose Activities For Team Building

There are numerous activities for team building that you can utilize for the event. You can either research on the internet for such games and activities or you can also hire an expert facilitator to carry out your team building event. Even if you opt to handle the event on your own or with a team building company, make sure to consider the following ideas.

Suitable for everybody

Team building activities may involve physical activities or may require moving around. There are games that may require participants to compete for spots and this may not be suitable for certain individuals such as pregnant women or people with certain physical disabilities. Those who have medical conditions such as with hypertension, heart conditions and other ailments that restrict people from getting too excited should be given other tasks or functions such as score keepers. To be sure, have your team sign a medical waiver and have a ready medical team while the activities for team building are ongoing.

Consider your goals

The type of activities that you should include in your event must be in accordance with your company or team goals and at the same time, the goal of the activity itself. For instance if your team productivity is suffering, your team building activities should be designed to boost your morale and inspire you to revisit your team goals. Before the actual team building, ask for team expectations so you can come up with activities that are suited to what the team wants.

Consider the venue

The venue is an important factor to an effective and successful team building activity. Choose a conducive venue where your team can freely move around and participate in activities safely. When you choose activities for team building, check the place first for you might include games that would require mobility, only to find out that the venue is limited. Take a research to find various activities that you can have with limited space or the kind of venue you have such as along the beach front, in a convention hall, etc.


Save Time By Using Formulas

In this advanced era, people have become accustomed to doing things faster and better. We are blessed that there have been many innovations that have assisted us in our daily endeavours at home, in school and work. In the past, we have to manually compute our data and even draw our own graphs and tables. Imagine the time we spent to make our reports to look good and to provide accurate information. Collecting and sorting data is a very tedious task and often mistakes cannot be avoided. We could be doing more work to increase compensation if only we had a way to do things faster and in a very systematic way.

The way we do our business is what sets us aside from all other businesses. Clients want results to be delivered faster and with the least number of errors or inaccuracy, meaning they want results to be perfect. Being humans, we are bound to have imperfections and can sometimes oversee minimal flaws. And to this we can lose a project or even lose the trust of our customers. We need to be able to see past these flaws and move on. Tools and applications have now been invented to help businesses save a big amount of money if there are only a few people needed to do the job because of the worktime and workload can be trimmed down.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that enables users to modify data, sort and filter them to get the result that you need. It is a convenient way of gathering information that can be computed modified and shared between peers. Creating tables and graphs are a good way to show clients your proposals and that is very possible with this application. Make use of formulas to calculate simple forecasts to full corporate reports.

Microsoft Excel training will help you learn to create tables and use formulas to auto compute your data. You will also learn how to modify, sort and filter those data that you will only need for that specific time. Learn to use the look up function and create pivot tables and learn how the use of macros will make your life easier.


China Faces Controversy Over Cremation Ashes Transformed Into Jewelleries

In Zhejiang province located in China, there is a funeral service provider that is now facing heated controversies after it has declared to citizens that they now have the option to make their loved ones remains as a jewellery of their choice.

According to a statement from a funeral worker in Zhejiang called Chen, the ashes can be melted through the use of ultra-hot temperature. This process will turn the ashes into tiny beads that are crystallized. Because of the various microelements that are embedded in a human’s ashes, the beads will have different colours once it undergoes the process. This is why it is a very good material to be used in making keepsake jewellery. He also added that their company currently has a free trial for the new service but it will only be given to five residents that love locally.

In several years, China has seen the boom of the trend wherein human ashes after cremation are used to make jewellery. Chen said that there is already a company in Shanghai that was able to create jewellery from ashes for more than 200 customers. The family members of the deceased requested that the remaining ashes should be turned into beads. Currently, there are 21 families coming from different provinces in China that have acquired the services in order to have a keepsake of their love ones who passed away. Chen also indicated that the service will also save land since traditional burying requires it and it is also lesser in cost compared to arranging a funeral ceremony.

Thought this new innovation was welcomed by many citizens, not all are impressed by the idea because of the belief in the culture that traditional burial customs should be followed and respected. This has been a trending topic after the hashtag “TurnedYourLovedOnesIntoNecklaces” has gathered more than 310,000 page views in the local platform Sina Weibo. Majority of the comments are against the said practice.

One netizen said that the practice goes against the burial tradition of Chinese people while there are those that believe that it is the answer to the very costly price of land in China nowadays. In other parts of the world, this new practice is widely known thus cremation jewellery in Perth can be provided as an option when inquiring in funeral homes.


3 Top Reasons For Hiring Industrial Cleaning In Sydney

It may sound like an added financial burden if you would hire services for industrial cleaning in Sydney especially if your business is just starting up or if your type of business is a small enterprise. However, if you would look closely, a clean and well-maintained business establishment provides more benefits than establishments that look neglected. A clean and welcoming business centre gets better ROI because of its striking impression among its targets. While you can leave the cleaning to your utility workers, you will find that there are more benefits if you would get professional cleaners to do the job for you. Here are some of the reasons.

Speedy job performance

Industrial cleaners make use of specialized equipment that can finish the job in less time. With this, your business will have less down time or interruption on your business operation. Industrial cleaners are usually paid by the hour and with their expertise, they can finish the job faster giving you opportunity to save on labour costs. Ordinary utility cleaners utilize household cleaning tools that may not be suited for heavy applications. Using unsuitable equipment would require more time to accomplish a cleaning task.

Dependable industrial equipment

Service providers for industrial cleaning in Sydney utilize heavy duty equipment that can clean commercial establishments in less time. These industrial cleaning equipment are also steadfast and can easily endure the challenges that goes along with areas frequented by people especially those that are susceptible to dust, dirt and microorganisms. Choose a company that uses eco-friendly products and cleaning solutions. Hire a company that employs measures to protect the environment.

Reasonable rates

Since an industrial cleaning in Sydney can easily cover an area in less time, you get to pay less for the services. Always ask for cost estimates from different service providers for comparison purposes and to find out which among these industrial cleaners offers more to your money’s worth. Indicate your specific cleaning requirements when you ask for quotations. You can also call the company for faster feedback from their customer service.



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