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Bottle Packaging Changes With The Rise Of Online Shopping

The packaging of the items we purchase online affects the courier costs therefore it is important for companies to reinvent the current packaging of their products to adapt with online shoppers. For many decades, the designs of the bottles used for packing goods are based on shelf presence. This was during the time when traditional shopping is the only option and consumers have to visit physical shops and go through shelves after shelves of products. This is no longer the focus because of the exponential growth in online shopping. Bottle designs are starting to morph into something that will satisfy the current demand of the e-commerce industry.

Designers will no longer have to focus on shelf presence. Instead, they are going to factor in efficiency for online shoppers. One example is the latest Tide Eco-Box which was released by Proctor & Gamble for their e-commerce consumers. They created the smallest packaging that will store the most amount of liquid while ensuring that the content will be delivered safely to the recipient. The most important feature is that the packaging used is functional.

It is common for online products sent to consumers to be packed with a few layers of packing. Often items are packed with bubble wraps and then two more layers of protection like cardboard boxes. When the parcel arrives, the consumer opens it and then throws away the protective packaging used which is a lot of wastes. This is why P&G decided to design the box known as the Tide Eco-Box which no longer requires extra layer of protection prior to shipping. The item can be shipped from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse of the retailers and then to the houses of the consumers.

The cardboard box used is sealed and intended to withstand shipping. The laundry detergent inside the box is stored inside a sealed bag. All the consumer needs to do is peel off one side of the box where the no-drop twist tap is located. The box also comes with a pull-out stand for easier access using a cup. The design of the box also lowers courier costs because it is compact and easy to ship.


First Supermarket For Molonglo Likely To Open By January After Delays

It makes sense to undertake shop fitouts in Canberra when the space needs to be furnished and organized for both the customers and the staff. Space will be maximized while improving its visual appeal. However, a fitout may not proceed according to plans when necessary approvals are not received on time.

Stephen Byron, the managing director of Capital Estate Developments and developer of Denman Prospect said in 2016 that a supermarket will open at the local shops by late 2017. It was supposed to be the first one for Molonglo. The shops at Denman Prospect were being fast tracked in response to the delays that have affected the construction of Coombs shopping centre. However, it was past the deadline and the shops have not been completed.

Based on the latest announcement, The Farm at the Denman Prospect will open in 2019 following the collaboration with Steve Smith that owns Yass Supa IGA. Nick McDonald Crowley, director of Denman Prospect said that although the deadline was amended, they were still on target for the centre to open in 2018 and the supermarket in early 2019. It is expected that the entire centre will be fully occupied by May 2019.

According to Mr. Crowley, some details of the shop fitout were causing the delay. The rooftop garden on the medical centre is supposed to be the largest green roof in Canberra. They have to plant more than 60,000 plants and shrubs. They want the shops to open earlier because they understand that the residents need it.

The Farm at Denman Prospect will be the largest retail space at the Denman Village Shops. There will be 8 specialty shops, a medical centre, a childcare centre, a gym and a café. Fitouts in some of the shops have started and glazing is currently going in the outer facades.

When shop fitouts in Canberra are undertaken, the objective is more than just visual aesthetics; space must be organized to maximize mobility and accessibility for customers. It is important to create the right look which will complement the nearby environment. Functionality must be appropriate to the size of the usable space.


High Rise Development Funded By Chinese Not Pushing Through

A Chinese project that is supposed to be built in Myanmar has been shut down by the military because of the breach that was committed by the developer. The project was meant to be funded worth $500 million but it is not pushing through anymore because the understanding that has been agreed by the two sides was not followed by the developer. Aside from the high-rise project, hotel in Yangon is also growing in number.

The Myayeik Nyo project is supposed to be situated in over 13 acres in the city of Yangon. The land is under the ownership of the military and the project proposal indicated that there were 12 buildings planned to be constructed with the shortest height at 382 feet and the highest at 412 feet. The developer of the high-rise project is Zaykabar Company with U Khin Shwe as the chairman. The project was planned to be completed by 2020. It was hoped to be a landmark investment for the city which will have a serviced apartments as well as a space for a hotel building. China State Construction Engineering Corporation was the contractor of the said project.

According to an announcement made by the military, they have already sent notice to the developer in May of this year that the construction should not push through because of the project was already stopped.

A week prior to the announcement, the vice governor of the Hunan Province He Boaxiang made a visit to the construction site along with a delegation wherein the company changed the name of the project to Yangon New World Project. U Khin Shwe said that the investment is 40 percent from Zaykabar while the remaining will be covered by a company from China.

The developer was not able to follow the payment schedule they have arranged despite repeated warnings from the military. On top of the failure to pay, the developer conducted soil clearing when they are only allowed to tests the soil. The memorandum is also followed by hotel in Yangon thus they were able to construct projects in the city.


Naval Sea Systems Looking To Embrace 3D Printing Following Redesigned Bolt Tool

3D printing is the latest innovation in tooling, leading to the creation of 3D printed pressbrake and other tools, as well as a new 3D tie bolt anti-rotation tool for an airplane.

The latter is the latest endeavour made by the United States Naval Sea Systems Command, at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) in Portsmouth, Virginia, which it then used in practical application, followed by an additional 100 orders for distribution throughout the NNSY’s Inside Machine Shop on land, as well as the force’s seafaring vessels.

The NNSY is the field operations of NAVSEA, which is specialized in repairing, overhauling, as well as modernizing the United States’ ships and submarines. It’s the largest, as well as the oldest facility operated by the US Navy, and has been noted for causing and creating many of the Navy’s latest innovations, like the construction of the USS Texas, the country’s first commissioned naval battleship.

The 3D printed bolt tool that they produced was made thanks to a collaboration between the NNSY’s Inside Machine Shop (Shop 72), and the Rapid Prototype Lab.

According to NNSY Lifting and Handling Specialist Jonathan Woodruff, the tool is an update on the yard’s current technology. He says that the department usually used a single tool for tie bolts, which he describes as akin to pliers with metal on the stop to stop the rotation of the bolts.

He says that the tool, while reliable, was tedious to use and was the only tool that the entire shop could use, which is why they decided it was time for a change.

The new tool was initially designed in 2D, before being 3D modelled in CAD, then 3D printed. The tool was tested for use during the design process, modified in order to meet specifications. The final prototype was then 3D printed in impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic, the material used for bullet proof glass and CDs.

Following the creation of the prototype, it was then present to the NNSY Rapid Prototype Lab, where it was tested, where it passed and was approved for use.

The overall cost for 3D printing up to eight tools in a single build ranges at a  mere $30, which is why the NNSY is considering rolling out the 3D printed tool out across the entire NNSY workforce, following the innovations in 3D printed tools and parts, like pressbrake and aircraft components.


Singapore Top Country Preferred By Expats

According to an international survey that was conducted by HSBC, many of the countries favored by expats are in Asia. Out of the 31 countries on the list, 10 of them are from the Asia region. The annual survey was answered by thousands of expats in different adopted nations. The ranking was then based on a number of factors including education opportunities, economy and lifestyle. Singapore is still the number one country for expats according to this year’s report. Education is already a hot topic because of the number of agencies providing home tuition Singapore and the same opportunities are presented to children of expats in the Asian country.

Almost half of the participants said that they decided to move to Singapore because they want to develop their career. The salary is the main motivation for many because the average salary of an expat in Singapore is $162,000. This figure is $56,000 higher compared to the global average.

Trailing behind Singapore are the countries New Zealand and Germany. The fourth and fifth spots are taken by Canada and Bahrain. Looking at the entire list, the countries that are in Asia, North America, Middle East and Europe took the high ranks while the remaining regions have only a few countries included in the list.

On the other end of the spectrum, countries and South Africa as well as South America are not the top picks of most expats. South Africa was top 29 while Brazil was included in the 31st place. The list shows that United States is only 23rd and three stops below it is Saudi Arabia. Looking at the economy, United States got 13th place with expats with the reason that they are able to earn more money in the US compared to if they work in their home nation.

The reason why the overall ranking of US dropped down is safety and long work hours. While Singapore took the top spot, the country is not very popular when it comes to expats looking for balance between work and daily life. Even the students there have home tuition Singapore aside from regular school hours which goes to show how much the nation favors work and progress.


Why Hotels Near Pattaya Make You Enjoy The City

Pattaya is another popular city in Thailand for travellers. It’s on the eastern coast of the Gulf and is a young city in comparison to its rich history. It was developed some 40 years ago and became renowned to many American soldiers especially during the Vietnam War. If you like to experience its culture and history, ensure you’re booked in hotels near Pattaya for a grand holiday.

Many travellers are appealed with the sights, sounds and girls the city can offer. For most male travellers, they come here for the sex tourism industry; however, travellers coming with their families can also enjoy their destination by the beach. They just need to ensure they’re booked in family hotels near Pattaya to ensure the kids have a wonderful time.

If you’re here for nightlife, you’ll find several girlie bars and shows, where you get entertained. For families, there are more quieter areas and attractions like elephant parks, museums and zoos to serve as a diversion from the night scene.

Greater Pattaya

This area will cover most of the Banglamung coastlines and extend to the Pattaya Beach, Naklua Beach and the cape of the Buddha Hill. If you want a peaceful time with loved ones or a group of friends, you should be here away from the main beach.

Jomtien Beach

This is the best beach to take your partner and kids. This is more peaceful and quieter than the centre of Pattaya. You’ll also find here restaurants and bars to enjoy. Just ensure you’re booked in nice hotels near Pattaya for convenience.

North Pattaya

This is not the area where the action is, but you can come here if you’ll like to see the northern part of the main beach. It’s excellent for those who want to stay closer to the city centre.

South Pattaya

This is a popular place among travellers as they can enjoy the best shopping, nightlife and atmosphere. This is where you find the infamous Walking Street and the Pattaya land.

Central Pattaya

This area of Pattaya is not so busy as compared with the rest, but you’ll still find restaurants, bars and shopping centres on the beach roads. So, at the end of the day, ensure you’re back to your chosen hotels near Pattaya for some peace and quiet time.