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Ford Introduces Advanced Suspension Technology On Its European Focus

The suspension system is one of the popular products of Auto Parts Canada because it improves performance and safety. Contrary to what many people assume, the suspension system does not reduce the shock of a bump in the road. It keeps the car wheels down on the road so that power and control is not lost when the car goes over a bump.

Potholes are problems that will not be going away any time soon that is why Ford is introducing an advanced suspension technology that will reduce the impact of damaged roads. The redesigned European Focus which will be on sale in Europe has an innovative pothole detection technology. The suspension system can detect when the wheel is going to fall into a pothole so that it can adjust suspension to limit how far the tire drops.

Since the tire and wheel do not really fall as far, they will not strike the opposite sides of the pothole as harshly as exit. Usually, the rear suspension responds faster than the front due to a signal from the front wheel that provides a pre-warning to the rear wheel before it reaches the pothole.

According to Guy Mathot, Focus vehicle dynamics supervisor, Ford engineers are actually looking for the roughest roads so that the limits of the innovative suspension system can be tested; however, it seems that the rough roads are finding them. The suspension systems of Ford are used at specially created roads in their test facility in Belgium.

Ford engineers were able to create an exact replica of worst potholes and hazards all over the world. After the test, the engineers refine the system with hundreds of hours of additional testing on different European roads. Loads and strains are monitored using equipment similar to what seismologists use when monitoring earthquakes.

Potholes on roads can make a journey very uncomfortable not to mention the damages caused to the vehicle’s suspension system, tires and wheels. If the suspension system is seriously damaged, there are aftermarket replacements available through Auto Parts Canada that will give you better control and more power. Improved suspension systems are critical for those who are seeking improvements in vehicle performance.


Different Modes Of Transportation Used In Logistics Management

Transportation is an important element in logistics. As logistics management involves, management of the goods from the point of their origin to the point of consumption, transportation plays a major role in logistics. Using the appropriate transportation is essential part of logistics management.

There are different means of transport used by transportation logistics specialist for moving goods from the point of their origin to the point of their consumption. Let us examine some of the popular modes of transport and their importance.


Airfreight is the most preferred means of transportation for moving goods over long distances. Reputed transportation logistics specialists use airfreight for transporting highly perishable items, fragile items and high-value items over long distances. Airfreight is the fastest mode of transport and ensures timely delivery of products. Bigger logistics companies have their own fleet of aircrafts while the smaller players use air cargo. The fees of airfreight are higher when compared to others, but it is the most reliable and fastest means of transporting products.

Land transportation

Land transportation involves transporting goods via road and rail. Land transportation costs much less when compared to airfreight. It is most suitable form of transport for moving goods within short to medium distances. There is a chance of delays in land transportation due to road conditions, weather conditions and traffic issues. Most of the transportation logistics specialists have their own fleet of trucks and vehicles with latest features for land transportation. These vehicles are fitted with most advanced tracking systems that enable easy tracking of the vehicle and also the consignment. Drivers of these vehicles should be licensed and we well versed with the safety regulations of the different areas they operate, to enhance the safety of the cargo.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most suitable mode of transportation for large cargo. It is the most preferred mode for transporting goods over long distances. Sea freight costs lesser than airfreight but might take long time to reach the destination.

These are the three forms of transport used by transportation logistics specialists to transport goods. They use any one or a combination of these different modes of transport for faster and reliable delivery of products.


How To Choose A Budget Hotel Near Skytrain Station?

If you were to find a nice and accessible accommodation, why not settle for a hotel near Skytrain station. It’s a chance to easily locomote the streets of Bangkok especially the areas of Sukhumvit, Silom and Khao San Roads. Here you’ll also find highly-rated five-star hotels in the city. There’s also exquisite restaurants and trendy bars to visit especially if you prefer a really cool vacation where you meet people of various nationalities.

However, if you’re on a modest budget, the less expensive options are to choose budget hotels. You’ll surely find them around the Khao San Road. There are various cheap accommodations from guesthouses to three-star hotels. Even the amenities in the area are solely catered for those on a budget. There’s also several affordable dining and entertainment options which help you make a relaxing atmosphere.

In Bangkok, you’ll virtually find many budget hotels especially on the more upscale districts. You can also try searching at the YaowaratRoad which is Bangkok’s Chinatown and home to many vendors offering a wide variety of merchandise at affordable prices. If you want to shop in Bangkok for great products, you’ll want to consider staying near Siam Square, and get you in the vicinity of Bangkok’s primary shopping districts.

Or if you want transport accessibility, you can stay in a hotel near Skytrainand go wherever you want to go in Bangkok. Other modes of transport in this city are taxis, tuk-tuks, MRT station, boats and buses. However, the most convenient mode of transportation is those from the BTS station where you are away from traffic jams and will see spectacular tourist sights.

The BTS or MRT stations are the fastest ways to get around the city. They are also friendly for first-time travellers as there are signs written in English to get you to the various places of the city. The trains are fast, clean, air-conditioned and affordable that you’ll get to your desired destination easily. Even if you get lost, you can head back and find your way back to your hotel near Skytrainstation.

To ensure that you are accommodated in the best hotel that fits your budget, you need to check online for options and read first-hand reviews and feedbacks from current and previous clients.


ASIC Regulatory Fees Raising Questions

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the regulatory organization in charge of every one Aussie who has can lay claim to the honour of best financial adviser in the country, has recently gotten some flak regarding its new funding model.

The ASIC’s new pay model will be a ‘user pays’ model, where the financial advisors and auditors under the ASIC will receive new billing to fund the organization. CPA Australia’s business policy adviser, Gavan Ord says that these new fees are egregious, and might make it hard to attract more members.

For financial advisors,  the effect is particularly bad thanks to these new bills kicking in at about the same time as new compliance fees that came in thanks to professional standards reforms as well as the establishment of a new complaints authority. CPA Australia’s advisers, some of the industry’s best financial adviser are saying that he problem lies in how these all add up.

Some are saying that the CPA Australia cannot see how these new fees relate to their actual costs, pointing to the AU$1,927 registration fee that self-managed super fund (SMSF) auditors have to pay, plus the deregistration fee of AU$899. To contrast, individual registered company auditors’ registration fee is only AU$338, plus the annual flat levy of AU$222, but these still generate more fees than an SMSF. The problem being that the registration costs for the SMSF are five time that of company auditors.

On top of all of that, there’s also the fact that the graduated fee is sill unknown, as they’ll be derived from the ASIC’s final costs, which won’t be revealed in October. The new model demands that ASIC needs to recover any money spent on regulating entities within a financial year, but that can’t be determined until the end of that particular year. This means that the AISC will collect data through July and September, before publishing the indicative costs on October, followed by an invoice with the fees to regulated entities on January.

The new model came into effect on the 1st of July 2017, and would allow it to allocate resources better. Some that doubt the new model, however, say that they need some level of assurance of what the new model will do and that the money will be used appropriately and effectively.


IRS Announces Updated Instructions On The Application For EIN

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique 9-digit number that is assigned by the IRS to businesses operating in the United States. Partnerships and corporations including trusts and estates are required to apply for EIN for the payment of employment taxes and filing of business tax returns. Aside from the IRS website, EIN application form is also available through zoom filings, a third-party designee that will work on your behalf.

Last December 2017, the Internal Revenue Service announced new instructions on the process of application for EIN. Updated instructions to Form SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number require that the responsible party must now be an individual and not an entity. Responsible party is defined as the person that ultimately owns or controls the applicant. He must also exercise ultimate effective control over the applicant. Example of a responsible party is the principal officer of a publicly traded corporation or a person that manages the business.

Before the updated instructions, IRS permits the responsible party to be an entity. Now that the responsible party is an individual, IRS requires the Social Security Number or the Individual’s Taxpayer Identification Number. Exception to the rule is when the responsible party not eligible to obtain the SSN or ITIN.

However, an important omission to the updated instructions is the guidance that SSN, ITIN or EIN is not required for the responsible party in cases where the applicant is a non-resident alien or foreign entity that is applying for EIN. In this particular instance, the applicant is required to write “foreign domicile” on the line 7B of the EIN application form. According to several representatives from the IRS, EIN can be assigned to a foreign applicant with no legal residence, principal office or agency in the US even if the responsible party has no SSN, ITIN or EIN.

The application for EIN can be quite complex for some businesses but there is zoom filing that can provide assistance to applicants. The online website works on behalf of consumers and is not associated with IRS or any government agency. The sole purpose is to assist applicants in obtaining EIN.


IHG Announces Major Expansion Across Thailand

The InterContinental Hotels Group has recently made a bold new move, one that will lead to the building of a new holiday inn in Rayong, with seven other hotels as part of a new partnership that will increase the group’s number of rooms in the country by at least 2,000.

The signage solidified a series of deals, which include new properties as well as conversions, for the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites brands. The first hotel as part of this new chain of deals will begin operation sometime in 2018, and will be followed by the other hotels in the deal, to continue with new releases until 2027.

According to IHG’s Managing Director of South East Asia and Korea, Clarence Tan, Thailand has long since been a key market for IHG, made clear not only by the holiday inn in Rayong, but also Thailand acting as the launch pad for some of the IHG key brands include Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo, and Staybridge Suites.

These new properties will be located in Thailand’s key tourism destinations, such as Pattaya, Rayong, Phuket, Khao Lak and Koh Samui, these properties are under development with IHG’s new partner, Ratanakorn Asset, a local development company.

The new properties that will open on 2018 are the following:

Holiday Inn Resort KohLarn

  • This new hotel under the Holiday Inn brand will feature a specialty restaurant, swimming pool, bar and gym, among others. This development is currently underway on Na Ban Beach, five minutes from Na Ban public pier.

Holiday Inn Resort Pattaya Na Jomtien

  • This beachfront property will be located near and provide easy access to the popular Cartoon Network Waterpark, good for families.

Staybridge Suites North Pattaya

  • This new property will offer extended-stay options to Pattaya’s expat- and family-favored area, Wong Amat.

Holiday Inn Resort Rayong

  • Conveniently on the white-sand Mae Rum Pueng Beach, a mere 45-minute drive from U-Tapao International Airport.

Holiday Inn Resort Khao Lak Cape Pakarang

  • An hour from the Phuket International Airport, this property will offer a sea view of Cape Pakarang, popular for its swimmer-friendly water, staghorn corals and picturesque sunsets.

Holiday Inn Express Phuket Kata

  • This new Holiday Inn will be a mere 10 minutes away from Kata Beach, complimented by close proximity to a large selection of eateries, entertainment, and shopping options.

Holiday Inn Express Samui Chaweng

  • A new hotel under the Holiday Inn Express brand, this hotel will be located at the heart of Chaweng, surrounded by dining, entertainment, and shopping offerings. It is also not far from Chaweng Beach, one of Koh Samui’s most popular spots, merely walking distance.

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