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Long Island Aiming For Uniform Signage Met With Opposition

It was April of 2015 after Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Island who proposed that the signs all over the city should be changed, when the installation of the new signs began. There are many signs in Brisbane but the city has no intention as of now to change these. In the case of Long Island, the change was approved in order to make the signs consistent. These signs are the very same seen in neighbourhoods, parking and beach access.

The 2016 City Council reported that the project is expected to be done by 2017 but the year has passed and still only a limited number of signage has been installed. There are ongoing installations in the parking areas of Alamitos Beach.

There are still discussions ongoing in prominent neighbourhoods as reviews are conducted between business groups and the neighbourhoods. The decision has gathered both positive and negative reactions.

In the most recent meeting of Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission, commissioners gave their opinion regarding the designs. There are those who are not convinced with the design’s feedback coming only from a very limited number of recipients. There are also concerns about the absence of character in the latest signs.

According to the commission’s vice chairman, Matthew Peterson, they expect that there will be some controversies as the new signs are rolled out. He also said they were surprised because they received 750 responses during the survey.

The existing sign at the gateway of Belmont Shore has been installed many decades ago and it has been there as far as the residents can remember. What is left of the wooden sign since its companion has been blown away by strong wind is seen to reflect the vibe of the beach. The problem with the remaining wood is that it is already filled with termites thus replacement is necessary.

The new signage of the entire city is minimalistic and follows a patriotic set of colours. The city may have to deal with these new signs but the signs in Brisbane are expected to remain the same for the meantime.


How To Create A Brilliant Commercial Fit Outs In Sydney

You need to undergo an agreement with a landlord if you plan to move into a new office or prefer something in the near future. Just like searching for a new home, finding an office may seem easy and perfect if you have met all items included in your checklist. It also means you need to let few things go off hand to make the settlement work. To ensure that you have chosen the right office location, you need to consider that the leasing options are affordable and that its proprietors are willing to have it renovated. If you choose commercial fit outs in Sydney, you can save adequate space and transform it with other professionals as your dream workplace. If you are searching for the right size that is priced affordably, the commercial fit outs will suit its purpose.

Make the Office Stand Out

If the space you’re considering lacks some physical features, you may need a more extensive fitout just to make your office work. If you try to search for providers of commercial fit outs in Sydney, you will see how they work with the physical elements of your office. They can provide you all the fire and earthquake safety standards and upgrade the air conditioning just to make the fit out really comfortable and conducive for working. They can also enhance the appearance of the fit out to make it more appealing to your customers, business partners and suppliers. The fit out is provided with floor covering, partitioning and other alterations.

Keep the Business Operating Smoothly

Some commercial fit outs in Sydney may need additional work just to reach a desired look. No need for worries as a business owner can have his business continue its operation without getting distracted with fit out renovations. Especially if the business just moved in recently, the office fit out can be completed at a given schedule. When the office fit outs are done in Sydney, the providers can carefully plan the design without imposing noise and dust into the environment. Rest assured, the commercial fit out can be completed in a timely and efficient manner with no distraction involved.


How Video Production Company In Brisbane Can Create An Amazing Video

If you were to create a video, you need to grab the attention of prospective clients and partners. However, this method is now changing as huge brands and small businesses prefer conventional corporate videos. Progressively, a video production company in Brisbane is now creating content that engages and entertains their audiences while trying to sell something or promoting the business. For recent environments, the videos created are now telling compelling stories about their products or services.

For many people, they find video production as intimidating as they entail a huge expense. Not many medium or small-sized businesses have the financial resources to spend for their marketing or advertising videos. However, if you create the right content using few basic tools and a modest budget, your business can create a video that will convey your message, solidify the relationship with current customers and invite more prospects.

So, here’s what you should do to create compelling corporate videos:

  • Choose a purpose and use stories that help focus the purpose

Corporate video production company in Brisbane will create variable purposes for different types of businesses. The videos may be designed to gather more new customers, while others for new employees. There are also videos that sell or promote a product, while others are for brand awareness. Think about what your business can offer and how it can be acquired using a video. If you want to check out how video production companies create your videos, you may want to read customer testimonials and see the difference.

  • Find Stories that Connects, Engages, or Entertains Your Target Audience

No two businesses need to create videos for selling their products or services. There are others who opt for emotional videos, while others choose funny ones. Videos require time and money to create a good one. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re spending all your money on the right resources, so it can tell your market what they need to know.

  • Let Your Video Reach the World

Now that you’ve chosen a reputed video production company in Brisbane, ensure that it will be launched efficiently to the world. Many filmmakers say a movie isn’t complete without being seen by large numbers of audience. The same is true for videos. So, get your target audience seeing your videos on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.


Business Travel Expected To Grow Despite Tariffs And Trade Wars

Good news for any corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire or anywhere else in the world, as the corporate travel sector saw a period of great growth for the year of 2018, with data and research from experts in the industry suggesting that this might continue for the foreseeable future.

The Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) annual convention in San Diego, California was attended by 7,000 business travel professionals from across the world, who were all working to make the most of the growth the field was experiencing in.

Good news came from the GBTA itself and Rockford Analytics, which predicted that 2018 might be the best year on record for the overall growth of the industry, which would finally mark an end to the uncertainty that has been problematic in the industry following the Great Recession.

From 2016 to 2017, business travel expenditure went up by 5.8%, to US$1.33 trillion, and projections for 2018 expect an increase of about 7.1%, which is the biggest increase for the industry since its bounce-back following the recession which ran from 2010 to 2011. The big difference with this increase is that the industry isn’t clawing its way back to how it was last time, it’s shooting past its own expectations.

While this is good news for any corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire and across the world, the outlook for the future is a bit more problematic.

GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick says that this growth could mark the end of the era of  uncertainty but the issue is that protectionism is increasing across the world at the world time possible, with McCormick saying that the direction global trade policy is taking is the biggest variable that could derail the recovery of the industry.

Should the US, China, and the EU proceed with the proposed retaliatory measures that they’ve been planning, the global economy will take a hit, more than just corporate travel, with projections suggesting that the US will be suffering the most should these methods come to pass, with the UK already feeling the effects of Brexit.

Instability in the global economy could also lead to higher interest rates in the market, which could lead to corporations spending more on dealing with debt than sending their employees across the world, which would affect the industry at large.

Nevertheless, the projection remains positive, with business travel spending growth expected to sit around 5% for the next three years, with a projected increase of 5% for 2020.


How To Choose Partnerships With NZ Couriers

Are you searching for a new courier to help your business, or to ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing one? Consider NZ couriers as your partner in handling courier services that make your business grow. They have the right knowledge, experience and equipment to carry out the job. To explain better how you can be successful with them, here are few things to consider:

  • Technology

Running any type of business is considered a full-time job. For this reason, you need your back-end services to operate smoothly and effectively as possible. When choosing NZ couriers, take a look at their online tools to make things easy for you. Things like one-click booking services, online ticketing systems and the ability to order packs and tickets online can save money, time and the hassle of calling in phones.

  • Speed

Customers prefer to have their parcels or packages delivered fast. In fact, Kiwis prefer same or next-day deliveries within the country. You may need to check the same-day offering of the courier provider, if they offer and have it. You also need to check if they can provide nationwide overnight delivery, know their delivery standards, etc. All these can make a difference to a customer who needs something immediately.

  • International Services

If you do sell products globally, then this can be a factor to consider in NZ couriers services. Your e-commerce business will need to send your products to customers from point A to point B. Ensure that they are reliable, so the package reaches your receiver safe and secure.

  • Local and Nationwide Courier

If uncertain about other parts of the country, you need to work with a courier provider that has branches near such areas. They’ll have the local branch deliver the parcel to the desired destination on time and free from damage.

  • Great Customer Communication

If the customers are satisfied with the NZ couriers, they will return and do business with you again. You need to ensure that your company has a clear tracking system to make them monitor the parcels or packages. If you deliver on time, customers make less complaints and thus are happy with your service.


Detroit Residents Attempted To Break World Record In December 2017

In December last year, Detroiters tried to break the record for the biggest number of people to wear the worst Christmas they could find.

Beating the World Record

One Saturday night last year at Detroit, residents got together wearing their worst xmas sweater to beat the existing Guinness World Record. hosted the party.

The Team to Beat

In December 2015, 3,473 people at the University of Kansas set the world record for the most number of people gathered together wearing holiday sweaters. Spectators wore their festive sweaters at Allen Field house to watch the basketball game between Kansas and Montana’s men’s teams. Each participant was given an official participation ticket at the entrance to help in counting the people joining to set the record.

They beat the previous record set by Lough borough University in the United Kingdom with 1,175 attendees in December 2014.

Ben Mauk, a participant at the event, said that they wanted to be part of an original idea, and that most stores have already sold out their holiday sweaters that they had to make their own one week prior to the event.

How did it happen?

The participants formed a line spanning a few blocks and were allowed to join if their xmas sweater was ugly or festive enough for the event. Each group of 50 was guided through an official turnstile to help with the counting.

Kaitlin Vesper from New York acted as the representative of Guinness and served as the official judge for the event. It has been her job at Guinness to travel to different locations and confirm attempts at setting world records.

The Result

Unfortunately, the Detroit residents came up short with only about 1,500 people showing up at the event. They were not able to beat the world record, but it still turned out to be a great party for everyone.

After being counted, the participants were guided into a huge heated lodge with refreshments and music for everyone. There were speeches and chants, as well as cheers, jugglers, cocktails, and bouncing beach balls.

Ruben Ortega, a Detroit resident who joined the event, shared his experience. He said it was a festive event, and it has something you have never seen before, and might never see again.