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Seven Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is fun. Bikes are a fuel efficient and fast option to commute the city traffic. However, reports suggest that motorcyclists are more prone to accidents when compared to car drivers. Here are some tips that will help you to be safe while enjoying the fun of riding a motorcycle.

  • Do not buy a motorcycle with huge capacity, if you are new to biking. Define your requirements and your riding skill and capability, before searching for Honda motorcycles for sale and buying them. Select a suitable bike that suits your height and personality. Your feet should comfortably touch the ground, when seated on the bike. The handlebars and other controls should be within your reach and the bike should not be too heavy.
  • While searching for Honda motorcycles for sale, prefer the ones with antilock brakes. Motorcycles with ABS are far safer to ride. Moreover, bikes with ABS receive an insurance discount when compared to basic bikes.
  • Bikers should practice their skills by attending the motorcycle safety foundation riding course or similar course. Most of the dealerships offer riding course to their customers. Completing the training course makes you eligible for an insurance discount. Bikers can learn basic and advance techniques of riding in these classes.
  • Invest in a full face helmet. Helmet is a very essential safety gear for bike riders. Most of the motorcycle dealerships sell high quality safety gear. Invest in a good quality, lightweight and strong helmet that offers optimum protection. The helmet should be replaced once every five years.
  • Wearing the right riding gear is important for a safe and pleasurable ride. Motorcycle riders are exposed to elements and dust. The riding gear like jackets, boots and gloves helps them to protect themselves from wind, debris, dust and other flying objects. Bikers can buy good quality riding gear from reputed dealerships offering Honda motorcycles for sale in their locality.
  • Bikers should avoid riding in the bad weather, especially during rain. Rain makes the road slippery and it is difficult to ride because of poor visibility. However, if you have to use your motorcycle during bad weather, remember to be gentle and slow, avoid sudden manoeuvres and practice safe driving.
  • An important point to keep in mind is to keep the bike in top condition always. Perform routine maintenance and inspection and make sure that the bike is in working condition. Do not skip service routines and consult a reputed mechanic to replace or repair any worn-out parts.

Following all these steps right from searching for suitable Honda motorcycles for sale to regular upkeep and maintenance, helps the riders to be safe.


Moto GuzziReveals V85 Production Specs

Moto Guzzi unveiled a concept at 2017’s EICMA show, a design considered by many as the Italian manufacturer’s interpretation of a modern-day adventure motorbike. Now, the patent drawings for the new Moto Guzzi that show the production design of the new bike.The production specs and drawing shows that the manufactured version closely resembles the concept unveiled at EICMA. There’s no date as of yet as to when this new ADV bike will hit showrooms across the world.

The V85 is not the first Moto Guzzi ADV bike, as the Italian manufacturer already made the 1200cc Stelvio and the Quota, which can be considered cousins to the new model. However, the V85 more closely resembles its sister bikes, the V65 and the V75 Baja motorcycles, the models that represented the manufacturer at the Paris-Dakar rally.

As mentioned before, the production drawing of the V85 resembles the concept, however, as expected of the transition from concept to production model, there are some notable deviations from the original concept. First, the end can of the bike’s exhaust is longer, and has a catalytic converter positioned under its transmission. The concept drawing gave the new Moto Guzzi an Ohlins fork at the front, with an offset monoshock in the back, but the production version will not have these. The radial mounting for the bike’s Brembo front brake caliper also a different design than the one in the concept.

There are other differences that can be seen for the production patent drawings, which include a restyled and smaller fuel tank, a resculted seat with a different look in comparison to the original concept, which was inspired by the Dakar. The twin headlight and the side panel mountings have been redesigned for the production iteration. The TFT instruments, screen and the frame structure at the rear end of the bike, however, remain unchanged from the original concept.

For performance, the new Moto Guzzi V85 will be powered by a redesigned two-cylinder 90° transverse air-cooled 850cc engine. This new adventure bike model is expected to compete with the Triumph Tiger 800, the BMW 850 GS as well as the Ducati Multistrada 950.


The Motorcycle Show Welcomes Back Piaggo Group Americas

For this year, the Piaggio Group Americas will once more be a part of The Motorcycle Show in Canada. The showcase will expect the newest models from brand such as Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio and Aprilia. These same models will be available soon and the latest models of Moto Guzzi for sale will be seen in dealers all over the world.

Piaggio Group Americas is known as the importer of legendary scooter as well as motorcycle brands based in Northern America. It covers brands such as Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia. This year, it has been announced that the group will be coming back to the premiere sports events in Canada called The Motorcycle Show.

The show has already started its tour in Canada this weekend which stopped by Calgary first. The tour will then proceed to other places in Canada including Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec City. This will be happening from January until the month of February.

The event dates are listed below:

  • Calgary Motorcycle Show held at BMO Centre Calgary Stampede from January 5 until 7.
  • Edmonton Motorcycle Show will be held at Edmonton Expo Centre from January 12 until 14.
  • Vancouver Motorcycle Show at Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbottsford, BC on January 19 until 21.
  • Quebec City Motorcycle Show will be at Centre de Foires de Quebec City from February 2 until 4.
  • Toronto Motorcycle Show to be held at Enercare Centre from February 16 to 18.
  • Montreal Motorcycle Show will be at Palais des Congres de Montreal at February 23 to 25.

Everyone will surely have something to look forward to at the events. The booth organized by Piaggio Group America will feature their eco-sustainable transportation, top electronics, leading performance and the style that the Italian motorcycle maker has been known ever since. There will be many 2018 models presented at the events including Aprilia’s Tuono Factory, RSV4 RF and Dorsoduro 900, Moto Guzzi’s MGX-21 Flying Fortress and V7 III Stone, Vespa’s Sei Giorni and Primavera and Piaggio’s MP3 500. These models of Moto Guzzi for sale are expected to be out this year as well as the other brands from the group.


Pros And Cons Of Online Buying From Honda Dealers In UK

Buying from online Honda dealers in UK was made even more convenient with the availability of online sellers and shops which gives you more options and better shopping experience. Online shopping is one of the best benefits of modern technology. It allows you to get your needed products without having to go anywhere. Even motorbike can already be purchased online and delivered to where you are, sometimesfor free. However, buying bikes from online sources can also have its downsides although it also has its share of positive points. If you have not decided yet whether to buy Honda bike online or offline, take a look at these points to ponder.


  • Convenient shopping. Shopping online from the websites of Honda dealers in UK requires nothing but your computer and internet connection. With this two, you can already visit numerous online sellers and check on their products. You don’thave to spend for gas or exert effort to drive down to your nearest bike shop because you can obtain all the information that you need with a few clicks. You can also shop for bikes anytime and anywhere unlike offline shopping when you really have to allocate time to shop around.
  • More affordable. Online dealers do not spend much on overhead expenses and operation costs so they can offer their merchandise at a much lower costs.They can also offer better deals to attract more customers due to stiff competition.
  • Provides more information. Online dealers provide as many information as possible about theproducts they sell including product reviews.


  • No test-drive. One of the disadvantages of buying from online Honda dealers in UK is that you do not have the opportunity to do a test drive. You cannot test how easily you can manoeuvre the bike or how comfortable it is to use on the road.
  • Cannot personally check the unit. There are bikes that can only look great on photos but they are not actually what they seem in reality. You cannot personally check the electronics and other essential aspects of the bike.