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Why It Is Important For Motorcycle Jackets To Be Abrasion-Resistant

One of the most frequent questions at motorcycle dealerships is whether they have a motorcycle clothing store. Manufacturers of motorcycle clothing have provided riders with the option of motorcycle clothing online so that they can shop conveniently. The jackets, casual clothing, trousers, body armour and waterproof clothing are well known quality brands.

Everybody knows that wearing proper gear is very important to enjoy motorcycle riding during the colder months. There is motorcycle gear that has been designed for the most gruelling adventures and tailored to withstand different elements.

It is typical for riders to travel much faster in their bikes. Even when riding around town, it is typical to hit 50mph or more. On the highway, 85mph can be exceeded. However, the skin, bones and organs were not created to withstand an impact at extremely fast speed.

Another factor to consider is abrasion where you lose at least one millimetre of flesh for every mile per hour of going over 30mph when you crash. When the bike crashes while you are at top speed, you are very likely to lose 1.4 cm of skin and muscle which the body cannot afford to lose. When you crash at 70mph, you will not only suffer from abrasions but life threatening injuries.

A motorcycle jacket covers the parts of the body that are considered fragile like the arms, back, ribs and organs. This is the reason why choosing a jacket must be taken seriously. Fashionable jackets are not created to withstand abrasions and windblast. Motorcycle-specific jackets put safety and comfort above style and fashion.

Motorcycle-specific jackets whether made from leather or textile have features like seams that are doubled up multiple of times to protect stitching from abrasion and provide additional strength to prevent them from bursting. The jackets are designed to snugly fit in high speed windblasts. They also include armour that will absorb impact.

For riders who want to look stylish, there is motorcycle clothing online that can complement the style of bike you are using. There are jackets made from mesh or perforated leather with lots of zip open vents. There are also jackets with zippers around the bottom to connect to a pair of riding pants to seal out the elements.


Honda’s Tokyo Motor Show Exhibit Reveals Electric Dirt Bike Prototype

Honda was present at the 2019 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. In its exhibit for this year, the Japanese manufacturer showed off their designs for electric Honda bikes, with their latest project being an electric motocross bike concept.  The bike’s still a prototype, and is one of the first electric Honda bikes made by the manufacturer, which shows that the Japanese company has been working on electric vehicles for a while now.

The new bike, the CR Electric MX, utilizes a CRF-based twin-spar frame, which indicates that the collaboration between Honda and its partner, Mugen, has successfully managed to create compact batteries, and electric motors that can be put into the CRF motocross bike frame. Mugen, Honda’s partner at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy’s electric TT Zero event, has been working on electric drive trains for a while now.

The manufacturer has refused to reveal details on the bike’s specifications, but it apparently utilizes the base of a Honda CRF250R, with the same chassis, suspension, swingarm, wheels and brakes. Neither the capacity and dimensions of the bike’s battery, nor its electric motor was disclosed, but Honda has made it very clear that its working on breaking into the electric two-wheeler market, and many are already expecting production model electric Honda bikes to be released soon. The main power unit in the prototype heavily resembles the one that the MugenShinden electric super bike, present in this year’s Isle of Man TT, albeit scaled down.

The lithium-ion battery is manufactured by another Japanese company dealing with consumer electronics, Maxwell. The concept’s  motor and inverter both use liquid-cooling, in order to maintain higher performance during the motocross races that the bike is intended for. Currently, there’s no details on a production timeline, but the concept is a sign that Honda is looking to go into the business of selling electric two-wheelers.

The weekend following the concept’s reveal, it was shown off in Kumamoto, at the first round of the MFJ All Japan Motocross Championship at HSR Kyushu. The bike ran some laps, and was filmed by crews as it was displayed on the track before the racing started.


Tips To Choose The Right Riding Gear

Riding a motorcycle provides the ultimate thrill to motorcycling enthusiasts. They enjoy the freedom of riding the bike. But it is essential to invest in right kind of protective gear and clothing, when you are buying a motorcycle.

Most of the new bike owners, do not place emphasis on choosing motorcycle clothing and protective gear while buying the bike. This causes them spending too much on the accessories that do not fit their requirements. Bikers have to consider various factors like, their riding style, the weather conditions, budget, etc. before choosing riding and protective gear.

Here are some factors to consider, while buying motorcycle clothing and protective gear.

Determine your requirement.

The first step in choosing motorcycle gear is to determine your priorities. Protection, style, functionality and value are the four factors to look in for. Determining the riding style and protection needs will help you tochoose a protective gear that fits your needs. For example, if you go on long rides, you have to invest in a good pair of protection gear that offers high protection along with style and convenience.

Weather conditions

Consider the weather conditions of the place, you live in. if the weather is humid and rainy, you should prefer waterproof riding gear, which helps you to stay dry. For hot weather, using leather jackets may not suit as they absorb heat and make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Invest in a light and breezy gear which is functional yet stylish.

Choose the proper material

Protective gear and motorcycle clothing are available in a range of materials and textiles, and choosing the right material is very important. The material should be abrasion resistant and provide good impact protection.


Most of the bikers, spend big bucks on the bike but look for cheap options, when it comes to riding gear. It is crucial to buy high quality motorcycle clothing from reputed brands to ensure that it is functional and is durable. Most of the cheap jackets and helmets, wear off quickly and need frequent replacements. Most of the reputed dealers, also stock motorcycle clothing and protective gear at their dealerships and can guide the buyers on the best fit to choose their requirements.


Motorcycle Sales Remain Strong In Spite Of Government Restrictions

Many people became interested in motorcycles because they want to experience the fun, daring and thrilling adventures. No doubt some will frown but a lot of them still stop and stare at the display of Moto Guzzi dealers in the UK. The pricey sports bike is still the preference of the experienced riders but the top sellers are the motorcycles that are relatively low priced and can be used for a casual ride in the country.

In the past, cars are more expensive to purchase and maintain than motorcycles. People who want to stay dry and warm still prefer a small car that they can purchase for $20 thousand. Small cars have fuel economy that is comparable to motorcycles.

In some states, beginners lose their interest on motorcycles easily because of the barriers of getting a motorcycle license and the costs that will be incurred. Some states require new riders to wear ridiculous high-vis vests for a few years. They are not allowed to have passengers for the first two years. Times have changed and yet there are more rules.

Becoming fully licensed to drive a motorcycle is becoming harder each year. New regulations in Queensland restrict the training of new riders. This is causing problems for training providers. When some people started to ride motorcycles, the registration costs were only a fraction of what it costs to register a car. That is no longer true today.

Meanwhile the barriers for new riders do not seem to have an effect because sales of beginner motorcycles remain strong and immensely encouraging to manufacturers. Some people may be dissuaded from buying a motorcycle but they continue to love and be involved with the 2-wheeled transport. There are also those who are determined enough to ride in spite of the government restrictions.

The ease of finance being offered by Moto Guzzi dealers in the UK has certainly improved sales numbers. Add to that the presence of skilled technicians who are ready and willing to address the concerns of new buyers. There is a full range of new and used road bikes, cruisers and off-road bikes that will perfectly match the lifestyle of a rider.


New Kawasaki Model Boasts Self-Healing Paint

We can see the influence of technology on almost anything these days but nothing speaks more about it than the new motorcycle model developed by Kawasaki – the Ninja H2. Motorcycle enthusiasts are already giddy with excitement to see first-hand this new model which embodies everything that technology has to offer. Excitement can also be felt from Kawasaki UK dealers because this model surely something that will be most coveted.

The bike is all silver with a touch of green. It was in 2015 when the model was introduced to the gawking public and it is quite unique because of the supercharger it carries which is not something usually seen in production models. In addition, the supercharger is attached to a motor. This feature alone would qualify this motorcycle as a superbike as it comes with 998 cc, four-cylinder engine that are inline.

For the United States version, the final specs of the 2019 version of Ninja H2 are yet to be released. According to the European headquarters of Kawasaki, the motor of the 2019 Ninja H2 is delivering a whooping 227.8 hp. This figure is powerful by 30 hp compared to the original version which was launched in 2015 in the commercial market. This is also 30 hp higher than the ZX-10RR Superbike which Kawasaki also produces.

The numbers ensure that the NinjaH2 will be categorized as a hyperbike. It is unique on its own because of the presence of a supercharger which is different from the competition models that online comes with traditional inline with four cylinders.

Another feature that the company is most proud about the H2 is that it is protected by a self-healing paint that heals on its own as long as the damage is limited to light scratches. While this may sound too geeky for Kawasaki UK dealers, the company said that the paint is as simple as a mirror silver coat known as Highly Durable Paint. The coat has soft as well as hard properties which is why it is able to stretch and go back to original form like a spring which can tolerate light scratches.


Seven Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is fun. Bikes are a fuel efficient and fast option to commute the city traffic. However, reports suggest that motorcyclists are more prone to accidents when compared to car drivers. Here are some tips that will help you to be safe while enjoying the fun of riding a motorcycle.

  • Do not buy a motorcycle with huge capacity, if you are new to biking. Define your requirements and your riding skill and capability, before searching for Honda motorcycles for sale and buying them. Select a suitable bike that suits your height and personality. Your feet should comfortably touch the ground, when seated on the bike. The handlebars and other controls should be within your reach and the bike should not be too heavy.
  • While searching for Honda motorcycles for sale, prefer the ones with antilock brakes. Motorcycles with ABS are far safer to ride. Moreover, bikes with ABS receive an insurance discount when compared to basic bikes.
  • Bikers should practice their skills by attending the motorcycle safety foundation riding course or similar course. Most of the dealerships offer riding course to their customers. Completing the training course makes you eligible for an insurance discount. Bikers can learn basic and advance techniques of riding in these classes.
  • Invest in a full face helmet. Helmet is a very essential safety gear for bike riders. Most of the motorcycle dealerships sell high quality safety gear. Invest in a good quality, lightweight and strong helmet that offers optimum protection. The helmet should be replaced once every five years.
  • Wearing the right riding gear is important for a safe and pleasurable ride. Motorcycle riders are exposed to elements and dust. The riding gear like jackets, boots and gloves helps them to protect themselves from wind, debris, dust and other flying objects. Bikers can buy good quality riding gear from reputed dealerships offering Honda motorcycles for sale in their locality.
  • Bikers should avoid riding in the bad weather, especially during rain. Rain makes the road slippery and it is difficult to ride because of poor visibility. However, if you have to use your motorcycle during bad weather, remember to be gentle and slow, avoid sudden manoeuvres and practice safe driving.
  • An important point to keep in mind is to keep the bike in top condition always. Perform routine maintenance and inspection and make sure that the bike is in working condition. Do not skip service routines and consult a reputed mechanic to replace or repair any worn-out parts.

Following all these steps right from searching for suitable Honda motorcycles for sale to regular upkeep and maintenance, helps the riders to be safe.