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Hotels That Enhance The Brain Power And Productivity Of Their Guests

Businessmen are so used to travelling that they know how to choose the best hotels, how to check-in for a flight and how to find their seat in the plane. They can be impatient because they have to be as productive as possible. They hate to stand in line or wait for their turn.

For some guests, it is enough to simply have a cozy bed and warm shower but hotels know that they have to provide more amenities to make a lasting impression. Hotel experiences can make travellers a lot smarter, more productive and more energized. Constant travel between time zones to attend meetings can be stressful and tiring even for the professional that is why in Corinthia Hotel in London, there is an in-house neuroscientist for high profile hotel guests to ensure that their brains work in peak condition.

Corinthia Hotel offers hotel guests the Brain Power Package that consists of customized spa treatments, personalized food, mocktails and amenities that are designed specifically to boost brainpower. For example, the hotel chef prepares dishes with nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables rich in magnesium to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

In Vienna, Austria, Hotel Schani Wien has harnessed on the importance of timesaving touches so that guests can be as productive and efficient as possible. The hotel offers it guests online room selection, mobile room keys, payment through Bitcoin, charging stations for electric vehicles and electric scooters for rent. The hotel’s living room is designed to make collaboration and conversations easier.

In the hotel living room where the Viennese touch is very apparent, space and facilities are provided to the hotel guests so that they can interact with locals and work together on projects. In addition to the social space, there are also dedicated working corners where guests can work online or contact other professionals.

At Bangkok hotel near embassy, the utmost in convenience is provided to hotel guests because of its favourable location. It location in Sukhumvit allows efficient access to different attractions including transport to different sections of the city of Bangkok. The BTS Skytrain is within walking distance with connections to the MRT Subway System.



Free Tutoring Services Offered By The University Of Indiana East

Learning and education are important parts of life and there is no doubt that people accept and understand the value of these two things that is why they not only go to school to study but also hire professional tutors like those from the Bee Academic Tutoring to further their learning experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire professional tutors.

Education has remained valuable to this day. Unfortunately, schools are not as effective as they were before. This is probably because of varying factors such as poverty, overpopulation and the stagnation of the education system. Overcrowding is probably the biggest problem experienced in schools today. Since there are a lot of students sharing a single teacher in a packed classroom, you could expect that not all these students are learning like the others. That is why many parents had opted to hire tutors for their children.

But for those who cannot afford such services; don’t lose hope. There are many other charitable programs that offer the same services for free.

In the Indiana University East, a service learning program is offering tutorial services that are free of charge for students in kindergarten until 12th grade. Slots are limited but the students will be effectively taught all the necessary things they need to learn.

For one hour a week, tutors will be meeting up with students to help them study. Afterwards, they would think of practice activities that can be done at home. The slots have filled up fast but people can still apply for the waiting lists.
Right now, there are about 13 tutors and 25 students with the sessions taking place at the campus library.

Katelyn Brown, who majors in Biochemistry and also has a minor in Spanish, has been coordinating this program as part of her honors thesis at the university. She has done a lot of service learning activities and she also admitted that the service learning she does has made her more confident as a Spanish speaker. She is using this talent to help out other Spanish speaking students as well and she has worked with a number of students from many different schools.

Share Deployed Shops In Two Detroit Malls

The rage about Ugly Christmas sweaters reeled in, not only those who love to wear them, but more from those who love to earn money. It was the perfect way for people to take an opportunity like no other and gain before the season hits its end. This is exactly what happened last Christmas, 2014. Many sites popped up, and online shops like have definitely accumulated lots of profits whilst serving people with the delightful beauty of an Ugly sweater. They have managed to spread their wings and branched out live shops where people could buy their products from. The shops were deployed on two malls in Detroit.

The is one of the most successful online shops that sells this wonderful, ugly sweaters that everyone talked about last season. You may have heard of them already and they have also been featured in many television shows that presented the products they were selling. The two areas where the two shops of the online website were deployed are in ‘Twelve Oaks’ mall and ‘Great Lakes Crossing’ located at the Auburn Hills.

They have rendered a wide array of choices for their customers that really redefined the meaning of ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’. They vary in types that give you a lot of choices from crazy to the craziest garment. You could get a simple ugly Christmas sweater, ugly Christmas jacket, 3D ugly Christmas Sweater, and even NFL Sweaters. Branching out from the idea, they’ve also shown a new idea that can be treated as a ‘partner’ for your top. They have revealed ugly Christmas leggings that you could pair up with your ridiculous tops. This will definitely give you a more unique appearance that will definitely make you stand among others.

If you have missed your chance last season to buy your dream ugly Christmas sweater, you could be prepared early as the is still on and kicking. You could even buy before the season hits its peak and get a chance to obtain the standout sweater that you want to wear. The caters sizes from Small to Triple-X Large. Their long-sleeved shirts ticks at $19.99 while their sweaters will range from $40 to $65.


City To Be Adorned In Pink Ribbons For Breast Cancer Race

People have been using ribbons for many centuries now. Their origin can be traced back to when people first began to weave cloth. In France, they used ribbons before to express their emotions and as the years passed, the number of uses for ribbons continued to grow. Now, ribbons are primarily used for decorative purposes but they can also be used for symbolic purposes. Ribbons can be used to unite people to a single cause or remember or honor a certain person or event.

Ribbons will once again be used for a higher purpose in New Britain, Connecticut. Now that the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative’s annual Race in the Park is only a few days away, the entirety of the downtown area as well as the Walnut Hill Park will become a garden of pink as it will be filled with a thousand pink ribbons, pink being the color of breast cancer awareness.

On Monday, Sharon Lapila, the coordinator for the Race in the Park, will turn Walnut Hill Park pink. Sharon Lapila, who is also the New Britain High School switchboard operator, along with 25 students, will all be going to the park’s band shell. They will give 4 hours of their time tying about 500 or 600 bows to the gazebo, the tennis court area and a number of trees.

They will place bows everywhere.

Last Friday evening, Lapila had already tied about a hundred bows in the Franklin Square Park all on her own.

She will start at the New Britain Stadium then she will head to the Police Headquarters, the Board of Education, and then the back of the city hall to tie 300 more bows all in the name of the pink initiative.

It will be Lapila’s sixth year as coordinator of the pink ribbon drive and in the past 5 years, every single drive was successful.

Lapila said that all the work they are putting in the drive is worth it due to the response they receive from the breast cancer survivors. She says that it feels great to make other people happy.


Medieval Themed Marriage Between Psychics Celebrated In Poole

Some would say that their love story has always been shown on the cards. The new husband and wife are both psychics and they met during a therapy course on tarots hosted in Poole by Steve Hounsome around three years before.

Amy Clayton who is a clairvoyant decided to attend the event along with a friend and that is when their love story started.

The couple who came from Parkstone was recently married at the Poole Guildhall while 70 guests were witnesses to the ceremony while wearing clothes inspired by medieval times.

Steve who is now 50 years old joking said that Amy is his student and fortunately she got the teacher’s attention. He also expressed his happiness regarding their wedding and how the medieval theme came about from their love of the medieval history. He also said that there work has brought them to a connection with past lives which makes the theme more fitting. According to Steve, the knight is his spirit guide and the theme fits perfectly well for them both.

The proposal happened at the Sandbanks beach, the day before Steve turned 50. He shared how Amy ordered a sword from a specialist in York so he can have it on his birthday but it was delayed. Instead, he asked Amy to do something else for his birthday and that was when Steve proposed on one knee. The ring was also medieval inspired and was designed by a New York lady who got the inspiration from the betrothal ring of the 15th Century Italian.

The newlyweds are going on a honeymoon in another historic place, Tintagel, Cornwall. The place is said to be connected with King Arthur and his knight of the Round Table. Another place on the list is the rumored to be haunted Georgian Pilgrim hotel located in Glastonbury.

Amy is now 47 years old and express how she hears the spirits’ voices and will sure to keep her up while in Somerset. She also disclosed how she got an imaginary friend until the age of 7. She also expressed in how compatible and natural she is with Steve.


Some Homebuilders Including Lennar Looks To Home Rentals In The Midst Of Poor Sales

Nevada, USA — March 19, 2015 — Although many parts of the world, including the US have been experiencing an increase in demand for the homebuilding industry, the same could not be said for the second largest US homebuilder, Lennar, along with a couple other homebuilders.

Now, when their sales pace have been dragging and not many people were purchasing from their display homes for sale unlike before, they are now turning to rentals to speed up their profits.

Sparks, Nevada had now become the home of Lennar’s first ever single-family rental homes community. They have built a pipeline of 20,000 apartments that have exceeded $5.5 billion.

Stuart Miller, Lennar’s Chief Executive Officer, said that they have seen and are still seeing the great improvements and potential of the rental markets with vacancies being low and the rental rates getting higher. He says that it is because of the fact that American families are unable to access the mortgage market making them to consider renting single-family homes because of their inability to purchase a home.

In fact, in 20 years, the U.S. Homeownership rate fell down to its lowest ever by the end of last year, 2014. During this same time, the share for the rental housing vacancy rate dropped to its lowest since 1993. This is all according to the Census Bureau. Because of the fact that millions of homeowners are now losing more properties and potential buyers are unable to afford to buy real estate, the demand has indefinitely shifted to rental housing. Another factor for this is that people are having more trouble to qualify for loans.

Lennar’s decision to offer rental housing is now considered a wise move for the company since more people are now being compelled to stray from the norm and turn to rentals.

Lennar wasn’t the only one who entered the rental housing sphere. The largest builder of luxury homes, Toll Brothers Inc., has now also begun to offer apartment rentals as well as student housing.

Lennar reported that their expected income would be about $115 million and that they are also expecting an increase of value.


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