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History Might Predict This Year’s Success For Geelong

One of the leading clubs that is the envy of many as they head to the end of this season is Geelong with an 11-1 record as of writing. Before heading out to the AFL team store, it might be best to let the public know why this is an important matter that needs to be discussed. While others might think that it just meant the club is heading out to a game this coming September, there is something more if you look at the history of Australian Football League. Upon inspection, one might come to the conclusion that the players of Chris Scott is actually on their road to reaching the Grand Final.

Based on the history of the club, whenever the Cats begin their season with a score of either 11-1 or 12-0, it guarantees that they are surely stepping foot into the Grand Final. One the three separate cases when it actually happened, with the most recent was way back in 2011, the club was known to come out as the victor of the premiership.

This article is in no way jinxing the chances of Geelong winning but the statistics is clearly on their side this time. This is not surprising as the club is known to be aiming to add another trophy to their already remarkable collection.

As Geelong is making its way to the top of the AFL ladder, the club is making sure to retain their grip as strong as possible. This was proven by the performance between Gary Ablett and Patrick Dangerfield who both scored 67 points in order to defeat Richmond during the game held at MCG.

The first two successful goals were made by the Tigers which led them to 11 points during the quarter mark but in an expected way the Cats were able to get ahead with 11 majors that resulted to a victory of 104 to 37.

If history is to be trusted, fans should get their hands on those merch at the AFL team store because in 1925, Geelong won after starting with 11-1 and in 1953, they made it to the Grand Final with 12-0. A beginning of 11-1 in 2008 led them to the grand final while they won the premiership after getting 12-0 in 2009. The latest was in 2011 with season beginner of 12-0 wherein they also won the premiership. This 2019, everyone is holding their breath if history will repeat itself or not.


Seven Interesting Facts About AFL

Football is one of the most exciting sports in Australia. The game is popularly called as soccer, footy or Aussie rules. The country has its own league of football matches called the Australian Football League or AFL.

The game is so popular that fans are always on lookout for AFL shop online to shop for their favourite teams’ merchandise.  Here are some interesting facts about the favourite sport of Australians.

  1. Football developed in Australia and now it is played by people in eighty countries. The game is influenced by many local sports. The AFL is influenced by soccer, rugby and Mangrook, a traditional game of the Aboriginals.
  2. The AFL players are not allowed to throw the ball. They can only kick the ball or hand-ball it to their team members.
  3. The AFL team that scores the least points and figures at the last spot of the ladder, wins an imaginary award known as the wooden spoon award. The team which has received the highest wooden spoon awards is St. Kilda. The team received twenty seven of these awards. The two teams which did not receive this award till now are Port Adelaide and Adelaide.
  4. The ANZAC day matches are the most awaited AFL matches in Australia. Fans shop for their favourite teams merchandise with AFL shop online and offline and flock to the stadiums to view the match. The match is viewed live by an average of 80,000 viewers while millions of Australians watch it on their TV screens.
  5. Australia has a multi-cultural population. AFL supports player from different cultural backgrounds. Nine percent of the total players of AFL come from the indigenous Australian community and fourteen percent players are from different cultural backgrounds.
  6. Initially there was no set playing time for AFL matches. The team which scored two goals first was declared as the winner of a match. Most of the matches stopped mid-way due to quarrels between the players or the due to damage footie. Now the game has a pre-set match time of eighty minutes which is divided into four quarters.
  7. The highest winning score was 177 points, scored by Carlton in 1972 and the lowest winning score was 13 points scored by Richmond in 1927.

Now you know some of the interesting trivia about AFL. Grab your favourite merchandise from AFL shop online and play an interesting AFL quiz with your friends.