Bottle Packaging Changes With The Rise Of Online Shopping

The packaging of the items we purchase online affects the courier costs therefore it is important for companies to reinvent the current packaging of their products to adapt with online shoppers. For many decades, the designs of the bottles used for packing goods are based on shelf presence. This was during the time when traditional shopping is the only option and consumers have to visit physical shops and go through shelves after shelves of products. This is no longer the focus because of the exponential growth in online shopping. Bottle designs are starting to morph into something that will satisfy the current demand of the e-commerce industry.

Designers will no longer have to focus on shelf presence. Instead, they are going to factor in efficiency for online shoppers. One example is the latest Tide Eco-Box which was released by Proctor & Gamble for their e-commerce consumers. They created the smallest packaging that will store the most amount of liquid while ensuring that the content will be delivered safely to the recipient. The most important feature is that the packaging used is functional.

It is common for online products sent to consumers to be packed with a few layers of packing. Often items are packed with bubble wraps and then two more layers of protection like cardboard boxes. When the parcel arrives, the consumer opens it and then throws away the protective packaging used which is a lot of wastes. This is why P&G decided to design the box known as the Tide Eco-Box which no longer requires extra layer of protection prior to shipping. The item can be shipped from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse of the retailers and then to the houses of the consumers.

The cardboard box used is sealed and intended to withstand shipping. The laundry detergent inside the box is stored inside a sealed bag. All the consumer needs to do is peel off one side of the box where the no-drop twist tap is located. The box also comes with a pull-out stand for easier access using a cup. The design of the box also lowers courier costs because it is compact and easy to ship.


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