Automotive Marketplace Introduced By Facebook In Australia

We know how hard it is to find parts for vehicles such as brakes on the Gold Coast especially for vehicle models that were manufactured years ago or those that are not very popular. This is why it came as good news when Facebook announced that it is opening an automotive marketplace intended for the consumers in Australia. This will make it easier for car owners to find parts near them without having to go from one store to another. It is also a way for dealers to sell the vehicle parts they have online.

The parts sold can either be brand new or used as long as the buyer is aware of the component’s present condition. This is not the first time that the social media platform rolled out this kind of service because it is already available in the United States and in United Kingdom. Aside from Australia, the automotive marketplace will also be released in other markets in the weeks to follow.

The update on the application came a week after the introduction of “today in” which is a feature designed for local news. According to Facebook, the decision to launch a separate marketplace for the category comes from consumer data. They found out that the top category most browsed by users under the Marketplace is the vehicles category. The data is consistent internationally. Through the service, consumers can look at the inventory of second hand vehicles as well as auto dealerships via the current listing partners – The Drive Network, Carsales and Autotrader. As of the moment, the option is limited but Facebook is already working to expand it.

Through the service, Facebook users can chat with the sellers in real time using the messenger service under the social media platform. APAC marketplace partnerships manager of Facebook, Christine Chia, said that many users are already utilizing Facebook when searching for a new vehicle. The category is, in fact, one of the most searched within Marketplace.

With the introduction of a separate auto marketplace, users can easily find brakes on the Gold Coast and other car components they need without wasting a lot of time or resources.


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