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Factors That Determine The Rate of Canadian dollar

The rate of Canadian Dollar was fixed in relation to the rate of US dollar during the period beginning from World War 2 and 1950, and during 1962 to 1970. The Bank of Canada was responsible to maintain the fixed value of Canadian currency by intervening in the market dynamics.

At present, the value of Canadian dollar in relation to any foreign currency is determined by the market forces such as demand and supply. Some factors increase the demand for the CAD while others increase demand for the foreign currencies, this demand /supply scenario puts an upward or downward pressure on the Loonie.

Some factors that play a major role in determining the value of Canadian Dollar, according to the experts at Knightsbridge FX are:

  • Interest Rates

The interest rates in Canada are relatively high, which increase the demand of CAD denominated securities from foreign investors. However, the performance of the Canadian Dollar determines the rate of return for the foreign investors. If the investors have a negative forecast about the value of CAD, they may demand higher interest rates on the CAD denominated securities.

  • Commodity prices

World commodity prices play a major role in determining the value of currencies. Same goes true for the Canadian dollar. The major share of Canada’s exports consists of commodities. So when the commodity prices are higher, the value of Canadian exports goes up, which results in an upward movement in the rate of CAD. In the same manner, when the prices of commodities go down, the value of exports goes down and results in a weaker Canadian dollar.

  • Inflation rate

The rate at which the price levels in a country go up at a given time, is called the inflation rate. Inflation rate plays a major role in determining the value of currency. If the inflation rate in Canada is higher than the Inflation in foreign countries, the purchasing power of CAD will be less when compared to that of foreign currencies, which results in decline in the value of CAD. In the same manner, if the inflation rate is lesser, the value of CAD is higher, which results in upward movement of the loonie.

  • Foreign investment

When foreigners invest in Canada, there is an increase in the demand for the CAD, which will push the value of CAD upwards. In the same way, Canadian investments in foreign countries will cause a downward pressure on the CAD.

These are some of the factors that influence the value of CAD. According to Knightsbridge FX many other factors such as international trade of goods and services, productivity, economic and political conditions also influence the value of CAD.


Make Your Car Powerful Without Changing The Engine

Vehicle customization is not an uncommon thing for experts in AFE because there are car owners who are looking for more when it comes to their vehicles. They might want to add a more improved version of a part or they might want to remove the limitations set based on the components of the ride. All of these are done of course with the assurance that the vehicle will be able to handle the new part just fine. One of the most common desires among car owners is to have a more powerful engine. This can be accomplished without changing the engine itself.

One way is to replace the exhaust of the vehicle in order to improve the way the car breathes. This should be done first before any further modifications are done on the vehicle. The increase in power might not be that noticeable but a slight increase is possible if the replacement is using one of the latest exhaust systems that come with supercharger, turbo-back and header-back. Aside from increasing the power, the decibel level of the car exhaust will also be game changing.

One of the major components of upgrading a vehicle, aside from the exhaust, is the air filter. It can improve the cleanliness level of the air that is being taken in by the vehicle. If the filter is changed to a high performance one, the replacement can be done easily because there is no need to handle bolts or complicated processes. The small boost is enough to lift the power of the car even just a small bit.

If possible with the particular model of vehicle you have, it is recommended to re-gear the transmission. This is to allocate properly the vehicle’s power instead of just forcing it to give more. Lastly, one of the recommendations from the AFE is to replace the cold air intake system. This is very important with vehicles that are running on forced induction because the system makes sure that the highest amount of cold air is being directed to the induction system. When the car has enough cold air, the amount of power is also increased.


Undervalued And Underpaid Preschool Teachers

Parents across the world are encouraged to begin educating their children at a young age. Schools like Star Bright Montessori try to improve pre-kindergarten education so that young children can be effectively educated. Young children become familiar with numbers, colors and letters, learn to count and identify letters and shapes. Children experience substantial brain development during these early years.

Increased investments are made by Congress, states and communities in early childhood education programs to improve access and quality for children with working parents. Early childcare and education can produce the next generation of leaders which make it important to improve the quality of preschool education in the country.

However, in spite of the importance of skills, training and expertise among educators, they are chronically underpaid and undervalued. Scientific evidence reveals that the first years of a child’s life coincide with the most important period of brain development and yet, the cost of enrolling children in quality preschool programs is so high that parents cannot afford the costs.

Meanwhile, educators cannot afford to continue living with the poverty level salaries. The salaries of early childhood education teachers are determined by their respective employers that are already operating on limited budgets from the tuition fees of enrolled children. Employers have to balance affordable tuition fee and fair wages for the teachers.

The recent significant increases in federal funding for Child Care and Development Block Grants show what happens when attention is given to the requirements of the workforce. Congress has no direct control in setting salary levels but increased funding will allow states to improve the salaries of teachers and support their stipend to obtain credentials and degrees.

While increased funding can make meaningful improvements, Congress must also consider additional mechanisms to make the field of early preschool education and childcare more attractive to teachers by making the paycheck more lucrative.

Early childhood education at Star Bright Montessori develops a child’s concentration, self reliance and self confidence. There are instances when the teacher asks the children to form a circle to sing songs, listen to stories and share particular interests. Every child has the opportunity to participate in the activities.


Dentist Or Orthodontist: Who Could Give The Better Brace Advise?

Some use them to enhance the alignment of their teeth while some just feel that they’re better off with them for the sake of fashion and style. As they always say, seeing them installed on your teeth make you look a lot cooler and richer. Nevertheless, in whatever purpose they may serve, dental braces are indeed very common and popular nowadays. You could observe your classmates, friends, or even family members using them for varying reasons (considering that you found yourself reading this article, most likely you’re also using them, don’t you?).

Setting all the fashion and attractiveness factors aside, braces are important as they help people improve their over-all dental health by fixing malpositioned teeth and gaps in between. However, despite the medical significance of dental braces and the staggering dental need of a lot of people, the financial cost it needs to have them installed restrain many. Hence, it is indeed essential to find high quality, yet affordable braces in Easton and in other places as well.

Seek Professional Help

However, before buying your braces right away, it should always be a prerequisite to consult experts in the dental field in order to assure that you get the braces suitable for you and your teeth. Nevertheless, numerous people are quite hesitant on which dental professional to approach– a dentist or an orthodontist. While they perform almost the same job, who could give you the better advise if you’re planning to have one?


Dentists technically specialize in treating dental issues such as tooth decay and gum diseases among others. Dentists also repair teeth if ever there are fractures and they could provide their patients profound oral care advises.


On the other hand, only the top dentists could become orthodontists. They are basically dentists who further studied a more advanced discipline in order to specialize in teeth adjustment. Therefore, although both dentists and orthodontists could provide quality dental care services, it is still better to seek advise from an orthodontist as they are specialists of the said field, and could therefore cater to your needs.

After you have sought dental advise, try contacting Exeter Orthodontics now and look through their quality products as they offer affordable braces in Easton and in other places as well.


Visa Denials Of American Educators Pressure International School In Moscow

You may be the best international school in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, but if you find yourself in a conflict with your state’s foreign ministry, then you have all the rights in the world to feel uneasy.

Just recently, both the U.S. and the British embassies expressed their concerns over Russia’s foreign ministry after thirty teachers from the United States were not able to receive their respective visas. Russia’s foreign ministry confided that the teachers should not be given their visas as the school was not encompassed by the U.S. embassy and was just a commercial enterprise.

School’s History

For the record, the origin of the English-language school could be traced back in 1949 through the collaborative efforts of the American, British, and Canadian governments. It was brought up as a non-profitable organization and various representatives from the aforementioned countries have come over in order to run the said school.

Adverse Effects

The said blocking of the thirty visas would be very detrimental to the over-all welfare of the school as the reduction of teachers may challenge the school’s very foundation and organizational structure. This means that those existing teachers may be allocated with additional teaching responsibilities and may also beget the disenrollment of some students.

In regards to the said issue, Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to Russia stated that “children should not be used as pawns in diplomatic disputes”.

Furthermore, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has also seen a significant decrease in the number of their staff after the Russian government fired greater than 50% of their personnel roughly two years ago. That action was said to be Russia’s retribution after the United States arguably held the visa of many Russians for almost a year because of Russia’s role in Ukraine conflict and election interference.

Lastly, former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul said that these kinds of conflict are inevitable, yet it would be poorly justifiable to include the innocent children in the said conflict.

Nevertheless, it is still very important to set aside misunderstandings for the sake of the children. At the end of the day, just like what the best international school in Thailand believes, education indeed must not be compromised at all cost.


CEO Shares Why Booking A Flight And A Hotel At The Same Time Is A Bad Idea

Whenever one goes into a vacation, most people already have that plan set in mind. In fact, a lot of people already brainstorm on the date, the place, the food, the budget, and the tourist spots to visit even months before the vacation. Undeniably, this would be a very good idea in order to avoid the rush and in order for the flow of your vacation to be as smooth as it could possibly be. Sometimes people even tend to research about the place in order to not find themselves in trouble when it comes to certain laws and customs.

However, as much as people like to avail amazing vacation bundles which offer booking for a flight and a 5 Star hotel in Yangon or wherever you want to spend the vacation, CEO of Hotel Tonight Sam Shank would like to suggest that availing travel bundles, which book for your flight and accommodation at the same time, may not actually be the best option you have.

Inverse Trends

People have grown accustomed to the thought that you need to book your flight early in order to grab an airplane seat for a significant lower price. Therefore, people tend to book their flights weeks or even months before their departure date. And this is actually true. In fact, statistics has it that the closer you book to your actual departure day, the more the ticket price doubles.

Nevertheless, according to Sam Shank, that trend does not apply when it comes to hotel bookings. In fact, it is the other way around. The more you delay your booking, the more the prices drop. In fact, prices drop roughly ten percent compared to the day before. Therefore, it would be highly advantageous to do last-minute hotel bookings instead.

No Worries in Going “Hotel-Less”

According to Shank, one need not worry that he would spend the night on the street for not being able to book a hotel as according to their stats, a hotel would only be two-thirds full every time, unless a gathering is being held.

Therefore, if you plan to book a 5 Star hotel in Yangon or anywhere else, then delaying your booking would be the best choice.