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Apps That Scan Products Growing In Popularity

With the increasing demand for organic skin care products in Australia and across the world, shoppers across the world are bent on finding out what products are in the things they put on their bodies, like lipstick and skin cream.

To that end apps like Think Dirty and EWG Healthy Living, are gaining popularity, with more and more people getting apps that scan ingredients in cosmetics.

Think Dirty founder Lily Tse says that it’s not about the label or the brand, it’s about the ingredients in them. They even went so far as to take jabs at a popular celebrity figure and their cosmetics.

The beauty industry hasn’t been on the best term with these apps, saying that they give a distorted and alarmist issue of their products. Major brands like Estee Lauder, Clarins Group and the like say that their products have all been tested, are safe, and comply with regulations.

Back in the past, consumers that were concerned about the presence of potentially carcinogenic or irritating ingredients in their beauty products had to memorise long lists of compounds, some of them sesquipedalian, and squint at product labels. The extra effort needed for the verification of the ingredients of toothpaste and shampoo made this somewhat of a niche pursuit, with many opting to trust the manufacturer.

Think Dirty and similar apps have made this process easier than ever; the free apps can be used to scan a label in order to see what ingredients are in them. The apps, however, have stated that they’re monetising their services by providing consultancy for brands and charging brands that comply with their standards for an official seal of approval.

CompoScan founder Kahina Benhebri says that they want brands to become more transparent, and to make cleaner products. With the demand organic skin care products in Australia and across the world, they say that they need to change and stop with green washing.

Clarins Chairman Christian Courtin-Clarins, however, have warned that these scanning apps could just come up with their own ingredient to ban. Other major cosmetic brands state that the reality is much more complex that what these apps suggest; certain products are fine in small doses, and/or as long as they’re not ingested.


Are You Covered By A Chartered Accountant Insurance?

You need a type of insurance that will ensure your protection especially that your job as an accountant entails more risks. If a client is unhappy with your advice, you, as an accountant, may be held liable and may be charged with some claims for economic loss. Accountants too are liable for breach of contract, breach or negligence of statute, such as deceptive or misleading conduct in consumer protection laws. That’s why a chartered accountant insurance should be able to protect them, their employees and business against such claims. So, if you’re offering a chartered accountant service, ensure you have insurance to back you up in times of risks.

Mind the Gap

The chartered accountant insurance will cover all aspects of your job. So, ensure you have this insurance covering all you need with your work. The level of your insurance needed depends on the size of your business and the nature of the service you provide. The fees you charge your clients will determine how much you need for the insurance coverage.  You may also need insurance to cover the practitioners and staff of your business, the claims history and the industry you are in. All these have an impact on what you do with your clients.

The chartered accountant insurance may also be based on which location you are from. For instance, in Australia, ASIC will require a fidelity cover for all registered insolvency practitioners. This type of cover is not included in a regular policy, that’s why you need to ensure you are completely covered to be protected from potential financial risks. If you also work as a New Zealand auditor, a regular indemnity insurance may not be adequate for your needs.

But be aware just like other insurance, the chartered accountant insurance can possibly have an excess. This excess on your policy will determine the number of principals and fees. If you’re opting for a new chartered accounting service, always consider that you need an insurance policy for protection. You need to review all the risks involved in your practice and provide good methods to do away or handle all those risks involved in your job.



2018 Shows Falling Housing Prices In Perth

If you are planning to put your house on the market this year, you might not be happy to know that the prices of houses in the area continue to decline. Do not get disheartened though because there are measures you can take to increase your home’s value such as adding Perth security doors or doing simple renovations to make it look more attractive to buyers.

According to the figures published by the Domain House Price Report, the median house price of residential properties in Perth has declined by 3.3 per cent in the previous year. There is a light at the end of the tunnel because before 2018 ended, the real estate market is showing a number signs that it is starting to recover.

Based on the report’s number, the median price of a detached house is now around $546,281. This is lower by 11 per cent compared to the peak price that was recorded about five years prior.

Looking at the quarter data published on December of 2018, the last three months of the previous year was quite decent because the houses listed on the market was able to retain their prices.

Nicola Powel, the senior research analyst at Domain, the demand continues to increase despite the fact that prices are declining. This is based on the number of views they have recorded for each listing which shows to have the largest increased among all other capital cities in Australia. It is evident that the housing activity is affected because of the increased restriction with regards to house financing.

Powel added that because of the surcharge placed on foreign buyers, for residential properties that are listed for this year, the housing recovery in Perth’s market might be a challenge. This might prompt many overseas residents to turn into rental properties instead of buying their own houses.

According to Paul Blakeley, the chief executive of Harcourts WA, there are a number of factors that contribute to the price decline such as tighter lending requirements, property market confidence is dropping, market oversupply and employment security. Homeowners planning to sell should install Perth security doors to increase their value of their properties prior to listing.


Thousands To Tourists Expected In Thailand To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebrations will be held in Bangkok as well as other popular tourist destinations in Thailand. If you are planning to attend, now is the right time to book your accommodations at the family resort in Phuket before it runs out of rooms. Events are planned in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket with cultural performances from China and Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is joining hands with China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Embassy to organize the most festive Chinese New Year’s eve celebrations in Bangkok for this year. According to Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of TAT, this year’s celebration will be unique because it comes after Thailand welcomed 10 million Chinese tourists for 2018.

TAT expects that more than 330,000 Chinese tourists will be welcomed between February 4 and 10. This will represent more than 30% of the overall total of 1.03 million foreign arrivals over the Chinese New Year in Thailand. The TAT governor also expects the Chinese tourists to spend more than 10 billion baht or $314 million during the 7-day period. It is also estimated that the total revenue from international visitors will reach 24 billion baht.

Chinese New Year celebrations will be held in other destinations that young Chinese tourists frequent. Aside from the events being planned at Bangkok’s famous shopping mall, Siam Square, there will be celebrations at Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Aside from cultural presentations participated in by both Chinese and Thai performers, there will be demonstrations of various Chinese art forms that include paper cutting and calligraphy. There will also be fairs selling different goods and foods. Festivities will also be organized in large Thai-Chinese communities at locations that have long-standing traditions of holding Chinese New Year activities in the country.

At the beautiful family resort in Phuket, there is no dearth of activities that will entertain both adults and kids. You can explore around, go to the beaches or engage in a shopping spree. You can also satisfy your cravings for mouth-watering Thai cuisine from the various beachfront restaurants while you are waiting for the Chinese New year celebrations to begin.


How To Choose Reputed Plasterers In Sydney

When you want a plaster work for your home or office, you need to list down possible plasterers in Sydney to fulfil your needs and help improve the look of your property. They must have the proper knowledge and brilliance for a wonderful home or office. A great plastering job doesn’t just include dabbing in plaster anywhere and creating a surface. You need a skilful team to perfect the task. That’s why you need to search for competent and qualified plasterers to get a job completed.

Choose the Best Plasterers

If you want the best for your property, choose commercial plasterers in Sydney who have the knowledge and capacity to plaster your premises. You want to guarantee that they will be doing a nice job that won’t need recurring expenses on the same project. If you hire the best in Sydney, you guarantee that they can complete the plastering job in less time and worth the expense.

How Paint is Related to Plastering

A neatly plastered wall will have better results when painted. If the plastering isn’t done well, you’ll have the paint coming off the patches, may crack or peel, develop damp patches, and more. So, it’s important to have the job done well to last another ten to fifteen years.

Why Prefer Commercial Plasterers

Those who work on commercial projects have a better edge of producing great results. The people working here can be trained to handle their responsibilities and improve their track record in handling various projects. If these are the plasterers in Sydney who will do the job for you, you can expect a marvellous result with no regrets. These are also the people whom you should trust when it comes to this job.

Just ensure that the chosen plasterers in Sydney can provide warranty just in case you’re not happy with their work. They can return and check their work without asking for another fee. If you have chosen a good one, you can ensure it can improve your interior design. If you have chosen a bad one, you wouldn’t be able to drill holes on the walls to add more fittings. So, choose a qualified plasterer by doing thorough research.


Why A Hire Marquee In Melbourne Are Perfect For Any Occasion

You should consider what’s hip nowadays and that is to hire marquee in Melbourne for your special occasion. You just need the marquee hire install the marquee in your selected location, and make it complete with amenities, thus making lasting impressions from your guests. So, here are ways to choose the marquee hire and showcase your personality and style.

  • Do It Your Way: Aside from searching for your own caterers, entertainment and other elements, you add appeal and originality if you hire marquee in Melbourne for the event. Preferred suppliers provide no rules here, except making your marvellous event enjoyable and successful. You have a perfect size and style of marquee which will provide space for your food and drinks, dance floor, lighting, sounds and more. As you’ll be spending hard-earned cash, the marquee hire can provide fabulous aspects for the event. They are not only flexible, but they make your celebration free from restrictions.


  • Extend the Festivities: If you hire marquee in Melbourne, you have your loved ones, friends and everyone around celebrating such event in style. If it’s for a corporate event, the marquee hire can stand sturdy until the end of the event. You also have amenities making everyone comfortable and relaxed with the marquees. Even for small or huge parties, there will be marquees of different sizes and styles accommodating everyone. You and your guests will surely have a great time.


  • Every Penny Counts: If you want an unusual hire, you just need to approach suppliers if you want to hire marquee in Melbourne, that will surely look cool. You just need to prepare a budget to spend for these marquees. Suppliers can provide various packages complete with structures, furniture and accessories to make the marquee hire successful. To get these options, you just need to find a marquee hire near your area or through the Internet, ask for quotes and compare them for the best deals.


  • Bring It All to Life: If you are comfortable with the marquee hire, you can then chat comfortably with other guests, capture and share pictures and videos. The floor plans and seating arrangements are done well. The food and drinks are superb. Hence, you definitely want to make memories here because your happy and enjoying the event.