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Simple Tips When Ordering Healthy Japanese Dishes

If you are craving for authentic sushi or ramen in Thailand, you must visit the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok where each dish is meticulously prepared to capture authentic Japanese flavours. Japanese cuisine will provide you with the opportunity to taste fresh fish, vegetables and heart-smart fats. There are lots of choices even for those with dietary issues.

If you are not very familiar with Japanese cuisine, there are suggestions for both taste and nutrition. Sushi is one of the most famous of all Japanese food but do you know that there is variation in the ingredients used? You have a choice from diced fish, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, avocado, masago and ponzu sauce. If you prefer raw fish without rice, your best option is sashimi, fresh fish that has been sliced thinly and served with a miniscule amount of soy sauce and wasabi.

If you have no dietary restrictions, do not miss tempura which is made from battered and deep-friend seafood and vegetables. The batter has been made as light as possible with a dipping sauce called tentsuyu. The ingredients can be shrimp or squid with vegetables eggplant or bell pepper. However, if you are rather wary over deep-fried foods, you can order steamed broccoli, steamed spinach or thinly sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar. Frequently, Japanese restaurants will accommodate your no-fried-food request.

For those who are health conscious, a better option to the seaweed salad is bean sprout salad or steamed vegetables. You can request for sauce on the side to control your sodium intake. Instead of sake that is made from fermented rice, you can indulge yourself in green tea that is loaded with anti-oxidants. Calorie-free green tea is the perfect match to a sushi dish. However, it will be difficult to resist a taste of sake, the ancient drink of Japan.

Exceptionally fresh salmon, tuna, squid and other types of seafood are served at best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok for your gustatory delight. The restaurant’s mission is to capture the unique flavours and authentic style of Japanese cooking. Meticulously prepared Japanese dishes are complemented by the interior décor that reminds you of Japanese culture.


Sukhumvit To Welcome Akaryn Hotel Group

Sukhumvit, Bangkok is home to luxury hotels and properties in the real estate market. There are various properties available for people who wish to have their own single house in Sukhumvit or even a condominium unit. The entire Kingdom is also home to various developers and companies that are venturing into the real estate market. Recently, Akaryn Hotel Group which is known to be a pioneer in hospitality market in Thailand and manages diverse types of luxury establishments has announced that they are expanding. This time they are going to branch out with Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok which is going to open in December of this year.

The luxury boutique hotel’s exact address is at Sukhumvit Soi 20 which is the heart of the tourism in Bangkok. It is a popular neighborhood because of its lively ambiance, busy nightlife as well as its fine restaurants. There are also upscale malls in the area, green recreation facilities and quality, luxurious spa.

The Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok is going to have 50 rooms. Each accommodation will be between 30 and 60 square meters. Guests will have a beautiful view of the cityscape. There will also be unites that comes with glass doors that spans from floor to ceiling which can be opened in order to access the balcony. The designers complemented the simple beauty of the natural woods with displays that are a mix between retro and modern. The design will be applied in every artwork and furnishing inside the hotel.

This is the fourth of the sister properties that are flying with the flagship of Akyra. The management is banking on the fact that they can offer a complete experience to the guests through the services and facilities in the hotel alongside with attractions outside of the establishment.

The hotel also boasts of a rooftop space with a pool bar that will serve light bites along with crafted cocktails. Surrounding the rooftop pool are cabanas and sun loungers so that guests will be able to enjoy the water as well the surrounding architecture that Bangkok has to offer. People who are wishing to experience the complete experience should consider purchasing a single house in Sukhumvit in order to be in the middle of the upscale district in the Kingdom’s metropolitan city.


Money-Saving Tips For Wall Art Online

There are many ways to keep precious memories for the longest time. You can keep the moments in a video or hire a professional photographer and after that, you can look for a canvas printing shop where you can do wall art. Canvas prints are generally cheap in spite of its durability and quality. For every canvas print, you would only spend less than a hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the design and size. To save further on canvas prints, you can do the following money-saving hacks.

Look for promos and deals

Before you place your order or start uploading the photo you intend to be printed on canvas, it would be best to check from the canvas printer’s website for deals and promos. Find out if they offer discounts on their services or if they have special promos such as discounted or free shipping or delivery. Free shipping and delivery is an excellent way to save money especially if you are going to order higher quantities. Aside from free delivery, look for free services such as free enhancement or touch up on the finished product.

Go for bulk orders

Another way to reduce your expenses is to order higher quantities. This goes for any other online purchases. When you opt for bulk orders, you get automatic discount on the items. There are suppliers that offer higher discount for higher number of orders. If you have friends who also want to have their photos printed in canvas, pool your orders to reduce the overall costs. Service providers prefer bulk orders forwall art because they get guaranteed customers while the customers in turn, get the products at a cheaper rate.

Check for customer-friendly deals

Find out if the company that offers wall art has special deals such as money back guarantee. This way, you can have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. There are also canvas printers that offer lifetime guarantee for repairs and canvas maintenance. Choose a company that offers secure online payment transactions.


3 Enjoyable Things To Do While In Hotels In Yangon Burma

There are several reasons why people travel to Yangon and would naturally book in one of the hotels in Yangon Burma or Myanmar as it is popularly known today. There are those who visit the city for business purposes while there are those who visit Myanmar for leisure. No matter what your purpose may be for visiting Yangon, it would be best to find a hotel where you can be comfortable, secure and at home while enjoying world-class amenities. If you are excited about your trip to Myanmar buy you are wondering what you would do in the area, here are some things that you may want to consider.

Go for arranged tours   

Myanmar is the best country to visit if you want to see golden giant pagodas such as the ShwedagonPaya and the gigantic Golden Buddhist Pagoda along with other majestic ancient temples. You can also discover and shop at their local markets for local and handcrafted products. You can also find cheap apparels in Myanmar. In fact, some popular US and European brands have factories in Myanmar and you can buy the items at factory price. Arrange for a day tour at the hotel’s front desk for convenient shopping and tour around the city.

Taste and experience the local culture

The say you have not really experienced a city if you have not tasted their local cuisine and street foods. One way to observe and experience a city is by walking around the city of Yangon and try their famous shan-style rice or Burmese curry or try their traditional Burmese sweet snacks or their local version of pancake. After feasting on Yangon’s favourite traditional food, get into the fitness centre of one of those hotels in Yangon Burma where you are booked at. You can also enjoy the hotel’s spa for a full body traditional massage.

Enjoy hotel amenities

The good thing about booking in one of luxury hotels in Yangon Burma is that there are so many things you can do at the hotel even without leaving it. You can take pleasure in swimming at the hotel’s expansive swimming pool or you can relax at the hotel’s luxurious restaurant and bar.


3 Tips In Choosing A Provider Of Personalised Word Art

If you are thinking about getting a personalised Word Art for a loved one or if you want to get a nicely framed work of art on your wall, the first thing that you should look for is a company that offers printing services both for special printing paper and on canvas. There are a lot of canvas photo printers in Australia but choose one with good reputation and extensive experience in the industry. Take time to read testimonials from customers to have an idea on the quality of service the company provides. Aside from that, here are some of the features that you should look for in a service provider.

Offers free shipping

In order to save money on the project, it would be wise of you to check if the company offers free shipping. This way, you no longer have to worry about paying extra for the shipping and delivery. There are companies that offer free shipping for those who are in UK and Australia while standard shipping fees apply for international orders.

Affordable products

Visit the websites of different Word Art canvas printing shops to determine which among the service providers offer products at a reasonable price.Aside from the price alone, find out if there are other ways for you to save on your orders such as if there are packages, unlimited revisions on emailed proof, refunds and other customer-friendly deals. Getting a high quality output does not mean you would have to spend excessively on it. If you can find a company that guarantees the lowest price in the industry, take a look at their offered services and see if you are interested to order from them. Find out if the company offers refund or what their refund policy is.

Professional service handling

One indication that you are dealing with a professional Word Art service provider if they can deliver their services in a timely manner such as within 48 hours emailed proof. To know more about the company’s service handling and delivery, read customer testimonials at the company’s website and also from discussion boards and from third party review sites.


How To Pick The Right Company For Commercial Pest Control In Sydney

There are several ways find a reliable commercial pest control in Sydney and one of these is to check from online sources. If you have found a number of service providers, check their websites to have an idea on the type of services they provide, their specialization, service rates and also the type of extermination solutions that they use for the process. To expound on the ideas better, take a look at the following.

Less preparation needed

When you have a scheduled extermination session, it means that you would also need to prepare your office or commercial establishment for it. However, it would be best if you would choose a company that requires minimal assistance from you and they will do most of the preparation and actual work. Ask the pest specialists what you need to do before they come over. Find out if you need to move tables, magazine racks, office equipment and other items that can possibly hamper the performance of the exterminators. Read customer testimonials. Make sure that you pick a pest exterminator do not leave traces, stains, damages or foul odour in your establishment after the process.

Check the types of pesticides used

The chemicals used in pest extermination can be toxic with strong fumes especially those that use spray in eliminating pests. This is the reason why pest control sessions are conducted during weekends where there are no office personnel inside the building. However, there are specialists in commercial pest control in Sydney that uses safe, eco-friendly and effective solutions for parasites, insects and various types of pests. Find out how the process is conducted and what type of pesticides and solutions are used by the team.

Technicians with licensed and insurance

Another important consideration in picking a service provider forcommercial pest control in Sydney is their license and insurance. This gives you the guarantee that the team will be liable for any work-related damages and they have undergone proper training and are duly certified to conduct the job. Make sure that the team is also equipped with the right type of insurances such as liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.


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