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Bottle Packaging Changes With The Rise Of Online Shopping

The packaging of the items we purchase online affects the courier costs therefore it is important for companies to reinvent the current packaging of their products to adapt with online shoppers. For many decades, the designs of the bottles used for packing goods are based on shelf presence. This was during the time when traditional shopping is the only option and consumers have to visit physical shops and go through shelves after shelves of products. This is no longer the focus because of the exponential growth in online shopping. Bottle designs are starting to morph into something that will satisfy the current demand of the e-commerce industry.

Designers will no longer have to focus on shelf presence. Instead, they are going to factor in efficiency for online shoppers. One example is the latest Tide Eco-Box which was released by Proctor & Gamble for their e-commerce consumers. They created the smallest packaging that will store the most amount of liquid while ensuring that the content will be delivered safely to the recipient. The most important feature is that the packaging used is functional.

It is common for online products sent to consumers to be packed with a few layers of packing. Often items are packed with bubble wraps and then two more layers of protection like cardboard boxes. When the parcel arrives, the consumer opens it and then throws away the protective packaging used which is a lot of wastes. This is why P&G decided to design the box known as the Tide Eco-Box which no longer requires extra layer of protection prior to shipping. The item can be shipped from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse of the retailers and then to the houses of the consumers.

The cardboard box used is sealed and intended to withstand shipping. The laundry detergent inside the box is stored inside a sealed bag. All the consumer needs to do is peel off one side of the box where the no-drop twist tap is located. The box also comes with a pull-out stand for easier access using a cup. The design of the box also lowers courier costs because it is compact and easy to ship.


Tourists Spending In Saigon Increases As They Stay Longer

According to survey, international tourists who spend their time in the commercial hub of Vietnam in 2017 were able to spend an average of $145 per day. This comes as no surprise as they want to experience everything from spa in Saigon to the best local restaurants and night markets.

Authorities from Ho Chi Minh City said that they are increasing the efforts they are making in order to encourage tourists to stay longer in the top metropolis in Vietnam. This is after they have found out that they are able to earn higher revenue from tourism this way.

The new shift in focus was prompted after an increase in the number of tourists that are arriving in the city. Last year, the city recorded 6.36 million international arrivals which are higher by 22.8 per cent compared to the previous year. Further good news for the tourism industry is the fact that these tourists are staying longer in the city as well as spending more cash.

According to a survey conducted at the middle of 2018 with regards to the tourism market, foreign tourists are spending around $145 for each day they are in the city in 2017 which is also the same amount as the spending of tourists in Thailand in 2016. The number is still lower than that of Singapore which is at $254 and Beijing at $242 as well as Taipei at $208. The survey was conducted by the Statistics Bureau and the tourism department of Saigon in partnership with Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 and MasterCard.

Domestic tourists in Vietnam, on the other hand, spend an average of $69.4 each day. The same survey revealed that the city is offering more the tourists thus they are staying longer – an average of 5.21 days while locals stay for 3.6 days on average. There are many things to do in the metropolis but spending mostly went to hotels, spa in Saigon, food and shopping.


Phuket’s Light-rail Targets To Start Operation By 2023

According to the Regional Bureau of Transportation and Traffic Promotion, OTP, Niran Kaetkeaw, the light-rail system of Phuket is on the right track with regards to progress. Mr. Niran shared that the e-bidding for the light-rail is set to begin in 2019 and the bidding will close the following year. As soon as bidding closes, construction will begin and the light-rail system will be completed in 2022. This is good news for tourists and businesses including Novotel in Phuket which will benefit from the project.

Mr. Niran added that the trial period will last for the first year and by 2023 the light-rail system will be fully available to serve the general public. The legal authority to monitor the project’s progress has been given to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand or MRTA. At the same time, MRTA has been gathering feedback from the public as well as related agencies to help determine the terms necessary for the government tender which is under public and private partnership.

The report will be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport which will help in faster processing of the government tender documents. The first 41.7 kilometres will begin construction during the first six months of 2022 or before 2023 starts. The allotted budget for the first part is 30.154 billion baht.

The whole project will span 58.52 kilometers and the total cost will amount to 39.406 billion baht. The northern part of the route will stick along Thepkrasattri Road. The route was chosen based on the survey that showed that it provides access to a lot of communities located on both sides and it also pass through 40 different schools. The light-rail will be able to service the local residents as well as the students around the area.

Mr. Niran explained that the main goal of the light-rail system is to provide convenience and to decrease the population of private cars. Tourists departing from Phuket International Airport, on the other hand, can ride the light-rail and reach Phuket Town, their accommodations such as Novotel in Phuket or any other parts of the island without the need to hire or rent a private car.



First Supermarket For Molonglo Likely To Open By January After Delays

It makes sense to undertake shop fitouts in Canberra when the space needs to be furnished and organized for both the customers and the staff. Space will be maximized while improving its visual appeal. However, a fitout may not proceed according to plans when necessary approvals are not received on time.

Stephen Byron, the managing director of Capital Estate Developments and developer of Denman Prospect said in 2016 that a supermarket will open at the local shops by late 2017. It was supposed to be the first one for Molonglo. The shops at Denman Prospect were being fast tracked in response to the delays that have affected the construction of Coombs shopping centre. However, it was past the deadline and the shops have not been completed.

Based on the latest announcement, The Farm at the Denman Prospect will open in 2019 following the collaboration with Steve Smith that owns Yass Supa IGA. Nick McDonald Crowley, director of Denman Prospect said that although the deadline was amended, they were still on target for the centre to open in 2018 and the supermarket in early 2019. It is expected that the entire centre will be fully occupied by May 2019.

According to Mr. Crowley, some details of the shop fitout were causing the delay. The rooftop garden on the medical centre is supposed to be the largest green roof in Canberra. They have to plant more than 60,000 plants and shrubs. They want the shops to open earlier because they understand that the residents need it.

The Farm at Denman Prospect will be the largest retail space at the Denman Village Shops. There will be 8 specialty shops, a medical centre, a childcare centre, a gym and a café. Fitouts in some of the shops have started and glazing is currently going in the outer facades.

When shop fitouts in Canberra are undertaken, the objective is more than just visual aesthetics; space must be organized to maximize mobility and accessibility for customers. It is important to create the right look which will complement the nearby environment. Functionality must be appropriate to the size of the usable space.


London Reigns Supreme When It Comes To Artificial Intelligence

Technology is constantly evolving and almost everybody is getting a taste of its benefits. For example, if you have those old VHS tapes, it is probably the right time to convert VHS to DVD Melbourne to rescue and preserve the memories that were saved in them. Most people assume that the memories are safe in their VHS tapes but they forgot that VHS players are already obsolete. The tapes can also deteriorate over the years.

For the past 15 years or so, Silicon Valley has always been considered as the centre of technology. However, in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) it seems that London is gaining early supremacy. Right now, there are multiple start-ups in London that includes DeepMind, a Google-owned company that is the creator of champion Go software.

The next generation of technology is expected to be less of entrepreneurship but more on data science. Although artificial intelligence is still in the early stages, it would be difficult to avoid the technology. Those of you who are watching Netflix know that recommendations are coming from smart software. Artificial intelligence will have a stronger impact in the future because gadgets and machines will communicate in behalf of people. Background research on artificial intelligence is now taking place in London.

Most of the start-ups in London are relatively unknown but their work is critical because they might be able to solve the world’s multi-million dollar problems. DeepMind is probably the most influential start-up today when it comes to artificial intelligence. Aside from defeating the best human Go player in the world, DeepMind has developed an eye scanner that can spot early signs of blindness. It has managed to build a neural network that can mimic short-term memory. If you are using Google products, you are already experiencing some of the benefits of London-based researches on artificial intelligence.

Anywhere there is a combination of moisture and heat, moulds will appear. Before the VHS tapes are damaged by mould growth, make the effort to convert VHS to DVD Melbourne so that the memories saved will not be destroyed. Broken tapes can also be restored to avoid lost memories during the transfer process.


Financial Hardships And Wellness

If you’re a simple and organized person, you’ll likely get a job fast and open a bank account so easily. If you have all these, you can financially decide for yourself and probably grow as a person. You just need to apply the financial basics of earning money, so you can become wealthy one day. However, when you’re not careful with your finances, you experience financial hardships.Here are financial basics you should know when handling your funds:

  • Work with a Budget

Once you take hold of your earnings, ensure that you know where it will go. If you make a budget, you allot the money to certain expenses and you must monitor where it was spent.

  • Paying Your Taxes

It is important to understand on how taxes work for you. Know the basics so you can save your money on the long term despite paying some taxes to the government. You will also know the documents and receipts that help you minimize your taxes.

  • Have an Emergency Fund

You need to secure your life and your family by preparing some emergency funds to spend. Many times, the unexpected financial losses can happen, and you need resources to spend for emergencies. You must have adequate funds to secure you financially, before anything can happen.

  • Having Depreciating Assets

You need to know that not everything you buy is considered an investment. Take for instance, buying a new car, where the value of the vehicle will depreciate over time. So, have the best price just in case you’re selling it once again. Sell a depreciated vehicle if you have used it for some years.

  • Housing and Mortgage

You need to know how housing and mortgages work. You need to understand how new mortgages work, especially that there are lots of mortgages available for borrowers. You must know that not only housing prices are up and that you’ll need a mortgage debt which you can pay regularly and affordably.

  • Credit Cards

According to Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis, credit cards can be useful or a liability depending on how you use it. If you know how they work, it will be to your advantage. Never rush to buy things which you cannot afford to pay monthly. It will only leave you indebted with high interest rates.