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Choosing Custom Canvas Prints To Enhance The Ambiance Of Your Home

When hanging custom canvas prints within your homes, it will help modify the atmosphere of your living space. Besides, you have a variety of canvas prints to choose from. Here is a guide to choosing a quality print, which will all depend on your decorating vision and the ambiance you plan to create.

Decorating with Canvas Prints

You may know all the essential elements when selecting the right canvas print; however, you need to remember the space you plan to decorate. To protect your artwork in rooms that can be messy or damp, like the kitchen or bathroom, opt for framed canvas prints to protect it from debris or moisture.

If you decide to decorate the walls in your master bedroom, settle for a panoramic print to add an interesting focal point in the room. You may also choose a print collage for your children’s room for you to feature all your kids’ artworks, school pictures and sports photos.

For the entrance hall or living room, let your home designer set-up an impressive art wall or gallery in your home. Certainly, there will be places in the wall to hang different pictures that may vary on your space and budget. Opting for custom canvas prints will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

How to Personalize

Never limit your home decorating creativity with canvas prints only. You can mix and match various styles and customize them to really fit your decorating requirements. With the current variety of canvas prints, you can style flexibly a design with one big picture or a collage of pictures as they are directly printed on a canvas.

You can also customize the canvas print by adding messages or texts. It’s either to commemorate a special occasion or given as a gift to someone. There are a wide range of customization choices you can choose from. Work with a budget and style to see what you like.

For more details about selecting custom canvas prints for your home, find our canvas sizing guide very useful. Whether you are planning to give it as a gift, or to fill the empty walls in your home, there’s always a canvas print dedicated for your needs and preference.


Michelin International Certification For Thailand Restaurants And Street Food

People from all over the world travel to Thailand to experience the exotic, tropical country with unique temples, sandy, beaches, top Bangkok restaurants and world famous markets. Bangkok is a paradise for those who want to enjoy a different culinary experience. After the launch of Michelin Guide, Thailand hopes to reaffirm the country’s position as a gastronomy destination in Asia.

At present, Thailand is ranked 29th among the certified food vendors of the world. In Asia, Thailand is at 6th place and 2nd only to Singapore in Southeast Asian region. The total tourism income from gastronomy business was predicted to improve from the 20% forecast for 2017 to 25% in 2018. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects to meet the goal of 2.77 trillion Baht in tourism revenue with 20% generated by gastronomy businesses.

TAT is seriously promoting gastronomy tourism including Bangkok’s street food. According to TAT governor, YutthasakSupasorn, local Thai food will be among the core tourism products that will be promoted in the coming years. If TAT succeeds with the objective of gastronomy tourism, Bangkok will be the destination for gastronomy enthusiasts in Asia.

In order to enable Michelin Guide, a global food certification firm to rate food establishments in Thailand from 2018 to 2021, TAT has approved a budget of 144 million Baht. Hopefully, tourism revenue from gastronomy tourism in 2018 will generate 750 billion Baht.

The first Michelin guidebook for Thailand will be launched on December 6 of this year. Mr. Yutthasak expects that the guidebook will strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness once restaurants gain international certification. Aside from top Bangkok restaurants, many street food stores will also be certified by Michelin.

Last June, Bangkok was named by CNN as a top global destination for street food because of the wide variety of street food that is available 24/7. Foreign tourists are the biggest spenders on food that is why TAT wants street food to be internationally certified.

Outstanding, high quality and the tastiest food can be found in top Bangkok restaurants along the Sukhumvit area. Aside from local Thai cuisine, restaurants also serve sophisticated food with international influence. Diversity of menu and location makes Bangkok restaurants the best choice for a delightful experience.


How Doctors Removed The Small Magnets On A Boy’s Nose

There are many different applications that use magnets in Brisbane from electric motors to mechanical e-cigarette firing switches and toys. Recently, an 11-year old boy used two small button magnets on his nose because it is considered fashionable. However, despite their small size, small magnets have strong magnetic pull.

The boy who comes from Nicosia, Cyprus placed a small magnetic disk that is shaped like a watch battery up his nostrils while he was in school in fall. Unfortunately, the magnets that he used were Neodymium magnets which are the most powerful and strongest magnets that are commercially available. According to Dr. KadirKazikdas, professor of Otorhinolaryngology of Nicosia Near East University, the small magnets immediately attracted to each other on the boy’s nasal septum.

Doctors at the hospital have to think up of creative ways to remove the magnetic disks. Approximately 6 hours after the boy inserted the magnets on his nose, he suffered from severe nose pain and experienced serious nose bleeding and crusting. During the initial examination, the boy was uncooperative and there was too much crusting on the nose. The boy has to be transferred to the ENT Department where he was given a facial X-ray.

The doctors found out that the magnets were locked on the boy’s nose. Dislodging the magnets through conventional surgical methods was not possible. However, the magnets have to be removed immediately because the boy was at risk of septal perforation and the development of necrosis or dying tissue.

Eventually, the doctors tried an ingenious way to remove the magnets by using household magnets to counteract the pull of the magnetic disks. The magnets on the left side were removed easily but it took seconds to remove the other magnet. The boy suffered from damages to his nasal cartilage but after 6 months there was no permanent damage.

It is very simple and easy to shop for magnets in Brisbane if you do it online. Since you can shop for magnets by section or category, you can easily find what you require for your project. There is a wide range of magnets available in different sizes, shapes, grades and types.


Super Local Creates Terrazzo Collection Using Waste Glass

Super Local, a Dutch studio, partnered with the craftspeople from Zanzibari in order to create terrazzo out of waste glass that are formed into objects and furniture for their home collection. Companies such as Economy Glass are glad to hear that discarded glasses are being transformed into something useful.

The project is called Bottle Up and it showcases that the trash in Zanzibar can be transformed into items such as building materials, accessories and furniture instead of just sending them all into the landfill.

Audience at the Dutch Design Week was able to witness the latest collection which is a line of colorful terrazzo made into home items such as a vase, dish, table and bench.

The designers of Super Local, Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel, are the creative minds behind project. It started in 2015 after their visit at the tropical island of Zanzibar which is located in Africa’s eastern coast.

They found out that the large number of waste glass bottle in the island has no recycling program. These are all waste resulting from the increasing tourism in the island. About six shipping containers filled with glass are being transported into the landfill annually.

As a solution, they decided to collaborate with local makers in order to setup the factory of Bottle Up and this is when they started producing items that are made of glass bottles gathered from hotel wastes.

The first collection from Bottle Up was released in 2015 and it was jars and vases made out glass bottles. After that, designers thought of more create ways to incorporate the waste and this is when they created the terrazzo which is made of recycled glass materials.

According to Van Baarsen, it is not an easy task to create beautiful products out of dirty and shattered glasses. This is when the concept of terrazzo was created. It is basically a process involving a mixture of cement and glass shards. Every product in their latest collection makes use of terrazzo.

As a glass company, Economy Glass is proud of the innovation as it puts glasses into new light.


Oak Furniture Land Makers Of Oak Bathroom &Home Furniture Has Advert Banned

A TV promotion for a British furniture company has been prohibited airing due to deceptive claims that it has never used veneer for its oak bathroom & home furniture.

Oak Furniture Land is said to have promised its customers that all cabinets are 100% solid hardwood.

The company claims that it has never used chipboard, plywood and veneer; however, it may have used “oak wrap” for its legs, where defenders say is a type of veneer. The legs are said to be small pieces of oak glued together to form a thin layer of wood.

Information about the strategy was unveiled after seeing several complaints filed to the Advertising Standards Authority about the largest retailer of hardwood furniture deceiving buyers. The ad was featured both on YouTube and TV, where it claimed 100% solid hardwood furniture.

According to ASA after banning the ads: ‘We recognize that the outer layer covered a high quality base material than those found with other veneered furniture, the considered “oak wrap” was really veneer.’ It can be seen how oak bathroom & home furniture are designed.

Oak Furniture Land was prohibited to air the adverts again that it used solid hardwood for the cabinets. It was not rightful for them to claim that there was no veneer included, when in fact, it used the “oak wrap”and other related methods.

Meantime, the firm would like to appeal the ruling to challenge the decision, if required, in the courts.

It persisted that “oak wrap” was an industry-accepted cabinetry techniqueto combine pieces of solid hardwood.

The firm’s leaders said the furniture was toughened by eliminating contracting or expanding and minimizing the possibility of splitting or warping.

Chief operating officer of Oak Furniture Land Terry King said: ‘The management is truly disappointed and dismayed with ASA’s conclusion to challenge concerns about our focus on our advertising campaign.

‘We stand true to our words that we only used 100% solid hardwood in our furniture. You can check some of our oak bathroom & home furniture as evidence.

‘The existing words we’ve used in our adverts were typically and widely utilized all over the retail industry, to assist customers to have a better distinction between solid, no-veneer products, and that furniture created using poor quality materials, which is covered with man-made veneers or thinner woods.


How To Buy Discount Tyres In Brisbane

There are just so many things you need to budget on. Your car tyres are just one of them and surely, you do not want all your money to go to your tyre replacement alone. For this reason, it is understandable for you to look for a supplier where you can find discount tyres in Brisbane for your tyre replacement. There are several tyres suppliers online and it might be daunting for you to choose one where you can get high quality tyres at affordable price. To narrow down your options, here are some ideas.

Do some window shopping

To get the best value for your money, search fordiscount tyres in Brisbane from different sellers and obtain information from various sources. If you are a first time buyer, do purchase tyres from the first supplier that you encounter online. You can stick to a supplier if you have already proven the reliability of the seller. Before you place a purchase, check from different suppliers and compare the tyre prices. Aside from checking the supplier’s website, you can also call them directly to get price information. Another option is to check from local tyre dealers to see if their prices are comparable to those offered online. Your friends might also know some of the best tyre suppliers and you can ask them for information.

Consider checking second hand tyres

You can also find discount tyres from tyre shops that offer second hand or used tyres. Online shops do not just offer discount items, they also offer tyres that are used but with excellent quality. All you have to do is do some research to get more options and you should also consider your budget. If your budget only allows for second hand tyres, choose a reliable supplier and ask for the tyresimages to ensure that they are still in excellent condition. Buy tyres from a supplier that offers money back guarantee.

Choose the right supplier

To get high quality discount tyres in Brisbane, it is important to choose your supplier wisely. Read customer testimonials before placing a purchase or you can also refer to online forums for additional information.


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