Australia Legalizes Euthanasia As Assisted Dying Bill Passes

The euthanasia bill has been ratified by the Lower House of the state of Victoria in Australia, and this opens up the possibility that more people will be seeking the need for enduring power of attorney in Victoria. Choosing voluntarily and legally to die, gives the patient the choice to prepare for his death and deciding when it will happen. The process for ratifying the euthanasia law took more than 2 years but now has been made official. Advocates of assisted death welcome this legality but opposition continues to be strong.


There has been a similar jurisdiction before, just past two decades ago, specifically in the Northern Territory, but this was cut short. The federal government quickly ended the jurisdiction for assisted dying.


There are many advocates fighting assisted dying rights. Their argument for this right is to have the compassion to allow people who are terminally sick and suffering to have the decency to choose to put a stop to their pain and end their life in their own dignified choice.


With the ratified euthanasia bill, it will be allowed for patients to request and receive a lethal drug. The allotted time for this request is expected to be not more than 10 days upon submitting the request. Only those that have lived in Victoria as a resident, in over a year can be included in the right to this bill. The bill also specifically requires patients to administer the lethal drug on their own, unless it is proven that they are utterly incapable of administering it themselves.


The ratified law has faced many opposition, including the Australian Medical Association, citing concerns that the law may be misused, misinterpreted or altered to mislead. Many people with family members who are terminally sick still find this legality a much needed option.


Death is never simple especially for the families and loved ones left behind. This is even more strongly felt by a person who is undergoing a terminal illness, knowing well that death is a certainty. There are many ways to prepare for the eventual passing, such as leaving a will for the families left behind allowing enduring power of attorney in Victoria so that as they are gone, their families’ concerns are still taken cared of.


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