A Funeral Director In Sydney Also Does Some Negligence

There was a woman who died of natural cause some three years ago. Her family expected her cremation went on as planned until a discovery was done in a room at the funeral home. This incident is quite surprising; however, it was the responsibility of the funeral director in Sydney to take care of the ashes.

In March 2015, Mary Alice Pitts died a natural death. His family anticipated that when they paid everything for the cremation, they would receive a standard request, that is expected to happen. Sadly, they were wrong and didn’t discover it until some three years later. It’s a responsibility that only the funeral director in Sydney should handle and partly a negligence.

News outlets in the area are now reporting after the investigation had been initiated after the First Family funeral home failed to cremate the woman’s body all this time after three years. The body of the 63-year-old woman was found in the store room, which was believed to be cremated. The body has been starting out to decompose and is hardly recognisable.

The relatives of the deceased were somehow upset with such revelation when they have thought that the body had been cremated since 2015. This is after all the negligence of the funeral home headed by the funeral director in Sydney and will need appropriate action.

The funeral home may be subject to legal action especially with the family’s wishes on the woman’s final rest. The local police had already been contacted about such concern and the case will be handled by the state attorney-general.

Mortuary malpractice is somehow common in many funeral parlours. In 2016, a Massachusetts family was given $150,000 after a mistaken burial. The same can happen to that funeral home which had handled the supposed cremation of that woman.

Just like a Korean war veteran named Lincoln White Sr., who was cremated in 2014. Somehow the funeral home, headed by a funeral director in Sydney, lost his ashes. A tragic twist also happened where the late Lincoln’s wife Lucille also lost some of her ashes, which was meant to be preserved, so that they can both be buried alongside.


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