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Partnership Schools To Uplift Thailand’s Educational System

When there is a good educational system, a country benefits from the presence of well-educated and skilled manpower for different industries ranging from technology to manufacturing. In Thailand, there are public and private schools including Thailand international school which is the first and largest British school for students from 2 to 18 years old.

For this academic year, the educational system of Thailand will be upliftedby the introduction of 50 partnership schools all over the country. The term “partnership” was chosen in order to reflect on the collaboration of all relevant parties that includes the private sector that is providing educational services to schools. A significant fact which must not be overlooked is the schools are from other state schools that operate independently.

The partnership schools have their own managers that can appoint school directors and teachers on their own without the need to undertake complicated bureaucratic processes. Even the budget can be managed by themselves without any outside influence.

Meanwhile, the curriculum will be adjusted to reflect local context and global trends according to the policies of the school. These schools have the responsibility to function as community learning centres when necessary.

One of the few partnership schools in Thailand can be found in Thongchaineurwittaya School in the north-eastern province of Nakhon, Ratchasima. The school passed all the criteria required to join the partnership-school initiative because it has been very efficient in educating students and strengthening the community.

Apart from its status as a partnership school, Thongchaineurwittaya is also a participant of CONNEXT ED project where Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) guides the school on the application of HM King BhumibolAdulyadej’sSufficiency Economy Philosophy in education. With the assistance of CPF, the school was able to set up a Sufficiency Economy centre that focuses on Indian Oyster mushroom cultivation including harvest and distribution.

For nearly 60 years, Thailand international school is very proud of its distinct accomplishments in the academic, sporting and artistic fields. This is partly due to the school’s policy that allows the students greater scope to discover their passions and interests. Students are provided with an extensive campus and outstanding facilities to enjoy the greatest number of opportunities.


How Funeral Directors In Sydney Approach And Support A Family In Grief

It’s not easy to talk to someone who is in grief of the death of a loved one. It’s even harder to talk to a stranger about such subject. That is why funeral directors in Sydney know how to approach people experiencing the loss of someone they love. They feel the loss, grief and bereavement deep down inside. They speak with the bereaved someone so they know what they need and can provide the right services for the funeral.

You need to know few important things about the grief you try to fix it. Losing someone you love is the most difficult thing that one can experience in his or her life. Different emotions can range from the feelings of the bereaved. They can be initially depressed or angry depending on the loss of the deceased loved one. Sometimes, they feel guilty that they hadn’t done anything to improve the deceased situation. Others are also isolated and want to be alone from the world. All these things are feelings felt by funeral directors in Sydney and they know how to make the right approach.

Things a Funeral Director Must Say to a Grieving Person

  • Recognise the scenario in front of you. Don’t try to ignore or pretend that the client is going through a tough situation. Repeat back their instruction and ensure you are listening attentively to them.
  • Show your concern to their feelings. First, you need to be sympathetic or feel bad for them. Next, you need to empathise with them or you understand their current situation.
  • Be real with your response. Don’t try to fake your overly concern but show passion by the way you respond.

It’s crucial for funeral directors in Sydney to never show their discomfort when meeting a client in grief. In a previous survey done by the Therapists of America, 30% of people felt like they lost their relationships as others didn’t know how to speak with them after losing a loved one. If you follow the following tips, you’re one step closer to the best caring person in this field. All you need is to understand the grieving family’s situation.


What Dell Embedded PC In Thailands Really

This article will prove useful for those who don’t really know what a Dell embedded PC in Thailand really is, as well as those who get confused on the difference between general purpose systems and embedded systems.

An embedded PC is a special system wherein the computer is entirely represented by a gadget that controls it. Not similarly a useful PC, the Dell embedded PC in Thailand will perform pre-characterised errands, for the most part of the requirements. As the model is dedicated to a specific task, the designers can streamline it, while minimising the cost and size of the item. The embedded computer is usually mass created, to enhance cost investment funds.

To have a better view of embedded PCs, they are incorporated in phones, printers, ATMs, calculators, indoor regulators and video games. Handheld computers are further viewed as embedded gadgets due to their equipment configuration, despite being expandable in programming terms. Like a common computer, the embedded PCs have basic segments like the CPU, RAM, ROM, input gadgets, yield gadgets and a clock.

The Benefits of Embedded PCs

  • They come smaller in size

As Dell embedded PC in Thailand are application specific, its crafted model will only have important parts unlike the general PC. Hence, it will look smaller than a regular computer.

  • Minimised cost

The model can have minimal segments when compared to a general PC, so it costs cheaper.

  • Portability

The embedded PC will run on batteries; hence they come smaller in size just like advanced watches, number crunchers, etc.

  • Real time response

The embedded PC is a real-time system, where the reaction to an outer occasion can limit the execution. Examples are deploying airbags in cars after an impact.

The Drawbacks of Embedded PCs

  • Scalability issues

As the Dell embedded PC in Thailand cannot be modified easily, the structure won’t be scaled up as the request and extension changes. Computers solely for scaling upwill have to use development ports or system administration. What it means is to choose in advance the structure and programming of the embedded PC before it is being assembled.


Increased Demand For Cave Diving After The Thailand Rescue

If you are planning to visit Thailand, why not try Similan Liveaboard for a new experience? It is a great a way to celebrate with a group of friends who share the same passion for diving. On the other hand, you can also experience the rare adventure with strangers who can teach you to dive. You can get creative with the dive itinerary beyond the “4 dives a day.”

At Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, summer is slow season for scuba diving however, after the successful cave rescue of 12 boys and their coach in a flooded Thailand cave, diving was suddenly trusted into the limelight. The dangerous rescue efforts of the Thai Navy Seal Team and volunteer foreign cave divers captured the world’s attention and highlighted the importance of cave diving skills.

According to Douglas Georgens, the owner of the mine, he received lots of calls a week after the cave rescue. People were asking about diving and diving certification. Most of them were interested to visit Northern Thailand. The way that the rescue turned out was indeed a miracle but had it turned bad, Georgens is not sure if people will still show the same interest.

Bonne Terre is a former lead mine that is 500 meters below the surface. Groundwater used to be pumped out when the mine was still working. Today, 3 of the mine’s 5 levels are submerged in water. Divers with the open water certification can explore the 50 trails on the largest manmade underground caverns in the world. After the Thailand cave rescue, Georgens expects that more divers will come to the caves.

Increased demand for cavern and cave diving has also been reported by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Global PADI Cavern Diver certifications have also increased by 150% over this month last year.

Aspiring cave divers can start by joining Similan Liveaboard in Thailand where they have the opportunity to learn through highly experienced PADI diving instructors and dive masters. It will take years of diving experience in open water before you will obtain the skills for cave diving. For divers who do not want to venture down that path, they can still enjoy themselves in liveaboard trips.


What To Do While In A Beachfront Hotel In Eastbourne

You’ll want to be at a beachfront hotel in Eastbourne to do various outdoor activities from family fun to festivals. This Sussex coast is one of the sunniest places in the UK, where you can have a great day out.

  • You can try the royalty tour to the beautiful South Downs, UK’s newest national park with a chauffeur-driven vintage car.



  • Why not watch a performance at Britain’s busiest bandstand with over a hundred concerts every summer. The performances are held each evening including impressive fireworks.


  • Be amazed at the military fast jets, helicopters, parachutists and incredible displays from the aerobatics teams. This is absolutely free at the International Airshow returns on the 13-15th of August. The show will include the flying Bristol Blenheim bomber and the Red Arrows. There’s also live music where you can watch from the beachfront hotel in Eastbourne for a clearer view.


  • The stunning 1870 seaside landmark has reopened after the devastating fire that ripped its roof at the Victorian Pier. Enjoy the pier with its finest traditional seaside fun.


  • You can also visit the unique military location of the 200-year old Redoubt Fortress where you can join a pirate school. You can climb the rigging and venture into sword fighting under the guidance of a pirate captain. The fortress was once built to defend Napoleon’s forces on the South Coast.


  • Visit the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, the lone five-star luxury hotel along the British coastline. You can have a taste of luxurious food in this fine hotel.


  • Visit the National Trust’s first acquired building in 1896, the 14th century Hall House and the idyllic village of Alfriston. Finish the day with a tour to the state-of-the-art winery, Sussex Sparkling wine.


  • In the Hello Kitty Theme Park, you’ll find a small zoo with hundreds of exotic animals like pandas, penguins, meerkats and monkeys. Kids will explore the Eden’s Eye maze, while enjoying the Thomas the Tank Engine.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to refresh, relax and unwind in your beachfront hotel in Eastbourne.


The Truth About Conference Hotel Charges

The MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) industry is growing because of the rise of companies who are trying to venture into this new type of marketing. Many years ago, conference and event management are far and few and considered by companies to be a luxurious endeavour but this is no longer true because there are companies that devote their a portion of the yearly budget for these events.

The high commissions received by those under the industry cannot be denied because of the rapid digitalization in terms of inquiry as well as booking of guests during the event planning process. The hospitality market is trying to adapt with this new challenge which is to look for the most effective strategy in the field of digital marketing.

This is evident in countries such as Germany where the conference industry is currently blooming compared to any other nations. Planning an event has never been easier because they can easily hire agencies with the said expertise and there are also online platforms that can be used to make the tasks easier. As a result, hoteliers were taken by surprise because of the sudden rise in intermediaries for upcoming events. Furthermore, it is common for abrokered business to set a fixed rate when it comes to commission.

The commissions in every establishment are not the same. The rise of these intermediaries in the form of agencies and online platforms is something that is inevitable because it is trying to match up with the demand. Majority of the agents are setting a fixed commission rate of 10 per cent while others even go higher. There are also alternative options such as the Channel Manager MICE access that gives every hotel the right to set the commission that they are willing to provide. The intermediary is just going to approve whatever the establishment has proposed. The hoteliers get to decide the amount that should be given to the agent.

This kind of approach is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the conference and event management industry but more than that it gives the hotels the chance to set the structure with which they are willing to agree rather than being forced in something that might not be good for the business.


Cleaners Discovers Mummified Body In Hoarder’s Home

Working for one of the many commercial cleaning companies in Sydney means that one will have to get used to dirty and grime, but some houses can still shake even the hardiest cleaners to their core.

Such is the case with a home located in Greenwich Road, occupied by the deceased Bruce Roberts, who was discovered in 2017 inside his home in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, dead. Outside his home, old tyres sat dilapidated atop piles of wood and pieces of cardboard. Cleaners from one of the commercial cleaning companies in Sydney were brought in to clean up the house, which was in far worse condition inside.

The crews were clearing the garbage from the house recently, when they uncovered a mummified body inside the house. It was not clear how long that body had been sitting in the house, but the police said that it had been there for quite some time now. The police also said that it was unclear whether or not Roberts had any involvement in the person’s death, which they treated as suspicious.

The police responded to the discover on Tuesday, May 29, and immediately opened an investigation on the mummified body to discover who the person was and how they died. According to a police statement released two days after the discover, May 31, the occupant of the house died sometime in 2017 and the owners organised for cleaners to come into the property to handle cleaning early in June 2018.

Police reported that the postmortem examination of the mummified body revealed that the person was a man in his 30s or 40s, and had sustained numerous injuries prior to his death, though a definitive cause of death has yet to be identified.

Acting Superintendent Simon Jones says that the discovery was a mystery, and very unusual. She reports that the police is working on the connection between Roberts and the mummified person were connected to each other, though the former is not currently a suspect.

Neighbours of Roberts describe him as a recluse, a hoarder, and some even say that he came across as childlike. Neighbours say that Roberts would rarely talk to others, just muttering ‘Hello’ on rare occasions. Robert and Gayle Meagher, whose parents owned the house Roberts stayed in, express sadness at the death, wondering if they could’ve done something, though the conditions of the house, they admit, would’ve hampered them all the same.


Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor Clinic During Initial Consultation

Chiropractor is a professional who treats neuromuscular disorders using manual adjustment or manipulation of spine. These health care professionals are trained in the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders using chiropractic treatments, which are known as alternative medicine. They reduce pain and improve the functionality of the patients using spine adjustment techniques. Some of the common conditions that can be treated using chiropractic are lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headache, repetitive strains, injuries caused due to sports and accidents, and arthritic pain.

If you are looking for a reputed chiropractor in Bankstown, here are some question to ask the clinic, before you select them.

  • Does the chiropractor in Bankstown feature in your insurance providers’ network of clinics and hospitals?
  • What are the payment options for services which are not covered by insurance? Some reputed chiropractic clinics offers discounts on treatments, denied by insurers.
  • The cost of the initial consultation. Most of the chiropractors provide free initial consultation to the patients.
  • What is the fee for the diagnosis and treatment? Know about the cost of initial examination and the cost of various chiropractic treatments offered at the clinic. The fee should fall within the general range of the fees charged by similar clinics in the neighbourhood. The fees of chiropractor in Bankstown varies depending on the reputation, experience and quality of services offered at the clinic. Select a clinic which offers good quality services at competitive prices.
  • What are the discounts and ongoing offers at the clinic? Some chiropractor clinics offer discounts on cash payments and provide value deals for families and groups.
  • Ask about the service quality guarantee provided by the clinic. Some reputed clinics with experienced chiropractors, offer service guarantees and give a refund of the fee if the patient is not satisfied with the service.
  • Know about the average waiting times at the clinic. Some clinic have longer waiting times while others have short waiting periods. Select a suitable clinic that fits your schedule and your choice of chiropractor.
  • Does the chiropractor in Bankstown provide references of other healthcare professionals? Most of the chiropractors work with other medical practitioners and therapists to treat the condition of the patient. They provide references to the medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other alternative practitioners required for the treatment.