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Partnership Schools To Uplift Thailand’s Educational System

When there is a good educational system, a country benefits from the presence of well-educated and skilled manpower for different industries ranging from technology to manufacturing. In Thailand, there are public and private schools including Thailand international school which is the first and largest British school for students from 2 to 18 years old.

For this academic year, the educational system of Thailand will be upliftedby the introduction of 50 partnership schools all over the country. The term “partnership” was chosen in order to reflect on the collaboration of all relevant parties that includes the private sector that is providing educational services to schools. A significant fact which must not be overlooked is the schools are from other state schools that operate independently.

The partnership schools have their own managers that can appoint school directors and teachers on their own without the need to undertake complicated bureaucratic processes. Even the budget can be managed by themselves without any outside influence.

Meanwhile, the curriculum will be adjusted to reflect local context and global trends according to the policies of the school. These schools have the responsibility to function as community learning centres when necessary.

One of the few partnership schools in Thailand can be found in Thongchaineurwittaya School in the north-eastern province of Nakhon, Ratchasima. The school passed all the criteria required to join the partnership-school initiative because it has been very efficient in educating students and strengthening the community.

Apart from its status as a partnership school, Thongchaineurwittaya is also a participant of CONNEXT ED project where Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) guides the school on the application of HM King BhumibolAdulyadej’sSufficiency Economy Philosophy in education. With the assistance of CPF, the school was able to set up a Sufficiency Economy centre that focuses on Indian Oyster mushroom cultivation including harvest and distribution.

For nearly 60 years, Thailand international school is very proud of its distinct accomplishments in the academic, sporting and artistic fields. This is partly due to the school’s policy that allows the students greater scope to discover their passions and interests. Students are provided with an extensive campus and outstanding facilities to enjoy the greatest number of opportunities.


How Funeral Directors In Sydney Approach And Support A Family In Grief

It’s not easy to talk to someone who is in grief of the death of a loved one. It’s even harder to talk to a stranger about such subject. That is why funeral directors in Sydney know how to approach people experiencing the loss of someone they love. They feel the loss, grief and bereavement deep down inside. They speak with the bereaved someone so they know what they need and can provide the right services for the funeral.

You need to know few important things about the grief you try to fix it. Losing someone you love is the most difficult thing that one can experience in his or her life. Different emotions can range from the feelings of the bereaved. They can be initially depressed or angry depending on the loss of the deceased loved one. Sometimes, they feel guilty that they hadn’t done anything to improve the deceased situation. Others are also isolated and want to be alone from the world. All these things are feelings felt by funeral directors in Sydney and they know how to make the right approach.

Things a Funeral Director Must Say to a Grieving Person

  • Recognise the scenario in front of you. Don’t try to ignore or pretend that the client is going through a tough situation. Repeat back their instruction and ensure you are listening attentively to them.
  • Show your concern to their feelings. First, you need to be sympathetic or feel bad for them. Next, you need to empathise with them or you understand their current situation.
  • Be real with your response. Don’t try to fake your overly concern but show passion by the way you respond.

It’s crucial for funeral directors in Sydney to never show their discomfort when meeting a client in grief. In a previous survey done by the Therapists of America, 30% of people felt like they lost their relationships as others didn’t know how to speak with them after losing a loved one. If you follow the following tips, you’re one step closer to the best caring person in this field. All you need is to understand the grieving family’s situation.


JDog Brands assigning Former Spec Ops Marine as sub-franchise president

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, a veteran owned and operated company that handles junk hauling Orange County and across the country, has been expanding across the country, with a new umbrella brand, JDog Brands, and new franchises.

One of the latest brands is JDog Carpet Cleaning, which recently revealed that it’ll be under the leadership of Chayse Roth, a former Special Ops Marine. Roth will be taking the helm as brand COO and President, a new position that’s part of the JDog’s national expansion campaign, which is aimed at leveraging the trust that JDog Junk Removal & Hauling has built with its customers, across its 200 franchises working on junk hauling Orange County and across the US.

Jerry Flanagan, JDog Brands Founder and CEO, says that this recent appointment is a part of their plan to expand business ownership and employment for veterans, which he considers as the US’s greatest labor pool. He notes that the company’s experience shows that customers put a great deal of trust, value and interest with veterans. He describes the recent appointee, Chayse, as someone who exemplifies the skills, leadership ability and discipline of the military.

Roth  has been a part of the USMC since high school, and served for 13 years, with deployments to Iraq, Bahrain, Tajikstan, Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan, with multiple commendations, like the Combat Action Ribbon, among others. He previously owned and ran a successful carpet cleaning business in North Carolina, which provided its services to around 200,000 people.

Roth issued a statement on his appointment, saying that he joined JDog because the company had veteran’s values and culture, and know what they can bring to businesses in the country. He says that JDog has done much to provide a trusted national brand for veterans, and he’s excited to open a new carpet cleaning service under the JDog Brands umbrella, in a move that expands the company’s service

Flanagan says that he and the company believes that entrepreneurship is the best way to improve the lot of veterans in the US, and they plan to take their crusade to the market, providing opportunities for service people who’ve already given much to the country.


How A Logistics Systems Specialist Can Benefit A Business

Hiring the services of a logistics systems specialist is necessary if your business plans to move, manufacture or keep products at a cost-efficient price. The specialist can help provide techniques to make your business more profitable and efficient. The recommendations of a specialist can include coordinating your supply chain, like handling materials and warehouse management.

If you resort to a logistics systems specialist, he can assess every client that you have and will give the best advice to suit your specific business. He can tailor a system planning that makes your business profitable while implementing strategic operational solutions to make handling and distribution of your product systems work.

If you delegate the job to a logistics specialist, he can manage the supply chain by coordinating with business processes for a more efficient movement and storage of items from producer down to the consumer. The specialist provide this type of consultancy so you can get the best advice, from the start of your business, process design and business modelling, and ways to implement techniques to improve your business capacities. The advice can focus on transportation, stock control and warehousing of your supply chain.

Although there are few companies with capacities to go warehousing, their levels of storage are not as efficient as what they hope to achieve. In this case, a logistics systems specialist can recommend a proper functionality and give ideas on how to review and improve their warehouse operations. This can include areas in inventory analysis and utilising the stock management tools.

The logistics specialist can also help optimise existing resources just to ensure efficient processes for clients, with a focus on whether these companies have used their capabilities to an optimal effect. Another area of expertise for logistics specialists are material handling, with recommendations for system design, asset management and monitoring.

To summarise, the supply chain and logistics systems specialist can provide techniques for all important industrial business areas. The logistical solutions they implement can significantly enhance profitability. After all, effective process techniques can result to more cost savings and therefore make the business more profitable in the long-term.


Unclaimed Ashes In Adams County To Be Kept In Golden Crypt

After cremation, the common process includes putting the ashes inside cremation urns for adults or babies before they can be brought home by the families of the deceased. But what happens when the bodies are unclaimed by families? This is the dilemma that recently plagued Adams County after eight indigent people who passed away were cremated but no one came forward to claim their remains.

The good news is that their remains will now have a resting place for good after Adams County Board gave its permission to the Golden village to allow John Myers, the county’s current coroner, to purchase a crypt inside the mausoleum of the Golden Cemetery. It will cost him $300 but the vault will serve as the resting place for the indigent people’s ashes that were not claimed.

According to Myers, it is only right for them to have a dignified place where they can rest in peace with respect. It can be their resting place forever or until such time a family or someone comes forward to claim the remains.

Myers explained that he does not feel it is right for the remains to be in his office because the place is not dignified and it does not give a respectful feeling towards those who passed away. After granted with approval to purchase a crypt, Myers intend t move the ashes immediately. The transfer will also be done in a dignified way as they hired a clergyman who will conduct a short service.

Myers was given the task to handle the remains after he took office in July of 2018. There used to be 17 unclaimed remains inside his office but some have already been claimed except for the eight. Upon moving, the list of names will be posted in front of the crypt for easy identification later on and the key will be kept by the Golden village as manager of the cemetery. Everyone can now feel at peaces as the remains are placed inside cremation urns for adults and now they will have a proper resting place.


How School Chairs And Desks Can Affect The Learning Process Of Students

Students must have comfortable school chairs as they can remain seated in various positions for a long time. They can be upright, twisted, slouched, tilted or straddling their chairs. They can stretch out their legs, cross them, sit on them or bounce them. They may balance at the front of their chair or unsteadily rock on their back. After all they are kids and would like to be relaxed and comfortable on them.

The various postures that students do can pose huge questions on those designing classroom furniture and those buying it. Provided with the individualised nature of sitting, you’ll be amazed at how a single chair design can suit the entire classroom. Next, you’ll find the school chairs most suited for learning, meeting ergonomic standards and keeping students very comfortable. Schools need to invest in these types of chairs, so it may be great to know few things about them.

What Ergonomics Matter Most?

Ideally, schools prefer to own chairs that are ergonomically designed and customised for their students. Here are some ways the administrators choose the ergonomics from their budget:

  • Right Size

The school chairs need to support good posture from those seated on them, especially the youngsters who are developing rapidly. It must also minimise fidgeting. Ideally, students must remain seated with their feet on the floor and their backs resting against the chairs.

  • The Right Fit or Being Adjustable

Students must not only be provided with a buffet of desks, tables and chairs and let them randomly choose. It’s really important that classroom chairs and desks fit their size. A chair must be comfortable to be seated on and the desk must fit the student’s height.

  • Seating that Moves

A remarkable advancement in classroom seating is having the seats move. Engineers and designers now understand how important movements are for chairs, especially when used for learning. These specialists know how educators are now embracing movements.

  • Function

The school chairs must not only be ergonomic but functional as well. The seats must definitely complement the curriculum. As the current learning involves more students, the classroom furniture must be appropriate for groups of students.


Tips In Preparing For Removals In Sydney

Moving out is a tough process. It needs thorough planning and preparation before the movers arrive at your home. You must have an orderly manner of packing and wrapping the expensive and fragile pieces of furniture that you will bring your new location.

The cost of removals in Sydney can be tricky and expensive. Therefore, you must consider doing some tasks that you can handle reduce cost. You can also just hire a transport service without the assistance of a professional mover. This can significantly cut the expenses. However, there are also pieces of furniture that need the assistance of a professional because of their weight, features, and size. There are some tips to follow to make the process of removals in Sydney more convenient and hassle-free:

  1. Make an inventory

Creating an inventory of your entire belongings is the first thing you must do. This may entail a lot of work depending on the quantity of the items you have in every room. This detailed list will help you decide the most important things you will bring to your new home.

  1. Bring only the useful stuff

Choose only the good stuff to bring to your new home. These are the items that you need, like, and want to use in your new place. You can also donate those things that are still useful to lessen the load of the vehicle, thus, a lesser amount of rental.

  1. Pre-pack items that you can do by yourself

While the removal team has not arrived yet, you can still do some packing of items by yourself. These are the items that are costly and valuable for you that need your personal attention for their safety.

  1. Label the boxes

Labelling the boxes and writing down all the contents in each box will help you a lot when you arrive at your new home. This will expedite the sorting of things and putting them in their respective places.

  1. Protect your house from property damage

Ensure precautionary measures to protect your home from any property damage. You can place doormats on the entrance of your home to prevent dust and dirt. You can also use hard cardboards and other floor protectors to prevent damage on the floor.

  1. Take pictures

Taking pictures of your home and the things to be moved will document their original looks before the movers arrive. You can use them when the need arises.

Being well-prepared before the actual moving date will give you the advantage of ensuring all items in your inventory list are properly accounted for. This will make the removal process smooth and convenient for you and the service provider.


The Different Types of Office Furniture In Auckland

An office has different types of furniture that are used by the employees. These pieces of furniture are necessary for an office to function smoothly and properly. The qualities of these pieces of furniture also differ from every business establishment depending on the business owners’ choice as well as the status of the company.

The different types of office furniture in Auckland come in various designs, colours, and themes. The kind of furniture an office has defines its status and the management behind it. An office with a good furniture display and arrangement also provide motivation to the employees and increase productivity. The employees’ morale is boosted, and they tend to feel eager and excited to come to work daily in high spirits. Being comfortable in the office makes a great impact on the employees’ performance which can directly affect the company’s bottom line in a positive way.

The following are some of the basic office furniture in Auckland that most companies have:

  1. Desks

A good type of desk provides a good workbench for every employee. The desk is the place where an employee does all his work. An employee is psychologically identified with his desk. An appropriate desk influences the efficiency of an employee.

  1. Tables

Most people use desks and tables synonymously. A table has four legs and may have one or a couple of drawers. A desk, on the other hand, may have a single pedestal or a double pedestal. Common to government authorities are tables.

  1. Chairs

The chair is a piece of important office furniture in Auckland that must be provided to the employees. It is where the employees stay in most part of the day, thus, a comfortable chair is crucial to make an employee feel relaxed and interested to work. A comfortable seat reduces fatigue and maintains good health as well.

  1. Accessories and fittings

Office accessories include racks, coat stands, desk lamps, telephone stand, waste baskets, sorting trays, boxes, index cabinets, folders, filing cabinets, and other necessary items that are required depending on the work of the employee.

  1. The Safe

The safety cabinet is likely the oldest furniture that is indispensable in the office. It is used for keeping cash and other valuable documents to protect them from fire and being stolen.

These basic types of office furniture are essential for the proper conduct of business in the office. They must be provided to the employees to achieve quality work and performance.