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Why Is Bulgaria A Miserable Nation?

Is there such a thing as an unhappy country? Yes there is. In a new released survey, it was found out that Bulgaria is the most unhappy country in the European Union. Bulgaria was a former communist country that joined the European Union in 2007 but it seems that the people are not satisfied. Bulgarians averaged 4.8 in a happiness scale of 0 to 10. The next most miserable country was Portugal that gained an average of 6.2. Scandinavia is the happiest country with an average score of 8/10. The survey was published to coincide with the International Day of Happiness.

Why is Bulgaria unhappy?

Bulgaria has the lowest GDP in the EU. Its unemployment rate is 10.8% which is above the 9.8% average. In 2013, Bulgaria has the lowest average annual wage rate at 1,949 Euros. The country experienced rapid growth between 2004 and 2008 but it was hit by the global economic crisis. However, according to an expert, Bulgaria’s misery is more nuanced than lack of money. Bulgaria was not happy joining the European Union and they considered it as a necessary evil. Their expectations were too high and they thought the Europe Union was the answer to their problem. The underlying nature of Bulgarians as people and as a society is not to trust anyone. In the last few years, there were lots of activism and protest movements.

According to a Bulgarian, Elena Georgieva, it is not surprising for Bulgaria to be unhappy. Since the fall of the communist regime, many Bulgarians are living in poverty and it has taken its toll. Bulgarians want a simple life and they are not interested in having lots of money or travel to exotic places. People are constantly worried about the jobs and whether there will be enough to buy food and pay bills.

A significant factor that is considered is that happiness is not a state of being but a process. People who are not evolving will not be happy. You have to move forward so that obstacles can be overcome. Happiness is also a feeling of belonging. If you know that you are part of a community and are appreciated, you will be happy.


How Man Boobs Consumed 10,000 Takeaways For Over 20 Years

Mark suffered emotionally because his weight made him the target of bad jokes. He was bullied and this made his life miserable. Mark works for a coach company and he is definitely ashamed of what he was like being a fat massive person. Whenever Mark looks in the mirror he asks himself “What on earth have I done to my life?”

Mark does not eat during the day but at night, it was all about convenience food. He would call McDonalds after work and top the convenience food with hot pastries and sausage rolls from bakeries. For Mark this was his eating pattern since he was 10 years old until he reached 32. That was when he really got so big because he was eating about 500 takeaways in a year. Eating all the food at night gave Mark indigestion and made him feel ill. He knew it was awful but still he would do it every night.

The bullying got worse than before and young girls would call Mark as Man Boobs. Mark felt miserable and the bullying certainly hurt. Since Mark is a bus driver, he felt that he had to get his food quickly and be on the go so that he would go to the drive-through quite often. The food packages were kept because he did not want anyone to know his food binge.

However, Mark was able to overcome this challenge through the help of his mother and the Slimming World’s diet plan. Living with his mom helped Mark shed weight because she tracked Mark’s diet and was quite strict about sneaking food. Mark’s mom prepared fresh food and it was nowhere near the amount of the takeaways.

Mark now hopes that he can help other people by sharing his experience. Mark has been awarded with Slimming World’s Hall of Fame as the “Slimmer of the Month” because he has won the battle against his weight. Mark knows that so many people are facing the challenge of obesity. If Mark did not get support from his mom and Slimming World he would continue to sneak food and eat overwhelming amounts of takeouts that he would later be ashamed of.


Best Romantic Hotels To Stay When In Florence

When in Florence, there are a number of romantic hotels one could stay in while indulging in the culture and its arts and architecture. Hotel rooms are clouded with unique ambiance and come with dreamy bedrooms and classy bathrooms equipped with stunning marble basins.

– St Regis

The hotel St Regis will give you the feeling of being in a place with just the right amount of extravagance. This ambience is further more made special by the service provided by the place which is both unobtrusive and friendly. This hotel is located in the heart of Florence where the territory is surrounded by lux boutiques and easily accessible when one wants to visit major tourist sites. The place was originally called the Grand Hotel and was only launched in 2011 as St Regis which is then known to be. St Regis offers a total of 100 hotel rooms, all of which are as grand with the level the hotel is known for. There are rooms that are preferred because of its view of the river.

– Four Seasons

This hotel is extraordinary in every way and is evident as soon as you step inside the lobby which uses stuccoes and bas reliefs as its main décors. The hotel is humungous with its main building on one side and a former convent house the other side of the park which is around 11-acre. This is considered as Florence’s largest garden. The hotel is big in using oil paintings, décor of the Old Parisian taste and various antiques all over the place. The hotel offers 116 rooms and suites combined which are all decorated individually with much use of velvet and silk while furniture that are made of marble and some antique graces the rooms.

– Palazzo Galletti

This hotel is strategically located in the center of Santa Croce and Duomo. It is surrounded by the rich neighborhood of Florence with scattered bars, shops and restaurants. Reception is provided and always available but the place gives off a homey feel rather than being a hotel. There are four suites and one of them is the Cerere suite which is often given to couples on a honeymoon. The area where breakfast can be taken is said to date back as far as the 1500 and comes with a fireplace and original stunning marble basins.


What To Look For In An Industrial Cleaning Company

In Australia alone, there are a huge number of commercial cleaning companies competing for tender opportunities, especially for commercial contracts. With so many to choose for industrial cleaning in Sydney, it can be a difficult decision to make on which one will be the most effective service for your cleaning needs. In this article, we’ve outlined the key things to consider before hiring an industrial cleaning service. It is a good idea to do your research and cover all of these things in the initial planning stages. That way, you can be assured that you won’t need to think about cleaning until the contract is up for renewal.

  1. Abiding within the legal frameworks – If an industrial cleaning company is reputable, they will generally abide by the industry’s legal frameworks. One of the main things to comply is in having insurance. Before hiring a cleaning service, please check that they are insured by a trustworthy insurance company. This is for your own security as if there are any accidents or breakages while they are on your site, they will be liable for the damages. The best companies will have a written policy regarding insurance and would allow you to have a copy to go through and understand. Alternatively, you can verify their policy through the insurance company named on their website. The next important thing to check is the company’s licensing. Every cleaning service should have a license that grants them permission to operate in commercial and industrial spaces. Last but not least, check the company’s accreditations. It is a standard for cleaning companies to be certified in Quality Assurance, Risk Management and OH&S Systems.
  2. What are the services offered? – Before hiring a cleaning company, you should be clear on the type of services they offer. Make sure that you get a valid quote and agree to the scope of work they have listed out before signing the contract. In addition, you should familiarise yourself with the company’s pricing. Their prices should be fair and relative to the work involved. While affordability is a major factor, low prices may mean a lower standard of work. Thus, find a cleaning company whose pricing fits within your budget.
  3. Do they have a good reputation? – A company’s accreditations speak to their credibility. However, it’s also useful to find out how the company is viewed by other clients. Thus, you can try asking for references from them so that you can gain an insight as to how the company has been operating. These clients should be able to confirm whether the company is reliable and trustworthy. You could also check on how long they have held a contract with that particular client as the longer it is, the more credible that company would be. Finally, consider how long the cleaning company has been in business especially in industrial cleaning. This not only shows their experience and expertise, but it will also speak on their efforts to maintain business relationships.
  4. Hiring the right employees – Before hiring a cleaning service, it is important to find out if the company knows their employees. This is key as it considers your company’s security concerns as these cleaning staff is likely to come in when the factory is not operating heavily to avoid any accidents and you would need to ensure if these employees are trustworthy. Thus, pre-screening their employees is something you should check. Secondly, it is important to know if the company trains their employees on superior industrial cleaning in Sydney, to ensure they have an advanced level of cleaning and expertise and are familiar with specialised equipment and products.


Edmonton Construction Continues Amidst Cold Climate

With recent conditions in Edmonton dropping into the freezing end once end, local businesses, like Capital Plumbing & Heating, have been finding ways to adapt and work around, if not with the cold Edmonton winter. The Edmonton construction industry, which is known being ill-fit with the cold climate, has been innovating ways to work amidst freezing temperatures.

The cold winter temperatures have forced Edmontonians to adapt their work methods, with the city in the midst of Downtown Edmonton’s historic construction boom. As a result, the city and the industry are finding better ways to work in spite of the tough climate.

The conditions of Edmonton’s harsh winter climes have led to the delay of several large projects in recent history. Temperatures fell to such low levels that projects such as the replacement of the bridge over Great Road, and the Walterdale replacement have to be delayed.

However, this winter sees a change, with the local city government working with the industry’s experts like contractors, planners and the like, in order to plan for the difficult conditions of outdoor work, and in coming up with the proper “cold construction” strategies and methodologies. These changes will both keep workers safe, and ensure minimal delays and on-time projects.

Jesse Banford, Director of Facility Infrastructure for Edmonton, has affirmed this, stating that, despite the cold snap affecting Edmonton, several undergoing projects proceed in the city with little-to-no delays. Banford states that, in Edmonton, construction will continue regardless of season, and that people will see cranes operating all year round.

Jack Ashton, one of the program managers of the Downtown Edmonton arena project, detailed how construction sites deal with the cold weather. He points out that sites now have tarps to allow for masonry work to continue. He adds that even though winter isn’t really suited for masonry work, it does mean that moisture isn’t an issue, seeing as snow can simply be brushed off ongoing work.

Ashton points out how the construction industry is working and innovating to fight the cold, like prefabricated components which can be installed indoors, avoiding the cold, etc., etc.

Local Edmonton business like Capital Plumbing & Heating, continue to work through the sudden cold weather.


Choosing Tips For High School Chairs

The comfort of students in schools has something to do with their moods and their being receptive to learning experiences. This is the reason why it is important for educational institutions to invest on high school chairs and making students comfortable in class. If you are thinking about upgrading your school chairs, it would be a good idea to consider the following tips:


Students would have to sit in school for several hours within a day. If they would sit in stiff, wooden chairs all throughout, imagine what it would do to them. Therefore, choose the type of chairs that has enough room for their knees to bend or stretch and enough room for them to rest their arms while in class. The seat should be made of hard plastic but remains comfortable or you can also include cushions as an option. It would also be best if you would customize your high school chairs in such a way that you have chairs for students with excess weight for their age and those with physical disability.


Children sit in school for hours so it would be a good idea to order chairs that keeps their body posture in check. Go for ergonomic chairs or those that are designed to follow the natural curves and features of the body. By using ergonomic chairs, the efficiency, energy and interest of students will be sustained as they are comfortable with their seats. Using hard, stiff chairs would also lead to posture problems in the long run.

Supports writing

Another thing that you should look into when choosing chairs is the unit’s usability. Make sure that the chair will enable the child to write freely and comfortably as this has a correlation to a child’s interest in engaging to school activities. Studies also show that students are more enthusiastic to attend school and participate in class when they have functional high school chairs and school amenities.

You can find affordable and highly functional school chairs on the internet. All it takes is a little research on the subject.


Eco Friendly Devices That Make A Smart Home Greener

How can people protect the earth amidst rising temperatures and decreasing regulations? If you are the owner of a smart home, it is very easy to conserve energy. As you prepare for the day, EvaDrop that utilizes a sensor system determines how close you are to the showerhead and adjusts the stream of water accordingly.

EvaDrop is only one of the few environmentally friendly products that make the high end home smarter and greener. One of the important energy saving services for a smart home is Nest Learning Thermostat that will manage the temperature of the home. Nest will learn the schedule of your custom temperature – when you want it cooler or warmer – and adjusts the temperature even without your input. If you are going on a long holiday to another part of the globe, Nest can be programmed to send itself into hibernation.

When users pair Nest with Learning Thermostat, another smart phone product, home temperature can be managed according to the local climate. Nest can also operate as a smart home hub. When you tell Nest that you are leaving, it will shut off the lights including the TV and the furnace.

The actual Nest thermostat comes with a lovely user interface that can be controlled by a smart device of your choice. Nest app will provide metrics of how much energy is being saved. Another smart product is EvaDrop that tackles environmental and energy issues that affect those who need a shower to start the day.

As you prepare for the day, EvaDrop will heat water according to your desired temperature, switch of the flow and signal the shower that you are ready. EvaDrop will also adjust the water stream to allow you a satisfying shower. Like Nest, Eva comes with an app that allows you to determine how much water is being saved.

Modern bathroom design has changed considerably over the past few decades. Many homeowners make the effort to be creative and unique with bathroom design while maintaining its privacy through glass shower screens. Aside from being aesthetically stunning and impressive, a frameless glass shower screen can easily create a luxurious ambiance.


How Trump Has Increased Trade Talks In South America

Ever since the U.S. President Donald Trump took office, South America’s efforts has since received fresh air via his nationalist policies to open up its markets to the world, according to Brazil’s foreign minister, Aloysio Nunes. The Mercosur which consists of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela have planned to launch trade talks with countries such as Canada, India, and possibly South Korea and Japan in the next 18 months. All this while improving in its own excessive bureaucracy.

Nunes had also stated that he expected the European Union and Mercosur to finally come to an agreement, after almost two decades of discussions which begun since 1999. There were also talks about making effort to cut legal framework obstacles and eliminate exemptions to its common external tariffs with the Europeans, this being said in Nunes’ first interview since he took office on March 7, with a foreign media outlet. He also mentioned that these obstacles needed to be removed and things need to be done so that the Mercosur can function as a common market among other things. With the new administration in the US setting trade deals on one side, the members of Mercosur have aligned themselves closer to each other, giving opportunities for both economic and political partnerships to take place.

Aside from this, Trump’s policies may have driven the European Union and China closer through trade. The search for new trade agreements has grown in South America after more liberal governments took over in two of its largest economies, namely Brazil and Argentina. All this while protectionism increased in other parts of the western world.

Meanwhile, while there have been improvements in trade deals, Nunes has waved off suggestions that the fallout from Brazil’s legendary corruption scandal was putting an unfavourable dent to its image in the region. A task force made of prosecutors from 11 countries have been called to investigate bribes paid by the Brazilian firm Odebrecht S.A.

But Nunes, a former freedom fighter, acknowledged that the country’s worst recession on record had slowed down the progress of its ambitions abroad. He added that from an economic point of view, any country which has seen its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shrink by almost 8 percent in two years is a country that is likely to be influenced rather than be an influencer. However, Brazil is definitely on the road to recovery and international trade has been the main contributor in its return to growth.

On other news, Brazil and other countries of South America are more than open to visitors in attempts to increase its tourism. A visit through a South America Tour is probably a best gauge on how the country is doing on the tourist front.


A Haven In The Heart Of Karon Beach

When talking about visiting Thailand, Phuket and its many beaches are the few places that is a must see and experience. Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea along the vast waters of the western shore. Because of its geographical location in the map, Phuket is blessed to have a tropical climate averaging of 27° C (81° F)-29 °C (83° F). It is lined with beautiful high end beach resort. Being the largest island, Phuket is said to be considered as one of the most visited places in Thailand.  It was made even popular by the 2004 Tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that hit the island killing a large number of locals and tourists. Major beaches have suffered a lot of damage like Patong, Kamala, Karon and Kata. Months and Years passed these destroyed resorts are slowly rising from the devastating calamity and are now coming back to business and life is gradually reciprocating to normal.

Hundreds of establishments have risen and Phuket has bloomed in this very iconic tourist destination. Hotels, resorts and condos have been developed to house all the local and foreign tourist that are mushrooming every day. The need to supply this ever-growing demands has paved the way for commercialism to flourish. Popular beaches strived hard and had sailed alongside the stipulation brought about by the tide. Karon beach is the second beach in terms of length and the third most prominent beach in Phuket. Highly visited due to its long stretch of white sand and a variety of restaurants and night clubs to choose from. Due to its captivating beauty, Karon have drawn more and more tourists. Hotels, inns are widely being spread across the place.

Short stay for a few days or weeks may not be suitable for those who fell in love with the place. Many locals and tourists are interested in getting a Karon beach property. This is the very reason that open the gates of residential development. World class innovations and designs are added to the island’s natural beauty to magnify the finest outdoor living. Explore the endless possibilities of living in a modern environment that is in located in your own paradise.


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