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Partnership Schools To Uplift Thailand’s Educational System

When there is a good educational system, a country benefits from the presence of well-educated and skilled manpower for different industries ranging from technology to manufacturing. In Thailand, there are public and private schools including Thailand international school which is the first and largest British school for students from 2 to 18 years old.

For this academic year, the educational system of Thailand will be upliftedby the introduction of 50 partnership schools all over the country. The term “partnership” was chosen in order to reflect on the collaboration of all relevant parties that includes the private sector that is providing educational services to schools. A significant fact which must not be overlooked is the schools are from other state schools that operate independently.

The partnership schools have their own managers that can appoint school directors and teachers on their own without the need to undertake complicated bureaucratic processes. Even the budget can be managed by themselves without any outside influence.

Meanwhile, the curriculum will be adjusted to reflect local context and global trends according to the policies of the school. These schools have the responsibility to function as community learning centres when necessary.

One of the few partnership schools in Thailand can be found in Thongchaineurwittaya School in the north-eastern province of Nakhon, Ratchasima. The school passed all the criteria required to join the partnership-school initiative because it has been very efficient in educating students and strengthening the community.

Apart from its status as a partnership school, Thongchaineurwittaya is also a participant of CONNEXT ED project where Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) guides the school on the application of HM King BhumibolAdulyadej’sSufficiency Economy Philosophy in education. With the assistance of CPF, the school was able to set up a Sufficiency Economy centre that focuses on Indian Oyster mushroom cultivation including harvest and distribution.

For nearly 60 years, Thailand international school is very proud of its distinct accomplishments in the academic, sporting and artistic fields. This is partly due to the school’s policy that allows the students greater scope to discover their passions and interests. Students are provided with an extensive campus and outstanding facilities to enjoy the greatest number of opportunities.


How Funeral Directors In Sydney Approach And Support A Family In Grief

It’s not easy to talk to someone who is in grief of the death of a loved one. It’s even harder to talk to a stranger about such subject. That is why funeral directors in Sydney know how to approach people experiencing the loss of someone they love. They feel the loss, grief and bereavement deep down inside. They speak with the bereaved someone so they know what they need and can provide the right services for the funeral.

You need to know few important things about the grief you try to fix it. Losing someone you love is the most difficult thing that one can experience in his or her life. Different emotions can range from the feelings of the bereaved. They can be initially depressed or angry depending on the loss of the deceased loved one. Sometimes, they feel guilty that they hadn’t done anything to improve the deceased situation. Others are also isolated and want to be alone from the world. All these things are feelings felt by funeral directors in Sydney and they know how to make the right approach.

Things a Funeral Director Must Say to a Grieving Person

  • Recognise the scenario in front of you. Don’t try to ignore or pretend that the client is going through a tough situation. Repeat back their instruction and ensure you are listening attentively to them.
  • Show your concern to their feelings. First, you need to be sympathetic or feel bad for them. Next, you need to empathise with them or you understand their current situation.
  • Be real with your response. Don’t try to fake your overly concern but show passion by the way you respond.

It’s crucial for funeral directors in Sydney to never show their discomfort when meeting a client in grief. In a previous survey done by the Therapists of America, 30% of people felt like they lost their relationships as others didn’t know how to speak with them after losing a loved one. If you follow the following tips, you’re one step closer to the best caring person in this field. All you need is to understand the grieving family’s situation.


Tourists Continues To Flock Maldives Amidst Political Turmoil

The beginning of the year was quite challenging for Maldives because of the political crackdown. Despite this, reports indicated that the number of foreign arrivals to the archipelago country has increased by 10 per cent during the first six months of this year. The tourism industry saw a lot of bookings for Maldives villas which is one of the affordable options for accommodation in the tourist island.

During the first six months, the whole country was in a state of unrest because neighbouring countries have been criticizing the former president because he refused to leave the office and there are issues about the administration locking up their opponents so they can remain in power.

It is not surprising that the white-sand archipelago located in the Indian Ocean is still one of the top destinations for many. Figures released by the tourism ministry proved that the number of international arrivals have increased by 10 per cent for the year-on-year. For the first six months of 2018, the country received 726,515 tourists.

During the month of February this year, the former president of the country Abdulla Yameen mandated that Maldives should be under the state of emergency for 45 days. This is in an effort to prevent any impeachment against the administration since the top court ordered that nine of the MP rebels that were fired by Yameen should be given their positions back.

This is when the arrests started happening beginning with the chief justice and then a judge from the Supreme Court. The half-brother of Yameen who used to rule the country for three decades until 2008 was also arrested. Everything came to a standstill during the recent election, which happened on the 23rd of September.

Many of the neighbouring countries were worried about the happenings in Maldives including Washington and the European Union. It was a good thing that the country was able to rise from it all with the election of the new president. A spokesman from the democratic party said that the luxury resorts including Maldives villas are still trying to get back up but there is no doubt that the number of tourists continues to rise.


Seven Interesting Facts About AFL

Football is one of the most exciting sports in Australia. The game is popularly called as soccer, footy or Aussie rules. The country has its own league of football matches called the Australian Football League or AFL.

The game is so popular that fans are always on lookout for AFL shop online to shop for their favourite teams’ merchandise.  Here are some interesting facts about the favourite sport of Australians.

  1. Football developed in Australia and now it is played by people in eighty countries. The game is influenced by many local sports. The AFL is influenced by soccer, rugby and Mangrook, a traditional game of the Aboriginals.
  2. The AFL players are not allowed to throw the ball. They can only kick the ball or hand-ball it to their team members.
  3. The AFL team that scores the least points and figures at the last spot of the ladder, wins an imaginary award known as the wooden spoon award. The team which has received the highest wooden spoon awards is St. Kilda. The team received twenty seven of these awards. The two teams which did not receive this award till now are Port Adelaide and Adelaide.
  4. The ANZAC day matches are the most awaited AFL matches in Australia. Fans shop for their favourite teams merchandise with AFL shop online and offline and flock to the stadiums to view the match. The match is viewed live by an average of 80,000 viewers while millions of Australians watch it on their TV screens.
  5. Australia has a multi-cultural population. AFL supports player from different cultural backgrounds. Nine percent of the total players of AFL come from the indigenous Australian community and fourteen percent players are from different cultural backgrounds.
  6. Initially there was no set playing time for AFL matches. The team which scored two goals first was declared as the winner of a match. Most of the matches stopped mid-way due to quarrels between the players or the due to damage footie. Now the game has a pre-set match time of eighty minutes which is divided into four quarters.
  7. The highest winning score was 177 points, scored by Carlton in 1972 and the lowest winning score was 13 points scored by Richmond in 1927.

Now you know some of the interesting trivia about AFL. Grab your favourite merchandise from AFL shop online and play an interesting AFL quiz with your friends.


Five Tips To Choose A Boiler Installation And Repair Company

Boiler is an essential equipment that provides the required heating and hot water for a home. However, the repairs and maintenance of a boiler is a tricky task and homeowners should hire professional heating contractors for the job.

Choosing a heating contractor is a daunting task for most homeowners. This informative post about the factors to look for before hiring heating experts, will help homeowners to choose the right contractors for their needs.


Look for the experience of the boiler repair company. A company with experience is better handled to face unexpected issues and problems. The professionals in the company might have solved and repaired many types of boiler issues and will have good knowledge about handling emergencies. A more experienced heating company will also have a proven track record to boast about.


The boiler installation and repair companies should have all the necessary permits and licenses to carry on the business. A company which is duly licensed by the authorities will have all the qualifications to provide a high quality service to the customers.

Close partnerships with manufacturers

The boiler repair company should have good partnerships with the different boiler manufacturing companies. This ensures that the technicians of the company will be properly trained by the manufacturers to handle boiler installation and different boiler issues.

Warranties and guarantees

Most of the boiler installation and repair companies offer warranties and guaranties on their services. A company which is confident about the quality of the services provided to the customer can offer long term warranties to the customer. Choose a company that offers long term service and product warranties.

Customer care

Study about the customer care provided by the boiler installation and Repair Company. The company should have positive relations with its customers and must be willing to address problems faced by the customers after the installation. The company should have a professional website with informative post about handling emergencies, free online learning guides and emergency hotline numbers.

Homeowners looking for new boiler installation companies or boiler repair companies can follow the tips provided in this informative post, to select a professional and reputed boiler contractor in their neighborhood.


California’s Rehab Reform Laws Looking To Clean Up The System

California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, recently approved several legislative changes, allowing for a series of measures that’ll work towards reforming and improving the state’s troubled and under-regulated rehabilitation system, to the benefit of organizations like Marijuana Rehab and the people that need help.

One of the new laws is a ban on patient brokering, as well as changes to the standard of the industry, which comes hot on the heels of the media putting the state’s recovery industry, which would require all rehabs in the state, like Marijuana Rehab, to refer to either evidence-based models, or the American Society of Addiction Medicine treatment’s criteria for the minimum standard of care for their patients.

State Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) describes California’s recovery industry as an unbelievably unregulated field, and that the government would be working to deal with the issue by legally demanding that facilities in the state have standards and credible scientific evidence to back them up, before they receive licensing from the government. He hopes that this might help with the problem, even in a small way, and maybe save some lives.

The legislation also gives the California State Department of Health Care Services half a decade to work out the kinks.

The law reads that it would require the department to set specified standards for recovery facilities, to be added to the minimum requirements needed for licensure in the state. The bill will also authorize the department with the power to implement, interpret, and or define specifics on the requirement by means of plans or provider bulletins or similar instructions, until the regulations are adopted and solidified, and requires that the Department of Health Care Services be able to adopt the regulations by January of 2023.

The governor has also given approval to other rehab-related legislation, which will include a new bill that’ll ban patient brokering, and another that makes rehab licenses provisional for the first year, and revocable, as per the discretion of the government.

There were some proposals that either didn’t pass or never made it to the final legislation, which reportedly would’ve increased sober living home standards and create criminal consequences for any form of patient brokering.


Bangkok Welcomes New Observation Deck

There are many buildings in Thailand including family hotels in Bangkok which cements the city’s reputation as a budding metropolitan. There are tall buildings everywhere in the capital that developers are aiming to beat the tallest ones in order to create a new milestone. For MahaNakhon, the completion of the observation deck by the developer Buro Ole Scheerenmeans they have bagged the title of the second tallest building in the entire kingdom.

MahaNakhom, a local name pertaining to great metropolis, is composed of 77 storeys. It takes a pixilated form and the design has cuboid cutaways which continue upward in order to complete its facades.

According to Ole Scheeren who is Buro Ole Scheeren’s principal, the main idea for the construction of the skyscraper is to embody the city life in Bangkok and showcase it in the form of a tower which exudes a dramatic effect with a movement that spirals.

The building of MahaNakhon, with a final height of 314 meters, took home the title of the tallest building in Thailand when it was first launched in 2015. A residential tower with height higher than one meter was then constructed which snatched the title away from the skyscraper.

At the top of the building is an observation deck with glass floors. This gives the viewers a chance to see the entire city of Bangkok in 360 views.

Scheeren said that the observation deck at the very top of the building was intended to be used by the public so that human activity is not only at the ground floor but at the entire length of the skyscraper from bottom up to the top.

At the beginning of the project, it was intended to be an integral part of the city as well as the public and the creation of the observation deck was a testament to that proclamation.

The observation deck called Skytray can be visited by guests at family hotels in Bangkok which gives them direct view of the ground which is over 300 meters from the top. The entire glass platform’s dimension is 4.5 meters by 17.5 meters.


Eating Healthy In An Organic Thai Restaurant In Bangkok

Tourists come to Thailand to enjoy its warm weather, natural scenery and first-class accommodation. People of various walks of life and age ranges come to dine in an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok to savour organic and healthy food. No holiday in Thailand is complete without tasting the best organic Thai cuisines made from the freshest ingredients. So, if you’re coming here with family or friends, a Thai restaurant is a must-stop.

Travelling from overseas can make you connected to Bangkok from any local airport in your country. You can even fly to Phuket, Krabi, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. If you’re coming to Bangkok, you’ll notice that the streets are too loud and noisy and jam-packed with traffic. But there are lots of organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok, which you can dine and enjoy Thai food.

Vegetarian and raw cuisine, organic and vegan restaurants can be easily found if you’re a healthy eater. The food is superb, and you can dine with a beautiful ambiance too. Checkout some restaurants that serve 100% raw food cuisine. This means you’ll only be eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are cooked the way you want. All the food here is vegan and you can eat them inside the restaurant or just outside the deck.

There is also another organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok that offers a great selection of food which serve Thai, vegan-friendly, international, juice bar, and non-veggies for people who are strict with their meals. You can eat a healthy salad, luscious curries or stir-fry, fresh fish, muffins and dark bread, which are good.

Wherever you are staying in Bangkok, there will be a restaurant and selection of delights to try. Some accommodations offer guests ultimate privacy, comfort and space surrounded by stylish and chic decors. Many of these hotels and resorts have a stunning view of the city and its surrounds. You can spend on a luxurious accommodation or choose a budget-friendly location, where you can peacefully relax and unwind.

To know how to find the organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok, ensure you check the convenience of the location before coming here to Thailand. You can also check the meals they serve by looking into their websites. Also know the rates and deals they offer, especially if it’s your first time in this city. Enjoyment is your reason why you have come this far to Thailand, so try to make the most of it.