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Why Is Bulgaria A Miserable Nation?

Is there such a thing as an unhappy country? Yes there is. In a new released survey, it was found out that Bulgaria is the most unhappy country in the European Union. Bulgaria was a former communist country that joined the European Union in 2007 but it seems that the people are not satisfied. Bulgarians averaged 4.8 in a happiness scale of 0 to 10. The next most miserable country was Portugal that gained an average of 6.2. Scandinavia is the happiest country with an average score of 8/10. The survey was published to coincide with the International Day of Happiness.

Why is Bulgaria unhappy?

Bulgaria has the lowest GDP in the EU. Its unemployment rate is 10.8% which is above the 9.8% average. In 2013, Bulgaria has the lowest average annual wage rate at 1,949 Euros. The country experienced rapid growth between 2004 and 2008 but it was hit by the global economic crisis. However, according to an expert, Bulgaria’s misery is more nuanced than lack of money. Bulgaria was not happy joining the European Union and they considered it as a necessary evil. Their expectations were too high and they thought the Europe Union was the answer to their problem. The underlying nature of Bulgarians as people and as a society is not to trust anyone. In the last few years, there were lots of activism and protest movements.

According to a Bulgarian, Elena Georgieva, it is not surprising for Bulgaria to be unhappy. Since the fall of the communist regime, many Bulgarians are living in poverty and it has taken its toll. Bulgarians want a simple life and they are not interested in having lots of money or travel to exotic places. People are constantly worried about the jobs and whether there will be enough to buy food and pay bills.

A significant factor that is considered is that happiness is not a state of being but a process. People who are not evolving will not be happy. You have to move forward so that obstacles can be overcome. Happiness is also a feeling of belonging. If you know that you are part of a community and are appreciated, you will be happy.


How Man Boobs Consumed 10,000 Takeaways For Over 20 Years

Mark suffered emotionally because his weight made him the target of bad jokes. He was bullied and this made his life miserable. Mark works for a coach company and he is definitely ashamed of what he was like being a fat massive person. Whenever Mark looks in the mirror he asks himself “What on earth have I done to my life?”

Mark does not eat during the day but at night, it was all about convenience food. He would call McDonalds after work and top the convenience food with hot pastries and sausage rolls from bakeries. For Mark this was his eating pattern since he was 10 years old until he reached 32. That was when he really got so big because he was eating about 500 takeaways in a year. Eating all the food at night gave Mark indigestion and made him feel ill. He knew it was awful but still he would do it every night.

The bullying got worse than before and young girls would call Mark as Man Boobs. Mark felt miserable and the bullying certainly hurt. Since Mark is a bus driver, he felt that he had to get his food quickly and be on the go so that he would go to the drive-through quite often. The food packages were kept because he did not want anyone to know his food binge.

However, Mark was able to overcome this challenge through the help of his mother and the Slimming World’s diet plan. Living with his mom helped Mark shed weight because she tracked Mark’s diet and was quite strict about sneaking food. Mark’s mom prepared fresh food and it was nowhere near the amount of the takeaways.

Mark now hopes that he can help other people by sharing his experience. Mark has been awarded with Slimming World’s Hall of Fame as the “Slimmer of the Month” because he has won the battle against his weight. Mark knows that so many people are facing the challenge of obesity. If Mark did not get support from his mom and Slimming World he would continue to sneak food and eat overwhelming amounts of takeouts that he would later be ashamed of.


Super Local Creates Terrazzo Collection Using Waste Glass

Super Local, a Dutch studio, partnered with the craftspeople from Zanzibari in order to create terrazzo out of waste glass that are formed into objects and furniture for their home collection. Companies such as Economy Glass are glad to hear that discarded glasses are being transformed into something useful.

The project is called Bottle Up and it showcases that the trash in Zanzibar can be transformed into items such as building materials, accessories and furniture instead of just sending them all into the landfill.

Audience at the Dutch Design Week was able to witness the latest collection which is a line of colorful terrazzo made into home items such as a vase, dish, table and bench.

The designers of Super Local, Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel, are the creative minds behind project. It started in 2015 after their visit at the tropical island of Zanzibar which is located in Africa’s eastern coast.

They found out that the large number of waste glass bottle in the island has no recycling program. These are all waste resulting from the increasing tourism in the island. About six shipping containers filled with glass are being transported into the landfill annually.

As a solution, they decided to collaborate with local makers in order to setup the factory of Bottle Up and this is when they started producing items that are made of glass bottles gathered from hotel wastes.

The first collection from Bottle Up was released in 2015 and it was jars and vases made out glass bottles. After that, designers thought of more create ways to incorporate the waste and this is when they created the terrazzo which is made of recycled glass materials.

According to Van Baarsen, it is not an easy task to create beautiful products out of dirty and shattered glasses. This is when the concept of terrazzo was created. It is basically a process involving a mixture of cement and glass shards. Every product in their latest collection makes use of terrazzo.

As a glass company, Economy Glass is proud of the innovation as it puts glasses into new light.


Oak Furniture Land Makers Of Oak Bathroom &Home Furniture Has Advert Banned

A TV promotion for a British furniture company has been prohibited airing due to deceptive claims that it has never used veneer for its oak bathroom & home furniture.

Oak Furniture Land is said to have promised its customers that all cabinets are 100% solid hardwood.

The company claims that it has never used chipboard, plywood and veneer; however, it may have used “oak wrap” for its legs, where defenders say is a type of veneer. The legs are said to be small pieces of oak glued together to form a thin layer of wood.

Information about the strategy was unveiled after seeing several complaints filed to the Advertising Standards Authority about the largest retailer of hardwood furniture deceiving buyers. The ad was featured both on YouTube and TV, where it claimed 100% solid hardwood furniture.

According to ASA after banning the ads: ‘We recognize that the outer layer covered a high quality base material than those found with other veneered furniture, the considered “oak wrap” was really veneer.’ It can be seen how oak bathroom & home furniture are designed.

Oak Furniture Land was prohibited to air the adverts again that it used solid hardwood for the cabinets. It was not rightful for them to claim that there was no veneer included, when in fact, it used the “oak wrap”and other related methods.

Meantime, the firm would like to appeal the ruling to challenge the decision, if required, in the courts.

It persisted that “oak wrap” was an industry-accepted cabinetry techniqueto combine pieces of solid hardwood.

The firm’s leaders said the furniture was toughened by eliminating contracting or expanding and minimizing the possibility of splitting or warping.

Chief operating officer of Oak Furniture Land Terry King said: ‘The management is truly disappointed and dismayed with ASA’s conclusion to challenge concerns about our focus on our advertising campaign.

‘We stand true to our words that we only used 100% solid hardwood in our furniture. You can check some of our oak bathroom & home furniture as evidence.

‘The existing words we’ve used in our adverts were typically and widely utilized all over the retail industry, to assist customers to have a better distinction between solid, no-veneer products, and that furniture created using poor quality materials, which is covered with man-made veneers or thinner woods.


How To Buy Discount Tyres In Brisbane

There are just so many things you need to budget on. Your car tyres are just one of them and surely, you do not want all your money to go to your tyre replacement alone. For this reason, it is understandable for you to look for a supplier where you can find discount tyres in Brisbane for your tyre replacement. There are several tyres suppliers online and it might be daunting for you to choose one where you can get high quality tyres at affordable price. To narrow down your options, here are some ideas.

Do some window shopping

To get the best value for your money, search fordiscount tyres in Brisbane from different sellers and obtain information from various sources. If you are a first time buyer, do purchase tyres from the first supplier that you encounter online. You can stick to a supplier if you have already proven the reliability of the seller. Before you place a purchase, check from different suppliers and compare the tyre prices. Aside from checking the supplier’s website, you can also call them directly to get price information. Another option is to check from local tyre dealers to see if their prices are comparable to those offered online. Your friends might also know some of the best tyre suppliers and you can ask them for information.

Consider checking second hand tyres

You can also find discount tyres from tyre shops that offer second hand or used tyres. Online shops do not just offer discount items, they also offer tyres that are used but with excellent quality. All you have to do is do some research to get more options and you should also consider your budget. If your budget only allows for second hand tyres, choose a reliable supplier and ask for the tyresimages to ensure that they are still in excellent condition. Buy tyres from a supplier that offers money back guarantee.

Choose the right supplier

To get high quality discount tyres in Brisbane, it is important to choose your supplier wisely. Read customer testimonials before placing a purchase or you can also refer to online forums for additional information.


Unraveling The Wrong Assumptions About Addiction

Most people envision a drug addict as dirty, disheveled and homeless; however, the best rehab centers have treated respectable fathers and employees who take a hit before they report to work. Most of the people who are struggling from substance abuse are functioning professionals who do not seek help because they don’t believe that they are addicts.

According to Paul Pellinger, the chief strategy officer of Recovery Unplugged, one of the reasons why people rationalize not getting help is the belief that they are not hooked to the habit. Addicts that live on the streets compose about 3% to 5% of the total number of people who are suffering from substance abuse all over the world. The stereotype on how a drug addict looks like is one of the addiction myths that Recovery Unplugged wants to correct.

Pellinger says that addiction is a degenerative disease that has three states: early, middle and late. Someone with late stage addiction may fit the stereotype but those in the early and middle stages can still function while dealing with the condition. These people assume that because they function, they do not need help with their addiction. They have not yet experienced the consequences of a later stage.

Many people rationalize their addiction and try to justify their behavior by saying “it’s only pot” or “I don’t take prescription pills every day.” These people must be educated on the early stages of addiction because there is still a chance for full recovery.

Addiction does not depend on how little or how much you use and how often you use. What matters is the consequence of use. For example, an individual smokes marijuana daily to be able to work and socialize but he becomes emotionally immature, moody and lacks motivation. This person must be convinced to look at how marijuana is affecting his life.

Many professionals want to maintain their anonymity and privacy when undergoing rehabilitation. These requirements are successfully provided by best rehab centers where treatment is provided in a comfortable, private and luxurious environment. Care for serious addiction is undertaken in a spacious area that has a magnificent view of the waters.


Tree Lopping Fraud Targeted Couple In Willetton

The couple Calene and Wilf Snook learned the hard way when they were scammed by two men who posed as tree loppers. They have chainsaws with them and promise to cut a tree that is inside the couple’s backyard. A legal tree lopper Perth company advised that homeowners should be wary of fraud as this is a common scheme nowadays.

The couple has been planning for a long time to remove the huge pepper tree inside their property. It so happens that a few days before the green waste pick up in the City of Cannings, two men came to their home and offered to cut the tree. They thought it was a chance for them to follow through with their plan.

The men introduced themselves as tree loppers and offered an initial fee of $200 to remove the dead branch from the tree.

They charged an additional $400 because they claimed that the tree is already infested with white ants. Mr. Snook then decided to lop the tree to as high as their fence.

According to him, the first day they worked, the men left their chainsaw as well as a harness but they brought with them one of Mr. Snooks battery chargers. Their patio area needs cleaning up because of the oil they have splattered.

They came back for the second and third day but after which the two men never reappeared again. Mr. Snook would never hire the men in any other circumstances but due to his latest operation he is unable to perform hard tasks.

He was disappointed that they only managed to cut branches from the trees but they never actually did what was promised since the couple has already paid them.

Mr. Snook wanted to give a warning to other homeowners to not trust people knocking on their doors posing as tree lopping companies.

Mrs. Snook said that there should be a written quote before the job commenced and payment should only be given after it has been completed. The couple now serves as a lesson to everyone to only hire professional tree lopper Perth and to ask for their permits before hiring.


Conservative Same-Sex Marriage Protestors On A Spray Paint Riot In Sydney

Australia is finally at the stage where its general populace will need to vote either in favour or against same-sex marriage. But as with every major change we see in humanity there will be resistance. In Sydney there still exist vestiges of conservatives who believe in the opposition of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriages. And the way they express their feelings? Vandalism. This has been captured excellently by a Sydney woman, Steph Sands. She took to Facebook to report nine pictures on Monday morning, following these acts of vandalism. The common recurrence in all her photos was the word “NO”, which has been used to oppose same-sex marriages. It is in cases like these, that we urge you to utilise the help of exterior painters in Sydney to remove these blasphemous remarks from the walls of your home.

The variety of locations on which these vandals have spray-painted the word “NO” may come as a shocker to most people. It can be found on walls of homes, murals, letterboxes, and even on the backs of some cars. Sydney residents need not all be shocked however, as this was an isolated incident that took place primarily in Sydney’s suburb or Stanmore. After the initial collection of pictures by Steph, more people from Stanmore took to social media to reprimand the vandals. Users posted pictures of vandals having spray painted their cars, their fences and on post boxes. However gruesome these works of vandalism may be, the walls and fences can still be saved by appointing exterior painters in Sydney to clean up the damage and repaint the necessary walls and fences.

However, this is not the only incident of criticism against same-sex marriage. Earlier in the week, a woman from Australia’s city of Brisbane noted swastikas being spray-painted on her rainbow flag decorations. For the uninitiated, rainbow flags are a sign of advocacy for same-sex marriages. Painting swastikas on rainbow flags therefore indicates an opposition to this change. With every great change in the lifestyle of humans, there will be resistance. Just as how Copernicus faced resistance when he stated that the Earth was not flat, Australia faces opposition to same-sex marriages. However, with the number of rallies for “YES” votes in the area, it will mostly be a positive change for the future.


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